The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCECS 2008 are listed here:

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Titles (O_Others)

Contact Authors

Obstacle Detection For Thin Horizontal Structures

Dr. Klas Hedenberg

Off-line Handwritten Signature Identification using Grid Gabor Features and Support Vector Machine

Dr. mohammad sigari

On Formal Models and Deriving Metrics for Service-Oriented Architecture

Prof. Hardeep Singh 

On Source Couple Logic (SCL) Layout

Dr. Mohamed AZAGA 

On the Assignment of node number in a Computer Communication Network

Prof. Kamalesh V N

Open Architecture Dynamic Manipulator Design Philosophy (DMD)

Dr. Wahab Hassan


Dr. Sudheer ch

Optimal Gains Calculation of a LQR Problem For Lossless Systems

Dr. Mostafa Darvishi

Optimal Piecewise Linear Approximation of Convex Functions

Dr. Ben Tang

Optimal Policy for a Deteriorating Inventory Model with Finite Replenishment Rate and with Price Dependant Demand Rate and Cycle Length Dependant Price

Dr. Hamed Sabahno

Optimal Trajectory Generation of Space Robots

Dr. Shinichi Tsuda

Optimal Yield Rates in Enzymatic Reactions with Undesirable Intermediate States

Dr. Ajay Gopinathan

Optimization of Process Variables of Citric Acid Production Using Aspergillus Niger in a Batch Fermentor


Optoelectronic Analyzer of Coffee Fruits

Dr. Juan R. Sanz-Uribe


Dr. waziha kabir

Parametric Neuro Security System with Intrusion Detection Capability

Mrs. Meenaxi M. Raikar

Participatory Gaming Simulation as a Science Communicator: Toward a Communication Bridge between Specialists and Citizens


Passivity-based Controller Design for PWM DC/DC Buck Current Regulator

Dr. Xiuhong Guo

Path Planning Automated Guided Robot

Dr. Illani Mohd Nawi

Peer Review Interactions for Malaysian Journals: The Revamped Open-Peer Review Process

Dr. Jasni bin Ahmad

Perceived Impact of ICT on Secondary Education

Dr. Ravina Panangalage

Performance Analysis of Chrominance Red & Chrominance Blue in jpeg image compression

Ms. mamta Garg

Performance Analysis of Static versus ARNO Converter in Rail AC Locomotives

Dr. Gursharanjit Singh Dhunna

Performance Evaluation of Quantum Cascaded Lasers through VisSim Modeling

Dr. mohmed tokhy

Performance Improvement for PID Controller Design with Guaranteed Stability Margin for Certain Classes of MIMO Systems

Prof. Tsu-Shuan Chang

Performance Modeling of Multiserver Retrial Systems with Vacations using GSPNs

Dr Nawel Gharbi

Periodic Disturbance Attenuation in OPC Drum

Dr. Hyunki Cho

Person Authentication Using Face Detection

Dr. V.Vaidehi 

Piecewise Surface Fitting for 3D Image Extraction

Mongkol Hunkrajok 

PKI based Semi-Fragile Watermark for Visual Content Authentication

Dr. Chamidu Atupelage

Polynomial size asymmetric linear model for Subgraph Isomorphism

Dr. Sergey Gubin


Dr. Akanksha Mishra 

Predicting Testing Effort Using Artificial Neural Network

Dr. Ruchika Malhotra 


Dr M.Perumalsamy

Preliminary Investigation of Stand-up Meetings in Agile Methods

Eisha Hasnain

Preparation and Properties of Electroless Ni-B and Ni-B Nanocomposite Coatings

Dr. Beril KAYA

Present Status and Future Strategies for Popularizing Greenhouse in Kashmir and Ladakh Region of Jammu & Kashmir State (India)

Prof. N C Shahi

Pricing Game Under Power Imbalanced Structure

Dr. Maryam Khajeh Afzali

Privacy, Authentication and Malware Issues in RFID

Dr. anil ohri 

Probabilistic Algorithms and complexities in Networked Systems


Production Process Optimization in Flexible Manufacturing System Using Petri Nets

Dr. A.R.Fazeli Nahrkhalaji

RAID-RMS: A Fault Tolerant RAID Architecture Based on Data Mirroring Techniques

Dr. J. Akbari Torkestani

Real time Fault Diagnosis for a Nonlinear Dynamic Multivariable System

Dr. R Anantha Krishnan

Real Time Hand Based Robot Control Using Multimodal Images

Dr. Seyed Eghbal Ghobadi

Recognition for Arabic Character Based on Edge and BPNN

Dr. Liying Zheng

Relative Motion of Robots as a Means for Signaling

Dr. Dhananjay Raghunathan

Reliability Analysis of Lead-free Solders

Dr. Amir M. Lajimi

Removal of Phenols from Wastewater with Encapsulated Horseradish Peroxidase in Calcium Alginate

Dr. I.Alemzadeh

Renewable Energies and Utility Systems

Dr.Lena Ahmadi

Reversible Authentication Watermark for Image

Ms. Xiaoping Liang

Robot Sensory-Motor Coordination Development and Its Adaptation

Dr Q. Meng

Robust Feature Detection of a Service Robot using Multi-view Single Camera in Indoor

Dr. Jegoon Ryu

Rough Set Approach to Unsupervised Neural Network based Pattern Classifier


Scoring Amino Acid Substitutions In Phi-hage Genomes

Dr. Hedley Morris

Security Evaluation of IT Products: Bridging the Gap between Common Criteria (CC) and Real Option Thinking

Mr. Abbas Haider

Security Mutation Algorithm for Google Print and Google’s Search Security Deficiency

Dr. amar akshat

Semantic Interconnection of Distributed Numerical Simulations Via SOA

Mr. Daniel Schilberg

Sensitivity Analysis of Motor PWM Control

Dr. Wei Zhan

Separation Characteristics of Reactive Orange Dye from Aqueous Solution Using Biosorbent

Dr. Tae-Young Kim

Separation of the two major whey proteins using cation-exchange adsorption

Ms. Mayyada El-Sayed

Simulating and Evaluating the Impacts of the Implementation of Building Energy Efficiency Standards on Chinese Economic System and Environment

Dr. Liu Xiuli 

Simulation of Fault Effect on Redundant Multi-Threading Execution

Dr. Huan-yu Tu

Simulation of Multifinger Robotic Gripper for Dynamic Analysis of Dexterous Grasping

Dr.  OHOL S. S.

Simulation of Superplastic Bulge Forming of Ti-Al-Mn Alloy by Artificial Neural Network


Six Sigma - A New Direction to Quality and Productivity Management

Dr. Tushar N. Desai

Software for Calculating and Visualizing the Cardinality of the Grand Bounding Ball by Means of Intersection Trees

Dr. Sen Zhang 

Speed Trap Image Transfer through GSM Network

Dr. Mohd Helmy Abd Wahab 

Static Route Analysis Based Multiple Route Configuration Scheme for Adaptive Static Routing

Dr. Hartinder Johal

Statistical Distribution of Traffic Sources in Network Simulation Tools

Dr. F. Camps

STEP Compliant CAD/CAPP/CAM System for Turning Operations

Dr. Yusri Hj. Yusof 

Study The Homogeneity of Mixing a Binary Polyethylene Granular Mixture in Fluidised Bed Mixer

Dr. Almahdi Atteya Alhwaige

Subpixel Edge Detection Based on Morphological Theory

Dr. Yu Lei

SVM Based Decision Support System for Heart Disease Classification with Integer-Coded Genetic Algorithm to Select Critical Features

Dr. G.N. Pillai

Synthesis of Ethyl tert-Butyl Ether in Packed Reactive Distillation Column Using Macroporous Ion Exchange Resin Catalyst

Dr. Muhammad Umar

Synthesis of Pb(Ni1/3Nb2/3)O3-PbTiO3 Powders and Ceramics via the Assistance of Polyethylene Glycol with Different Molecular Weight

Dr. Ye Yin

The Double-Helix Pattern of Prime Number Growth

Mr. Ernest Hibbs  

The Effects of 3D Information Technologies on the Cellular Phone Development Process

Dr. Eitaro Maeda

The Effects of RCA Clean Variables on Particle Removal Efficiency

Dr. Siti Kudnie Sahari

The Generalized Square-Error-Regularized LMS Algorithm

Dr. Junghsi Lee

The Hybrid Approach to Teaching Graphics by Incorporating Cg Shading Language

Dr. TangYing

The Learning Service Bus Based on SOA

Dr. Xiaoqiang Liu

The Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation of Pulse Electrochemical Micromachining

Dr. Zbigniew Gulbinowicz

The Optimal Prepayment Strategy for Fixed Rate Mortgages

Dr. Dejun Xie

The Point Illusion: Incorrect Weighting of Absolute Performance in Self-assessments

Dr. Scott Jeffrey

The Power Manipulability, A new Homogeneous Performance index of Robot Manipulators

Mr. Mansouri imed

The Scaling Exponent Calculated by the Detrended Fluctuation Analysis, Distinguishes the Injured Sick Hearts Against Normal Healthy Hearts

Dr. Toru Yazawa

The Speckle Reduced Ultrasound Images Using Cellular Neural Network with Effective Detection of Active Contour Model

Dr. HyunKyung Park

The Use of Fair y-sim for Optimizing Mapping Set Selection in Hardware/Software Co-design

Dr. Olufemi Adeluyi

The Varying Behavior of U.S. Market Persistence

Dr. Hedley Morris

The Virtual Invigilator: A Network-based Security System for Technology-enhanced Assessments

Mr. Nathan Percival 

Thermodynamic model for the phase equilibria of gases and brines. Example in the H2S-H2O-NaCl system

Mr. Joss Martinez Reyes 

Throughput & Delay Analysis in Wireless Ad-hoc Network

Dr. Kumar Manoj

Topology Optimization- Problem Formulation and Pragmatic Outcomes by integration of TOSCA and CAE tools

Dr. Waqas Saleem

Transferable e-cheques using Forward-Secure Multi-signature Scheme

Dr. sunitha nr

Transformation function for Multiplicative preference relation and Fuzzy preference relation

Dr. B. Sridevi

Trustworthy Webservices - A Noval Approach

Dr. M.S.Irfan Ahmed

Truth and Learning in Multi-Agent Markets

Dr. Davood mokhlesi

Two Learning Approaches to Maze Exploration: Case Study with E-puck Mobile Robots

Dr. roman neruda

UML Design Approach for Learners Quanta based Dynamic Courseware

Dr. Ranjan Dasgupta

Use of Quality Function Deployment Analysis in Curriculum Development of Engineering Education and Models for Curriculum Design and Delivery

Dr.Jnanesh Nidyamale

Use of Virtual Environments and Selection of Measurement Parameters For the Application in the Phobia Treatment

Dr. Mauricio Plaza

User-Feedback for Road Traffic Information using Mobile Phone

Dr. Satidchoke Phosaard

Using Advanced Digital Technology for Students in a Foundation of Design Classroom

Dr. Ratanachote Thienmongol

Using Domain Knowledge For Fast Mining of Association Rules

Dr Mahesh Motwani 

Using Physical Constraints to Augment Concept Mapping on a Tangible Tabletop

Dr. Karen Tanenbaum 

Venn Requirement Language in Specification Languages

Dr. Roslina Mohd Sidek

Verification of Coupled Heat and Mass Transfer Model ISERIT by Full-scale Experiment

Dr. Dalibor FRYDRYCH

Vibration Reduction of 6-DOF Hydraulic Parallel Robot Based on Robust Control

Dr. Likun Peng

Visual Odometry System for Agricultural Field Robots

Dr. Stefan Ericson

VSMs with K-Nearest Neighbour to Categorise Arabic Text Data

Dr. Fadi Thabtah

Wavelet Decomposition Based Speckle Reduction Method for Ultrasound Images by Using Speckle Reducing Anisotropic Diffusion

Dr. Byeongcheol Yoo

WebCT and Learning (An Oman Experience)

Dr. Syed J. Naqvi

Wider View Implementation for Process Control Applications Using Lab VIEW

Dr. Dinesh Singh Rana

Wind Tunnel Corrections for a Low Cost Simulator in an Evolutionary Sail Optimization Environment

Dr. Vicente Diaz Casas

1/f Noise Reduction on CMOS Image Sensors by Autocorrelation based on Adaptive Algorithm

Dr. Kunsu Hwang