International Conference on Computational Biology 2009 ( ICCB )

ICCB I [ Day Three ( 9:00 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Ms. April Williams
Bounded Diameter Clustering Scheme For Protein Interaction Networks
Dr. Nassim Sohaee
Genome-Scale Identification of Survival Significant Genes and Gene Pairs
Prof. Vladimir Kuznetsov, and Dr. Efthimios Motakis
Physical Activity Recognition Using a Single Tri-Axis Accelerometer
Prof. Sun Kook Yoo
Efficient Scheme for Classifying Grass Genomes
Mr. Siddanagouda Patil
PVC Arrhythmia Decreases the Scaling Exponent: DFA As a Beneficial Biomedical Tool for Presymtomatic Diagnosis
Dr. Toru Yazawa
ICCB II [ Day Three ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Dr. Toru Yazawa
Electro-Mechanical Safety Test of Portable ECG Devices for e-healthcare Application
Prof. Sun Kook Yoo
Computer Algebra and Mechanized Reasoning in Mathematical Epidemiology
Mr. Davinson Castano Cano
Comparison of the Compositional Proclivities of the Complete Genomes of Plasmodium Falciparum and Human
Ms. April Williams
The Research of Protein Secondary Structure Prediction System Based on KDTICM
Prof. Bingru Yang
Managing Asthma in Children And Analyzing Best Possible Treatment With Data Mining Approach of Classification
Prof. Suvarna Pawar
Poster Session
Investigations on Modeling Behavior and Organization of Gene Therapy for Regenerative Medicine
Miss Aya Sedky
Genetic System Generation
Dr. Nada Al Salami
Motif Prediction in Amino Acid Interaction Networks
Mr. Omar GACI

International Conference on Chemical Engineering 2009 ( ICCE )

ICCE I [ Day One ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Mrs. Yasar Andelib AYDIN
Characterization of Effluent from Textile Wet Finishing Operations
Batch Adsorption Studies for the Removal of Cu(II) Ions by ZeoliteNaX from Aqueous Stream
Mr. Surinder Singh
Methanolysis of Coconut Oil: The Kinetic of Heterogeneous Reaction
Mrs. Suprihastuti Sri Rahayu
Vortex-ring-fractal Structure of Hydrogen Atom
Prof. Pavel Osmera
ICCE II [ Day One ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Mrs. Suprihastuti Sri Rahayu
Isolation of Cellulose Producing Bacteria from Wastes of Vinegar Fermentation
Mrs. Yasar Andelib AYDIN
An Investigation into the Particulate Processes Active during the Precipitation of Nickel Powder
Study on Application and Operation Optimization of Hydrocyclone for Solid-liquid Separation in Power Plant
Simple Protocol for Adaptation of Ralstonia eutropha toward P-nitrophenol Degradation
Ms. Zeinab Salehi
Crude Candlenut Oil Ethanolysis to Produce Renewable Energy at Ambient Condition
Dr. Hary Sulistyo
ICCE III [ Day Three ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Dr. Vikram Singh Yadav
Application of Subcritical Water Treatment for Production of Phenolic Compounds from Rice Bran Biomass
Prof. Feridoun Salakasghari
A Rapid and Ecofriendly Treatment Technique for Rice Bran Oil Stabilization and Extraction under Sub-critical Water Condition
Mr. Omid Pourali
Investigation of Gelled JP-8 and RP-1 Fuels
Mr. Richard Arnold
Algorithmic Simulation and Mathematical Modeling in Studying the Kinetics of Iron (II)-Ascorbate-Dependent Lipid Peroxidation
Dr. Anatole Ruslanov
In-situ Production of Hydrogen Peroxide in an Ion-exchange Membrane Cell
Dr. Krishnasamy. Asokan.
Study of Raman Spectra of Nano-crystalline Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) films Composition (sp2:sp3) with Substrate Temperature
Dr. Vikram Singh Yadav
ICCE IV [ Day Three ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Mr. Richard Arnold
Decomposition and Decoloration of Acid Orange 7 using Sub-critical Water Method
Miss Somayeh Daneshvarhosseini
Texturing by Instant Controlled Pressure Drop DIC in the Production of Cassava Flour: Impact on Dehydration Kinetics, Product Physical Properties and Microbial Decontamination
Mr. Puguh Setyopratomo
Design of a Tank Electrolyser for In-situ Generation of NaClO
Dr. Krishnasamy. Asokan.
Chitosan-Poly (vinyl alcohol) and Calcium oxide composite membrane for direct methanol fuel cell applications
Poster Session
Computer Simulation Study on the Reorientational Dynamics of HDO in H2O
Mr. Guocai Tian

International Conference on Circuits and Systems 2009 ( ICCS )

ICCS I [ Day Two ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Miss Pingyun Wei
Low Power Dual Word Line 6-Transistor SRAMs
Mr. Michael Wang
A Judgment Approach for Forward Link Load Based on Virtual Channels
Prof. Ning Wu
Ant Colony Direct Cover Technique for Multi-Level Synthesis of Multiple-Valued Logic Functions
Prof. Mostafa Abd-El-Barr
Design and Implementation of a CMOS Posicast Pre-Shaper For Vibration Reduction of Op-Amps
Dr. M.B. Ghaznavi-Ghoushchi
ICCS II [ Day Two ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Prof. Mostafa Abd-El-Barr
Low Power, Area Efficient FinFET Circuit Design
Mr. Michael Wang
Performance Improvement of an Asynchronous Sigma-Delta Modulator by Programmable Hysteresis
Miss Pingyun Wei
Portable Cystometry System based on Personal Digital Assistance Device
Mr. Keo Sik Kim
Poster Session
FERNA: a Performance/Cost Aware Spare Switch Selection Algorithm for Fault Tolerant NoC Architecture
Miss Melika Tinati
Performance Comparison of Variable Step-Size NLMS Algorithms
Prof. Junghsi Lee

International Conference on Computer Science and Applications 2009 ( ICCSA )

ICCSA I [ Day One ( 14:10 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Luis Gonzalez
Maximization of Speed in Elliptic Curve Cryptography Using Fuzzy Modular Arithmetic over a Microcontroller based Environment
Dr. Gopinath Ganapathy
Add-On Security Model for Public-Key Cryptosystem Based on Magic Square Implementation
Dr. Gopinath Ganapathy
Computational Modeling of Damage and Self-Repair Processes of Engineering Materials
Prof. Yutaka Toi
ICCSA II [ Day One ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Gopinath Ganapathy
Complex Stochastic Boolean Systems: Generating and Counting the Binary n-Tuples Intrinsically Less or Greater than u
Dr. Luis Gonzalez
Setvectors for Memory Phase Classification
Mr. Michael Zwick
A Comparative Analysis of Network Benchmarking Tools
Miss Karima Velasquez
An Economic Allocation of Resources for Multiple Grid Applications
Mr. Murugesan G
ICCSA III [ Day Three ( 9:00 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Sergey Gubin
Impact of CPOE on Physicians and Dentists' Work Performance at King Saud Medical Complex Hospital: A Case Study
Deena M Barakah
The Protection of Modular Exponentiation Operands from Their Reconstruction by Simple Power Analysis
Prof. Akram Mustafa
Easy-SEND: A Didactic Implementation of the Secure Neighbor Discovery Protocol for IPv6
Mr. Say Chiu
Challenges in Human-Computer Interaction Design for Mobile Devices
Mr. Kuo-Ying Huang
ICCSA IV [ Day Three ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Mr. Kuo-Ying Huang
Designing a Decision Support System Model for Stock Investment Strategy
Miss Shakirah Mohd Taib
A Case Study of The Intelligent Process Decentralization Method
Mr. Faramarz Safi Esfahani
A Sudoku Solver
Dr. Sergey Gubin
Web based Expert System for Diagnosis of Micro Nutrients' Deficiencies in Crops
Mr. Siddanagouda Patil
Poster Session
The Entity Refactoring Set Selection Problem - Practical Experiments for an Evolutionary Approach
Data Preprocessing and Easy Access Retrieval of Data through Data Ware House
Mrs. Sunitha Ranganathaiah
Measurement of Software Reliability Using Sequential Bayesian Technique
A Cluster-based QoS Support To Bandwidth Preservation With Concept Of Survivability In Multi-hop Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Prof. Binod Kumar Pattanayak
Non Invasive Brain Computer Interface for Movement Control
Mr. Venkatasubramanian Viswanathan
Converting Declarative Rules into Decision Trees
Mrs. Amany Abdelhalim
Performance Analysis of Ad Hoc Multimedia Services in Automotive Environment
Dr. Hemant Sharma
Virtual Reality Laboratories: An Ideal Solution to the Problems Facing Laboratory Setup and Management
Mr. Moses Onyesolu

International Conference on Communications Systems and Technologies 2009 ( ICCST )

ICCST I [ Day Three ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Safwan EL ASSAD
Terrestrial Free Space LDPC Coded MIMO Optical Link
Prof. Devi Chadha
A Power Efficient MAC Protocol for Wireless Ad hoc Networks that uses Directional Antennas
Dr. Mahasweta Sarkar
A Planning Methodology and Cost Models for Designing A Wide Area Network
Dr. Sami Alwakeel
Software Defined Radio for RFID Application
Dr. M Hannan
Comparative Assessments for Different WiMAX Scheduling Algorithms
Dr. Hazem Hassan
ICCST II [ Day Three ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Prof. Virander Jain
A QoS aware Packet Scheduling Scheme for WiMAX
Dr. Mahasweta Sarkar
Security Enhancement for Internet Communications over Satellite DVB using Chaos
Dr. Safwan EL ASSAD, and Mr. Daniel CARAGATA
Quality-controlled Prioritized Adaptive Multimedia Streaming for WiMAX-based Cellular Networks
Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman
Survival of Communications in Ad hoc and M2M Networks: Study of the Applications of Hybrid Intelligent Nodes that Process Simultaneous Signals IEEE802.11h/Bluetooth in Comparison with IEEE 802.11h/802.15.3
Prof. Juan Jose Martinez Castillo
A Study of a Sense of Crisis from Auditory Warning Signals
Dr. Mie Nakatani
ICCST III [ Day Three ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman
A Packet Scheduling To Enhance Quality of Service in IEEE 802.16
Dr. Mahasweta Sarkar
Avoiding Routing Holes in Homogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Dr. Michael Dixon
Compensation for Multipath at Quadrature Baseband Versus Radio Frequency
Mr. Lusungu Ndovi
Voice Calls Over Wi-Fi
Mr. Venkat Raman
Delay and Throughput Performance of Optical WCDMA Network with Code Sharing
Prof. Virander Jain
Poster Session
Performance Optimization of Markov Models in Simulating Computer Networks
Dr. Nisrine Sinno
Radio Frequency Optimization & QoS Evaluation in Operational GSM Network
Mr. Bilal Haider
IP Transmission Over OCDMA-LAN
Mr. Massoud Karbassian

International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Applications 2009 ( ICEEA )

ICEEA I [ Day One ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Mohamed Tarnini
Optimal Operation of Energy Storage Using Linear Programming Technique
Non-invasive Monitoring of Knee Pathology based on Automatic Knee Sound Classification
Prof. Chul Gyu Song
Real time voltage collapse prediction using Artificial Neural Network
Mr. Mahmoud Mohammed
Application of Model Detection Techniques to Health Monitoring for the Electrical Network of More Electric Aircraft
Mr. Yang Ji
ICEEA II [ Day One ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Prof. Chul Gyu Song
Design and Implementation of a Parking Helper
Dr. Tariq Jamil
Optimum Mix of Ground Electrodes and Conductive Backfills to Achieve a Low Ground Resistance
Mr. George Eduful, and Mr. Joseph Ekow Cole
Simulation Study on DOA Estimation using ESPRIT Algorithm
Prof. H. K. Hwang, and Mr. Alfred Tsz Yin Lok
New Series Active Power Filter for Computers Loads and Small Non-Linear Loads
Dr. Mohamed Tarnini
ICEEA III [ Day Two ( 9:00 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Mr. Erwin Normanyo
Novel Recuperation Capability for Variable Speed Drives
Dr. Christian Grabner
Mobile Radio-frequency Platform for a Thermally Enhanced Soil Vapour Extraction
Prof. Tilo Heimbold, and Dr. Dirk Lippik
Electromagnetic Sequence and Vector Behavior of the Prime Number Growth Double-Helix
Mr. Ernest Hibbs
Effect of Stray Capacitance on Surge Arrester Performance
Dr. Valsalal Padmaprasad
Modelling of Instantaneous Reserve Sharing via HVDC link in the New Zealand Power System
Dr. Nikki Newham
Solving Distribution System Overload Contingency Using Fuzzy Multi-Objective Approach Considering Customer Load Pattern
ICEEA IV [ Day Two ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Valsalal Padmaprasad, and Dr. Nikki Newham
Telemetric Control of Traffic Lights Intersections in Ghana
Mr. Erwin Normanyo
Dynamic Phasor Modeling and EMT Simulation of USSC
Dr. M Hannan
Web-Based Intelligent Traffic Management System
Dr. Raida Al-Alawi
Reduction of Power Losses Using Phase Load Balancing Method in Power Networks
Mr. Dickson Kanungwe Chembe
Poster Session
Information & Communication Convergence for the Promotion of Electric Power Enterprise Informationization
Miss Siyuan Liu
Mathematical modelling and ANN applied to a Milk Industry through DSM
Miss Sree Divya Vadlapudi Prasanna
Application of Optical Multi-Stability to Deflection Sensors
Mr. Shadi Shehadeh
Optimum Controlled Full Bridge LC Resonant Converter for Electrolyser Application

International Conference on Education and Information Technology 2009 ( ICEIT )

ICEIT I [ Day One ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Luisa dall Acqua
Modeling Knowledge of Mathematics Teaching for Students with Mathematical Learning Difficulties: A Knowledge Management Perspective
Dr. Hui-Chuan Chu
Analysis of Curriculum Structure Based on LDA
Dr. Takayuki Sekiya
Flight simulation in 3D Web Map Services using SilverlightTM 3 to Reduce Simulation Costs in Pilot Training Institutes
Mr. Anindya Maiti
OPUS One - OLAT (An Artificial Intelligence - Multi Agent based Adaptive Learning Environment)
Dr. Attilio Pedrazzoli
An Adaptive Tutoring System for Calculus Learning
Prof. Hisashi Yokota
A Model for an Adaptive e-Learning Environment
Dr. Luisa dall'Acqua
ICEIT II [ Day Three ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Tony Eng
Proposal for Educational and Engineering Contrivances to Expedite the Achievement of Millennium Development Goals 2015
Identifying related Documents for Research Paper Recommender by CPA and COA
Mr. Bela Gipp
Learning and Teaching Engineering Courses with Visualizations
Prof. Tang-Hung Nguyen
The Effects of a Technology-Enhanced Inquiry Instructional Model on Students' Understanding of Science in Thailand
Dr. Chaiwuti Lertwanasiriwan
Pleasant Life Online and Offline: Implications for Understanding College Students' Virtual Lives
Prof. Sen-chi Yu
ICEIT III [ Day Three ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. DEVINDER KANSAL
Teaching Oral Communication at MIT: The Previous Project Module
Dr. Tony Eng
Problem Solving and Creativity in Engineering: Perceptions of Novices and Professionals
Prof. Phil Picton, and Mr. Jonathan Adams
Creating, Handling and Implementing E-learning Courses Using the Open Source Tools OLAT and eLML at the University of Zurich
Mr. Joel Fisler
Learning as Knowledge Networking: Conceptual Foundations for Revised Uses of the Internet in Higher Education
Prof. Matthew Allen, and Prof. Jane Long
Poster Session
Croatian Students' Perception of e-Learning: Research Based on Factor and Discriminant Analysis
Dr. Darko Dukic
Engaging Students with Game Programming in Python
Dr. Hong Wang
Linking Innovations - An Enhanced Information System of Excogitations
Mr. Raman V.R.
Introductory Programming Course: From Classics to Formal Methods
Mr. Juan Manuel Gutierrez Cardenas

International Conference on Intelligent Automation and Robotics 2009 ( ICIAR )

ICIAR I [ Day One ( 9:30 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Milos Seda
Robot Motion Planning in Eight Directions
Dr. Milos Seda
The Short Sampling Period in Adaptive Control
Prof. Petr Pivonka
Utilizing Visual Information for Path Planning of Autonomous Mobile Robot
Prof. Jihong Lee
A Flexible Heuristic Algorithm for Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling
Dr. Milos Seda
ICIAR II [ Day Two ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Prof. Aurelian Craciunescu and Dr. Enrico Stoll
Vehicle and Pedestrian Detection in eSafety Applications
Smooth Path Generation Based on Bezier Curves for Autonomous Vehicles
Mr. Ji-wung Choi
A Geometric Postprocessing Method Using Joint Positions of a 5-Axis Machine
Mr. Jae-Deuk Yun
Calculating of Options PID Regulator on the Basis of a Stability Stock on the Module and on the Phase
Mr. Seyyed Mohammad Mohammadi Sadegh
Error Compensation for CSS-based Localization System
Mr. Hangoo Kang
Design and Development of a Social Robot Framework for Providing an Intelligent Service
Prof. Chong-woo Woo, and Miss Joohee Suh
Prototype Greenhouse Environment Monitoring System
Mr. Anuj Kumar
ICIAR III [ Day Two ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Geometric Path Planning for General Robot Manipulators
Mr. Ziyad Aljarboua
Using Virtual Reality for Human-Assisted In-Space Robotic Assembly
Dr. Enrico Stoll
Direct Torque Control of Induction Motors with Fuzzy Minimization Torque Ripple
Prof. Aurelian Craciunescu
Avoiding Unnecessary Calculations in Robot Navigation
Mr. Weiya Yue
Design and Development of Multi-Channel Data Logger for Built Environment
Mr. Anuj Kumar

International Conference on Internet and Multimedia Technologies 2009 ( ICIMT )

ICIMT I [ Day Three ( 9:00 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Steve Russell
A Recommender System for Online Personalization in the WUM Applications
Mr. Mehrdad Jalali
Towards Knowledge Based Society
Prof. Abdulaziz Almazyad
Clustered Architecture for Adaptive Multimedia Streaming in WiMAX-based Cellular Networks
Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman
3DBlogosphere: A Multi-synchronous Approach of Virtual Worlds to Sustain Companywide Communication
Dr. Steve Russell
Poster Session
An Efficient Model to Improve Customer Acceptance of Mobile Banking
Dr. Samaneh Barati

International Conference in Modeling Health Advances 2009 ( ICMHA )

ICMHA I [ Day One ( 9:30 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Prof. Zeleke Worku
Study of Knee and Hip Joints' Moment Estimation by Biomechanical Simulation During Various Motion Changes
Prof. Kim Sungmin
Factors That Affect Under-Five Mortality among South African Children: Analysis of the South African Demographic and Health Survey Data Set
Prof. Zeleke Worku
ICMHA II [ Day One ( 11:40 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Prof. Kim Sungmin
On Transportability of Parameters and Estimation of Risks associated with Metabolic Syndrome
Ms. Noriko Ishida, and Mr. Shinichiro Ichimaru
Fuzzy Logic Approach to Predict the Outcome of Tuberculosis Treatment Course Destination
Miss Sharareh R. Niakan Kalhori
Deterministic Malaria Transmission Model with Acquired Immunity
Miss Sarah Juan
Poster Session
Designing a Fuzzy Expert System of Diagnosing the Hepatitis B Intensity Rate and Comparing it with Adaptive Neural Network Fuzzy System
Mr. Mehdi Neshat

International Conference on Machine Learning and Data Analysis 2009 ( ICMLDA )

ICMLDA I [ Day Two ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Mrs. ASLI UYAR
Could Mind Maps Be Used To Improve Academic Search Engines?
Mr. Bela Gipp
Ratio Rules Mining in Concept Drifting Data Streams
Prof. Toyohide Watanabe, and Ms. Fan Wei
An Evolutionary Computing Model to Implement Decision Support Systems for Buying Electronics
Evandro Barros
Children Abnormal Gait Analysis Based on SVM
Dr. Zhelong Wang
Data Mining For Multi-Criteria Energy Predictions
Dr. Kashif Gill
Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for the Minimal Consistent Subset Identification
Mr. Ekaphol Anantapornkit
ICMLDA II [ Day Two ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Prof. Toyohide Watanabe
Predicting Implantation Outcome from Imbalanced IVF Dataset
Bayesian Lifetime Modeling for Power Semiconductor Devices
Ms. Olivia Bluder
Poster Session
Using CBR for Eliciting Applied Ethics of a Domain
Mr. Ali Reza Honarvar
Intelligent Host-based Stepping Stone Detection Approach
Mr. Mohd Nizam Omar

International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Control 2009 ( ICMSC )

ICMSC I [ Day One ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Mr. Eric Zabre
A Buck Converter Model Requiring Low Computational Effort
Mr. Johannes Gragger
Fuzzy Logic Controller Based on Association Rules Mining: Application to Mineral Processing
Prof. Seraphin Chally Abou
Model Reference Adaptive Control for Actuators of a Biped Robot Locomotion
Mr. Pavan Kumar Vempaty
Requirement Development for Electrical Vehicles Using Simulation Tools
Prof. Wei Zhan
The Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation of Rotating Electrical Discharge Machining
Prof. Jerzy Kozak
Simple Methods for Stability Analysis of Nonlinear Control Systems
Dr. Radomil Matousek
ICMSC II [ Day One ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Prof. Wei Zhan
Identification of Mechatronic Systems with Dynamic Neural Networks using Prior Knowledge
Mr. Christian Endisch
Fault Detection in Hydraulic System Using Fuzzy Logic
Prof. Seraphin Chally Abou
Dynamic Modeling and Multivariable Model Predictive Control of the Air Separation Columns in an IGCC Power Plant
Prof. Jianhong Lu, and Mr. Weiming Ding
Multigrid Accelerated Computation of Ligand-Receptor Interactions under Flow Condition
Dr. Wensheng Shen
Combined Cycle Power Plant Simulator for Operator' s Training
Mr. Eric Zabre
ICMSC III [ Day Three ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Mr. Ajiboye Osunleke
Fault Tolerant Framework in MPI-based Distributed DEVS Simulation
Mr. Bin Chen
Meshfree Simulation of Lung Deformation during Inspiration
Dr. Subas Chhatkuli
The Automatic Meccano Method to Mesh Complex Solids
Prof. Rafael Montenegro Armas
Three-dimensional Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis for Bridge Aeroelasticity
Mr. Gergely Szabo
A Fouling Index Reflecting Statistical Aspects of Fouling Process with Reverse Osmosis Desalination
Mr. Kozo Nakamura, Mr. Junya Miyamoto, and Dr. Tsuyoshi Nakamura
Influence and Simulation Model of Operational Parameters on Hydrogen Bio-production Through Anaerobic Microorganism Fermentation Using Two Kinds of Wastes
Dr. Yue Shi
ICMSC IV [ Day Three ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Dr. Subas Chhatkuli
MRAGPC Control of MIMO Processes with Input Constraints and Disturbance
Mr. Ajiboye Osunleke
Analysis And Comparison Of Dispatching Rule-Based Scheduling In Dual-Resource Constrained Shop-Floor Scenarios
Mr. Jens Heger
Effects of Turbulence Modeling and Parcel Approach on Dispersed Two-Phase Swirling Flow
Dr. Osama Marzouk
Flow Simulation for Vector Field Visualization on Unstructured Meshes
Prof. Hua Xu
Poster Session
Comparison of Adaptive Kalman Filter Methods in State Estimation of a Nonlinear System Using Asynchronous Measurements
Dr. Vahid Fathabadi
Performance Monitoring of Nonlinear CSTR Using Novel Adaptive Unscented Kalman Filter
Dr. Vahid Fathabadi
Model Of Safe Management (Bases Of The Protection Theory)
Mr. Vladimir Mednikov

International Conference on Soft Computing and Applications 2009 ( ICSCA )

ICSCA I [ Day One ( 9:30 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Mr. David Ward
Hierarchical Hybrid Ant Colony Optimization for High Speed Processing
Prof. Masaya Yoshikawa
Grammatical Evolution: STE criterion in Symbolic Regression Task
Dr. Radomil Matousek
Parallel Grammatical Evolution for Circuit Optimization
Prof. Pavel Osmera
ICSCA II [ Day One ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Dr. Radomil Matousek
ALAP: Alarm Prioritization System For Oil Refinery
Miss Oi Mean Foong
Open Source Software Use in Municipal Government: Is full immersion possible?
Mr. David Ward
Optimization of the Throughput of Computer Network Based on Parallel EA
Prof. Imrich Rukovansky
Poster Session
Intrusion Detection Using Rough Sets based Parallel Genetic Algorithm Hybrid Model
Mr. Wa'el Mahmoud
An Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for Multiprocessor Task Assignment Problem with Limited Memory
Mr. Abbas Mehrabi
Impact of Data Quality on Predictive Accuracy of ANFIS based Soft Sensor Models
Ms. Surinder Jassar
Study of Fold Bifurcation in a Discrete Recurrent Neural Network
Dr. Roberto Marichal

International Conference on Systems Engineering and Engineering Management 2009 ( ICSEEM )

ICSEEM I [ Day One ( 9:30 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Dr. Ambarish Kulkarni
A Decomposition-Based Algorithm for Flexible Flow Shop Scheduling with Stochastic Processing Times
Mr. Kai Wang
Bin Packing Model Implementation for Material Election in Read Switches Production Planning
Mr. Rainier Romero
A Comprehensive Review and Analysis of Maturity Assessment Approaches for Improved Decision Support to Achieve Efficient Defense Acquisition
Mrs. Nazanin Azizian
Determination of Integrated Risk Degrees in Product Development Project
ICSEEM II [ Day One ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Mr. Rainier Romero
An Approach for Analyzing and Evaluating Semiconductor Design Projects
Ms. Neele Hinrichs
Project Control System to Track and Optimize Chip Design Projects
Mr. Stefan Hausler
Virtual Design Process- Design Validation Tool Schematic Approach in Car Carrier
Dr. Ambarish Kulkarni
Advantages of using SysML Compatible with ISO 10303-233 for Product Design and Development based on STEP Standard
Dr. Mahmoud Houshmand
Ontology-Based Knowledge Integration for Distributed Product Knowledge Service
Prof. Yuh-Min Chen
ICSEEM III [ Day Two ( 9:00 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Mr. Satoshi Ito
Strategic Planning and Vehicle Routing Algorithm for Newspaper Delivery Problem: Case study of Morning Newspaper, Bangkok, Thailand
Miss Arunya Boonkleaw
The Impact of Priority Rules on Logistic Objectives: Modeling with the Logistic Operating Curves
Ms. Wiebke Hartmann
A Tourist Navigation System That Does NOT Provide Route Maps
Prof. Yoshio Nakatani
Research on Task Planning Based on Activity Period in Manufacturing Grid
Dr. Yu an He
ICSEEM IV [ Day Two ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Miss Arunya Boonkleaw
Assimilation of Quality Culture and Its Effect - An Empirical Study of A Cross-Border M&A
Mr. Satoshi Ito
Resource Allocation for Air Traffic Controllers using Dynamic Airspace Configuration
Ms. Alla Webb
Comparative Evaluation of Production Efficiency: A DEA Approach
Dr. Pamini Thangarajah
Development of the Adaptive Forecasting Model for Retail Commodities by Using Leading Indicator: Retailing Rule Based Forecasting Model (RRBF)
Miss Monrudee LERTUTHAI
Unreliable Flow Lines with Jointly Unequal Operation Time Means, Variabilities and Buffer Sizes
Mr. Thomas McNamara
ICSEEM V [ Day Three ( 9:00 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Dr. Arun Nambiar
A Decomposition-based Heuristic Approach to Solve General Delivery Problem
Miss Lian Lian
Incorporating Maturity Assessment into Quality Functional Deployment for Improved Decision Support Analysis, Risk Management, and Defense Acquisition
Mr. Pavel Fomin
Economics Factors Influencing Logistics Cost of Thai Steel Industry
Dr. Nanthi Suthikarnnarunai
Space Allocation for Vessel Services with Irregular Calling Pattern
Mr. Li Mingkun
A Strategic Business Management of Liner Business in Thailand: Case Study of Evergreen Liner Group, Thailand
ICSEEM VI [ Day Three ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Dr. Nanthi Suthikarnnarunai
RFID Technology: A Review of its Applications
Dr. Arun Nambiar
Turbulence in Production Systems - Fluid Dynamics and its Contributions to Production Theory
Mr. Henrich Schleifenbaum, and Mr. Ju-Young UAM
Inventory Risk Mitigation by Financial Hedging
Mr. Jian Ni
Enhanced Balanced Scorecard: A Proposed Sustainability Planning Platform
Dr. VIRGINIA SORIANO, and Ms. Mili-Ann Tamayao
The Survey of Thailand' s Military Logistics Key Performance Indicators
Poster Session
Enterprise Information Technology Security: Risk Management Perspective
Dr. Artur Rot
Transient Behavior of Unbalanced Lines
Mr. Thomas McNamara
A New Approach to Generate Rules in Genetic Algorithm Solution to a Job Shop Schedule by Fuzzy Clustering
Mr. Alireza Boloori Arabani
Inventory and Production Planning in A Supply Chain System with Fixed-Interval Deliveries of Manufactured Products to Multiple Customers with Scenario Based Probabilistic Demand
Mr. Hamid Davoudpour
Two-phase Approach for Solving Cell-formation Problem in Cell Manufacturing
Mr. Hamid Davoudpour
Using a Modified Simulated Annealing Algorithm to Minimize Makespan in a Permutation Flow-shop Scheduling Problem with Job Deterioration
Mr. Hamid Davoudpour
A Multi-Objective Formulation for Facility Layout Problem
Mr. Hamid Davoudpour
Applying Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Cross-Docking Scheduling
Mr. Alireza Boloori Arabani
Fault Tolerant Fail Safe System for Railway Signalling
Mr. Alapan Chakraborty

International Conference on Signal Processing and Imaging Engineering 2009 ( ICSPIE )

ICSPIE I [ Day Two ( 9:00 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. M Iqbal Saripan
A Method for Calculating Future Behaviors of Vehicles toward Effective Collision Prediction
Mr. Noritaka Sekiyama
Estimation of Folding Operations Using Silhouette Model
Mr. Yasuhiro Kinoshita
Enhanced Differential Split Vector Quantization of Line Spectrum Pairs for CELP-Type Coders in Packet Networks
Dr. Fatiha Merazka
Shannon and Non-Shannon Measures of Entropy for Statistical Texture Feature Extraction in Digitized Mammograms
Dr. Amar Partap Singh
DOA Estimation for Wideband Signals Based on Arbitrary Group Delay
Prof. Xinggan Zhang
Determination of Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA) in Nuclear Power Plants Using Signal Processing Method
Miss Roghaieh Mahmoodi
ICSPIE II [ Day Two ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Fatiha Merazka
Reconstructed Color Image Segmentation
Prof. Akram Mustafa
Application of ICA in Collision Resolution for Passive RFID Communication
Dr. Yuan Sun
Tone Classification for Isolated Thai Words using Multi-Layer Perceptron
Mrs. Maleerat Sodanil
Spatial Speaker: 3D Java Text-to-Speech Converter
Dr. Jaka Sodnik
Homogenous Region based Color Image Segmentation
Power Spectra Estimation Using the Combination of Goodman and Belsher Method with a Constant on Gamma Camera Images
Dr. M Iqbal Saripan
Poster Session
Novel TV Commercial Detection in Cookery Program Videos
Mr. Venkatesh N
Video Analytic for Fall Detection from Shape Features and Motion Gradients
Mr. Muhammad Jamil