The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCECS 2010 are listed here:

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Titles (E_N)

Contact Authors
Educational Tool for Understanding Algorithm Building and Learning Programming Languages Dr. Anshul K. Jain
Effect of Copper Doping on CoAl2O4 ceramic pigment  Dr. Saeedeh Hashemian
Effect of Lattice Constant and Air Hole Diameter on the Mode Profile in Triangular and Square Lattice Photonic Crystal Fiber at THz Regime Dr. Md. Omar Faruk
Effect of Production System Characteristic on Supply Chain Operational Performance of Thai Manufacturing Companies Dr. Korrakot Y
Effectively Engaging Students in Educational Games by Deploying HCI Evaluation Methods Mr. Looi Qin En
Effects of acid diffusion into lignocellulosic materials on their pretreatment Dr. Hamid Amiri
Effects of Couple Stress Lubricants on Pressure and Load Capacity of Infinitely Wide Exponentially Shaped Slider Bearing Dr John Akpobi
Effects of Secondary Education and Media on Notions about Computer Science in College Students Dr. Anatole D. Ruslanov 
Efficacy of Multiband OFDM Approach in High Data Rate Ultra WideBand WPAN Physical Layer Standard using Modified Channel Models Dr.Susmita Das
Efficient production of anticancer agent cordycepin by repeated batch culture of Cordyceps militaris mutant Dr. Shonkor Kumar Das
Electric Motion Platform for Use in Simulation Technology - Design and Optimal Control of a Linear Electromechanical Actuator Dr. Evzen Thoendel
Electronic Service Quality Evaluation Methods for Online-Banking System Dr. Shapoor Zarei
Elimination of Phenyl-urea Herbicides in Water Matrices by Combined Chemical Oxidation-Filtration Processes Dr. F. Javier Benitez
Elliptic Curve based Signature method to Control Fake Paper based Certificates Dr.SGK Murthy
Energy cogeneration from the Brachiaria grass: A case of innovation in the bioenergy industry Dr. Adriane Carla Anastacio da Silva
Enhanced Adaptive Controller using Combined MRAC and STC Adaptive Control Approaches for the Control of Shape Memory Alloy Wire Mr. Samah A. M. Ghanem
Epidemiological Assessment of Significance for Hair Minerals Measured by PIXE Method Dr. Tsuyoshi Nakamura
Erosion Wear Behavior of Inconel625 Plasma Transferred Arc Weld (PTAW) Deposits using Air Jet Erosion Tester Mr. Abhishek Jivrag
ESCMODEL: A Model for Optimum Machinery Selection in Earth-Fill Dam Projects Dr. Hamed Nabizadeh Rafsanjani 
Establishing criteria for evaluating the suitability of Web platforms for teaching basic programming concepts Dr. Johnson Dehinbo
Estimation of Ready Queue Processing Time under Usual Group Lottery Scheduling (GLS) Scheme Dr. Anjali Jain
Estimation of Water Content of Sour Natural Gas Dr. Ali Khoshsima
Ethanol Production from Jackfruit Seeds by Enzyme and Saccharomyces cerevisiae Dr. S Keawkaew
Evaluating the Usability of Online Applications Through Analysis of User Interaction Logs Dr. Ariel Vargas
Evaluation of Reliability Confidence Lower Limit for Electronic Stability Control systems Dr. shiwen niu
Evaluation of the risk of drug addiction with the help of fuzzy sets Dr. Rakesh.L
Evaluation of Wellness in Sleep by Detrended Fluctuation Analysis of the Heartbeats Dr. Toru Yazawa
Evolution of Biped Locomotion Using Bees Algorithm, Based On Truncated Fourier Series Dr. VAHID AZIZI
Experimental investigations on two-phase flow parameters in air-water system Dr A M Saravanan
Experimental Results for Low-Jitter Wide-Band Dual Cascaded Phase Locked Loop System Dr. AHMED ABDULTAWAB TELBA
Expert Security System in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Fuzzy Discussion Multi-Agent Systems Dr. Shahaboddin Shamshirband
Extraction of Oil from Canola Seeds With Supercritical Carbon Dioxide: Experimental and Modeling Dr. Soroush Zarinabadi
Fabrication of Angiogenic Gene-modified Myoblast Cell Sheets using Magnetic Tissue Engineering Techniques Dr. Hirokazu Akiyama
Face Recognition Based on Eigen Features of Multi Scaled Face Components and Artificial Neural Network Prof K.Rama Linga Reddy
Fast Tracking Third World Countries Industrial Development through Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) Mr. KINGSLEY OKECHUKWU IKEBUDU
Feature Selection Using Decision Tree Induction in Class level Metrics Dataset for Software Defect Predictions Dr. N.Gayatri
Finite Element Analysis of Adaptive Trusses with Shape Memory Alloy Members Dr. Yutaka Toi
Fixed Point Design and Implementation of an OFDM Transmitter for ETSI Satellite Digital Radio on FPGA Platform Dr. Anh Dinh
FTADMR: A Fault Tolerant Adaptive-Demand Multicast Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks Dr. Mahin Abbasipour
Fully Integrated Dickson Charge Pumps with Optimized Power Efficiency Dr. Jan Doutreloigne
Function Oriented Product Descriptions in Product Development and Factory Planning Dr. Daniel Politze
Fuzzy Analogical Gates approach for heat integrated distillation systems Dr. Mostafa Hassanein
Fuzzy Controllers for Electrical Power Steering Systems Dr. Riyadh Kenaya
Fuzzy Modeling with Genetically Optimized Feature Space Reduction Dr. Mingli Song
Generic Simulation Mr. Thembelani Sithebe
Graphics Processor Unit Hardware Acceleration of Levenberg-Marquardt Artificial Neural Network Training Dr. David Mulvaney
Grid High Availability & Service Security Issues with Solutions Dr. Muhammad Zakarya
Grid resource selection optimization with guarantee quality of service by hybrid of genetic and  Simulated Annealing algorithm Dr. Hossein Shirgahi
Heat Transfer Study in a Concentric Stage of an Internally Heat-Integrated Distillation Column (HIDiC) Using CFD Simulation Dr. Jeffrey Leon Pulido
Heuristics for Hard Disk Drive Component' s Yield Optimization Problem under Budget and Supplier's Rating Constraints Dr. Wuthichai Wongthatsanekorn
Hierarchical (Taxonomical) Approach for Handling External Documents in a Database System Dr. Eliza Mazmee Mazlan
High Purity Ethyl Acetate Production with a Batch Reactive Distillation Column using Dynamic Optimization Strategy Dr. Paisan Kittisupakorn
How to Prove the Riemann Hypothesis Dr. Fayez Fok Al Adeh
Hydrocracker Reactor Catalyst Activity Model Using Artificial Neural Network Dr. Ibrahim Alhajri
Image Encryption Scheme Based on DCT and with unformatted file writing technique Dr. V.V.Divya
Imitation of Hand Postures with Particle Based Fluidics Method Dr. Umut Tilki
Impact of Sand mining on Macroinvertebrate Fauna of Ithikkara River, Kerala, India Dr Santhosh.S
Implementation of FPGA based PID Controller for DC Motor Speed Control System Dr.Savita Sonoli
Implementation of Linear Programming in Optimizing the Dew-point Control Unit of Kangan Gas Refinery Dr. Abbas Azarmehr
Implementation of Timed Automata in a Real-time Operating System Dr. Pavel Kucera
Implicit Media Knowledge Experimentation & Results Dr. Muy-Chu Ly
Improvement of Batch Crystallization under Uncertain Kinetic Parameters by Model Predictive Control Dr. Paisan Kittisupakorn
Improving the performance of a batch reactor using orthogonal collocation dynamic optimization method Dr. Ali Reza Yazdani
Improving the Real-Time Concurrent Constraint Calculus with a Delay Declaration Dr. Gerardo M. Sarria M.
Increasing Performance of Rule Mining in the Medical Domain Using Natural Intelligence Concepts Dr. Veenu Mangat
Independent Component Analysis With Data-centric Contrast Functions For Separating Maternal And Twin Fetal ECG Dr. Mallika S. Keralapura
INFELT STEP: An Integrated and Interoperable Platform for Collaborative CAD/CAPP/CAM/CNC Machining Systems based on STEP Standard Dr. Omid Fatahi Valilai
Information Technology Career Interest on High School Students Based on Family Background Dr. Ir. Hotniar Siringoringo
Information Technology Governance Role in Enhancing Performance: A Case Study on Jordan Public Sector Dr Minwer M. Wraikat
Innovation Teaching Technique in Introduction to Engineering Technology Course Dr. Guohua (Gloria) Ma
In-situ Synthesis of Zeolite with Encapsulated Pt and Its Hydrogenation Activity at High Levels of Sulfur Dr. Song Chen 
Intelligence Portfolio Management System based on Neurofuzzy system for Thai Stock Index Dr. M. Radeerom
Intelligent E-learning for training Electrical Power Operators Dr. Liliana Argotte
Intelligent Rating Systems for the Smart Grid Dr. Chris Pavlovski
Intelligent System for Diagnosing Learning Disorders in Children Dr. M.A.Jayaram
Introducing Semi-programmable Hardware to a Real High-Level Synthesis Tool Dr. Akira Yamawaki
Introducing to Large Scale Network Using Adaptive Simulation for an Optimum Solution on Dynamic Systems Dr. Ramez Shamseldin
Investigation of Gate Underlap Design on Linearity of Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA) Dr. M. S. Alam
Investigation of Thixotropy in Gelled Jet Propellant Mr. Paulo H. Santos
Is Uncertainty Reduction the Basis for Perception? Errors in Norwich' s Entropy Theory of Perception Imply Otherwise Dr. Lance Nizami
Isolation and identification of Micromonospora strains from Thai marine sediments with their antimicrobial activity Dr. Chitti Thawai
Java Based VoIP Performance Monitoring Tool Dr. Husna Zainol Abidin 
Knowledge Sharing System for Procurement of IT Projects Dr. Shapoor Zarei
Laboratory Procedures for Assessing Quality of Soybean Meal Prof. Rodica Caprita
Lane Detection for Vehicles Guidance Dr Othman O. Khalifa
Large Eddy Simulation of Distillation Sieve Tray Hydrodynamics using Volume-of-Fluid (VOF) Multiphase Model A. Malvin, A. Chan, and P. L. Lau
Lean Culturerization: A Long Term Philosophy for Full Optimization of the Human Resource Dr. Dibia and Spencer Onuh
Learning Path and Assessment Criteria in the Conception and Development of an e-course based on the PENTHA ID Model Dr. Luisa dall Acqua
Letting Patients' Daily Living Information Speak: A Novel Approach to Study Geriatric Patients with Dementia and Hypertension Dr. Weifeng Xu
Localization of Structural Damage through Isomap-based Data Classification Dr. Bong-Hwan Koh
Maglev Kit: A Servo/Regulatory Configuration For Low-Cost Educational Laboratories Dr. Jorge Gamboa-Revilla
Mathematical Modelling and Fuzzy Logic applied to a Milk Industry through DSM Miss Sree Divya Vadlapudi Prasanna
Mathematical Modelling of the Interaction of Chlamydia Trachomatis with the Immune System Dr. Masoumeh Bagher Oskouei
Measurement Development of Attitude toward IT Career Promotion Instrument Dr. Ir. Hotniar Siringoringo
Measuring and Analyzing Qualitative and Quantitative Characteristic of World' s Top 500 Universities for Effort Assessment Dr. Sanjeev Dhawan
Median Filter in Agriculture Dr. Senthil Rajan
Microcontroller Based Automated Water Level Sensing and Controlling: Design and Implementation Issue Dr. Shah Ahsnauzzaman Md. Tariq
Microwave Processing Applications in Chemical Engineering: Cost Analysis Dr Hasna
Military Software Black-Scholes Pricing Model: Value of Software Option and Volatility Dr. Zhang Yadi
Milling Machine Control using Particle Swarm Optimization Dr. Mrinmoy Chakraborty
Minimization of gas flaring from crude oil storage tanks in Libya Prof. Abdelati Elalem
Minimization of Multiple-Valued Logic Functions Using Heuristic Techniques Dr. Mostafa Abd-El-Barr
Mining Documents for Fanaticism Dr. Ahmad Sami Almunayyes
Modeling a Balanced Score Card systems using a fuzzy AHP and non linear regression approach Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Farhangian
Modeling a Three Stage Scenario Based Business Supply Chain Dr. mohammad ABOLHASANPOUR 
Modeling Agent Communication in a Complex System as a Neural Net Dr. Paul Darbyshire
Modeling and Characterization of Variable Reliability Transport Protocol: Case-study with a Robotic Sensor Dr. Debanik Roy
Modeling and Control of a DC-DC Multilevel Boost Converter Dr. J. C. Mayo-Maldonado
Modeling and Simulating the Effects of Ozone Layer Depletion on Climate Change at Pakistan Air Space Dr. Muhammad Ayub Khan Yousuf Zai
Modeling and Simulation for Olefin Production in Amir Kabir Petrochemical Dr. Soroush Zarinabadi
Modeling of a Closed-Loop Maritime Transportation System with Discrete Event Simulation and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Dr. Thiago Brito
Modeling of a Double-Layer Capacitor with Individual Branch Response Dr. Md.Belayat Hossain
Modeling of HMF production from glucose in single and biphasic systems Dr. Hamid Amiri
Modeling of Thermodynamic Properties based on Neurofuzzy System for Steam Power Plant Dr. Hataitep Wongsuwarn
Modelling and Simulation of Active Power Filters for Harmonic Compensation, Voltage Sags and Swells Mitigation and Power Factor Correction Mr. Michael C. Pacis
Modification of 802.15.4 MAC for Body Area Networks Applications Dr. P.H.Ghare
Modified Fuzzy-based Junction delay estimation and Integration of Link and Junction Delay Prof. Dr. Sabah Tamimi
Modified Kinetic Model of Particle Detachment by Aerodynamic Drag and Vibration Dr. Nakorn Tippayawong
Momentum Transfer from the Fingers to Object Based on Fluid Dynamics Dr. Baris Ozyer
Multi-Criteria Assessment of Virtual Prototypes of Mining Machines Dr. J. Tokarczyk
Multi-Criteria Genetic Algorithms for Pig Food Problems  Asst. Prof. Anon Sukstrienwong
Multimedia Streaming - Challenges and Standardization for the Future Generation Mobile Dr. S.Swarna Parvathi
Multi-Objective Optimization of Multi-commodity, Multi-Period Facility Location within Distribution Network Design Dr. Hamid Afshari
Multiple-Branch Multiple-Status Supply Chain Production Determination Dr. mohammad ABOLHASANPOUR
MuLTool: A Multi-Lingua Tool for Mobile Patient-Practitioner Interaction Mr. John B. Oladosu
Network Flow Modelling: An Approach to Allocating Contractors to Public Works Dr. Arogundade O.T
New Approach of Telerobotic over Internet Mr. F. MOUTAOUAKKIL
Non-linear Predictive Control with Multi Design Variables for PEM-FC Dr. A. Shokuhi-Rad
Non-Linear Restoration from a Single Frame Super Resolution Using Pearson Type VII Density Dr. Sakinah Ali Pitchay