International Conference on Computational Biology 2010 ( ICCB )

ICCB I [ Day One ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Dr. Lance Nizami
Ranking Beta Sheet Topologies of Proteins
Mr. Rasmus Fonseca
Computational Analysis to Study Peripheral Arterial Diseases
Mr. Naveen Ramunigari
Is Uncertainty Reduction the Basis for Perception? Errors in Norwich's Entropy Theory of Perception Imply Otherwise
Dr. Lance Nizami
Mathematical Modelling of the Interaction of Chlamydia Trachomatis with the Immune System
Ms. Masoumeh Bagher Oskouei
Towards the Sequence and Structural Prediction of Proteases - An in-silico Study
Ms. Meenakshi Bhat
Poster Session
Utilities for Efficient Usage of Large Biological Databases
Prof. Maulika S. Patel

International Conference on Chemical Engineering 2010 ( ICCE )

ICCE I [ Day One ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Ibrahim Alhajri
Resistance to Clogging of Fluid Microfilters
Dr. Zbigniew Domanski
A Homogeneous Equilibrium Model Improved for Pipe Flows
Mr. Jung Kim, and Miss Heather Dunsheath
Optimal Policy Tracking of a Batch Reactive Distillation by Neural Network-based Model Predictive Control (NNMPC) Strategy
Miss Kwantip Konakom
Photocatalytic Degradation of Amaranth Dye in Aqueous Solution Using Sol-gel Coated Cotton Fabric
Mr. Jatinder Kumar
Adsorption of Methylen Blue (MB) by Pistachio in Presence of CuFe2O4 Nanocomposite
Prof. Saeedeh Hashemian
ICCE II [ Day One ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Zbigniew Domanski
Hydrocracker Reactor Catalyst Activity Model Using Artificial Neural Network
Dr. Ibrahim Alhajri
Heat Transfer Study in a Concentric Stage of an Internally Heat-Integrated Distillation Column (HIDiC) Using CFD Simulation
Mr. Jeffrey Leon Pulido
High Purity Ethyl Acetate Production with a Batch Reactive Distillation Column using Dynamic Optimization Strategy
Miss Kwantip Konakom
Effect of Copper Doping on CoAl2O4 Ceramic Nano Pigment
Prof. Saeedeh Hashemian
Modified Kinetic Model of Particle Detachment by Aerodynamic Drag and Vibration
Dr. Nakorn Tippayawong
ICCE III [ Day Two ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Mr. ALDO MALVIN
Efficient Production of Anticancer Agent Cordycepin by Repeated Batch Culture of Cordyceps militaris Mutant
Dr. Shonkor Kumar Das
Quadratic Dynamic Matrix Control of Isopropyl Acetate Reactive Distillation Column
Dr. Kailash Singh
The Removal of Metal Ions (Cu2+ and Zn2+) using Waste-reclaimed Adsorbent for Plating Wastewater Treatment Process
Mr. Young-Hoon Jo
Preparation and Characterization of Langmuir Blodgett film of Poly (acrylamide-co-acrylic acid)
A Comparative Study of Chlorophenols Photolysis Using XeBr and KrCl Excilamps
Dr. Galina Matafonova
ICCE IV [ Day Two ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Shonkor Kumar Das
Fabrication of Angiogenic Gene-modified Myoblast Cell Sheets using Magnetic Tissue Engineering Techniques
Mr. Hirokazu Akiyama
Production of Smokeless Bio-briquettes from Hazelnut Shell
Prof. Hanzade Acma
Large Eddy Simulation of Distillation Sieve Tray Hydrodynamics using Volume-of-Fluid (VOF) Multiphase Model
ICCE V [ Day Three ( 9:00 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Mr. Paulo H. Santos
Synthesized Oxygen-Vacant TiO2 Nanopowders with Thermal Plasma Torch Evaporation Condensation Process
Mr. Cheng-Yen Tsai
The Kinetics of Aromatic Nitration
Preparation of Activated Carbon from Parkia Speciosa Pod by Chemical Activation
Miss Lauren Foo
ICCE VI [ Day Three ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Mr. Cheng-Yen Tsai
Investigation of Thixotropy in Gelled Jet Propellant
Mr. Paulo H. Santos
The Role of Magnetite Nano Particle (MNP) to Oxidize Nitrobenzene using Heterogeneous Fenton Reaction
Dr. Hong-Kyun Lee
Achieving a Better Fuel Contents for a Coal-Fired Power Plant - an AHP Approach
Mr. Ming-tsai HSU
Potential of Virgin Coconut Oil in the Production of Lacquer Enamel Paint
Prof. Lina Dela Cruz
Unsteady MHD Heat and Mass Transfer by Mixed Convection Flow in the Forward Stagnation Region of a Rotating Sphere in the Presence of Chemical Reaction and Heat Source
Prof. Ali Chamkha
Poster Session
Elimination of Phenyl-urea Herbicides in Water Matrices by Combined Chemical Oxidation-Filtration Processes
Dr. F. Javier Benitez
Degradation of TCE using Persulfate (PS) and Peroxymonosulfate (PMS): Effect of Inorganic Ions in Groundwater
Dr. Hong-Kyun Lee
A Laboratory Study on the Extraction of Oil from Canola Seeds by Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Dr. Soroush Zarinabadi
Extraction of Oil from Canola Seeds With Supercritical Carbon Dioxide: Experimental and Modeling
Dr. Soroush Zarinabadi
Modeling and Simulation for Olefin Production in Amir Kabir Petrochemical
Dr. Soroush Zarinabadi
In-situ Synthesis of Zeolite with Encapsulated Pt and Its Hydrogenation Activity at High Levels of Sulfur
Dr. Song Chen
Laboratory Procedures for Assessing Quality of Soybean Meal
Prof. Rodica Caprita
A Two-in-One Device for Air-conditioning and Carbon Dioxide Sequestering for Residential Units
Mr. Aditya Dhathathreyan
Use of Dimethyl Carbonate (DMC) as Methylating Agent under Microwave Irradiation-A Green Chemical Approach
Dr. Sanyogita Sharma
Variation of Feed Chemical Composition and Its Effect on Clinker Formation - Simulation Process
Mr. Mohamed A. Aldieb

International Conference on Circuits and Systems 2010 ( ICCS )

ICCS I [ Day One ( 10:45 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Dr. Muhmmad Shah Alam
Fully Integrated Dickson Charge Pumps with Optimized Power Efficiency
Prof. Jan Doutreloigne
Experimental Results for Low-Jitter Wide-Band Dual Cascaded Phase Locked Loop System
Dr. Ahmed Telba
Development and Implementation of the LIRA Neural Classifier
Prof. Alejandro Vega-Ramirez
Design of a Divider Circuit for Complex Binary Numbers
Effect of Semi conduction on the Reflection of Electron Wave From Rigidly Fixed Surface of a Half Space
Mr. Amit Sharma
Fixed Point Design and Implementation of an OFDM Transmitter for ETSI Satellite Digital Radio on FPGA Platform
Dr. Anh Dinh
ICCS II [ Day One ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Prof. Jan Doutreloigne
Investigation of Gate Underlap Design on Linearity of Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA)
Dr. Muhmmad Shah Alam
A Ka-Band CMOS Voltage Controlled Oscillator for High Speed Wireless Communication
Mr. Zhe-Yang Huang
Design of a 11-Band 3-10GHz Frequency Synthesizer for Multi-Band OFDM UWB Transceiver in 90nm CMOS Technology
Dr. Anh Dinh
Design of a Seismocardiography Using Tri-Axial Accelerometer Embedded with Electrocardiogram
Dr. Anh Dinh
A Ka-Band CMOS Low-Noise Amplifier for Ka-Band Communication System
Mr. Zhe-Yang Huang
Poster Session
Design and Implementation of VI Tool for WSN Applications

International Conference on Computer Science and Applications 2010 ( ICCSA )

ICCSA I [ Day Two ( 9:00 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Mr. Sorapak Pukdesree
A Novel Feature Evaluation Methodology for Fault Diagnosis
Dr. Zacharias Voulgaris
An Evaluation of Static Java Bytecode Watermarking
Mr. James Hamilton
A Modular Software System for Planning and Cost Modeling of a Wide Area Network
Dr. Sami Alwakeel
Analysis of KDD'99 Intrusion Detection Dataset for Selection of Relevance Features
The December 26TH (D/26), 2004 Tsunami on Kollam Coast (SW India) With Specific Reference to Management Strategies
Prof. Dr.V.Sobha Vasudevan
ICCSA II [ Day Two ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Mr. Chamila Walgampaya
Comparisons of Self-Healing Fault-Tolerant Computing Schemes
Dr. Huan-Yu Tu
A Study on the Security Mechanism for Web Services
Mr. Hongzhao Kou
Developing a Mobile Application to be used in Mineral/Geological Exploration with Emphasis on Geochemical Soil Sampling
Mr. Albert Kwansah Ansah
Users' Habits-based Context Prediction applied to Smart Buildings
Mr. Sang-Yong Lee
Performance Evaluation of Distributed Database on PC Cluster Computers using MySQL Cluster
Mr. Sorapak Pukdesree
ICCSA III [ Day Two ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Zacharias Voulgaris
Improving the Real-Time Concurrent Constraint Calculus with a Delay Declaration
Dr. Gerardo M. Sarria M.
Steganography Imaging System (SIS): Hiding Secret Message inside an Image
Dr. Rosziati Ibrahim
Product Construction of Finite-State Machines
Dr. Samuel Hsieh
Introducing Semi-programmable Hardware to a Real High-Level Synthesis Tool
Dr. Akira Yamawaki
ICCSA IV [ Day Three ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Using Visual Educational Tools for the Teaching and Learning of EIGRP
Mr. Jesus Exposito
A Selection and Application Scheme of Local Search Neighborhood Operators for the Vehicle Routing Problem
Prof. Oliver Moravcik
Implementation of Timed Automata in a Real-time Operating System
Dr. Pavel Kucera
Smart Cards: The Future Gate
Dr. Halima Sadia Rizvi
An Alternative Way of Teaching the Advanced Concepts of the Diffusing Update Algorithm for EIGRP
Miss Valentina Trujillo
Elliptic Curve based Signature method to Control Fake Paper based Certificates
ICCSA V [ Day Three ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Pavel Kucera
Finite Element Analysis of Adaptive Trusses with Shape Memory Alloy Members
Prof. Yutaka Toi
How to Prove the Riemann Hypothesis
Feature Selection Using Decision Tree Induction in Class level Metrics Dataset for Software Defect Predictions
Dr. Savarimuthu Nickolas
A Survey of Performance Evaluation Models for Distributed Software System Architecture
Poster Session
Simulation Based Analysis of Mobile Sink Speed in Wireless Sensor Networks
Mr. Gowrishankar S
Simulation Based Overhead Analysis of AOMDV, TORA and OLSR in MANET Using Various Energy Models
Mr. Gowrishankar S
Preconditioned SSOR Iterative Method For Linear System With M-Matrices
Mrs. Aijuan Li
Preconditioned AOR Iterative Method And Comparison Theorems For Irreducible L-matrices
Mrs. Aijuan Li
Military Software Black-Scholes Pricing Model: Value of Software Option and Volatility
Dr. Qin Wu
A Novel Steganography-Cryptography System
Dr. Mohammed Fadhil
Intelligent System for Diagnosing Learning Disorders in Children
Proposed Concept of Signals for Ramp Functions
Mr. Satyapal Singh
Performance Evalution of IRIS Recognition by Key Local Variation Algorithm using Neural Network Classifier
Mr. Babasaheb Patil
Proposed Concept of Signals for Unit Step Functions
Mr. Satyapal Singh

International Conference on Communications Systems and Technologies 2010 ( ICCST )

ICCST I [ Day One ( 10:45 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Time-Efficient Genetic Algorithm for Peak Power Reduction of OFDM Signal
Dr. Noritaka SHIGEI
Characteristics Analysis of Web Traffic with Hurst Index
Mrs. Gagandeep Kaur
Performance Comparison of DQPSK and QPSK in Two-Channel MC-CDMA Environment
Mr. Rodolfo Ledesma Goyzueta
Security through Elliptic Curves for Wireless Network in Mobile Devices
Citrine: A Methodology for Application-Specific Network-on-Chips Design
Miss Atena Roshan Fekr
Cyber Security in Internet-Based Multiplayer Gaming
Dr. Luay Wahsheh
ICCST II [ Day One ( 14:15 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Mr. Rodolfo Ledesma Goyzueta
Analytical Model for Performance Study of the Switch under Self-Similar Variable Length Packet Traffic
Java Based VoIP Performance Monitoring Tool
Mrs. Husna Zainol Abidin
An Analytical Approach for Guaranteeing Concurrency in Mobile Environments
Dr. Lakshmi Rajamani
Poster Session
Analysis of Internal Collision and Dropping Packets Characteristics of EDCA IEEE802.11e Using NS-2.34 Simulator
Mr. Shah Ahsannuzzaman Md. Tariq
Contention Window Analysis and Proposed Algorithm for Collision Minimization of IEEE 802.11e EDCA
Mr. Shah Ahsannuzzaman Md. Tariq
Microcontroller Based Automated Water Level Sensing and Controlling: Design and Implementation Issue
Mr. Shah Ahsannuzzaman Md. Tariq
Modification of 802.15.4 MAC for Body Area Networks Applications
Mrs. Pradnya Ghare

International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Applications 2010 ( ICEEA )

ICEEA I [ Day Two ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Miss Sree Divya Vadlapudi Prasanna
Intelligent Rating Systems for the Smart Grid
Solar Powered Vehicle
Mr. Yogesh Wamborikar
Independent Component Analysis With Data-centric Contrast Functions For Separating Maternal And Twin Fetal ECG
Mr. Mehrdad Pourfathi
Power Harvesting System in Mobile Phones and Laptops using Piezoelectric Charge Generation
Mr. Karthik Kalyanaraman, and Mr. Jaykrishna Babu
Variable Speed Drive Application Based Acoustic Noise Reduction Strategy
Dr. Christian Grabner
Designing an Application Specific Instruction Set Processor for FECs in LTE-Advanced
ICEEA II [ Day Two ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Mr. JAMAL CHEEMA
Topological Derivation of DC-DC Multiplier Converters
Mr. Eduardo Nacu Salas-Cabrera
Mathematical Modelling and Fuzzy Logic applied to a Milk Industry through DSM
Miss Sree Divya Vadlapudi Prasanna
Poster Session
Modeling of a Double-Layer Capacitor with Individual Branch Response
Mrs. Saadia Binte Alam
Power Crises Study for Restructuring China's Energy Regulation Using Equilibrium Theory
Miss Chen Wang

International Conference on Education and Information Technology 2010 ( ICEIT )

ICEIT I [ Day Two ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Prof. Che Hassan Che Haron
Innovation Teaching Technique in Introduction to Engineering Technology Course
Dr. Guohua Ma
Intelligent E-learning for Training Electrical Power Operators
Mrs. Liliana Argotte
Web-based Cutting Tool Management System for Engineering Education
Prof. Che Hassan Che Haron
Educational Tool for Understanding Algorithm Building and Learning Programming Languages
Mr. Anshul Jain
ICEIT II [ Day Three ( 9:00 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Prof. Hisashi Yokota
Virtual Open-Source Labs for Web Security Education
Prof. Lixin Tao
Measurement Development of Attitude toward IT Career Promotion Instrument
Prof. E.S. Margianti, and Dr. Hotniar Siringoringo
The Implementation of the Personalised Approach for Technology Enhanced Learning
Prof. Oliver Moravcik
Effectively Engaging Students in Educational Games by Deploying HCI Evaluation Methods
Ms. Swee Lan See
Virtual Reality System For Training Of Operators Of Power Live Lines
Mr. Marco Antonio Salgado Martinez
ICEIT III [ Day Three ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Ms. Swee Lan See
A Problem Based Learning System for Linear Algebra with Simple Input Method
Prof. Hisashi Yokota
Video Conferencing with CAI for Better Impact on Training and Education: An Indian Scenario
Information Technology Career Interest on High School Students Based on Family Background
Dr. Hotniar Siringoringo
Effects of Secondary Education and Media on Notions about Computer Science in College Students
Dr. Anatole Ruslanov
An Use of Course-Embedded Assessment for Assessing Program Outcomes
Prof. YoungTaek Jin
Poster Session
A Multi-Touch ER Diagram Editor to Capture Students' Design Rationale
Dr. Roger Stone
Information Technology Governance Role in Enhancing Performance: A Case Study on Jordan Public Sector
Dr. Minwer Wraikat Al-adwan
Learning Path and Assessment Criteria in the Conception and Development of an e-course based on the PENTHA ID Model
Dr. Luisa dall'Acqua
Teaching Robot Kinematic in a Virtual Environment

International Conference on Intelligent Automation and Robotics 2010 ( ICIAR )

ICIAR I [ Day Three ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Mr. Baris Ozyer
Bio-inspired Rotation - Translation System for Rehabilitation Robots
Prof. Tudor Deaconescu
A Criterion-based Genetic Algorithm Solution to the Jigsaw Puzzle NP-Complete Problem
Mr. Francisco Gindre
Imitation of Hand Postures with Particle Based Fluidics Method
Mr. Umut Tilki
ICIAR II [ Day Three ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Prof. Tudor Deaconescu
Momentum Transfer from the Fingers to Object Based on Fluid Dynamics
Mr. Baris Ozyer
Determination of the Optimum Docking Position for an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle using a Genetic Algorithm
Mr. Panagiotis Sotiropoulos
A Novel Map Merging Methodology for Multi-Robot Systems
Mr. Sebahattin TOPAL
RoboCAD INFELT STEP, Interoperable Platform to Manage Collaboration among CAD and Robot Programming Agents Integrated Based on STEP (ISO 10303) Standard
Dr. Mahmoud Houshmand
Poster Session
Evolution of Biped Locomotion Using Bees Algorithm, Based On Truncated Fourier Series
Mr. Vahid Azizi
Design of a Robust Adaptive Control (RAC) Of Robotic Manipulators for Trajectory Tracking With Structured and Unstructured Uncertainties
Mr. Mir Abbas Roudbari

International Conference on Internet and Multimedia Technologies 2010 ( ICIMT )

ICIMT I [ Day Three ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Dr. Twittie Senivongse
A Statistical Method for Selecting Pattern Descriptors of Textured 3D Models
Dr. Motofumi Suzuki
Implicit Media Knowledge Experimentation and Results
A Generic Platform for a Multi-Agent Systems
Mrs. EL BEJJET Rachid
Hierarchical (Taxonomical) Approach for Handling External Documents in a Database System
Mrs. Eliza M Mazlan
Query Recommendation for Improving Search Engine Results
Dr. Gamal Farouk
ICIMT II [ Day Three ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Dr. Motofumi Suzuki
A Capability Granularity Analysis on Web Service Invocations
Dr. Twittie Senivongse
New Approach of Telerobotic over Internet
Mr. Fouad Moutaouakkil

International Conference in Modeling Health Advances 2010 ( ICMHA )

ICMHA I [ Day One ( 9:15 - 10:15 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Prof. Tsuyoshi Nakamura
Letting Patients' Daily Living Information Speak: A Novel Approach to Study Geriatric Patients with Dementia and Hypertension
Dr. Frank Xu
Epidemiological Assessment of Significance for Hair Minerals Measured by PIXE Method
Mr. Shohei Kuroda
Evaluation of Wellness in Sleep by Detrended Fluctuation Analysis of the Heartbeats
Dr. Toru Yazawa
ICMHA II [ Day One ( 11:30 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Prof. Craig Douglas
Power of Logistic Model with Surrogate Measures for Both Outcome and Covariate in Genetic-Disease Association Study
Prof. Tsuyoshi Nakamura
Pandemics and Networks: the Case of the Mexican Flu
Ms. Jasmina Omic

International Conference on Machine Learning and Data Analysis 2010 ( ICMLDA )

ICMLDA I [ Day Three ( 9:00 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Mr. Bostjan Kaluza
Comparison of Structured vs. Unstructured Data for Industrial Quality Analysis
Mr. Martin Schierle
Automatic Content Extraction on the Web with Intelligent Algorithms
Development of Modern Power Plant Simulators for a Operators Training Center
Mr. Jose Tavira-Mondragon
The Objectivity Measurement of Frequent Patterns
Mr. Thanh-Trung Nguyen
Application of Harmony Search Algorithm on Clustering
Mr. Babak Amiri
Classification and Regression Trees as a Part of Data Mining in Six Sigma Methodology
Mr. Andrej Trnka
ICMLDA II [ Day Three ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Mr. Martin Schierle
An Approach to Analysis of Daily Living Dynamics
Mr. Bostjan Kaluza
Change-Point Detection of Climate Time Series by Nonparametric Method
Mr. Naoki Itoh
Rule Based Classification System for Medical Data Mining Using Fuzzy Ant Colony Optimization
Mr. Mostafa Fathi Ganji
Poster Session
Research on the Building Method of Domain Lexicon Combining Association Rules and Improved TF*IDF
Mr. Simon Xu
A Comparison of Machine Learning Classifiers Applied to Financial Datasets
Mr. Ivan Belik
Non-Linear Restoration from a Single Frame Super Resolution Using Pearson Type VII Density
Miss Sakinah Ali Pitchay

International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Control 2010 ( ICMSC )

ICMSC I [ Day Two ( 9:00 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Miss Hana BAILI
On the Modeling and Parametric Identification of a Motor-Generator Set
Mr. Eduardo Nacu Salas-Cabrera
Electric Motion Platform for Use in Simulation Technology - Design and Optimal Control of a Linear Electromechanical Actuator
Dr. Evzen Thoendel
Modeling of Thermodynamic Properties based on Neurofuzzy System for Steam Power Plant
Dr. Hataitep Wongsuwarn
Soft Computing Based Controllers Implementation for Non-linear Process in Real Time
Dr. Sivakumar Natarajan, and Dr. NITHYA VENKATESAN
Testing and Modeling of Nonlinear Properties of Shock Absorbers for Vehicle Dynamics Studies
Miss Yan Cui
Modeling of a Closed-Loop Maritime Transportation System with Discrete Event Simulation and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
Mr. Thiago Brito
ICMSC II [ Day Two ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Dr. Evzen Thoendel
Modeling and Control of a DC-DC Multilevel Boost Converter
Mr. Eduardo Nacu Salas-Cabrera
Oil Systems Modeling for an Operators' Training Combined Cycle Plant Simulator
Ms. Yadira Mendoza-Alegria
Proposed Modeling and Simulation Center for Lawmaking
Dr. David Schrunk
Online Particle Filtering of Stochastic Volatility
Miss Hana BAILI
Erosion Wear Behavior of Inconel625 Plasma Transferred Arc Weld (PTAW) Deposits using Air Jet Erosion Tester
Mr. Abhishek Jivrag, and Mr. Shashikant Pople
ICMSC III [ Day Two ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Mr. Thembelani Sithebe
Computational Modeling of Multivariable Non-Stationary Time Series in the State Space by the AOKI_VAR Algorithm
Prof. Celso Bottura
A New Method of Adaptive Integration with Error Control for Bond-Based Peridynamics
Mr. Kebing Yu
Optimizing a Stochastic Dynamic Scheduling Problem Using Mathematical Statistics
Dr. David Allingham
Modeling Agent Communication in a Complex System as a Neural Net
Mr. Paul Darbyshire
CFD Analysis of Winglets at Low Subsonic Flow
ICMSC IV [ Day Two ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room D ]
Session Chair: Dr. David Allingham
Enhanced Adaptive Controller using Combined MRAC and STC Adaptive Control Approaches for the Control of Shape Memory Alloy Wire
Miss Samah Mustafa
Power Plants Simulators with an Expert System to Train and Evaluate Operators
Mr. Jose Tavira-Mondragon
Generic Simulation
Mr. Thembelani Sithebe
Power Management Model using the Incremental Simultaneous Method
Mr. Yunyoung Nam
Modelling and Simulation of Active Power Filters for Harmonic Compensation, Voltage Sags and Swells Mitigation and Power Factor Correction
Prof. Michael Pacis
Poster Session
Maglev Kit: A Servo/Regulatory Configuration For Low-Cost Educational Laboratories
Implementation of FPGA based PID Controller for DC Motor Speed Control System

International Conference on Soft Computing and Applications 2010 ( ICSCA )

ICSCA I [ Day Two ( 9:00 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Dr. Riyadh Kenaya
Real Time Click Fraud Prevention using multi-level Data Fusion
Mr. Chamila Walgampaya
Unconstrained Handwritten Word Recognition Using a Combination of Neural Networks
Fuzzy Modeling with Genetically Optimized Feature Space Reduction
Ms. Mingli Song
Increasing Performance of Rule Mining in the Medical Domain Using Natural Intelligence Concepts
Mrs. Veenu Mangat
A Computational Biological Network for Wood Defect Classification
An Autonomous Robot Prototype using Concept Learning Model
Mr. Francisco Gindre
ICSCA II [ Day Two ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Dr. Akira Yamawaki
Fuzzy Controllers for Electrical Power Steering Systems
Dr. Riyadh Kenaya
Plan Based Automated Generation of Redesign Suggestion
Dr. Guohua Ma
Intelligence Portfolio Management System based on Neurofuzzy system for Thai Stock Index
Miss Monruthai Radeerom
Back Propagation Neural Controller for a Two-Drive Robot Vehicle
Dr. Riyadh Kenaya
Poster Session
Utilization of Statistical Process Control in Defined Level Software Companies to Manage Processes Using Control Charts with Three Sigma
Miss Vijaya Gunasekaren
Diagnosis of Learning Disability using WISC-R: A Comparative Study between ANN and SVM Algorithm
Mr. Varun Ramachandran
A Comparison of Particle Swarm Optimization and Gradient Descent in Training Wavelet Neural Network to Predict DGPS Corrections
Mr. Mohammad Divband
Condition Monitoring and Classification Approach based on Fuzzy-Filtering
Mr. Hammoud Aljoumaa

International Conference on Systems Engineering and Engineering Management 2010 ( ICSEEM )

ICSEEM I [ Day One ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room A ]
Session Chair: Dr. Anish Sachdeva
Effect of Production System Characteristic on Supply Chain Operational Performance of Thai Manufacturing Companies
Dr. Korrakot Yaibuathet Tippayawong
Fast Tracking Third World Countries Industrial Development through Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS)
Control Architecture for an Orthopedic Surgical Robotic System OrthoRoby
Dr. Duygun Erol Barkana
Towards a New Definition of Quality: the Italian Case
Prof. Lorenzo Fedele
Use of Response Surface Modeling in Prediction and Control of Flux Consumption in Submerged Arc Weld Deposits
ICSEEM II [ Day Two ( 9:00 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Dr. Jaroslaw Tokarczyk
Lean Culturerization: A Long Term Philosophy for Full Optimization of the Human Resource
Selection of 3pl Service Provider using Integrated Fuzzy Delphi and Fuzzy TOPSIS
Dr. Anish Sachdeva
Automation Flow for Defence Architecture Operational Sub-Views of Canadian Forces Operational Commands
Dr. Fred Ma
Collaborative Information System Architecture for CAD/CAM in New Product Development Based on STEP Standard
Dr. Mahmoud houshmand
Heuristics for Hard Disk Drive Component's Yield Optimization Problem under Budget and Supplier's Rating Constraints
Dr. Wuthichai Wongthatsanekorn
Dec-CS: The Computer Science Declining Phenomenon
Miss Marcela Porta
ICSEEM III [ Day Two ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Miss Marcela Porta
Multi-Criteria Assessment of Virtual Prototypes of Mining Machines
Dr. Jaroslaw Tokarczyk
Evaluation of Reliability Confidence Lower Limit for Electronic Stability Control systems
Mr. Shiwen Niu
A Survey of Success Factors for CRM
Miss Farnaz Arab
A Practical Optimization Techniques for M X/D/1 Queuing Model
Dr. Chitaranjan Sharma
INFELT STEP: An Integrated and Interoperable Platform for Collaborative CAD/CAPP/CAM/CNC Machining Systems based on STEP Standard
Dr. Mahmoud houshmand
Study of Cash-to-Cash Cycle Management on Profitability of Private Hospital in Thailand by Regular and Panel Data Regression Analyses
Dr. Wuthichai Wongthatsanekorn
ICSEEM IV [ Day Three ( 13:30 - 15:15 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Mr. Christian Kruger
Quality-Oriented Factory Planning
Mr. Benjamin Hirsch
Challenges of Chinese Industrial Solution Projects
Miss Ying LIU
Function Oriented Product Descriptions in Product Development and Factory Planning
Mr. Daniel Politze
Capacitated Single-Assignment Hub Covering Location Problem under Fuzzy Environment
Mr. Abbas Mirakhorli
Introducing to Large Scale Network Using Adaptive Simulation for an Optimum Solution on Dynamic Systems
Dr. Ramez Shamseldin
Multi-Objective Optimization of Multi-commodity, Multi-Period Facility Location within Distribution Network Design
Mr. Hamid Afshari
ICSEEM V [ Day Three ( 15:45 - 17:00 ) at Seminar Room B ]
Session Chair: Mr. Daniel Politze
Development of a Methodology to assess the Capability of Production Ramp-up
Mr. Christian Kruger
Process of Compaction of Plastic Materials under Influence of Vibrations
Prof. Merab Chelidze
A Simulated Annealing for Multi Floor Facility Layout Problem
Mr. Hamid Afshari
Seismic Analysis of Double Curved Arch Dams Based Performance
Miss Elaheh Mirzaei
Poster Session
Grid Resource Selection Optimization with Guarantee Quality of Service by Hybrid of Genetic and Simulated Annealing Algorithms
Mr. Hossein Shirgahi
Space and Time Challenges in High Voltage Substation Projects
Mr. Seyed Ataollah Raziei
Effect of Lattice Constant and Air Hole Diameter on the Mode Profile in Triangular and Square Lattice Photonic Crystal Fiber at THz Regime
Mrs. Saadia Binte Alam
Control Volume Method Applied To Simulation Of Hydrodynamic Lubrication Problem
Prof. John A. AKPOBI
Effects of Couple Stress Lubricants on Pressure and Load Capacity of Infinitely Wide Exponentially Shaped Slider Bearing
Prof. John A. AKPOBI
Production Planning and Scheduling for the Composite Component Manufacturing Workshop
Dr. Zhongyi Mei

International Conference on Signal Processing and Imaging Engineering 2010 ( ICSPIE )

ICSPIE I [ Day Three ( 9:00 - 10:30 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Prof. Abdulaziz Almazyad
P-300 Rhythm Detection Using ANFIS Algorithm and Wavelet Feature Extraction in EEG Signals
Speech Distortion Minimized Noise Reduction Algorithm
Mrs. Ekaterina Verteletskaya
DEM Registration and Error Analysis using ASCII Values
Ms. Suma Dawn
ICSPIE II [ Day Three ( 11:00 - 12:30 ) at Seminar Room C ]
Session Chair: Dr. PILAR GOMEZ-GIL
Post-Clustering Soft Vector Quantization with Inverse Power-Function Distribution, and Application on Discrete HMM-Based Machine Learning
Prof. Abdulaziz Almazyad
Design of Multichannel AP-DCD Algorithm using Matlab
Miss Sasmita Deo
A Hyperbola-Pair Based Lane Detection System for Vehicle Guidance
Prof. Othman Khalifa
Poster Session
A Novel Statistical Thresholding in Edge Detection Using Laplacian Pyramid and Directional Filter Banks
Segmentation of Continuous Punjabi Speech Signal into Syllables
Ms. Amanpreet Kaur
Median Filter in Agriculture
Application of Particle Swarm Optimization for Microwave Imaging of a Buried Conductor
Mr. Bo Lan