The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCECS 2012 are listed here:

A_D, E_N, O_Others

Titles (O_Others)
Contact Authors
Object Manipulation Using Cooperative Mobile Multi-Robot SystemsDr. Christopher Kitts
On a Mathematical Model of HAARTProf. B.D.Aggarwala
On Comparing Verification Performances of Multimodal Biometrics Fusion TechniquesDr. Romaissaa Mazouni
On Parity based Divide and Conquer Recursive FunctionsProf. Sung-Hyuk Cha
On the Co-occurrence of Slaw-scale Bifurcation in Period-doubled Orbits in a High Order SystemDr. Ibrahim Daho
On the exact solution of Fitzhugh´┐ŻVNagumo equation using the homotopy perturbation methodDr. S. S. Nourazar
On the Linear Combination of the Gaussian and Student-t Random Fields and the Geometry of its Excursion SetsMs. Ola Ahmad
Ontological Modeling of Meta Learning Multi-Agent Systems in OWL-DLDr. Roman Neruda
Optical Semiconductor Surface-Plasmon Dispersion Including Losses Using the Drude-Lorentz ModelMr. Mohamed Eldlio
Optimal Control Approaches for Some Geometric Optimization ProblemsProf. Tiba Dan
Optimal Control MeshMr. Peter Taraba
PD Characteristics of 10:90 SF6- N2 Gas Mixtures with Particle and Dielectric Coating of Metal ElectrodesDr. Rajesh Kamath
People Centred Information Security Model for Corporate NigeriaDr. Fidelis Aghware
Performance Analysis of LSE and Zero Forcing Equalizers for Optimum ISI CompensationDr. Mukesh Tiwari
Performance Analysis of Two Advanced Controllers for Polystyrene Polymerization in Batch ReactorMr. Mohammad Anwar Hosen
Performance Analysis over Software Router vs. Hardware Router: A Practical ApproachProf. Edward Guillen
Performance Comparison of IPv4 and IPv6 Based NetworksMr. S. R. Biradar
Performance Optimization of a Complex Automated Workshop with Ambiguous Activities through an Integrated Genetic Algorithm-Fuzzy Computer Simulation ModelDr. Azadeh
Performance Study on the Multihop Heterodyne Free-Space Optical Links Under Beam Wander EffectsMr. Leian Chen
Personalized Web Recommendation Combining User-centered Collaborative Technique with URL WeightingDr. Md Ali Al Mamun
Plane Wave Reflection at the Interface of a Semiconductor and FluidDr. Amit Sharma
Polar Rectification of Stereo Images Implemented on a GPUDr. Andre L Nel
Position of Retraining CHURN Data Mining Model in Six Sigma MethodologyDr. Andrej Trnka
Power Line Communication Technologies: Modeling and Simulation of PRIME Physical LayerProf. Aderemi ATAYERO
Precise Modeling of Emerging Electronic Structures by Artificial Neural NetworksDr. Josef Dobes
Process Optimization of Photo-Fenton-like Degradation of Poly(Acrylic Acid)Mr. Samira Ghafoori
Provision of Internet Service in any Institution is Sequel to Proper Structure CablingDr. Gbadamosi A Safiu
Purification of Egyptian Industrial Grade Phosphoric Acid to the Food Grade Quality via Solvent Extraction Technique Using a New Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic ExtractantsDr. Laila Guirguis
Qualitative Morphological Features of the Muscle and Cartilage Using Non-Invasive Imaging TechniqueProf. CHUL GYU SONG
Reaction Performance in Micro and Milli TubesProf. Sankarshana Talapuru
Real Time Movement Detection for Human RecognitionDr. YASWANTH KUMAR AVULAPATI
Real-Time E-Learning System: A Tool for Students Population Decongestion in Nigeria Public Higher Institutions of Learning (Case Study of Yaba College Of Technology Nigeria)Mr. NURENI YEKINI, Dr. LADIPO MARGRET, Dr. Oyeyinka Kolawole
Recent trends and developments in Graph coloringDr. Malti Baghel
Recognition of Gurmukhi and Roman Segmented Characters using Statistical FeaturesDr Renu Dhir
Recognizing Aspiration Presence using Model Parameter Classification from Microwave Doppler SignalsMr. SHUHEI INUI
Refining K-means Algorithm by Detecting Superfluous and Oversized ClustersMr. Hakan Gumus
Reliability Enhancement of Power Transformer Protection SystemDr. A.ABDELMOUMENE
Research on Multi-level Hierarchic Markov Decision ProcessesDr. Dan Liu
Restructuring of Manufacturing Process using Matrix Method: A Case StudyDr. RAJENDRA M BELOKAR
Scalable Pulsed Computational Module Using Integrate and Fire Structure and Margin Propagation AlgorithmMrs. Thamira Hindo
SCB Configuration Operational PerformanceDr. LF Romero
Secure Information Sharing in Mixed-Criticality SystemsDr. Armin Wasicek
Service Oriented Architecture Support in Various Architecture Frameworks: A Brief ReviewMrs. Mona Jamjoom
Signal Source Classification Based on Independency Analysis of Doppler SignalsMr. Kohei Yamamoto
Simulation of Square Beam Subjected to Side ImpactMr. Ali Farhaninejad
Some Aspects of Domain Specific Conceptual Modeling for Simulation of Logistic Terminal OperationsDr. James Kottackal Chandy
Spectrum Auction Design Assessment and A Posteriori Auction Structure ModelMr. Sean Yun
Stability of common fixed points in uniform spacesDr. Namrata Tripathi
Statistical Disturbance Rejection of the Background Noise by Microwave Doppler Radar - Modelization of an Electric Fan NoiseProf. Toshinari Kamakura, Mr. TOMOO TSUJIMURA
Steady-State Modeling of An Industrial Hydrocracking Reactor by Discrete Lumping ApproachMrs. UMMUHAN CANAN
Steam Reforming of Vegetable Oils: Equilibrium Product SelectivityDr. KALALA JALAMA
Stress and Strain Analysis for Outlet Guide Vane of Turbo Fan EngineDr. Su-Jin Kim
Stress-strain Analysis of the Temporomandibular Joint with Subtotal ProsthesisDr. Josef Danek
Studies on biosorption of Chromium ions from wastewater using biomass of Aspergillus nigerDr. K.NARASIMHULU
Study on Coordination of Supply Chain with Combined ContractsDr. shahrokh hematyar
Studying on burning rate of propellant under diverse parametersDr. Hung-Ta Chu
Supplier Selection Using an Integrated Decision Making Approach Based on QFD and 2-Tuple Fuzzy RepresentationProf. E. Ertugrul Karsak
Support Vector Machines for Design Space ExplorationDr. Geritt Kampmann
Survey of Methods for Character RecognitionMrs. Suruchi Dedgaonkar
Taxonomy and Nomenclature of Preferential Voting MethodsProf. Sung-Hyuk Cha
Telemedicine Network Implementation with SOA Architecture: A Case StudyProf. Edward Guillen
The Analytical Analysis of the Rotor Losses in the PMSM MotorsMr. Amin Hassan zarei
The Behaviour of Stiffened Steel Plated Decks Subjected to Unconfined Pool FiresMr. Emmanuel Ufuah
The Comparison of Selected Priority Rules in Flexible Manufacturing SystemProf. Pavel Vazan
The Design Framework of Interactive Storybook Support Early Literacy Learning for Ethnic Minority ChildrenMiss Muneeroh Phadung
The design of analysis system of SQL injection based on HoneynetDr. Zelong Yin
The Educational - Driven Approach for Technology Enhanced LearningProf. Oliver Moravcik
The Impact of the Neural Network Structure by the Detection of Undesirable Network PacketsDr. Igor Halenar
The Influence of Technostress and Antismart on Continuous Use of SmartphonesDr. Sang-Joon Lee
The linear stability of a compositional plume in the presence of material diffusionDr. Khaled Suleiman AL-Mashrafi
The Mechatronics System Control Quality Analysis Using Simulink and GUI in MatlabDr. Martin Juhas
The New Approach for Reliability Assessment of Control Systems SoftwareProf. Oliver Moravcik
The Optimal Ordering Policy for a Perishable Inventory SystemDr. Pavee Siriruk
The Procedure Proposal of Manufacturing Systems Management by Using of Gained Knowledge from Production DataProf. Pavol Tanuska
The Sustainable Infrastructure Management Model (SIMM)Mr. Bassey Okon
The Vision of Autonomic ComputingDr. HARPREET SINGH
Thermodynamic Modeling of Water-Gas Shift Reaction in Supercritical WaterMrs. Elif Demirel
Throughput Analysis On WiFi Channels For Using IPV6 JumbogramsProf. Edward Guillen
Time-frequency Characteristics Clustering of Metallic Plume during High Power Disk Laser WeldingDr. Xiangdong Gao
Towards a Participant-Oriented Model to Enhance SOA Model with MobilityMr. Yang Syu
Towards a Pharmaceutical Ontology for African Traditional HerbsDr. John Oladosu
Towards Reduction of Cost of Software Quality by Implementing Regression AutomationDr. Deepa Vijay
Towards the Spatial Database Specification for GIS using Z-NotationsDr. Sher Afzal Khan, Dr. Farooq Ahmad
Tracking Malware using Internet Activity DataDr. Cihan Varol
Transducer Interface Module for Smart Control of DC/DC Converter SystemDr. Bhaskaran Umamaheswari
Trusted Computing Architecture for Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) OptimizationMr. Swati Sukhija
Turbo-Jet Engine Multivariable ControlProf. Robert Whalley
Urban Lake Conservation using Fuzzy Logics Application of Geospatial Technology in Lake Conservation and Monitoring of Urban Area - Case of Bhopal, IndiaDr Aruna Saxena
Use of Data Mining in Education SectorMr. Manpreet Singh Bhullar
User Context Centric Models in A Knowledge Advantage MachineDr. Luyi Wang
Using Cloud Computing to Mitigate Rural E-Learning Sustainability and ChallengesMr. Solomon Adeyemi Odunaike
Using E-readers in Education: Challenges and OpportunitiesDr. ND Chuene
Using Genetic Algorithms for Identikit CreationProf. Oliver Moravcik
Using Kohonen-SOM & K-Means Clustering Techniques to Analyze QoS Parameters of RSVPDr. Hartinder Singh Johal
Using Machine Learning Techniques for Identifying Important Characteristics to Predict Changes in Species Richness in EcoSim, an Individual-Based Ecosystem SimulationMr. Abbas Golestani
Utilisation of a Hybrid Approach for Immersive Industrial Process Control VisualisationProf. Pavol Tanuska
Value based Regression Test Case PrioritizationMiss Erum Ashraf
Vegetable Oil to Biofuel by Cracking: Equilibrium Product SelectivitiesDr. KALALA JALAMA
Voltage Mode Notch Filter Using Differential Difference Current Conveyor (DDCC)Dr. Umesh Kumar
Voltage Mode OTA Based KHN FilterDr. Umesh Kumar
V-Optimal Filters for Data Approximation in Continuous Data StreamsDr. Joseph Gomes
Vulnerabilities and Performance Analysis over Fingerprint Biometric Authentication NetworkProf. Edward Guillen
2D DOA Estimation of Coherent Signals Using a New Antenna Array ConfigurationDr. Nizar Tayem
2D Environment Classification by a Mobile Robot Using Multi-Layer Neural NetworkDr. Lucas F. Aguiar