The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCECS 2013 are listed here:

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Titles (E_N)
Contact Authors
Effect of Interactions on Ultrashort Pulses TransmissionMs. ANTWIWAA ANITA
Effective Complex Data Retrieval Mechanism for Mobile ApplicationsDr. Haeng Kon Kim
Efficient Decentralized Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation in EPONProf. Norashidah Md Din
Encoded Temporal Database for ACS Classification Rule DiscoveryDr.C.Balasubramanian
Enhanced Clustering approach applied in Recruitment System problemDr. Walid MOUDANI
Enhanced Performance Analysis of Optical CDMA based FSO Communication SystemWAIT
Error Analysis of Trigonometric ADCDr. Hui Fang
Essential Human Body Points Tracking Using Kalman FilterProf. Aini Hussain
Evaluating the Usability of Saudi Digital Library's Interface (SDL)Dr. ABDULRAHMAN ALASEM
Evaluation of Job Offers Using The Evidential Reasoning ApproachDr. Tanjim Mahmud
Event-Driven Fuzzy Paradigm for Emotion Generation DynamicsMr. Ahmad Soleimani
Exergy Analysis of Cryogenic Air Separation Unit Integrated with Biomass GasifierDr. SHIVALINGAPPA SAPALI
Experience with a Long-term Monitoring of Natural Gas Leakage During Transportation Tunnels ConstructionDr. Radovan Hajovsky
Experimental Analysis of dielectric and thermal properties of the enamel filled with nano composites of SiO2 and TiO2 in 1:3 used in three phase squirrel cage induction motorMr. B. Selva Kumar
Experimentation of Measuring Three Dimensional Ultrasound ResolutionDr. Rahmita Wirza
Extracting Key Terms From Micro-Blogs Messages Using WikipediaProf. Ahmad Al-Zubi
Extraction of Comparative Sentences and their Components from BBS MessagesMr. Keita Ozaki
Extraction of Significant Features using Empirical Mode Decomposition and Its ApplicationDr. Sangjin Cho
Extrapolation of Bandlimited Signals Using Slepian FunctionsMr. Amal Devasia
Facebook - A Place for Learning Activities?Dr. Rachael Kwai Fun Ip
Facial Feature Detection and Recognition for Varying PosesDr. Muhammad Sharif
Factors Affecting Social Network Sites Usage on Smartphones of Students in TurkeyMr. Levent Atahan
Fan Day Queueing SystemsDr. Pavee Siriruk
Fault Detection In compressor Using FFT AlgorithmDr. Vittaya Tipsuwanporn
FE Simulations of Irreversible Relative Movements (Creeping) in Rolling Bearing Seats - Influential Parameters and RemediesMr. Andreas Maiwald
Financial Risk Analysis for Engineering Management: A Framework Development and TestingMiss Jane Lai
Flash Flood Prediction Model based on Multiple Regression Analysis for Decision Support SystemProf. Bobby Gerardo
Force Measurement Capability for Robotic Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery SystemsDr. Mohsen Moradi Dalvand
Forming Productive Student Groups Using a Massively Parallel Brute-Force AlgorithmDr. Tyson Henry
Fractal String Generation and Its Application in Music CompositionDr. Sk. Sarif Hassan
FRFT based Method of Digital Modulation & Detection Techniques for SDRDr. Vijaya C
Fuzzy Logic Modeling and Controller Design for a Fluidized Catalytic Cracking UnitMr. Hossein tootoonchy
Graph Theoretical Algorithms For JVM Operand Stack Visualization And Bytecode VerificationProf. Sergej Alekseev, Mr. Andreas Karoly
Harmony Search augmented with Optimal Computing Budget Allocation Capabilities for Noisy OptimizationDr. Chrysostomos Stylios
HCERHSW: A Hierarchical, Clustering-based and Energy-aware Routing Algorithm for Homogenous and Static Wireless Sensor NetworksDr. Hossein Jadidoleslamy
Hedgehogs and foxes: Competition and Innovation in the SADC Telecommunication IndustryDr. Mbuyu Sumbwanyambe
High Efficiency Solar System by Current Matched PartitionsProf. Lili He
How Do People Perceive and Trust a Lifelike RobotMiss Kerstin Sophie Haring
Human - Computer Interaction in Nigeria Tertiary Institution: The Past, Present and FutureDr. Godwin stephenson
Hybrid Algorithm for Network Design Problem with Uncertain DemandsDr. Jan Roupec
Hydrotropic Solutions: A Study on Surface Properties and Thermodynamic ParametersDr. Jigisha Parikh
Identification of Anti-prostate Cancer Targets for Resveratrol: an Inverse Screening ApproachProf. SHIVAKUMAR MADAGI
Impact analysis on evolution patterns of service oriented systemsDr. Bureera Sabir
Implementation of Orienteering Methods for Advanced Autonomous RobotMr. Jaromir Konecny
Improved Design of a Flour Milling MachineMr. CELESTINE UCHENNA NWOGU
Improving Common Subexpression Elimination Algorithm with A New Gate-Level Delay Computing MethodProf. Ning Wu
Improving requirement prioritization techniques for stakeholders distributed geographicallyDr. Ahed Abugabah
Increasing Security in the Cloud by Improving API UsabilityDr. Austin Henley
Information Communication Technology Adoption Process for Malaysia Halal TransportationDr. Mohd Iskandar Illyas
Information Services for Distance Learning in Sarawak, MalaysiaDr. Patrick Ozoh
Innovative E-Health Architecture Based on Internet of ThingsDr Amr Tolba
In-situ Photocatalytic Reduction of Hexavalent Chromium in Contaminated SoilProf. ANDRES FELIPE LOPEZ VASQUEZ
Integrating Reactive Systems Design in Systems of Systems FrameworkProf. Abdelkader Sahraoui
Integration of Feature Templates in Product Structures Improves Knowledge ReuseMr. Alexander Christ
Integration of Health Data using Enterprise Service BusMr. Hlaudi Daniel Masethe
Integration of Knowledge-based Approach in SHM Systems: A Case Study of Force IdentificationProf. Madjid Fathi
Intelligent Vertical Handover for Heterogeneous Wireless NetworkDr. Kihan Zrar Ghafour
Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic to the Treatment of Uncertainty in 2D Face Recognition systemsDr. Saad M. Darwish
Intrusion Detection in Role Administrated Database:Transaction- Based ApproachDr. Saad M. Darwish
Investigation of switching time effect in Magnetophoretic Pumping MechanismDr. Navid Farhoodi
Investigation on how Poverty among parents influences the academic Performance of students in secondary schools IN Anambra State, NigeriaDr. Ikebudu Kingsley O
Is the Cloud or Virtual Network Architecture?Dr. W.A.Dilini K.Perera
Isolation and screening of fungi for aerobic delignification and reduction of AOX of Pulp and Paper mill effluentDr. Lokeshwari Navalgund
Joint Multi-Video Compression for Robot ExplorationsDr. Yu Sun
Kalman Filter Applications for Power Electronics & Power systemsDr. S. Vathsal
Learning Performances Assessment Models For Online Collaborative Learning SystemsDr. Emmanuel Onwuka Ibam
Lifecycle for Management of E-contracts Based on Web ServiceMr. Jose Neto
Linux Based Control Framework for Mecnaum Based Omnidirectional Automated Guided VehiclesMr. Daniel Hess
Livewire Interactive Volumetric Segmentation in Medical ImagingDr. Sohail Jabbar
Load Balancing In Homogeneous Distributed Systems Using A Diffusion TechniqueDr. P.Neelakantan
Load Estimation of Distribution SystemDr. OP Rahi
Lossless Compression Method for Acoustic Waveform Data Based on Linear Prediction and Bit-recombination Mark CodingMr. Ming Cai
Machine Learning Algorithms and Predictive Models for Undergraduate Student RetentionMr. Ji-Wu Jia
Managing Early Childhood Education for National Transformation in NigeriaDr. Onuselogu Adaobi P.
Managing Medicines in the Hospital Pharmacy: Logistics InefficienciesProf. Alejandro Romero
Map Application for People with Disabilities Using Smart DevicesMiss Soo Jin Lee
Mapping Real Numbers to Simple Resistor NetworksDr. SAMUEL HSIEH
MashChord: A Structured Peer-to-Peer Architecture for Mashups Based on ChordDr. Osama Al-Haj Hassan
Mathematical Formulation of Multi-Area Unit Commitment Problem- A Case StudyDr. Vikram Kumar Kamboj
Matrix Multiplication on FPGA-Based PlatformDr. Tai-Chi Lee
Maximizing the SIMD Behavior in SPMD EnginesProf. Mihaela Malita
Measurement and Simulation of Underground Heat Collecting Processes with COMSOL MultiphysicsDr. Martin Pies
Measurement of Stress Using DFA Heartbeat AnalysisProf. Toru Yazawa
Metaheuristics Based CMOS Two-Stage Comparator OptimizationDr. Revna ACAR VURAL
Minimizing Computing Core Costs in Cloud Infrastructures that Host Location-Based Advertising ServicesDr. Sweta Sarkar
Mining Online GIS for Crime Rate and Models based on Frequent Pattern AnalysisProf. Bobby Gerardo
Mobile Commerce Applications, Their data storage and retrieval in wireless networksDr. Bureera Sabir
Mobile Digital Rights Management for DSpace Open Source Institutional RepositoryDr. Adisak Sukul
Mobile User Localization TechniquesDr. Gagandeep Singh
Model Driven Architecture Methodologies: A ReviewDr. Arslan Murtaza
Modeling and Simulation of Glaucoma Risk Appraisal(GRA)Based on Clinical Data ad Automated Early Nerve Fiber Layer Defects Detection using Feature Extraction in Retinal Colored Stereo Fundus ImagesDr. Jyotika Pruthi
Modeling and Simulation of Partial Blocks of Flexible Energy System in MATLAB&Simulink for Temperature Control of Steam/Air MixtureDr. Martin Pies
Modeling of Offshore Wind and Tidal Current Turbines for Stability AnalysisMr. Hamed Aly
Modeling of Wireless Networks as Queuing SystemProf. Lela Mirtskhulava
Modeling Signalized Traffic Intersections Using SAS Simulation StudioDr. Soo Kar Leow
Modelling of Non-Stationary Mobile Radio Channels Incorporating the Brownian Mobility Model With DriftMr. Alireza Borhani
Multilayer Perceptron Learning Utilizing Singular Regions and Search PruningProf. RYOHEI NAKANO, Mr. Seiya Satoh
Multi-Niche Crowing in a Steady State Evolutionary Algorithms for Dynamic Multicast RoutingDr. dadmehr rahbari
Multiple Antenna Channel Codes for Satellite CommunicationDr. Oludare Sokoya
Multivariable Fuzzy Control of CFB Boiler Combustion SystemProf. Yu-Fei Zhang, Mr. Li-Wei Xu
Music Retrieval Using Onomatopoeic QueryMr. Kenji Ishihara
Neuro-Fuzzy Model of the Detergent Leavings Kinetics' Removal in a Clean in Place SystemProf. Rodrigo Sislian
New Product Development: Design of Scales in the Banana Sector in PeruProf. Eduardo Sanchez
Non-Singular 3-DOF Planar Parallel Manipulator with High Orientational Capability for a Hybrid Machine ToolDr. Samy F. M. Assal
Novel approach for the development of pervaporation membranes using sodium alginate and chitosan-wrapped multiwalled carbon nanotubes for the dehydration of isopropanolDr. A. A. Kittur
N-structures Applied to Finite State MachinesDr. Kavikumar Jacob
Numerical Investigation of Multijet Air Impingement on Pin Fin Heat Sink with Effusion SlotsDr. NAGESH CHOUGULE
Numerical Simulation of Compressible Flow in an Asymmetric Vocal JetMr. Petr Simanek
Numerical Study of the Aerodynamic Loads on Trees During StormsDr. Salim