The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCECS 2016 are listed here:

A_D, E_N, O_Others

Titles (A_D)
Contact Authors
A case study of solving the chemical master equation with time-varying parametersDr. Dinh Ngoc Khanh
A Comparative Study of Filtering Methods for Point Clouds in Real-Time Video StreamingMr. Carlos Moreno
A Fickian Model for Gas Transport through a Zeolite MembraneMrs. Habiba Shehu
A Framework for a pull-oriented product development system based on Quality Function Deployment (QFD)Dr. Omid Fatahi Valilai
A Framework for Analogy-based Software Cost Estimation using Multi-objective Genetic AlgorithmDr. SHASHANK PUSHKAR
A Graph-Theoretical Approach for Partitioning RNA Secondary Structures into Pseudonotted and Pseudoknot-free RegionsDr. Louis Petingi
A Hybrid Simulation Model for Evaluating Risk Related to Complex Plants in HospitalsProf. Roberto Revetria
A K-L divergence based Fuzzy No Reference Image Quality AssessmentDr. Indrajit De
A Model of Local Area Network Based Application for Inter-office CommunicationMr. Kufre Jack
A Model to Evaluate the Performance of IoT ApplicationsDr. Edward Guillen
A New Approach to Solve Expansion Equation of Initial Smoke CloudDr. Xingchun XU
A New Mobile Malware Classification for Call Log ExploitationDr. Madihah Mohd Saudi
A New Personalized Syllabus Model based on Achievement Standards Analysis and EvaluationProf. Hyunsook Chung
A New Symmetric Key Encryption Algorithm Based on Quantum ComputationMr. Gadallah Abd Elaziz
A Novel Method to Smart City's Vehicle Entering Security SystemDr. Priya Ram
A Novel Network Security Algorithm Based on Encrypting Text into a White-page ImageDr. Ahmad Abusukhon
A Novel Technique of Image Recognition and RetrievalDr. Diljot Singh
A Petri Net Model to obtain the Makespan in the Flow Shop Scheduling ProblemDr. Joselito Medina-Marin
A Planning Study on National Management of Publicly-Funded Paper ArticlesDr. Heeseok Choi
A Review of Solar Thermal Systems Utilization for Industrial Process Heat ApplicationsProf. Esther Akinlabi
A Review on Integrating ICT Based Education System In Rural Areas In IndiaDr. Shruti Shukla
A Study on Application Strategies of the National Science & Technology Information Service (NTIS) Designed to Support Research Activities of the BusinessMr. Heejun Han
A Survey on Migration Process of Mobile AgentMr. Mayowa Oyediran
A Two Freedom Degree Manipulator Control for a Wooden Rotulator based on PIC MicrocontrollersDr Jaime Cerda Jacobo
A Variable Step-Size Sparsity-Estimating PNLMS AlgorithmProf. Junghsi Lee
Accessibility and Social Issues in e-Learning for Engineering StudentsMr. Giuliano Olguin
Active Frequency Drift With Positive Feedback Anti-islanding Method for a Photovoltaic InverterDr. Marcelo Gradella Villalva
Adoption of Maintenance Key Performance Indicators in the Namibian Mining IndustryDr. Michael Mutingi
Against Double Fault Attacks Based Countermeasures for Second Order Infection MechanismProf. Ning Wu
Aging investigation of Mineral oil and mixed oil for Application in TransformersDr. R.K.Jarial
Algorithms for Clustering on the Sphere: Advances & ApplicationsDr. Mojgan Golzy
Ambient Intelligence : The Future WorldDr. Leesha Aneja
An Arabic Baseline Estimation Method Based on Feature Points ExtractionDr. Sakinah Ali Pitchay
An Effective Genetic Algorithm for Large-Scale Traveling Salesman ProblemsMr. Son Dao
An Efficient Agent-Based System to Extract Interests of User GroupsDr. Bilal Hawashin
An Efficient Data Transformation Technique for Web LogDr. Farida Hazwani Mohd Ridzuan
An Evaluation of Human Factors Failure Data in Relation to System Readiness AssessmentMr. Anthony Erjavac
An Exploratory Study of Computational Challenges in Industrial Grouping ProblemsDr. Michael Mutingi
An Improved Common Weight DEA-Based Methodology for Manufacturing Technology SelectionProf. E. Ertugrul Karsak
An Improved Method for SO-DPA Based on the Optimal Distinguish FunctionProf. Ning Wu
An Investigation of Moringa Oleifera Seed Extract as a Natural Coagulant in Water TreatmentDr. Babatunde Femi Bakare
Anaerobic Digestion for Sustainable Energy: A Brief ReviewProf. Esther Akinlabi
Analysis and Comparison of Algorithms for Data CompressionDr. Bo Lokeshwar
Analysis of Application Layer DDoS Attack Detection Parameters Using Statistical ClassifiersDr. Khundrakpam Johnson Singh
Analysis of Fill-in-blank Problem Solutions and Extensions of Blank Element Selection Algorithm for Java Programming Learning Assistant SystemProf. Nobuo Funabiki
Analysis of Mobile Networks Signal Strength for GSM NetworksMr. NSIKAN NKORDEH
Analysis of Power Quality Factors: A Case Study of Windhoek, NamibiaDr. Michael Mutingi
Analyzing Variants of Multiple Energy Extraction from a Prototypic Multi-flexible Bus System for Industrial EnvironmentMr. Tobias Rudloff, Prof. Tilo Heimbold
Application of Common Fixed Point Theorem on Fuzzy Metric SpaceProf. S M Subhani
Application of group method of data handling (GMDH) neural network in stable channel width designDr. hossein bonakdari
Application of Neural Networks Technique for Predicting of Abrasiveness Characteristics of Thermal CoalDr. KABUBA TSHILENGE
Application of the Hybrid Agents Technology for Control of the Construction CompanyMr. Eugene Bykov
Assessment of Carbon Capture and Sequestration: An Investigation on Algae Growth Rate under controlled Environmental ConditionsProf. KALALA JALAMA
Bed Shear Stress Prediction Using Two Soft Computing MethodsDr. hossein bonakdari
Capture of Carbon Dioxide Using Fixed Bed Packed with Activated CarbonProf. Mohamed Almeshragi
Cell Coverage Area Estimation From Receive Signal Level (RSL) MeasurementsMr. Abdlmagid Basere
Centralized Design and Control for Optimizing Microgrid Systems Using Distributed GeneratorsMiss MUNCHO MBUNWE
Change Management implementation exploration in government sectorDr. Behrooz Noori
Characterisation of Fruits and Vegetables Wastes in the City of JohannesburgMr. Olusola Olaitan Ayeleru
Collaborative Robotic Navigation Using EZ-RobotsMr. Reese Childers
Comparative Analysis and Simulation of Selected Components of Modern on-board Autonomous Power Systems (ASE) of Modern Aircraft in line with the Concept of MEA/ AEADr. Lucjan Setlak
Comparison between Neural Network Technique and Mathematical Modelling for Ion-Exchange ProcessDr. KABUBA TSHILENGE
Comparison of Apriori and Parallel FP Growth over Single-node and Multi-node Hadoop ClusterDr. GEETA SIKKA
Comparison of Representations of Time Series for Clustering Smart Meter DataMs. Peter Laurinec
Comparison of Spark Plasma Sintering and Hybrid Spark Plasma Sintering of Ni-Fe AlloysProf. Magnus Jonsson
Computational Econophysics Simulation of Stock Price Variation Influenced by Sinusoidal-like Economic CycleDr. Yongyut Laosiritaworn
Computer Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Walls Using FEM ProgramsDr. Jerzy Szolomicki
Computing Correlation Model Between EQ (Emotional Quotient) and IQ (Intelligent Quotient)Mr. Mouneshachari S
Contemporary Developments and Future Prospects in Intelligent Systems in ManufacturingDr. THE PEDAGOGUES
Continuous Evaluation and Interrupt Turning of H13 Die Steel by using Multilayer Coated ToolDr. Lohitheshkumar
Convenience Rating of Post-disaster Recovery Housing Complexes Constructed in Iwate Prefecture following the 2011 Tohoku EarthquakeProf. Noriaki Endo
Cooperative Explorations with Wirelessly Controlled RobotsDr. Yu Sun
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Cyber-Security SystemsProf. Boniface Kayode Alese
Cournot Dynamic Duopoly Model for Homogeneous and Heterogeneous ProductsDr. Bhupinder Kaur Sandhu
Criteria Weighting in Air Defense Systems Threat Evaluation Using Fuzzy ANPDr. Tuncay G√úRBUZ
Critical Success Factors for Quality Management Practices in SMEs: Evidences from NamibiaDr. Michael Mutingi
CTTA: A Cluster-Based Thermal-Aware Task Allocation Algorithm for 3D NoCProf. Ning Wu
Curtailing Energy Theft by Remote Monitoring Case study: University of Nigeria, NsukkaMiss MUNCHO MBUNWE
Data Validation in Life Cycle Assessment: A ReviewMr. Nkosinathi Madushela
Decision Model to Deploy IoT Solutions on Cloud Computing Based PlatformsDr. Edward Guillen
Decoding Leakage Tendencies of Water Pipelines in Dolomitic Land: A Case Study of the City of TshwaneDr. Manoj Lall
Deposition and Characterization of Amorphous Carbon Film by Filtered Cathode Vacuum Arc TechniqueDr. Vikram Yadav
Design & Material Characterization of Potassium Gold Cyanide Immersed Layers for 3D Printing Nano SensorMrs. ARIVARASI A
Design and development of a Electrostatic based micropumpDr. VINAY VARGHESE
Design and Development of a Grass Grinding MachineDr. G. A. Ojariafe
Design and Implementation of a Dual Band Mobile Phone JammerMr. NSIKAN NKORDEH
Design Model Selection and Dimensioning of Anaerobic Digester for the OFMSWMr. Anthony Matheri
Design of a Stepper Motor for Nano Resolution 3D PrintingMrs. ARIVARASI A, Mr. Shamith Saldanha
Design of ODRL Extension for Rights Control of User-Generated ContentProf. Jeongmin Kim
Design of Speed Controller for BLDC Motor Using Fuzzy-PID ControllerDr. Cj Jayaseelan
Design, Evaluation and Synthesis of Novel Compounds 3,5-diphenil-1,2,4-oxadiazoles with Farnesoid X ReceptorDr. Enrique Angeles
Designing of the Experimental Models of Multipurpose Water Treatment PlantProf. Aleksandr Kartashev
Detecting the Antiviral Resistance of Influenza-A to Antivirals using Multilabel classificationDr. Nermeen Shaltout
Developing a Mathematical Mobile App: A Case Study of an Environmental ModelDr. Emetere Moses
Developing a Scalable, Cross-Facility-Based Therapeutic Decision Reminder EngineMr. Cheng-Yi Yang
Development and Evaluation of a System to Increase Students' Participation in Class Using Gamification TechniquesMr. Olumuyiwa Johnson Dehinbo
Development of a Laboratory Screw Press for Vegetable Oil ExtractionDr. Yusuf, K.A,
Development of a Prioritized Scheduling Algorithm for Congestion Management in Long Term EvolutionDr. BAMIDELE MOSES KUBOYE
Development of a Solar Photovoltaic Vulcanizing Machine towards Extreme Poverty Eradication in AfricaProf. Aderemi Atayero
Development of a Wireless Power Transfer System using Resonant Inductive CouplingProf. Aderemi Atayero
Development of an Improved Motorized Nmanu Akuoyibo (Coconut Oil) Extracting Machine for Employment Generation in NigeriaMr. GBASOUZOR AUSTIN IKECHUKWU
Development of Anthropometric Data for Ergonomic Engineering Design: Selected Cases in NamibiaDr Michael Mutingi
Development of Electric Generator and Water Purifier CartDr. LOUIE LOLONG LACATAN
Development of Smart Assistive DTMF Home Automation System for Ageing PopulationProf. Aderemi Atayero
Dual band electrically small Microstrip Patch antenna for C band and S band applicationDr. Riki Patel
Dynamic Programming applied to Medium Term Hydrothermal SchedulingProf. Thais Siqueira