The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCECS 2016 are listed here:

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Titles (E_N)
Contact Authors
Economic Evaluation of Renewable Energy R&D in the Presence of Carbon Emission Market: Real Option ApproachProf. Deok Joo LEE
Economics of Carbon Sequestration using AlgaeProf. KALALA JALAMA
Educational Platform for Children with Down Syndrome Manageable by the EducatorMr. Paul Mejia
Effect of Rapid Cooling of High Temperature Laser Fabricated Ti/B4C/BN Coating on Ti-6AL-4V AlloyProf. Esther Akinlabi
Effect of Scanning Speed and Gas Flow Rate on Surface Roughness of LMD Titanium-alloyProf. Esther Akinlabi
Effect of Space Velocity on Alumina-supported Cobalt Catalyst Performance for Fischer-Tropsch ReactionProf. KALALA JALAMA
Effect of Total Pressure on CO Conversion and CH4 Selectivity during Fischer-Tropsch Reaction over Gold-promoted Cobalt CatalystProf. KALALA JALAMA
Energetic Assessment of Two Solar Cooling Systems in Piura using the TRNSYS SoftwareMiss Kelly Regalado
Energy-Efficient Transmission, Reception and Effective Clustering Techniques for Optimal Design of Wireless Sensor NetworksDr. Fawaz Alassery
Enhancement of Lempel-Ziv Algorithm to Estimate Randomness in a DatasetMiss Keerthi Koneru
Enhancement of the Mechanical Properties of Boron Suboxide Materials using Transition MetalsDr. O. T. Johnson
Enhancing Usability Heuristics for Android Applications on Mobile DevicesDr. Twittie Senivongse
Enterprise Considerations for Ports and ProtocolsDr. William Simpson
Esterification of Lactic Acid and Ethanol using Heterogeneous Catalysts for the Production of a Bio-based ChemicalDr. O Edidiong
Evaluating Factors Affect Green IT Readiness (part 1)Dr. Yas Alsultanny
Evaluating Operational Challenges of Road Freight SystemMr. Stephen Akinwale Akinlabi
Evaluation of Active Anti-islanding Methods based on IEC 62116 and IEEE STD 929-2000Dr. Marcelo Gradella Villalva
Evaluation of Phishing Email Classification Features: Reliability Ratio MeasureDr. Melad Mohamed
Evaluation of Potential Substrates for Biogas Production via Anaerobic Digestion: A ReviewDr. N.T Sibiya
Execution of the Dynamic Capabilities Concept in ChinaMs. Shuyang Wang
Experimental View of the Sub-Tropical Clayey Soils-Acid Mine Drainage InteractionsMr. Emmanuel Agbenyeku
Factorial Design Optimization of Monometallic (Cobalt) Catalyst on Calcium Carbonate Support for Carbon Nanotubes SynthesisProf. Ayo Samuel Afolabi
Fast Root Cause Analysis on Distributed Systems by Composing Precompiled Bayesian NetworksMr. Michal Zasadzinski
FEM Simulation and Testing Techniques to investigate Shear Properties of Cortical BoneDr. Apoorv Rathi
Flexible Planning Model for a High Tech Company with High Volume-High MixtureMr. ROBERTO IBARRA, Mr. EDDY MARTIN DELGADO ARANA
Fuzzy Mathematics for an Air Motor SystemDr. MARUMO, R. (Prof.)
Gene Expression Reproducibility Analysis of Loop-design Microarray ExperimentsDr. Ian C. Hsu
Generalized Optimal Strategy of n CurrenciesDr. Dieudonne NDONG OVONO
Generic Procedure Model to Introduce Industrie 4.0 in Small and Medium-sized EnterprisesMr. Yubo Wang
Grid Connected Multi Level Inverter with Power Converters for Renewable Energy SystemDr. S.Sam Karthik
Hadoop Framework for Entity Recognition within High Velocity Streams Using Deep LearningDr Vasavi S
Hoffman Codation for DNA Sequences CompressionMr. Bacem SAADA
Hybrid based Energy Efficiency for Mobile MicrosensorsMr. Lusungu Ndovi
Hybrid High-Fidelity Modeling of Radar Scenarios using Atemporal, Discrete Event, and Time-Step SimulationMr. YuanPin Cheng, Prof. Phillip Pace
Identification of Critical Issues and Solutions during ERP Software Development Life CycleMr. Sushil Kumar Choudhary
Identifying Agathosma Leaves using Hyperspectral Imagery and Classification TechniquesDr. Bolanle Tolulope Abe
Image Compression Using Neural NetworksDr. shilpa mehta
Image Processing System for Cotton Leaf Disease Detection and Recovery Suggestions using Android ApplicationDr. N.R.Deepa
Impact of Channel Errors on Wireless Video CommunicationsDr. ubong ukommi
Impact of Threshold Energy Control on Energy Conservation and Balancing in Swarm Intelligence Based Efficient Routing for Wireless Sensor NetworksMrs. NEELIMA VONTELA
Implementation of a Pilot Plant for Distilling Water Using Solar EnergyProf. Jose Hugo Fiestas Chevez
Implementation of Analyzing MAC header of WSM using WAVE module and USRP-RIO with LabVIEW CommunicationsMr. SungChul Min
Implementation of Location Based Service using AndroidDr. Saurabh Gupta
Implementing a Kalman Filter on FPGA Embedded Processor for Speed Control of a DC Motor Using Low Resolution Incremental EncodersProf. Ronald Ponguillo
Improved Krylov-FSP Method for Solving the Chemical Master EquationMr. Huy Vo
Improvement of Accuracy in Keystroke Dynamics User Authentication Using Soft Biometric FeaturesDr. Soumen Roy
Improving WLAN Quality of Services (QoS) Using OPNETMr. S. P. Sajjan
Influence of Laser Power on the Deposition Ti64l4V/W CompositeMr. Ndivhuwo Ndou
Influence of Process Parameters on Porosity Behaviour of Laser Metal Deposited Titanium CompositesProf. Esther Akinlabi
Inspection of Market Products: A Case StudyMr. Stephen Akinwale Akinlabi,Mr. Makibane Daniel Ntlhane
Integration of Wireless Sensor Networks and RFID:An AssessmentDr. Rana Arslan
Interpretation of Breakthrough Curves and Percolation Factors from Sub-Tropical Smectite, Fe-Chlorite and Kaolinite Clayey Soil-AMD InteractionsMr. Emmanuel Agbenyeku
Interpretation of Breakthrough Curves and Permeation Parameters from Sub-Tropical Kaolinite Clayey Soil-AMD InteractionsMr. Emmanuel Agbenyeku
Interpretation of Breakthrough Curves and Seepage Bounds from Kaolinite, Halloysite and Illite/Vermiculite Mixed Layer Sub-Tropical Clayey Soil-AMD InteractionsMr. Emmanuel Agbenyeku
Intrusion Prevention System Inspired Immune SystemsDr. Yousef Farhaoui
Islanding Detection for Photovoltaic Inverters Using the Sandia Frequency Shift MethodProf. Marcelo Gradella Villalva
Job Submission in the Cloud: Energy Aware ApproachesMr. Auday Al-Dulaimy
K-Means Clustering using Tabu Search with Quantized MeansMr. Kojo Sarfo Gyamfi
Laser Power and Scanning Speed Influence on Intermetallic and Wear Behaviour of Laser Metal Deposited Titanium Alloy CompositeProf. Esther Akinlabi
Location-Based Services (LBS) and Technology Acceptance Intention for Smart Phone UsersDr. Chang Won Lee
Loss Reduction in Radial Distribution Systems by Optimal Voltage Regulator Placement Using Fuzzy LogicDr. Visali Nagalamadaka
Machine Learning Approach for Skill Evaluation in Robotic-Assisted SurgeryMr. Sattar Ameri
Maximising Power Generation in a Small Hydropower System using Pumped Storage TechnologyDr. Samuel Ilupeju
Mesophilic Anaerobic Co-digestion of Cow dung, Chicken Droppings and Grass ClippingsMr. Anthony Matheri
Microstructure and Microhardness of 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Made by Laser Metal DepositionProf. Esther Akinlabi
Microstructure of Ti6Al4V Reinforced by Coating W Particles through Laser Metal DepositionMr. Ndivhuwo Ndou
Mitigating Backdrop in Operational Efficiency: a Case StudyMr. Stephen Akinwale Akinlabi
Modeling of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting for Low Power GenerationProf. Ahmed Telba
Modelling and Simulation of Biological Regulatory Networks by Stochastic Petri NetsMr. iftikhar Sheikh
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Diffusion of Gases and Liquids in Conditions of Phase TransitionDr. Georgii Kharlamov
Multi-boiling Heat Transfer Analysis in Convective Longitudinal Fin with Temperature-Dependent Thermal Properties and Internal Heat GenerationDr. George Oguntala
Multi-Criteria Analysis of Different Technologies for the Bioenergy Recovery from OFMSWMr. Anthony Matheri
Multi-level Green Supply Chain Coordination with Different Power Structures and Channel Structures Using Game-theoretic ApproachDr. Yun Huang
Multiple Features from Palm Region to Enhance the Performance of Biometric Verification SystemDr. K. A. RADHAKRISHNA RAO
Municipal Solid Waste Composition Determination in the City of JohannesburgMr. Olusola Olaitan Ayeleru
Municipal Solid Waste from Landfills a Solution to Energy Crisis in South AfricaMr. Opeoluwa Dada