The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCECS 2016 are listed here:

A_D, E_N, O_Others

Titles (O_Others)
Contact Authors
Octree Data Processing for Structural Shape Management using Terrestrial Laser ScanningDr. Gichun, Cha
On a Mathematical Model for HBV and HCV Co-infectionDr. Bhagwan Aggarwala
Opinion Mining: Analysis of Comments Written in Arabic ColloquialProf. Venus Samawi
Optimal Rating and Allocation of Wind Power Generation in Double Auction Power MarketDr. Anuj Banshwar
Optimization and Effectiveness of Search Engine ResultsMr. Olumuyiwa Johnson Dehinbo
Optimized Safety Information Routing Protocol in Vehicular Ad hoc NetworkDr. rama maliya
Optimizing the Bioremediation of Free Cyanide containing Wastewater by Fusarium oxysporum grown on Beetroot Waste using Response Surface MethodologyMr. Enoch Akinbiyi Akinpelu
Optimizing the Detection of Antiviral-Resistant Influenza-A Strains using Machine LearningMiss Nermeen Shaltout
Optimum Topology, Route and Site Selection of a Steam System for Geothermal Power PlantDr. Magnus Thor Jonsson
Paradigm and privacy in Cloud ComputingDr. Prachi Mohite
Performance of Surge Arrester Installation to Enhance ProtectionMiss MUNCHO MBUNWE
Potential Use of Plasters from GAP Industrial Waste towards an Innovative Green EconomyMr. Emmanuel Agbenyeku
Predictive Modeling to Increase the Reliability of Production Planning in Single-item ProductionMr. Farhang Akhavei
Preparation and Characterization of a mesoporous alumina membrane impregnated with Palladium CatalystDr. Ifeyinwa Orakwe
Preparation and Simulation of a SAW/Capacitance SensorDr. Fred Lacy
Priority Based Voice Calls Simulation on Global System for Mobile Communications NetworkDr. BAMIDELE MOSES KUBOYE
Probabilistic Models for Heart Disease and Related ConditionsDr. Yumn Suhaylah Yusoff
Quality of Service in the Network Layer of Vehicular Ad hoc NetworksMr. Saeed Tabar
Quantitative Security Risk Evaluation using CVSS Metrics by Estimation of Frequency and Maturity of ExploitDr. UMESH KUMAR SINGH
Real Time Moving Object Detection Using Harr WaveletDr. yashpal singh
Relevance of Accurate Molecular Docking Studies as First Step to Obtain Reliable CoMFA ModelDr. Victor Hugo Vazquez-Valadez
Relevant competences needed for a project manager to succeed in innovation projectsDr. Sanchez R. Eduardo
Resume Analysis for Skill-Set Estimation using HDFS,MapReduce and RProf. Krishna Mohan Ankala
Review Article on Machining of Nickel-Based Super Alloys by Electric Discharge MachiningDr. Er. Sushil Kumar Choudhary
Review of Selected Wireless System Path Loss Prediction Models and its Adaptation to Indoor Propagation EnvironmentsDr Francis Idachaba
Robotic Automatization of Handling and Contacting the Ends of Windings for Mounting Electric DrivesDr. Alexander Kuhl
Robust H-infinity Control for DFIG to Enhance Transient Stability during Grid FaultsMr. Sebastian Khoete
Role of Software Engineering Processes to Develop Environmental ModelDr. emetere moses
Science as a ServiceMr. sterling baldwin
Scoping Review of Learning theories in the 21st CenturyDr. Dan Masethe
Secure Hybrid technique for Image SteganographyDr. Kiran Sandhu
Secured Cloud Application Platform Using Elliptic Curve CryptographyProf. Boniface Kayode Alese
Security Awareness Training: A ReviewDr. Melad Mohamed
Selection of Weighting Factors in Weighted Clustering Algorithm in MANETMr. Khagendra Prasai
Service Provider Churn Prediction for Telecoms Company using Data AnalyticsDr. Dan Masethe
Shape and Texture Features for the Identification of Breast CancerMr. Abdulkader Helwan
Short-term Traffic Forecasting Based on Grey Neural Network with Particle Swarm OptimizationDr. Yuanyuan Pan
Simulating Discharge Coefficient of an Improved Triangular Side Weir Using a Novel Hybrid Method of Firefly Optimization Based Support Vector RegressionDr. hossein bonakdari
Simulative Study of a Smart Node for Domestic Applications, Equipped with PV Panel, Energy Storage and Home AutomationProf. Roberto Revetria
Software Defined Radio Applications Using USB ReceptorsMr. Vladimir Sanchez Padilla
Solving Maximum Coverage Sensor Deployment Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks by Genetic AlgorithmDr. Ozan Zorlu
Spare Parts Storage Improvement with Association RulesDr. Wimalin Laosiritaworn
Specification-Based Test Case Generation Using Dependency DiagramsDr. Simona Vasilache
Spectrum Bundling Architectures for Increased Traffic Capacity in Mobile Telecommunication NetworksDr Francis Idachaba
Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio: Components and MethodologiesMs. Roopali Garg
Speeding up Risk Analyses of U.S. Flood Insurance Loss Data Using the Diffusion MapDr. Chia Ying Lee
Statistical Optimization of Biolubricant Production from Jatropha Curcas Oil using Trimethylolpropane as a Polyol--
Steps Climbing by Sub-Tracks Angle Control for a Rough Terrain Mobile Robot with Multistage TracksDr. Toyomi Fujita
Structural Modifications on Nylon 66 - Thermal, Mechanical and Rheological PropertiesDr. KSK Rao Patnaik
Study about the Types of Information Technology Service for Supply Chain ManagementMr. Sushil Kumar Choudhary
Study and Development of a Modified Droop Control Strategy for Autonomous MicrogridsProf. Marcelo Gradella Villalva
Study of effect of Load Conditions on Piezoelectric Energy harvestingDr. Abhay.k
Study on a Smart Phone Application Controlling Harmful Animals Scaring System Applicable to Farm PlantationProf. KYUNG MOG LEE
Study on Cardiac Impedance Signal Feature Point ExtractionDr. Shan Liu
Sub-Tropical Clayey Soils-Acid Mine Drainage Interactions: A Glance at Material PropertiesMr. Emmanuel Agbenyeku
Survey On Implementation Of Ant Colony Optimization In Load BalancingDr. Elnaz Shafigh Fard
Synthesis and Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes on Fe/Al2O3 Composite Catalyst by Chemical Vapour Deposition MethodProf. Ayo Samuel Afolabi
Synthesis and Characterization of Nickel (II) Oxide/Gadolinium-Doped Ceria (NiO/GDC) Nanocomposites As a Potential Material for Anode Supported LT-SOFCsDr. Babak Salamatinia
Synthesis of Composite Biomass Briquettes as Alternative Household Fuel for Domestic Application--
Techniques of JFET Gate Capacitance ModelingMr. Stanislav Banas
Temperature Dependent Performance of Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes as VLSI Interconnects for Variable Interconnects LengthDr. Karmjit Singh Sandha
Tensile and hardness properties of Medium Carbon Steel quenched in Marula Oil and SAE40 engine OilDr. O. T. Johnson
The Design and Implementation of Fault Tolerant PSTR on the Embedded Virtualization SystemProf. JINHO YOO
The Design of a Signal Conditioning and Acquisition Elements of a Chopped Broadband Radiation PyrometerMr. Kufre Jack
The Effect of Fly Ash, Beta-cyclodextrin and Fly Ash-Beta-cyclodextrin Composites on Cement Paste's Viscosity and Setting TimesDr. Bolanle Ikotun
The Legend of CDAT: A Link to the PastMr. Matthew Harris
The Multi-agent Resource Conversion Processes Model Design and ImplementationMr. Eugene Bykov
The Role of Gender and Education Level on Diffusion of Innovation and Use of Technology: A Case of LED in MalaysiaMrs. Hasti Khorasanizadeh
The Role of Organizational Structural Properties on ICT Use in Public Academic InstitutionsMs. Shuyang Wang
The Sudarshan Chakra FFT: A Computation Technique for DFT Calculation without Complex MultiplicationsDr. Shilpa Mehta
Three stage membrane process for CO2 capture from Natural GasDr. Arshad Hussain
Time Dependent Reliability Analysis of Concrete Transportation Infrastructure Shear Strengthened by CFRP WrapsDr. Afshin Firouzi
Topology Optimization of 3D Hybrid Optical-Electronic Networks-on-ChipProf. Ning Wu
Toward Personalized Training and Skill Assessment in Robotic Minimally Invasive SurgeryMr. Sattar Ameri
Towards a Complete System for Answering Generalized Subjective Questions using Internet-Based InformationMiss Maryam Abdirad
Towards the Development of an Alternate Audience Response System within an Educational Living Lab EnvironmentDr. Manoj Lall
Transesterification of Animal Fat to Biodiesel Over Calcined Solid Sodium Silicate CatalystProf. Ayo Samuel Afolabi
Triple-Relation Extraction Using Probability TheoryDr. Nur Fatin Nabila
Typical Power Transformers Faults Analysis based on SFRADr. Jaime Cerda Jacobo
Universal Blind Steganalysis of Parity and Substitution Based Image Steganography AlgorithmChiragkumar B. Patel
Use of Multivariate function to identify chronic Diabetic Patients of Type1 from health database in AustraliaDr. Saad Masood Butt
Using Open Source Embedded Hardware and Software Tools in Automatic Control from Mathematical ModelProf. Ronald Ponguillo
Utilization of Mixed Agricultural Waste for Production of Low (C1 To C3) and High Carbon Content (C4 Plus) Alcohols Under Aerobic ConditionsMr. Nkosikho Dlangamandla
Utilization of Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW) as Compost: A Case Study of Florida, South AfricaMr. Olusola Olaitan Ayeleru
Waste Quantification at the Johannesburg Market for the City of Johannesburg Waste to Energy ProgrammeDr. Dayo Kukoyi
Waste to Energy Technologies from Organics Fraction of Municipal Solid WasteMr. Anthony Matheri
Wear Behaviour Characterization of Ti6Al4V-B4C CompositesProf. Esther Akinlabi
Web Sites Clustering Based on User's Navigation BehaviorsDr. Ahmed Jabbar Obaid
Wind Generated Ambient Noise Analysis and Modeling in Shallow waters of Arabian SeaDr. sudhir rawat
WIP: Promote Inquiry-Based Linear Algebra Conceptual Learning Using Mobile Devices with Collaborative Augmented Reality (CAR)Prof. Rongkai Guo, Dr. Yinshu Wu
XML-based Modeling of Risk Estimation Criteria to Support Safety Management in ShipbuildingMs. Youhee Choi
3D Printing File Format and Design for Creating Material compositions for Porous StructureMrs. ARIVARASI A