The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCECS 2018 are listed here:

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Titles (E_N)
Contact Authors
Economic Valuation of Next-Generation Frequency Band License using Real Option and Multi-Generation Diffusion ModelMr. Dong-Hyun An
Effect of computer Assisted Instruction on Secondary Schools Students Achievement and Retention in Home-economicsDr. Okoye Assumpta Amaka
Effect of High Concentration of Nevirapine on the Growth of E. Coli in Wastewater TreatmentMr. Lawrence Obidike
Effects of Ambient Temperature and Network Traffic on Energy Optimization in Data CenterProf. Anthony U. Adoghe
Embeddings Between Circulant Networks and HypertreesMs. Arul Shantrinal Arulanandu
End Use Energy Efficiency in Residential Sector- an Integrated Trans-disciplinary StudyMr. Jayaraman C
Energy Auditing: An Overview and Key IssuesMr. John Kobbina Arthur
Enhancing Understandability of Objective C Programs Using Naming Convention Checking FrameworkDr. Twittie Senivongse
Evaluation of Heat Input Variation on the Mechanical Properties of ASTM A300 Steel at the Heat Affected ZoneDr. Stanley Okiy, Dr. Benjamin Oreko
Experimental Study of Pressure Drop Measurements of Two Phase Oil(D130)-Water Flow in Horizontal 6-inch Stainless Steel Annulus PipeMr. S.M. Shaahid
Face-Age Modeling: A Pattern Recognition Analysis For Age EstimationDr Victor Osamor
Factors Affecting Adoption of e-Payment System by SMEsDr. ONI Aderonke A
Feasibility of Predicting Soft Biometric Traits Based on Keystroke Dynamics CharacteristicsDr. Soumen Roy
Fuzzy Control for an Autonomous Aquatic Surface VehicleProf. Eduardo Gomez-Ramirez
Generalized Adaptive Security for Computer SystemsMr. Shashikanth Rao
Globalizing Compassionate Healthcare Organizations by Using the Opportunities in Big DataDr. B V A N S S Prabhakar Rao
Identifying of Student's Activity in Classroom using Phenomena MiningDr. Sharayu Bonde
Implementation of Recurrent Neural Network with Sequence to Sequence Model to Translate Language Based on TensorFlowDr. Haeng-Kon Kim
Improve Method Using Spatial Fast Filters and GPU to Detection of Parcels of Land in Satellite Images for Cadaster PurposesDr. Luis Cadena
Improving Hebron Drinks Company Value through Optimization of Production Processes using Operations Research ModelDr. MICHAEL AGARANA
Increasing the Performance of Genetic Algorithm by Using Different Selection: Vehicle Routing Problem CasesMr. Ismail @ Ismail Yusuf Panessai
Integration of ICT in Curriculum - A Case Study of Botswana Junior Secondary SchoolsDr. Rajiv Kumar
Integration of Irrigation System with Wireless Sensor Networks: Prototype and Conception of Intelligent Irrigation SystemDr. HAMAMI LOUBNA
Interestingness of Web Data Based on Dynamic Change of User InterestsDr. Julius Onyancha
Internet of Things Application in the Healthcare SectorProf. Roberto Revetria
Introducing the Kumaraswamy Perks DistributionDr. Pelumi Oguntunde
Investigation about Use of Drone in a Patrol Purpose and Applicability of this Surveillance Particularly to Existing LegislationProf. Roberto Revetria
Ion-Exchange Equilibria of Na+/Cu2+and Na+/Co2+using ClinoptiloliteDr. John Kabuba
IT Governance Framework for Ethiopian Higher Educational InstitutionDr. Patrick Cerna
Landline Penetration In Nigeria: Analyzing The Slow Pace Of Landline Usage In NigeriaDr. Nsikan Nkordeh
Laplace Distribution: Ordinary Differential EquationsMr. Hilary Izuchukwu Okagbue
Learn DDoS Attacks with a GameDr. Jinghua Zhang
Liquidity and Interest Spread in Nepalese Cooperative SocietyDr. Gyanendra Prasad Paudel
Management of the Industrial Enterprise's Technological Development of Based on the Use of Additive ManufacturingMrs. Tatyana Zaitseva
Managing Electronic Waste Generated from Mobile Phones: A Review of African CountriesMr. Ramadile Moletsane
Marshall-Olkin-Nadarajah-Haghighi Distribution: Ordinary Differential EquationsMr. Hilary Izuchukwu Okagbue
Mathematical Analysis of Queuing System at a Shopping MallDr. Sheila Bishop
Mathematical Analysis of Stiffness of Orthotropic Beam with Hollow Circular and Rectangular Cross SectionsDr. Michael Agarana
Mathematical Analysis of Zika Virus, ZIKAVDr. Palwinder Bolina
Mathematical Modeling of Electrochemical Machining Used in the Manufacture of Turbine Engine PartsProf. Jerzy Kozak
Mathematical Modelling of Angular Distortion in GTA Welded Low Carbon Alloy Steel Butt WeldsMiss LAKSHA .
Metrics of Textual Coherence for Structured DocumentMiss Mana Ihori
Microfinance as an Instrument for Economic Empowerment of the Poor People in Sri LankaDr. Wiraj Udara Wickramaarachchi
Mobile Ad-hoc for Enterprise Level SecurityDr. William Simpson
Modeling and Simulation of Metal Oxide Solar Cells: An OverviewDr. Kingsley O. Ukoba
Modeling for the Safe Management of Complex River BasinsProf. Roberto Revetria
Modeling the Load Mode of Transmission of a Heavy Truck in Case of Starting with a Clutch ReleaseMr. Alexander Alyukov
Modification of Clinoptilolite by Chitosan and Application in the Removal of NitrateDr. John Kabuba
Modified Algorithm for Enhancing the Performance of Grid Systems in Task SchedulingDr. Ahmad Al-Zubi
Modified Burr III Distribution: Ordinary Differential EquationsMr. Hilary Izuchukwu Okagbue
Modified Weibull Distribution: Ordinary Differential EquationsMr. Hilary Izuchukwu Okagbue