The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCECS 2018 are listed here:

A_D, E_N, O_Others

Titles (O_Others)
Contact Authors
Natural Language Processing and Internet of Things: Possible CollaborationDr. Olamma Iheanetu
N-Dimension Data Visualization Spaces for Academic Programmes Quality Monitoring in Nigeria Higher EducationDr. Moses Igbape
Neural Network and Econometric Entropy-Based Model for Residential Building Project Cost DecisionsDr.Lekan Amusan
Numerical Investigation on Kinetic Parameter of Coal Devolatilization Reaction by Identifying Ignition Delay ParameterMr. TATA SUTARDI
Numerical Simulations of Stress Distribution in Complex Structures with Various Average Volume FractionProf. Norbert Sczygiol
Object Carrying Motion with Handover and Wide Gap Traversing by Hexapod Tracked RobotProf. Toyomi Fujita
On Fixed Point Theorems for Generalized Weakly CE-contraction Mappings on Metric SpacesDr. KANAYO STELLA EKE
On New Solutions of Impulsive Quantum Stochastic Differential InclusionDr. Sheila Bishop
On Nonclassical Ordinary Differential Equations with Special Conditions on the Impulse FunctionDr. Bishop Sheila
One and Two-parameters Lindley Distributions: Ordinary Differential EquationsMr. Hilary Izuchukwu Okagbue
Optimal Block Bidding Analysis for Electricity Market with Carbon Emission using MRPSODr Kaustubh Dwivedi
Optimal Deployment of Distributed Generators using Ant Colony Optimization to minimize Line Losses and improve Voltage Profiles on Distribution NetworkDr. Mark Nwohu
Optimization of Process Parameters for the Synthesis of Locally Sourced Alumina-Supported Eggshell CatalystDr. Elizabeth Eterigho, Dr. SILVER EYENBI EJEJIGBE
OsamorSoft: Clustering Index for Comparison and Quality Validation in High Throughput DatasetDr Victor Osamor
Pattern Recorgnition Using Support Vector Machines as a Solution for Non-Technical Losses in Electricity Distribution IndustryDr. Aniedu Azubuike N.
Performance optimization of wireless sensor networksDr. Tshimangadzo Tshilongamulenzhe
Planning Informatics Platform for General Building Maintenance WorksDr.Lekan Amusan
Potentiality of Facts Devices for Tackling Nigerian Transmission System BottlenecksMr. Aigboviosa Amaize
Power Transformer Winding Fault Detection based on SFRAProf. Jaime Cerda
Predicting Students' Ailment Occurrence during Examination Period Using Artificial Neural NetworkMr. Olaiya Folorunsho
Predicting Turn Taking from Gaze Transition Patterns Considering Participation Status in Multi-Party ConversationProf. Keiji Hirata, Mr. Takashi Makino
Pressure Drop Measurements of Oil(D130)-Water Flow in 6-inch Vertical Stainless Steel Annulus PipeDr. Mehaboob Basha Nagthe basapur
PROMIRAR: Tool for Identifying and Managing Implicit Requirements in SRS DocumentsDr. Onyeka Emebo
Protection of a Disturbed Electric Network using Solid State Protection DeviceMiss Muncho Josephine Mbunwe, Mrs. Chika Ayogu
Pseudo-Inverse Matrix Model for Estimating Long-Term Annual Peak Electricity Demand: The Covenant University's ExperienceDr. Ademola Abdulkareem
PSim: A Simulator for Estimation of Power Consumption in a ClusterMr. Maaz Ahmed Shaikh
Quality and Productivity ManagementMr. OKOLIE CHUKWULOZIE ONYEABOR PAUL
Quality Indicators in Post-Disaster Housing: Case of the 2017 Coastal El Nino, PiuraMiss Claudia Ramirez
Random Common Fixed Point Theorems for Two Pairs of Nonlinear Contractive Maps in Polish SpacesDr. KANAYO STELLA EKE
Reactive Distillation for Lactic Acid Purification from Fermentation BrothDr. Asfaw Gezae
Removal of Sulfur (e.g DBT) from Petroleum Distillates using Activated Carbon in a Continuous Packed-bed Adsorption ColumnMr. KELVIN YORO
Results of the Information Technology Outsourcing Study from the Perspective of Internal Users in Public Organizations in the Province of Manabi - EcuadorProf. MIGUEL FABIAN DELGADO CEDENO
Retinal degeneration Detection using Iris Image by Machine LearningDr.D. Nagarajan
RFID-Based Access Control Security SystemProf. Anthony U. Adoghe
Secure Data Storage Services using parity check genetic algorithm in Cloud ComputingDr. Ruby Sachdeva
Semantic Technologies - A ComparisonDr. Frank Wawrzik
Sensitivity Analysis of Linear Programming Optimization of a Manufacturing BusinessDr. MICHAEL AGARANA
Sequential Synthesis of Mass Exchanger Networks for CO2 CaptureMr. KELVIN YORO
Shape Optimization of Glulam Timber Roof GirdersDr. Jerzy Szolomicki
Simulation Analysis of Prioritization Errors in the AHP and Their Relationship with an Adopted Judgement ScaleProf. Andrzej Grzybowski
Smart Energy: Remote Monitoring and Control of Power Generators using GSM TechnologyMr. Segun Popoola
Smart Meter Analytics for optimizing the utilization of electricity using ARIMA, NAVIE & HOLT WINTERDr. Moparthy Rao
Solar Energy and Post-Harvest Loss Reduction in Roots and Tubers in AfricaMr. Kingsley Ukoba
Solutions of Nonclassical Ordinary Differential Equations and the Associated Kurzweil EquationsDr. Sheila Bishop
Solving the Water Jug Puzzle in CLIPSDr. Feng-jen Yang
Statistical Analysis of Mechanical Properties of WoodDr. Michael Agarana
Statistical Evaluation of Effect of Anthropometric Measurements on Adolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisMr. Oluwole Akinwumi Odetunmibi
Study of Optoelectronic Properties of Nanostructured TiO2/NiO Heterojunction Solar CellsMr. Kingsley Ukoba
Systems Engineering Driven Discrete-Event Simulation Model of a Mid-Sized Emergency Department OperationDr. Mohamed Elshal
Text Document Categorization using Enhanced Sentence Vector Space Model and Bi-Gram Text Representation Model based on Novel Fusion TechniquesDr. ABDISA AMENSISA
The 21st Century Learning Environment Tools as Electronic WasteMr. Ramadile Moletsane
The Logistic Inverse Exponential Distribution: Basic Structural Properties and ApplicationDr. Pelumi Oguntunde
Three-dimensional Irregular Tree Modeling For Special Virtual EnvironmentsDr. Ling Xu
Toolbox Approach for the Development of New Business Models in Industrie 4.0Mr. Yubo Wang
Toward Social Economic Antecedents to Cashless SocietyProf. Suwan Juntiwasarakij
Towards a Unified Framework for Natural Language LearningDr. Olamma Iheanetu
Understanding Factors Influencing mHealth Apps Usage: A UTAUT PerspectiveDr. ONI Aderonke A
Vehicle Identification Based on Haar-Like Compression FeatureMr. Ruiqi Luo
Web Information System and Climate-Smart Technologies for Greenhouse Gases Reduction and MonitoringDr. S. M. Khalid