The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with revisions) for IMECS 2008 are listed here:

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Titles (D_N)

Contact Authors

Data Collaborative Work Flow Model for Information Integration with the support of Web Services Dr. Jing Kai Zhang
Decoding of the (41, 21, 9) Quadratic Residue Code Using the Gao’s Algorithm Dr. Pei-Yu  Shih
Decomposing a Polygonal Boundary as a List of Line Segments Dr. Neeta Nain Vijay laxmi
Defects Detection in Imperative Language and C# Applications – Towards Evaluation Approach Ms. sarala subramani
Delay and Energy Consumption Analysis Of Conventional SRAM Dr. Hamid Barati
Design and Implementation of Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller for Switched Reluctance Motor Dr. M. Said A. Moteleb
Design of a High-Performance Clock Recovery Method Using PLL Dr. Mohammad Hassan Ghaed
Design of H.323 Secure IP-Telephony Framework  Prof. Dr. Fawzi M Al-Naima
Design of LQ-Servo Controller for Active Queue Management Routers Dr. Kang Min Lee
Design Review of Satellite Telemetry based on CCSDS standards and Proposed Hardware Implementation of CanSat Mr. Adnan Mahmood
Designing for Human–Automation Interaction: Abstraction–Sophistication Analysis for UAV Control Dr. Matthijs Amelink
Designing Market Stall Layout by Agent-Based Simulation Dr. Chayanit Trakulpipat
Designing X control chart using DEA approach Dr. shervin asadzaeh
Despeckling of Synthetic Aperture Radar Images Using Inner product Spaces in Undecimated Wavelet Domain Dr. Musharaf
Detecting Bad Smells in Object Oriented Design Using Design Change Propagation Probability Matrix Mr. K Narendar Reddy
Determining Optimal Plan of Fabric Cutting with the Multiple Criteria Programming Methods Dr. tunjo peric
Developing a Multiagent System for Integrating Biological Data Using JADE Dr. Faheema Maghrabi
Developing Agent-Based Simulation in Evacuation Planning Dr. Arief Rahman and Dr. Ahmad Kamil Mahmood
Development of New Efficient Set of Heuristics for Assembly Line Balancing Problem Dr. mohith rao
Development of the Thermal Spraying Process for Anticorrosion Surface Protection Dr. Igor Gorlach
Devise of the Reuse System of Chromium Plating Solution and Rinse Water in Chromium Plating Process Dr. Jariya Chuensakul
Differential Flat Control for Rotorcraft Trajectory Tracking Prof. Félix Mora-Camino 
Digital Design Using Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata (A Nanotechnology Method) Dr. Mehdi Askari
Digital Watermarking Scheme with Visual Cryptography Dr. Ching-Sheng Hsu
Diphone-Based Concatenative Speech Synthesis System for Mongolian Ms. Munkhtuya Davaatsagaan
Direction of Arrival Estimation using a Root-MUSIC Algorithm Dr. Aliyazicioglu
Direction of Arrival Estimation Using Polynomial Roots Intersection for Multi-Dimensional Estimation (PRIME) Dr. Aliyazicioglu
Discovery of Multi Dimensional Quantitative Closed Association Rules by Attributes Range Method  Dr. Preetham Kumar
Does eXtreme Programming support Collaborative Creativity? Dr. Broderick Crawford
DTFIM: Distributed Trie-based Frequent Itemset Mining Dr. Ebrahim Ansari
Dynamic Coupling Measurement Of Object Oriented Software Using Trace Events Dr. A.Kavitha
Dynamic Total Cost of Ownership Minimization for IPTV Dr. Pejman Goudarzi
Economical Structure for Multi-feature Music Indexing Chun Hsiung Wang
Edge based Real-Time Weed Recognition System for Selective Herbicides IMRAN AHMED
Edge Detection Using Directional Filtering Assoc. Prof. Alemam S. Ragab
Edge Detection Using Third Derivative Assoc. Prof. Alemam S. Ragab
Effect of Candidate Hashing and Transaction Trimming in Distributed Mining of Association Rules  Dr. Ebrahim Ansari
Effect of Screen Contrast Ratio and Luminance Level on Visual Lobe Shape Cathy Chiu
Effect of temporal variation in Indoor environment Dr. A. Jraifi
Effect of Upstream Velocity Gradient on the Formation of Sink Vortices in a Jet Engine Test Cell Wei Hua, HO
Effects of Design Factors on Comprehension Performance with Dynamic Text Display: A Review Joey CY So
Effects of Distance between Classes and Training Datasets Size to the Performance of XCS: Case of Imbalance Datasets Nguyen Huy THACH
Efficient and Reliable Estimation of Tags in RFID Systems Dr. Xu Huang
Efficient Complex Continuous-Time IIR Filter Design via Generalized Vector Fitting Dr. Chi-Un Lei
Eight Bit Serial Triangular Compressor Based Multiplier Dr. aqib perwaiz
E-Learning Revolution: Status of Educational Programs in India Dr. Sanjay Rajpal
Electrolysis of nano-Silver Suspension into Ionic Form via Membrane Electro-Osmosis Process Dr. Chih-Yu Liao
ELHWT: Efficient Lowest to Highest Wavelet Tree for Image Processing and Compression Dr. M.H. Hasanvand
Empirical Modelling of the Mobile VoIP Demand Dr. Hannu Verkasalo
Energy Analysis of the MNK Cryptosystem for Wireless Sensor Networks Dr. Tamer M. Barakat                                                 
Enhanced Data Models for Master and Transaction Data in ERP Systems – Unitary Structuring Approach Dr. Premaratne Samaranayake
Enhancement of Application Software for Examination of Differential Magnification Methods and Magnification Interface Factors Fion LEE
Enhancing the Security of Chain of Trust in DNSSEC Dr. Angus Wong
Enrichment Of Quality And Productivity Through Simple Measurement Techniques Dr.H.Nagaprasad
Ensemble with Neighbor Rules Voting Itt Romneeyangkurn
Epicycloid (Hypocycloid) Mechanisms Design Dr. Meng-Hui Hsu
Estimation Model for Enhancements by Predicting Efforts for Micro level activities Dr. Basavaraj M.J
Estimation of Agile Functionality in Software Development Dr. Bashir Nasr Azadani
Estimation of Critical Performance and Optimization of Scalable Joint Source/Channel Coder (SJSCC) For Time Varying Channels  Dr. A.C.Bhagali 
Ethical issues in Software Project Management Dr. jayashree prasad
Eukaryotic Promoter Predication Based on Principal Component Analysis Dr. Xiaomeng Li
Evaluating Software Quality of Vendors using Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process Dr. Kevin K.F. Yuen
Evaluation Criteria of Feature Splits for Co-Training Dr. Masahiro TERABE
Evaluation of Losses in VSC-HVDC Transmission System Dr. Hui Pang
Evaluation of Per Unit Length Parameters of Multiconductor lines of High Frequency Integrated Circuits by the Method of Rectangular Subareas Dr. Saswati Ghosh
Existence of Periodic Motions for Dynamical Systems with Finite Delay Dr. Jiemin Zhao
Extracting Structural Image Contents Dr. Pornchai Mongkolnam
Fabrication and Automation of LMD Machining Center using Programmable Logic Controller Dr. Aravind Raghavendra
Face Detection Method Based on Color Barycenter Hexagon Model Dr. Qieshi ZHANG
Face Detector with Oriented Multiple Templates Dr. Yea-Shuan Huang
Fast Wavelet-based Macro-block Selection Algorithm for H.264 Video Codec Dr. Shi-Huang Chen
Fault Analysis on a New Stream Cipher Dr. Shenhua Li
Fault Tolerance Through Automated Diversity in the Management of Distributed Systems Dr. Joerg Preissinger
Fault-Tolerant Architecture with Dynamic Wavelength and Bandwidth Allocation Scheme in WDM-EPON Dr. I-Shyan Hwang 
Feasibility Study of Effective Remote I/O Using a Parallel NetCDF Interface in a Long-Latency Network Dr. Yuichi Tsujita 
Feature Extraction and Signal Reconstruction of Air and Bone Conduction Voices by Independent Component Analysis Dr. Tadahiro Azetsu
Finite Element Analysis of Magneto-Superelastic Behavior of Shape Memory Alloy Composite Actuator Dr. Yutaka Toi
FIR Equalizer using Genetic Programming Dr. Te Jen  Su
Fixed Structure Robust Loop Shaping Controller for a Buck-Boost Converter using Genetic Algorithm Dr.Somyot Kaitwanidvilai
Foundations of Interval Computation Prof. Trong Wu
FPGA Implementation of the Ternary Pulse Compression Sequences Dr. N.Balaji
Fractional Deposition of Hard Spherical Particles: Integral-Equation Theory and Monte Carlo Simulation Dr. Panu Danwanichakul
Functional Verification of USB Mass Storage Dr. xiaobin chu
Fuzz-Fortuna: A fuzzified approach to generation of cryptographically secure Pseudo-random numbers Dr. Ali Akbar
Fuzzy Control System For Controlling Traffic Lights Dr. Shilpa Mehta
Fuzzy Rule-based Boundary Extraction of Plaque in Intravascular Ultrasound Image Dr. Ryosuke Kubota
Fuzzy Running Average and Fuzzy Background Subtraction: Concepts and Application Dr. mohammad sigari
Gaining Insights to the Tea Industry of Sri Lanka using Data Mining Dr. H. C. Fernando
GCUCE: Grid Computing for Ubiquitous Computing Environment Dr. Dong-Bum Seo
Genetic Algorithm and Simulated Annealing based Approaches to Categorical Data Clustering Dr. Indrajit Saha
Genetic algorithm approach to the quality-related assembly line balancing problem Dr. Arnat Watanasungsuit
Genetic Algorithms Optimization Approach for a Six Degree of Freedom Micro Parallel Robot Dr.-Ing. Dan Stan
Global Output Convergence of RNN in Menger Probabilistic Metric Space Subhash Chandra Pandey
Group Partitioning and Merging Mobility Model for Mobile Ad hoc Networks Dr. Sacko Diouba
Guide to Threshold Selection for Motif Prediction Using Positional Weight Matrix Dr. Youlian Pan
Hand Gesture Recognition: A Comparative Study Dr. Ratika Pradhan
Hardware Architecture for Hybrid Genetic Algorithm Dr. Masaya Yoshikawa
High Performance and Low Leakage Design Using Cell Replacement and Hybrid Vt Standard Cell Libraries Liang-Ying Lu, Kuang-Yao Chen, and Tsung-Yi Wu
High Performance Strategy For Constructing Dynamic MIB Dr. Lei Zhang
Human Visual Inspired System For Language Independent Handwritten Digit Recognition   Dr. Fariborz Mahmoudi
Identification of the Hydrodynamics Coefficients of an Underwater Vehicle using Free Decay Pendulum Motion Dr. YOU HONG
Identification using Prime-Feature-Based Efficient Technique Dr. D. M. Akbar Hussain 
Identifying Bottleneck Cells with Goal Programming Professor Hsien-Tang Tsai
Identifying new product project risks and quantifying them Dr. Rouhollah Bahrani 
Image Coding with Adaptive Wavelet Packet Trees Dr. Hsi-Chin Hsin
Image Denoising Using Moving Window based Double Haar Wavelet Narender.v
Image Noise Cancellation Using Linear Matrix Inequality and Cellular Neural Network Dr. Te Jen  Su
Impact Acoustic Non-destructive Evaluation in Noisy Environment Based on Wavelet Packet Decomposition Dr. B.L. Luk
Impact Analysis of Phishing Announcements on Market Value of Hong Kong Banks Dr. Alvin Leung
Impact of Feature Selection methods in hierarchical Clustering technique: A review Dr. jayashree prasad
Impact of Hysteresis margin on Soft Handover Performance in CDMA Cellular Networks under various Radio propagation Dr. Niraj Pratap Singh
Implementation of Hierarchical and Distributed Control for Discrete Event Robotic Manufacturing Systems Dr. Genichi Yasuda
Implementation of Laser Vision based Seam Tracking System for Welding Automation Mr. Adithya Reddy G
Improving Patient Safety and Control in Operating Room by Leveraging RFID Technology Dr. T.C. Chou
Improving the Performance of Particle Swarm Optimization with Diversive Curiosity Dr. Hong Zhang
Increasing System Capacity in WCDMA Using Efficient Code Assignment Dr. Mehdi Askari
Industrial Robot Interconnection Concept based on Standard Network Technology Dr. Markus STOPPER
Information Security based on Soft Computing Techniques Dr. surat srinoy
Instability of a Class of Nonlinear Discrete Dynamical Systems Dr. Jiemin Zhao
Instruction Set Simulator for a 32 Bit RISC Processor-ABACUS Ms. Bhagyashree Gadekar
Integrating Mean and Median Charts for Monitoring an Outlier-Existing Process Dr. Ling Yang
Integrating Risk Management with Software Development: State of Practice Dr. Jaana Nyfjord
Integration of Active monitoring with Passive network monitoring in SCNM Dr. govind jayaprakash
Integrity of EFQM Model and its Link to Key performance results (case study: Iranian auto sector) Dr. J. Nazemi
Interactive Multiobjective Fuzzy Random Programming through Level Set Optimization Dr. Hideki Katagiri
Interconnect Delay estimation for periodic signal Dr. rajib kar
Interconnect Scaling –The Real Concern to High Speed VLSI Design Dr. Rajib Kar
Interspecific Differences In Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms In Oil Palm Expressed Sequence Tag Libraries Dr. Riju Aikkal
Investigating Particle Systems- Succinct Approach Dr. Umair Ahmed
ISO assessment Power Market Behavior, Ex-ante with Conjecture Strategies Dr. babak kashanizadeh
Job-Shop Scheduling Problem With Sequence Dependent Setup Times Dr. Ramin Moghaddas
Leak Detection of Pipeline Systems Dr. Mohsen Fouad 
Lifting-based VLSI Architectures for Two-Dimensional Discrete Wavelet Transform for Effective Image Compression Dr. Ibrahim Saeed
Lightning Preduction Using Radiosonde Data Dr. Leong Yeng Weng
Loss Evaluation of Distribution Transformers in Iran's Electric Power System Dr. Ali Arzani
Machine Layout Evaluation for Laminated Bamboo Manufacturing by Computer Simulation Assoc.Prof.Vanchai Laemlaksakul
Makespan Computation for Cyber Manufacturing Centre Using Bottleneck Analysis: A Re-entrant Flow Shop Problem Dr. Salleh Ahmad Bareduan
Mathematical Calculation of Effects on Tool Setting on Tool Cutting Angle Dr. Dipak Ranjan Jana
Maximum Power Point Tracking of PV System Using ANFIS Prediction and Fuzzy Logic Tracking Dr. Abdulaziz Aldobhani
md-Matrix: Mobile Application Development Tool Dr. NORSHUHADA SHIRATUDDIN
Measurement framework for aligning adaptation method with business and usage factors in e-learning Dr. Houda Zouari
Measuring Critical thinking in Problem Solving through Online Discussion Forums in First Year University Mathematics Dr. Seibu Mary Jacob
Measuring the Relative Efficiency of Greenhouse Gas Technologies: An AHP/DEA Hybrid Model Approach Dr. LEE, SEONG KON
Method Assisted Requirements Elicitation for Context Aware Computing for the Field Force Dr. Ahmad Hassan Afridi
Method of Generating Operation Map from Source Programs for Operation Learning Dr. Hajime Iwata
Min-cut Determination for Linear Network Code in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Dr. Su-Kit Tang
Minimum Degree of Graphs and (g, f, n)-Critical Graphs Dr. Sizhong Zhou
Mining Frequent Sequences Using Itemset-Based Extension Dr. Ma Zhixin
MKBOOL: A Multi-Completion System for Boolean Constrained Reduction Orders Haruhiko Sato 
MMPP Matching to SRD and LRD Traffic Using Algorithm LAMBDA Dr. Amirpasha Shirazinia
Model Reference Adaptive Method for Estimating the Bending Vibration Frequency of a Flexible System Dr. Abdolmajid Khoshnood
Modeling and Performance Analysis of Current Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive Dr. P.Satish Kumar
Modeling and Simulating of Container Ship’s Main Diesel Engine Prof. ZHU Jianyuan
Modeling and Simulation of Magnetizing Inrush Current of the VSC-HVDC Converter Station Multi-legged Transformer Dr. Cheng Huang-fu
Modeling and Verification of Marine Equipment Systems Using a Model Checker Dr. Kazuko TAKAHASHI
Modeling Intelligent Transport System using OPAT: A Language To Transform Multi Agent System In Object Oriented Notation Dr. manuj  darbari
Modelling the Global Performance in the Total Quality Management Context: Case Study of Tunisian Textile-clothing Industry Dr. Mohamed Mahjoub DHIAF
Models of Adding Edges between the Root and Descendants in a Complete Binary Tree Minimizing Total Path Length Dr. Kiyoshi Sawada
Modularization Modeling for Real-Time Simulation of Hydropower Plants Dr Xianshan LI
Monitoring Usage Behavior in Subscription-based Services Using Control Charts for Multivariate Attribute Characteristics Dr. Abdollah Aghaie
Moving Vehicle Identification using Background Registration Technique for Traffic Surveillance Dr. vibha lakshmikanth brl
MRI Noise Removal Using Partial Differential Equations Dr. Elham vaseghi  
Multi Focus Image Fusion based on the Information Level In the Regions of the Images. Mrs.R.Maruthi
Multicriteria Analysis for Evaluating and Selecting E-Markets in Business-to-Business E-Business Dr Hepu Deng
Multi-objective GA for Generating Pareto Solutions in SSSC-based Controller Design Dr. Sidhartha Panda
Multiple Disjoint Paths Routing Using Implicit Source Routes in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Dr. Su-Kit Tang
Network Anomaly Detection Using One Class Support Vector Machine Dr. Rui Zhang
Neural Networks for Cost Estimation of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers Dr. Orlando Duran
New Compressing Sampling Algorithm for GPS Signal Acquisition in Frequency Domain Dr. Kou Wei
New Distance Lower Bounds for Efficient Proximity Searching in Metric Spaces Dr. Tao Ban
New-Fangled Fingerprint Engendered Key For A Secured Voip P.Arul
Non Homogenous Poisson Process Based Cumulative Priority Model for Determining Optimal Software Testing Period Dr. praveen ranjan srivastava
Non-dominated Ranked Genetic Algorithm for Solving Multi-objective Optimization Problems: NRGA Dr. Omar Al Jadaan
Nonlinear Network Coding: A Case Study Dr. Lingxiong Li
Novel Single-Input Sampling Instance Control Circuit for Primary-Side Controller of Switch Mode Power Supply Dr. Dong Xiuxiu
Numerical Simulation of Two-phase Flow field and Performance Prediction for Solid Rocket Motor Nozzle Shafqat Wahab
Numerical Solution of Turbulent Boundary Layer Equations and Calculation of Turbulence Intensities and Turbulence Shear Stresses in Incompressible Flow on Convex Wall Dr. saeed hariri