The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for IMECS 2008 are listed here:

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Titles (O_Others)

Contact Authors

On Languages of Channels for Communicating ODP Engineering Objects  Dr. Mohamed Bouhdadi
On Multicomponent System Reliability with Microshocks - Microdamages Type of Components’ Interaction Dr. Jerzy K. Filus and Dr. Lidia Z. Filus
On Profitableness of Considering Dynamics in Forwarding Agencies Dr. Sascha Wohlgemuth
On Reconstruction of Signals Dr. HASSAN FATHABADI
On the Global Uniform Asymptotic Stability of Nonlinear Dynamic System Dr. Jiemin Zhao
On the Periodic Motion of Nonlinear Discrete Dynamical System Dr. Jiemin Zhao
On the Security of an Efficient ID-based Partially Blind Signature Scheme Prof. Yuh-Min Tseng
On-Line Data Security Implementation by Random Sequence Dr. Xu Huang
Online Machine Vision Inspection System for Detecting Coating Defects in Metal Lids Dr. Ismail Al Kamal
Optical Parallel Interference Cancellation for OCDMA Dr. N. Elfadel
Optimal Calculation of Partial Transmission Ratios of Four-step Helical Gearboxes for Getting Minimal Cross Section Dimension Dr. Vu Ngoc Pi
Optimal Placement of Reclosers in Distribution Networks for Reliability Indices Improvement using Genetic Algorithm Dr. J.Nikoukar
Optimal Selection of Tools for Rough Machining of Sculptured Surfaces  Spanoudakis Polychronis
Optimization Deep Drawing Process Parameters using FE Simulation Dr. Mohd Nizam Katimon
Optimization of Guard Time Length for Mobile WiMAX System over Multipath Channel Dr. Waiel Elsayed Osman
Optimization of Software Testing Using Genetic Algorithm Dr. Praveen Ranjan Srivastava
Optimizing Face Recognition Algorithms Using Multimodal Analysis Dr. mohammad sigari
Optimizing Tool Life of Carbide Inserts for Turned Parts using Taguchi’s Design of Experiments Approach Dr. Hari Singh
Order Monitoring in E-Business Transactions by Software Agents Prof. Dr. Freimut Bodendorf
OSIAN: Ontology based Service Index Annotator Dr. N.S. Gowri Ganesh
Output Tracking Control of a Class of Nonminimumphase or Critically Minimumphase Nonlinear Systems Via Backstepping Procedure Dr. M. Razeghi
Parallel Implementation of Hybrid Direct-Iterative Algorithm for Multibody Dynamics via Krylov Subspace Methods on IBM 1350 Cluster Dr. Duan, Shawn
Parallel Mining of Maximal Frequent Itemsets in PC Clusters Dr. Vong Chan Veng, Terry
Parallelization Of Traveling Salesman Problem Using Rocks Cluster Dr. Izzatdin Abdul Aziz
Particle Swarm Optimization – Tabu Search Applied to Constrained Engineering Optimization Problems Dr. Ritchie Mae T. Gamot
Particle Swarm Optimization for Nonlinear Integer Programming Problems Dr. Takeshi Matsui
Penalty Methods in Constrained Optimization Dr. Parwadi Moengin
Performance Analysis of Three Routing Protocols for Varying MANET Size Dr. N.VETRIVELAN
Performance Evaluation of Wireless Routing Protocols in Mobile WiMAX Environment Md. Saiful Azad
Performance of AODV Routing Protocol using Group and Entity Mobility Models in Wireless Sensor Networks Dr. Manjula S.H.
Performance of Closed Loop Polarized MIMO Antenna System Employing Pre-RAKE and Combined Transmit Diversity Techniques in FDD Dr. Joseph Victor Maher Halim.
Performance of Rotated Constellation and Trellis Coded Modulation with Channel State Information Errors :MIMO Systems Dr. SAMERU SHARMA
Personalized RSS Search Service Using RSS Characteristics and User Context Dr. Joonhee Kwon
Perspex Machine XI: Topology of the Transreal Numbers Dr. James Anderson
Petri Net Approach to Solve Flexible Manufacturing System Problems Professor Dr. Ibrahim M. Buseif
Policy Based Danger Management in Artificial Immune System Inspired Secure Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks Dr. Mahira Atham Lebbe 
Power Consumption of a Wireless Sensor Node in a Hybrid Sensor Access Mode Dr. Zhenhuan Zhu
Practical common weights MCDM-DEA approach for technology selection Dr. Majid Zohrehbandian
Privacy Preserving Data Mining Using Cryptographic Role Based Access Control Approach Lalanthika Vasudevan
Probabilistic Mean Energy Flooding to Increase the Survivability of MANET Dr. THRIVENI J GOWDA
Probabilistic Security Evaluation Software for Bulk Power System Considering Bus Arrangement Dr. hailei he
Process Centred versus Resource Centred Modelling for Flexible Production Lines Dr. Claudia Fiedler
Proposal of Well-Balanced Menu Planning by Using Fuzzy Mathematical Programming and Rough Set Theory Dr. Tomoko Kashima
Protocol of Rice Genome Annotation by an Approach of Comparative Functional Genomics Dr. Madhvi Shakya
Pseudorandom Pattern Generation by a 4-Neighborhood Cellular Automata Based on a Probabilistic Analysis Dr. abhishek seth
Public–Key Encryption using Decoder Algorithm Dr.B.R.Sastry
Quality Augmented Coalesced Image Compression Dr. Shiji Tvm
Quality Management in Electrical-Electronics SMEs Dr. Komson Jirapattarasilp
Reactive Power Optimization of Power System Dr. lin jikeng
Real time Study of a System with n  Non-Identical Elements by Increasable Failure Rates Dr. mani sharifi
Real-time Background Modeling/Subtraction using Two-Layer Codebook Model Dr. mohammad sigari
Real-Time Distribution System Based on Multi-Agent Dr. danzhenggang
Real-Time Parameter Estimation of a MIMO System Dr. Erkan Kaplanoğlu
Recent Trends in High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Power Transmission System Er.Rajeev Chauhan
Recognition of Printed and Handwritten Tamil Characters Using Fuzzy Technique Dr. R.M. Suresh
Reduction of Harmonic in phase-cutting Dimmers Dr. Hassan Fathabadi
Regenerative Braking on DC Traction Vehicles Dr. Rahim Ajabi Farshbaf
Region of Interest-Based Medical Image Compression, With Application to MRI Brain Images Assoc. Prof. Alemam S. Ragab
Remarks on the optimal probing lot size for probing the semiconductor wafers Dr. Chih-Hsiung Wang 
Removal of Salt-and Pepper Noise in Images: A New Decision-Based Algorithm Mr. Madhu S. Nair
Research and Analysis on the Reconfigurable System Dr.  Xu Xiao
Research and Implementation of Hardware Abstraction Layer for Bidirectional Broadband Network SoC Dr. ShiQi Fu
Research on Digital Signature in Electronic Commerce Dr. Hongjie Zhu and Dr. Daxing Li
Research on Output Voltage Ripple of Boost DC/DC Converters Dr. Jing Zhang
Research on the Control Mechanism of DC Capacitor Voltage of SSSC Based on Multi-pulse VSC Dr. Guanjun Ding
Research on the De-correlation Algorithm Based on the Vector Reconstruction Dr. chen hui
Research on the Optimized Algorithm about Brake’s Initiative time for Course Correction Fuze Dr. Shen Qiang
Reverse Logistics Networking Model with Multi-Commodity flows – GA Approach Prof. Dr. V. Soundararajan
Review Ongoing Research of Several Countries on the Interference between FSS and BWA Dr. Lway Faisal
Revised P3IEI Methodology for Organizational Process Reengineering in Complex Environment Dr. Mohsen Akbarpour Shirazi
RFID-aided System Design for Container Customs Clearance between Guangdong and Hong Kong Dr. Weibing Weng
RLC Circuit Response and Analysis (Using State Space Method) Dr. Syed Fawad Mustafa
ROBOTICS Dr. Siva Sankari S
Robust Design for Gear Transmission Error Dr. Shinn-Liang Chang
Robust Mean-Variance Portfolio Selection Problem Including Fuzzy Factors Dr. Takashi Hasuike
Robust PID Control with Sliding Mode and Adaptive Rules for Uncertain Systems Professor Ying-Jeh Huang
Robust PID Controller for AQM Based on Linear Quadratic Approach Dr. JIHOON YANG
Robust Stabilization Design of the Uncertain Duffing-Holmes Chaotic System Professor Tzu-Chun Kuo
Running COLA on Embedded Systems Dr. Wolfgang Haberl
Scenario Recognition based on Collaborative Attack Modeling in Intrusion Detection Dr. Xuejiao Liu
Scene Classification Using Efficient Low-level Feature Selection Dr. Chu-Hui Lee
Secured Authentication using Multi-Modal Biometric Key Dr. Mary Amirtha
Security Analysis of HSRK Pre-distribution Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks Dr. Tamer Barakat
Security Requirements Engineering; State of the Art and Research Challenges Dr. wahid saber hamishagi
Selection of SVC Location for Enhancing System Voltage Stability Dr. Feng Qian
Self-organizing Business Networks, SOA and Software Maintenance Dr. Francesco Rago 
Semantic Space Segmentation for Content-Based Image Retrieval using SVM Decision Boundary and Principal Axis Analysis Dr. Tian-Luu Wu
Semantic Web Application in Requirement Tracing for Product Design Information Dr. Tanasaran T.
Semantics of Null Values in Subqueries Dr. Narongrit Waraporn
Sensorless Control of Surface Mounted PMSM and BDCM with New Starting Technique Prof. Mona Eskander
Sequential Fixed-width Confidence Bands for Kernel Regression Estimation Ms. Sandamali Dharmasena
Short Term Load Forecasting for Erbil Distribution System Using ANN and Wavelet Transform Dr. Ali Abdulqadir RASOOL
Significance of Leadership in Productivity Management Dr. Preetham George
Similarity and Pattern Recognition Dr. Tzeng, Chun-Hung
Simple Procedure for the Designation of Haar Wavelet Matrices for Differential Equations Dr. Phang Chang
Simultaneous Model Combination and Adaptation for Reduced Environmental Mismatch Dr. Sang Sang Tan
Single point FDM algorithm development for points one unit from a metal surface Dr. david edwards, jr
Soft-decoding of the (23, 12, 7) Binary Golay Code Dr. Wen-Ku Su
Software for Calculating and Visualizing the Cardinality of the Grand Bounding Ball by Means of Intersection Trees Dr. Sen Zhang 
Software for Visualizing Volume Rendering of Large Datasets Dr. Ali Eydgahi
Speed Control of Space Vector Modulated Inverter Driven Induction Motor Dr. R.Linga Swamy
Speed Improving based on ILP at Superscalar DLX for Multimedia Applications Dr. Maryam Taghizadeh
SQuaRE based Web Services Quality Model Dr. Radosław Hofman 
Square-Error-Based Regularization for Normalized LMS Algorithms Dr. Junghsi Lee
Stability and Stabilizability of Linear Parameter Dependent System with Time Delay Dr. Piyapong Niamsup
Stability of a Class of Neural Networks Dr. Jiemin Zhao
Stereo Camera based Real-Time Human Torso Pose Detection Dr. Sewoong Jun
Structured Robust Loop Shaping Control For HIMAT System Using Swarm Intelligent Approach Dr.Somyot Kaitwanidvilai
Structured System Analysis Methodology for Developing a Production Planning Model Dr. Dr. Khaled S. El-Kilany
Study of Reliable Data Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks Dr. Purushotham BV
Success and Failure of Software Development: Practitioners’ perspective Mrs. S.N.Geethalakshmi
Suggested GRID Resource Management System Architecture for effective utilization of resources with special reference to Educational Sector Mrs. Deepali Sawai & Mrs. Aruna Deoskar
Supply Chain Coordination using Flow Networks Dr. Kaveh Fayazbakhsh
Supply Chain Management  Muruli K S,
Surface Roughness and Microstructure in Ultrasonically Assisted Turning of W-Fe-Ni Alloy Dr. Jie CHEN
SystemCFLtlm: Motivation and Development Dr. K.L. Man
Telescoping Decomposition Method for Solving First Order Nonlinear Differential Equations Dr. Mohammed Al-Refai
Test Case Prioritization Dr. praveen ranjan srivastava
Test Case Prioritization Based on Requirements and Risk Factors Dr. praveen ranjan srivastava
ThangKa Image Inpainting Using Adjacent Information of Broken Area Dr. Huaming Liu
The Adsorption of Arsenic on Magnetic Iron-Manganese Oxide in Aqueous Medium Dr. Guiqiu Liu and Hefei Zhang
The Analysis of Different Production Planning Decision Models in the Supply Chain Network Dr. Chen Yin-Yann
The Analysis of Software Process Improvement Sustainable in Thailand Ms. Suphak Suwanya
The Blog-article Recommendation System(BARS) Dr. Shang-Chi Chan
The Cost Function Minimization for Predictive Control by Newton-Raphson Method Dr. Burhanettin Durmus
The Design, Analysis and Fabrication of a Six-Axis Micropositioning Stage Dr. Yahui Hu
The Management Strategy of the Balance Account Based on the Incentive Compatible Theory Dr. lin jikeng
The Method of Different-type Data Fusion for Nuclear Monitoring Dr. Shen Qiang
The Mobile Devices and its Mobile Learning Usage Analysis Dr. Biju Issac
The ReliabilityAnalysis of the Process Loss Index Based on Control Chart Samples Dr. Hung-Chin Lin
The Research of Solar-heated Generation System Using CPC Collector Dr. Zhang Lixi
The Role of Parts-of-Speech in Feature Selection Dr. Stephanie Chua Hui Li
The Systematic Design of Automatic Three-speed Gear Hub for Bicycles Dr. Long-Chang Hsieh
Three-player Hackenbush played on strings is NP-complete Dr. Alessandro Cincotti
Tools for Attacking Layer 2 Network Infrastructure Dr. Angus Wong
Towards a Formalization of Combinatorial Local Search Dr. Broderick Crawford L.
Towards Logic-Based Question Answering under Time Constraints Dr. Ingo Glöckner
Towards Semantic Web Services-based Network Configuration Management Dr. Hui Xu
Towards UML Profile for Human Machine Interface Applications of In-vehicle Infotainment Platforms Dr. Sharma, Hemant
Trends and Directions in Trusted Computing: Models, Architectures and Technologies Dr. Muhammad Amin
Triangular Factors of the Inverse of Vandermonde Matrices Dr. HOU S.H.
Trusted e-Commerce User Agent Based on USB Key Dr. Dawei Zhang
TWCNP: A co-verification platform of two-way cable network SOC based on TWCNP-OS LI Chong
Two Fluids Mixing in a Micromixer with Helical Channel and Grooved Surfaces Dr. yahui Hu
Two Levels of Prediction Model for User’s Browsing Behavior Dr. Chu-Hui Lee
Two-Level 0-1 programming using genetic algorithms and a sharing scheme based on cluster analysis  Dr. Keiichi Niwa
Two-Step MPLS-Based Iterative Learning Control for Batch Processes Dr. Junghui (Jason) Chen
Unsupervised Classification for Ancient Manuscript Analysis  Dr. Tieying LU
Using new data structure to implement documents vectors in vector space model in information retrieval system Dr. Mohammad wedyan
Using Ubiquitous Tools And Web Services For IT Education Dr. Wai  K. Law
Using User Sessions for Test Case Generation and Execution Dr. Izzat Alsmadi
Using Wavelet Transform and Neural Network Approach to Develop a Wafer Bin Map Pattern Recognition Model Dr. Shu-Fan Liu
Variable Selection via SVM Ensemble Learning Dr. Tao Ban
Vibration Isolation due to Earthquake Motion using Harmonic Balance Method and Particle Swarm Optimization Dr. ashkan rezaei
Visual and Cognitive Features on Icon Effectiveness  Dr. Annie Ng
Vowel phoneme classification by a new method of pattern clustering and classification named Shahyat algorithm Dr.  Omid Khayat 
Vowel Phoneme Classification using Support Vector Machines Dr. Siwar Zribi Boujelbene
Wavelet Transform Based Wafer Defect Map Pattern Recognition System in Semiconductor Manufacturing Dr. Shu-Fan Liu
Web Crawler On Client Machine Dr. rajashree shettar
Wiener Model Identification using Genetic Programming Dr. Te Jen  Su
Wireless Networked Biological Applications Dr. Santiago Otero
Wireless Sludge Level Monitoring based on Bluetooth Sensing Nodes Dr. sun jin sheng
WSDL-ACS: Enforce Mandatory Access Control for WSDL Documents Dr. Tao Han