The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with revisions) for IMECS 2010 are listed here:

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Titles (A_C)

Contact Authors
A 0.25um CMOS LNA DESIGN for 2.4GHz Application Dr. K. Raghupathy
A 20MuW 95dB DR Single-Bit Delta-Sigma Modulator for Portable Measurement Applications Dr. Qiao Yang
A 300 mA 0.18 um CMOS Low-Dropout Regulator with High Power-Supply Rejection Dr. Shao yali
A Bio-inspired Time Synchronization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network Dr. Li Liu
A Cloud Computing Architecture Framework for Scalable RFID Mr. Cherry Dabas
A Compact Computing Environment For A Windows PC Cluster Towards Seamless Molecular Dynamics Simulations Dr. Yuichi Tsujita 
A comparison of the Effect of Using Sit/stand Stool on Prolonged Standing Task Dr. Sari Julia Sartika
A Computer Vision Approach to Micro-Nucleus Automatic Detection for Protozoan Parasites Segmentation Mr. Hsiao-Yu Wang
A Cooperative Game for Multi-Agent Collaborative Planning Dr. Asim Kumar Pal
A Decision Tree Induction Approach to Study the Population Dynamics of Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) and its Natural Enemies on Cotton Dr. M.Pratheepa
A Design of Web-based GDSS that Supports Anonymous Communication and the Convergent Process Dr. Atsushi Iwai
A Fast Image Inpainting Algorithm Based on TV Model Dr. Xiaobao Lu
A Fast Timing-Accurate MPSoC HW/SW Co-Simulation Platform based on a Novel Synchronization Scheme Mingyan Yu, Junjie Song, Fangfa Fu, Siyue Sun and Bo Liu
A Formal Model Of SystemC Components Using Fractal Hypergraphs Nicolas Vallee and Bruno Monsuez
A Framework for a Highly Constrained Sports Scheduling Problems Dr. Kimmo Nurmi
A Framework for Medical Diagnosis using Hybrid Reasoning Ms. Deepti Anne John
A Framework for UML Class Diagrams and Software Patterns Integration Dr. Wararat Rungworawut
A Fuzzy Approach for Hierarchical Multiobjective Linear Programming Problems Dr. Yano Hitoshi
A Fuzzy Expert System for Heart Disease Diagnosis Dr. mehdi neshat
A Fuzzy Multiple Objective Decision Making Model for Solving a Multi-Depot Distribution Problem Dr. Busaba Phruksaphanrat
A General Regression Test Selection Technique based on Dynamic Behavior Dr. Walid Said
A Generalized Predictive Control Scheme for Rotary Drilling Systems Dr. hadi dehghanzadeh
A Heuristic Procedure for Designing a Distribution Network in a Supply Chain System Using Harmony Search Meta-heuristic and Linear Programming   Dr. Amir Ardestani Jaafari 
A High Precision, Wide Range, Harmonic Lock Free DLL for DDR Applications kalyan gudipati and Srinivas MB
A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm-based Approach to Solve Parallel Machine Scheduling with Job Delivery Coordination Dr. Cheng-Hsiang Liu
A Java Approach for Implementing Organizational Information System on NetBeans Integrated Development Environment Dr. Tulshi Bezboruah
A Low Power Audio Delta-Sigma Modulator with Opamp-Shared and Opamp-Switched Techniques Dr. Qiao Yang
A Low Power Small Area Multi-bit Quantizer with A Capacitor String in Sigma-Delta Modulator Dr. Qiao Yang
A Mathematic Model of Acoustic Wave Propagation in Fluid using Moving Boundary and Dynamic Mesh Method Mr. F. Sharifi
A Mathematical Approach for Reducing the Maximum Traction Energy : The Case of Korean MRT Trains Dr. Kyung Min Kim
A Maximum Power Point Tracking of PV System by Scaling Fuzzy Control Dr. Yuen-Haw Chang
A Meta-Model Based Proposal for QOS of WSCDL Choreography Dr. Ravi Shankar Pandey
A Method for the Configuration of Hybrid Cellular Manufacturing System Dr. Minjie Chen
A Method of Predicting tRNA Secondary Structure from Nucleotide Sequences Dr. Cheng-Hong Yang
A Methodology for the Investigation of Access Points Dr. Vikram S Yadav 
A Methodology of Measuring Grouping Similarity on the Time Series Data through a Data Conversion Process Dr. Young Rhee
A Mixed Integer Programming formulation for Multi-floor Layout Dr. Amir Ardestani Jaafari
A Model for the Development of Universal Browser for Proper Utilization of Computer Resources Available in Service Cloud over Secured Environment Dr. Bishnu Prasad Gautam
A Model of Forming a Simple Path in a Level of a Complete K-ary Tree Maximizing Total Shortening Path Length Dr. Kiyoshi Sawada
A Modeling for High Power of 5kW Single Phase Inverter by Using PWM Switching Technique Prof. Dr Mohd Izhar
A Modified Particle Swarm Optimization for Multi-objective Open Shop Scheduling Dr. Hsing-hung Lin
A MOSFET-Only Delta-Sigma Modulator for Implantable Neural Signal Sensors Dr. Qiao Yang
A Multi-Criteria Decision Making Based Method for Ranking Sequential Patterns Dr. Mir Mohsen Pedram
A Multi-objective Approach for Multi-commodity Location within Distribution Network Design Problem Mr. Amir Ardestani Jaafari
A Multiple-Instance Scoring Method to Predict Tissue-Specific Cis-Regulatory Motifs and Regions Dr. Jin Gu
A Natural PCR-RFLP Primer Design for SNP Genotyping Using a Genetic Algorithm Dr. Cheng-Hong Yang
A Neuro-Fuzzy Approach for Daily Rainfall Prediction over the Central Region of Thailand Dr. Lily Ingsrisawang
A New Algorithm for Calculating Smaller Connected Dominating Sets in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Pi-Rong Sheu, Hung-Yuan Tsai and Chi-Chiuan Liou
A New Approach To Measure Software Security Zuohua Ding, Wei Han and Hairong Ye
A New Clustering Algorithm On Nominal Data Sets Dr. Bin Wang
A New Fuzzy Road Condition Detector for Antilock Braking System Dr. mehran habibi
A New Link Repair Technique for MAODV Routing Protocol Dr. Saiful Azad
A New method for Artifact Removing in EEG Signals Dr. Leilaand Farbod falah-setoudeh
A New Modeling Method for DC-DC Converter Based on Verilog-A Dr. Shao yali
A New Paradigm in Comprehensive Quality Function Deployment Analysis Dr. Jitendra Sharma
A New Prediction Algorithm: Flexible Switch for Combining LMS and RBF Adaptive Filters (CLMF) Dr. mohamad Reza poshideh 
A New Survey of Routing Algorithms in Ad hoc Networks Mr. Hosseini Nezhad
A New Technique for the Investigation of Chatter Formation during End Milling of Medium Carbon Steel (AISI 45) Dr. Md. Anayet Ullah Patwari
A New Tracing Algorithm for Automatic Boundary Extraction from Coronary Cineangiograms Dr. Farsad Zamani Boroujeni
A New Word Spotting Framework Using Hough Transform of Distance Matrix Images Dr. Hiroyuki NISHI
A Novel Approach for Online Handwriting Recognition of Tibetan Characters Dr. Jianjun Qian
A Novel CUSUM Median Control Chart Dr. Ling Yang
A Novel Fuzzy-Sliding Mode Controller for Antilock Braking System Dr. mehran habibi
A Novel K-Means Based Clustering Algorithm for High Dimensional Data Sets Dr. majid khalilian
A Novel Method for Tracking Taught Trajectories for VW-SEF G121 Robot Dr. Mohammad Esmaeili M. A.
A Novel Re-ranking System Using a Radar Chart Interface Dr. Jianwei Zhang
A Novel Time-bound Hierarchical Key Assignment Scheme for Mobile Agent Dr. Chia-Hui Liu
A Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Multi-depot Vehicle Routing problem with Pickup and Delivery Requests Dr. Pandhapon Sombuntham
A Polynomial Time Algorithm For Hamilton Cycle (Path) Dr. Lizhi Du
A Preliminary Analysis of Movement Times and Subjective Evaluations for a Visually-Controlled Foot-Tapping Task on Touch Pad Device Dr Alan Chan 
A Production Planning Problem Solved by the Particle Swarm Optimization Dr. Chen Yin-Yann
A Proposal of a Smart Access Point Allocation Algorithm for Scalable Wireless Mesh Networks Dr. Nobuo Funabiki
A Proposed Study on Facility Planning and Design in Manufacturing Process Mr. Khusna Dwijayanti
A Random Key-based Genetic Algorithm Approach for Resource-constrained Project Scheduling Problem with Multiple Modes Dr. Ikutaro Okada
A Reinforcement Learning approach to adjust parameters of texture segmentation Dr. Qaffou issam 
A Reinforcement Learning System for Transfer Scheduling of Freight Cars in a Train Dr. Yoichi Hirashima
A RESTful Approach For Platforms In The eGovernment Domain Dr. Luis Alvarez Sabucedo  
A Review of Facility Layout Selection Models in Manufacturing Organizations Dr. eida Nadirah
A Review of Micro-EDM Dr. S. Mahendran
A Rigorous Approach In Testing Service Component Architectures Zuohua Ding, Na Zhang and Xiaoan Bao. 
A Robust Double-Talk Detector for Acoustic Echo Cancellation Dr. Junghsi Lee
A Safe Regression Test Selection Technique for Multi-programming language Dr. Walid Said
A Scalable Interleaved DBA Mechanism within Polling Cycle for the Ethernet Passive Optical Networks Dr. I-Shyan Hwang
A Selective Minimum Delay Value Algorithm (SMDV) for Packet Contention Resolution in Optical Packet Switching Dr. Tan Saw Chin
A Simple Method for Calculating Vehicle Density in Traffic Images Dr. Tahere. Royani
A Stochastic Approach to Modeling the Managerial Information Processing Dr. Dejun Xie
A Strategy for optimization of on-chip memory in data dominated embedded Dr. srilatha chepure
A Study of Occupational Noise Exposure among Toll Tellers at Toll Plaza in Malaysia Dr. Sharifah Nadya 
A Study of Thai Succession Law Ontology on Supreme Court Sentences Retrieval Dr. Nuanwan Soonthornphisaj
A Study on Online Aspect Mining Dr. Yusuke Sakamoto
A Study on the Contact Stress of Modified Curvilinear Gears Dr. Yi-Cheng (Ethan) Chen
A survey on Communication technologies for Distribution Automation Dr. Kshitij Saxena
A Systematic and Practical Approach of Analyzing Offshore System Maintenance Data Dr. Hilmi Hussin
A Temperature Control for Plastic Extruder Used Fuzzy Genetic Algorithms Dr. Moch. ArieL IsmaiL
A Text Localization Algorithm in Color Image via New Projection Profile Dr. Gholamreza Aghajari 
A Tool Independent Improvement of IBIS Simulation on SSN boyuan zhou, junjian chu and lixin yu
A Two-Stage Shared Fiber Delay Line Optical Packet Switch Dr. Tan Saw Chin
A Universal Appointment Rule for a Single-Server System with Walk-ins & No-Shows Dr. YANG Kum Khiong 
Accelerated Linearly Decreasing Weight Particle Swarm Optimization for Data Clustering Dr. Cheng-Hong Yang 
Adaptive Free Space Management of Online Placement for Reconfigurable Systems Dr. Trong-Yen Lee
Adaptive Fuzzy Inverse Kinematics Algorithm of 3 DOF Planar Robot Manipulators Dr. W. M. Elawady
Adaptive Fuzzy-Neuro-Wavelet Dynamic Sliding-Mode Control for a BLDC Motor Prof Chun-Fei Hsu
Addressing Method for the Components of On-Chip Communication Dr. Prabhat Sharma
Agile Methodology in Software Development (SMEs) of Pakistan Software Industry for Successful Software Projects (CMM Framework) Dr. Muhammad Ishfaq Khan
Aging Algorithm for Anthropometric Digital Humans: Quantitative Estimation for Ergonomic Applications Dr. Hareesh P V
An Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Logic Based Controller for 6 DOF Stewart Platform Dr. B.D. Gidwani
An Adaptive Sampling Ensemble Classifier for Learning from Imbalanced Data Sets Dr. Jon Geiler Ordonez P
An Agent-Oriented Executive Model for Service Choreography Dr. mohammad zahiri 
An Algorithm for Single Loop Path Dr. Amir Ardestani Jaafari
An Alternative Numerical Method for Finding the Value of Transformation Parameter in the Box-Cox Transformation Dr. Lakhana Watthanacheewakul
An Analysis of Inverse Heat Conduction Problem on Irregular Shape Fins Dr. Jen-Chieh Li
An Approach Based on S.C.G.M. for the 3D Shape Optimization of the Pressure Vessel with Spherical Dome Dr. Jen-Chieh Li
An Approach to Design, Simulate & Synthesize Frequency Meter Using VLSI TECHNOLOGY Dr. Abhay Sharma
An Architectural Framework For Quantum Algorithms Processing Unit (QAPU) Dr. M. Reza
An Architectural Framework of a Crawler for Retrieving Highly Relevant Web Documents by Filtering Replicated Web Collections Dr. Shashi Shekhar
An Attempt to Improve the Sitting Posture of Children in the Classrooms Dr. Keiko Ishihara
An Authentication Scheme with Anonymity for Wireless Environments Dr. Mona Abu Al-Khair
An Economical Rapid Control Prototyping System Design with Matlab/Simulink and TMS320F2812 DSP Mr. Xianmin Chen
An Efficient Method to Simulate the Pulse Propagation and Switching Effects of a Fiber Bragg Grating Dr. Farzin Emami
An Energy Efficient Coverage Method for Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks Dr. jamshid Shanbehzadeh 
An Energy-Efficient Scan Chain Architecture to Reliable Test of VLSI Chips Dr. Ahmad Patooghy
An Expandable Petri Net Framework for Method Behavior Evaluation of Reconfigured Equipment Dr. Wan-Ling Li
An Expressive Outerplanar Graph Pattern Class and its Efficient Pattern Matching Algorithm Dr. Takayoshi Shoudai
An Implantable Artificial Neuroprosthesis placed in occipital lobe of Brain for visual processing in blind using Adaptive VLSI  Dr. A.V.Bhavyabhushan Yadav
An Improved Solution Algorithm for Two-Job Shop Scheduling Problems with Availability Constraints Dr. Riad Aggoune
An Improved Spectral Clustering Algorithm Dr. yifei zhang
An Improved Switching Hybrid Recommender System Using Naive Bayes Classifier and Collaborative Filtering Dr. Mustansar Ali Ghazanfar
An Indoor Positioning Technique Based on Fuzzy Logic Dr. Jen Pin Yang
An Inexact Proximal Alternating Directions Method For Structured Variational Inequalities Dr. Zheng Peng
An Integrated Design Support Methodology for Walking Worker Assembly Lines Mr. Atiya A.K Alzuheri 
An Integrated Model for the Assessment of Collaboration in the Supply Chain Dr. Hung-Jen Tu
An Intelligent Fuzzy Neural Call Admission Control mechanism for Guaranteed QoS in heterogeneous wireless networks Dr. RAMESH BABU.H.S
An Intelligent Human Face Recognition Algorithm Dr. Dr. Sherif Kassem
An Intelligent System for Manufacturability Evaluation and Generation of Alternative Processes Dr. Morteza Sadegh amalnik
An Interactive Augmented Reality System for Learning Anatomy Structure Dr. Chien-Huan Chien
An Interactive Fuzzy Satis cing Method for Multiobjective Operation Planning of District Heating and Cooling Plants Considering Various Penalties for Violation of Contract Dr. Takeshi MATSUI
An Ontology-enhanced Cloud Service Discovery System Professor Ben Kwang-Mong
An Operating System for SOC Validation Dr. PRATIK SHAH
An Optimal Ordering Policy for Special Display Goods with Seasonal Demand Dr. Hidefumi Kawakatsu
An optimization study on the ultrasonic welding of ABS and PMMA  by Taguchi Robust Design Dr. Ali Noroozi
An Overview on Plagiarism Detection tools to detect the Translated Plagiarism Dr. B V Durga kumar
An Platform Based Cryptographic Co-Processor for FPGA Bitstream Security Dr. sangeeta w
Analysis and Measures of Reducing Commercial Power Losses by Enhancing Metering System in Zambia Mr. Dickson K Chembe
Analysis and Simulation Routing Management MIRA (Minimum Interference Routing Algorithm) for speedy traffic on MPLS Network Mr. Rendy Munadi
Analysis of International Air Passenger Flows between Two Countries in the APEC Region Using Non-parametric Regression Tree Models Dr. Li-Yen Chang
Analysis of Mouse Periodic Gene Expression Data Based on Singular Value Decomposition and Autoregressive Modeling Dr. Vivian, Tang Tsz Yan
Analysis of Variance with Weibull Data Dr. Lakhana Watthanacheewakul
Analysis of Welding Characteristics of Austentic Stainless Steel for the Process of TIG and MIG welding Mr.L.Suresh kumar
ANFIS Modeling and ANFIS Controller for A Nonlinear Coupled Liquid-level System Dr. Eng. Tahani Allam
Ant Colony Optimization Routing Algorithm with Tabu Search Dr. Masaya Yoshikawa
Application of Bhave Toolset for System Control and Electronic System Design K.L. Man, T. Krilavicius
Application of Cleaner Technology Concepts in the Arm Coil Assembly Process of Hard Disk Drive Manufacturing Dr. Rungchat Chompu-inwai
Application of Computer Aided Engineering with Genetic Algorithm and Taguchi method in Nonlinear Double-Dynamic Robust Parameter Design Dr. Pisvimol C
Application of General Linear Model to the Reduction of Defectives in Packaging Process of Soap Industry Dr. Angsumalin Senjuntichai
Application of genetic immune algorithm on solving disinfection problem of water distribution network system Dr. Chien-Wei Chu
Application of Nanoporous Silicon for Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Photodetector Dr. narin atiwongsangthong
Application of Neuro Fuzzy Reduced Order Observer in Magnetic Bearing Systems Dr. manar eltantawie
Applications of Knowledge-Based Expert Systems to Feng Shui Knowledge Dr. Michael Mak
Applications of operation research to the analysis for the impacts of the transmission line capacity limitation on clean power development Dr. Jinxu Ding and Dr. Arun Somani 
Applications of Statistical Methods for Rainfall Prediction over the Eastern Thailand Dr. Lily Ingsrisawang
Applying Energy Balance Method for solving different kinds of Oscillators: Duffing Harmonic Oscillator and oscillators with fractional power Aliosat Ebrahimnezhad
Applying the Certification's Standards to the Simulation Study Steps Dr. ISSAM AL HADID
Applying the Kaizen Method and the 5S Technique in the Activity of Post-Sale Services in the Knowledge-Based Organization Prof. Mihail TITU
Arabic Information Retrieval System using the Neural Network Model Dr. ISSAM AL HADID
Architecture for 6LoWPAN mobile Communicator system Dr. Usman Sarwar
Artificial Intelligent Controller based Three-Phase Shunt Active Filter for Harmonic Reduction and Reactive Power Compensation Dr. P.Rathika
Attempt to syntax directed translation of DI circuits Abhinav Asthana and Hemangee Kapoor
Automated Test Data Generation For Programs Having Array Of Variable Length And Loops With Variable Number Of Iteration DR. BICHITRA KALITA.
Automatic Adaptive Center of Pupil Detection Using Face Detection and CDF Analysis Dr. Jamshid Shanbehzadeh
Automatic Control for Oxygen Intake via Nasal Cannula Dr. Deacha Chumlert
Automatic Musical Pattern Feature Extraction Using Convolutional Neural Network Mr. Tom LH. Li
Breast Cancer Specimen Analysis Dr. Debnath Bhattacharyya
Budget Constraint in Reforestation Meant for Minimizing Sediment Load at a Watershed Outlet Dr. Pablo Vanegas
Buyer Formation with Bundle of Items in E-Marketplaces by Genetic Algorithm Dr. Anon Sukstrienwong
Byte code Interpreter for 8051 Microcontroller Dr. Suripon Somkuarnpanit
Calculating SAR Disribution In Human Head Due to Radiation From Cell Phone Using FDTD Method Dr.  Anurag Misra 
Calculation of Fuel Consumption on Hybrid Power System Driven by Two Motors Connected in Series with CVT Dr. Koji Sakota
CARA: A Cancer Risk Assessment System Dr. Gi-Chul Yang
Channel Capacity of Ultra-Wide Band Systems with Interference Dr. Chien-Ching Chiu
Classification of Multi-Class Datasets Using 2D Membership Functions in TSK Fuzzy System Dr. Loghman Kaki 
Classifying Sensors Depending on Their IDs to Reduce Power Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks Dr. Ayman Brisha
Cluster-Dot Halftoning based on the Error Diffusion with no Directional Characteristic Dr. Koji Nakano
Coating Cutting Tools with Hard Substance Lowers Friction Co-efficient and Improves Tool Life - A Review Dr. Titus Bitek WATMON
Coating Inserts enhances carbide tool life in turning operation Mr. Titus B. Watmon
Co-evolving Best Response Strategies for P-S-Optimizing Negotiation using Evolutionary Algorithms Professor Ben Kwang-Mong
Collision Avoidance Control for Mobile Robot Based on Online Analysis of Walking Pattern Dr. Tomoyuki Nakao
Combining Data Envelopment Analysis And Business Process Simulation For Analyzing The Efficiency Of Business Processes Dr. Anne Dohmen
Community Rating in the Tele-Lecturing Context Mr. Franka Moritz
Comparative Efficiency of Color Models for Multi-focus Color Image Fusion Dr. S. Udomhunsakul
Comparative Studies of Wireless Communication Networks and its Future Dr. manish gupta
Comparative study of robust controllers for vibration control of flexible structures by combining pre-compressed layer damping and ACLD treatment Dr  R Sharma
Comparison between Different Global Weighting Schemes Dr. mohammed nassar
Comparison of Adaptive Vibration Control Techniques for Smart Structures using Virtual Instrumentation software LAB-VIEW Dr  Rajiv Kumar Sharma
Comparison of Learning Parameters Using R-Prop Technique in The Neural Network Training For User Authentication System Ms Annie ak Joseph and Dr. David Bong
Comparison of Two On-line Hybrid System Identification Methods Dr. Tohid Alizadeh
Comparison of Well-known Scheduling Methodologies: A Case Study Dr. Tadsanee Kaewpaitoon
Comparisons of Several Pareto Population Means Dr. Lakhana Watthanacheewakul
Comparitive Study of Difference watermarking Techniques Dr. Keshri Verma
Competitive Facilities Location Problems with Fuzzy Random Demand Dr. Takeshi UNO
Complementary Binary Particle Swarm Optimization for Operon Prediction Dr. Cheng-Hong Yang 
Computational Complexity of Capacity Planning Problems under Uncertainty Dr.Abhilasha Aswal
Computational Modeling of Electromechanical Behaviors of Dielectric Elastomer Actuators Dr. Woosang JUNG
Computer-assisted Detection and Grading of Prostatic Cancer in Biopsy Image Mr. Yen-Chih Wu
Conceptual Design of a Low-cost Reconfigurable Machine Tool Dr. Igor Gorlach
Consideration on Sensitivity for Multiple Correspondence Analysis Dr. Masaaki Ida
Constrained Response Surface Optimisation for Precisely Atomising Spraying Process Ms. Yanisa Suwankham, Dr.Samerjit Homrossukon and Dr.Pongchanun Luangpaiboon
Constructing Student Personal Course Scheduling Problem with Spreading Activation on a Course Network Dr. Yukio Hori
Contact Stress Analysis of Straight Concave Conical Involute Gear Pairs with Small Intersected Angles Dr. Chia-Chang Liu
Control of Blood Glucose Regulation in Type I diabetic Patient Dr. Karthikeyan Manickam
Control of Space Robot for Moving Target Capturing Dr. Shinichi Tsuda
Controllability of touch-screen phones based on various grip postures Mr. Youngjae Im 
Cooperative Diversity in Wireless Networks Dr. Adnan Mahmood
Correcting Odometry Errors for Mobile Robots Using Image Processing Phd. Eng. Adrian Korodi.   
Creating Project-Specific Agent-Oriented Methodologies Using a Feature-Based Evaluation Framework and Situational Method Engineering Dr. Zohreh Akbari