The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with revisions) for IMECS 2010 are listed here:

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Titles (D_N)

Contact Authors
Data Load Impact on RFID Anti-collision Protocols Ms. Cherry Dabas 
Data Mining in Malaria Detection Dr. Madjid Rastegar
Data Stream Clustering: Challenges and Issues Dr. majid khalilian 
Data Structure for Dynamic Patterns Mr. Chouvalit Khancome
DataAssist - Data Analysis Software for TaqMan Real-Time PCR Data Mr. Matt Xia
Decentralized Two-Level 0-1 Programming through Distributed Genetic Algorithms Dr. Keiichi Niwa
Decision Support for the Dynamic Reconfiguration of Machine Layout and Part Routing in Cellular Manufacturing Mr. Hao Wen Lin
Decision Support System - Skin Cancer Dr. sadigheh taheri 
Decoding the (41, 21, 9) Quadratic Residue Code Dr. Chong-Dao Lee
Delineating SPECT Lung Contours using 3D Snakes Dr. Alex Wang
Derivation of 3-Point Block Method Formula for Solving First Order Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations Dr. Khairul Hamidi bin Khairul Anuar 
Design ,Testing and Performance of 800kV  Self Compression SF6 Circuit Breaker Dr. Anwar Mulla
Design and Implementation of Full Adder Cell with the GDI Technique Based on 0.18 um CMOS Technology Amin Bazzazi and Bahareh Eskafi
Design and Implementation of Multi-Context Rewriting Induction Dr. Haruhiko Sato
Design of a Charge-Pump PLL for LVDS SerDes Dr. Jianbin Pan
Design of A Gaussian Filter based on Particle Swarm Optimization for Automatic Visual Inspection System Dr. K. Thongyoun
Design of a High Throughput 128-bit AES (Rijndael Block Cipher) Dr. Tanzilur Rahman
Design of a Menu Structure for the Instrument Cluster IVIS using Taguchi Method Mr. Seungpyo Hong
Design of a Multi-Input Fuzzy Logic Power System stabilizer For Reduced Order Power system Mr. Mohamed Ali A.masrob
Design of Clamp Forward Converter Used in Mobile Devices Dr. Chia-Sheng Tsai
Design of Heat-Cold Integration System between Thawing and Cooling of Pre-cooking Fish Processes Dr. A. Suwatthikul
Design of PLC-based Smith Predictor for Controlling Processes with Long Dead Time Mr. Asim Vodencarevic
Design of Simulator for 3MW Wind Turbine and Its Condition Monitoring System Dr. Joon-Young Park
Design of Valve Less Micropump Using Preliminary Characteristics from Fluid Flow Dr. Devarajan Ramasamy 
Design Optimization of Air Intake System (AIS) of 1.6L Engine by Adding Guide Vane Dr. R.Deva
Design Optimization of Discrete-time Single-Loop Sigma-Delta ADCs via Nonideality and Power Analyses Dr. Fu-Chuang Chen
Designing and Manufacturing a Self-Propelled Rotary Tool along with Study and Optimization of Al99 Machining Parameters by Taguchi Method Using Genetic Algorithm Programming Dr. Mohammad Esmaeili M. A.
Designing Undergraduate Research through Computer Science Teaching Prof. Yousuo Joseph Zou
Detection of Diesel Engine Cylinder Pressure Using Surface Vibration Signals Dr. ZHU Jianyuan
Determination of Natural Frequencies by Coupled Method of Homotopy Perturbation and Variational Method for Strongly Nonlinear Oscillators Dr. M. Akbarzade
Developing Rule-Case-Based Shell Expert System Dr. Hussein Hadi Owaied
Development and improvement of a Washer-Dryer with Kansei Ergonomics Dr. Shigekazu Ishihara
Development of a Filling Sauce Equipment System for Fish Canning Industry  Dr. J.Panjamadisorn
Development of a Robotic Navigator to Assist the Farmer in Field Dr. Anshuka Srivastava
Development of Advanced Insulator Inspection Robot for 345kV Suspension Insulator Strings Dr. Joon-Young Park
Development of an Agent Based VCIM Resource Scheduling Process for Small and Medium Enterprises Mr. Ning Zhou
Development of Hybrid Image by Fusion Dr.K.Senthamarai Kannan
Development of semantic based information retrieval using word-net approach Dr. D. Nithiya
Deviation Of the Calculated Vapor And Liquid Density Of Refrigerant Fluids At Different Temperatures And Pressures Using Aforementioned Equations Of State From Literature Data Dr. mohammad mobinipouya
Diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel  disease using Data Mining and Artificial Neural Network Dr. rajalakshmi srinivasan
Distributed Automated Fuzzy Reasoning System-Fuzzy Modulations for Knowledge Representation Dr. P. Venkata Subba Reddy  
Document Clustering Through Non-Negative Matrix Factorization: A Case Study of Hadoop for Computational Time Reduction of Large Scale Documents Dr. Bishnu Prasad Gautam
Dual Watermarking Scheme with Encryption Mr. R.Dhanalakshmi
Dynamic Load Balancing of Short Videos in Heterogeneous Storage Environment Dr. Wiboonsak Jaiphakdee 
Dynamic Session Management Based on Reinforcement Learning in Virtual Server Environment Dr. Kimihiro Mizutani
Edge-Preserving Fuzzy-C_Mean (FCM) and its Application for MRI Image Segmentation Mr. mohammad ali balafar
Effect of Flow Arrangement on the Heat Transfer Behaviors of a Microchannel Heat Exchanger Dr. Thanhtrung Dang
Effect of Load on Upper Limb Muscle and Brain Activity in Light Assembly Task Dr. Hilma Raimona Zadry
Effect of Process Parameters and Piece Size on the Bond Formation and Energy Consumption during Ultrasonic Consolidation of ABS Parts Dr. Ali Noroozi
Effect of Radiation and Magnetic Field on Mixed Convection at a Vertical Plate in a Porous Medium with Variable Fluid Properties and Varying Wall Temperature Dr. C.N.B.Rao
Effective Implementation of Reliability Centered Maintenance Dr. M.Bassam Nabhan
Effects of Design Factors of the Instrument Cluster Panel on Consumers' Affection Dr. Gahun Jung 
Efficiency Evaluation and Inefficiency Decomposition, Using Data Envelopment Analysis: An empirical study Mr. Amir Darvish Hosseini
Efficient Algorithm for the Paired-Domination Problem in Convex Bipartite Graphs Dr. Ruo-Wei Hung
Efficient Date-constraint Access Control and Key Management Scheme for Mobile Agents Dr. Chia-Hui Liu
Efficient Feature Selection and Domain Relevance Term Weighting Method for Text Classification Dr. aurangzebkhan khan
Electric Motor Fault Diagnosis Based on Parameter Estimation Approach Using Genetic Algorithm Dr. juggrapong treetrong
Enabling Service-Based Application Development through Social Objects Dr. Peter D. Schott 
Energy Efficient Clustering Communication Based on Number of Neighbors for Wireless Sensor Networks Dr. Noritaka SHIGEI
Enhanced Generic Information Services using Mobile Messaging Dr. Engr. Muhammad Saleem Wazir
Enhanced Load Balancing Mechanism with Service Level Agreement using Refuge Console in Private Cloud Environment Mr. M.Murali
Equivalent Circuit Model of the Slotted Ground Structures (SGSs) Underneath the Microstrip Line Dr. Hung-Wei Wu
Ergonomic Redesign and Evaluation of Ice Hook in Ice Block Manufacturing Dr. Haruetai L
Evaluating the Core Damage Frequency of a TRIGA Research Reactor Using Risk Assessment Tool Software Dr Mohammadreza Nematollahi
Evaluating the Reliability of AP1000 Passive Core Cooling Systems with Risk Assessment Tool Dr Mohammadreza Nematollahi
Evaluating the Research Performance of a R&D Program: an Application of DEA Dr. Byung Ho Jeong
Evaluation of Simulation Strategy on Single-Player Monte-Carlo Tree Search and its Discussion for a Practical Scheduling Problem Dr. Shimpei Matsumoto
Experimental implementation of Pole Placement Techniques for Active Vibration Control of Smart Structures Dr  Rajiv Kumar Sharma
Experimental Study on Displaying Localized Dynamic HTTP Content in a Mobile Environment Dr. eranda lakshantha
Exploring the Behavior of Mobile Ad hoc Network Routing protocols with Reference to Speed and Terrain range Prof. Asha Ambhaikar
Extended INFELT STEP: An interoperable Platform for managing collaboration among new product development applications and CAD/CAM software Integrated based on ISO 10303 (STEP) Standard Dr. Omid Fatahi 
Fast Algorithm in ECC for Wireless Sensor Network Dr Xu Huang
Fast Generation of Pseudo-Random Cryptographic Keys using Variable Speed String Rotations Dr. suhas manangi 
Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Induction Motors Based on Higher-Order Spectrum Dr. juggrapong treetrong
Fault Detection Using Difference Flatness and Fuzzy Logic Prof. F. Mora-Camino
Fault Diagnosis of Transformers Based on Radial Basis Function Dr. A.Salami 
Fault-Free Vertex-Pancyclicity in Twisted Cubes with Faulty Edges Dr. Jung-Sheng Fu
Financial Stock Market Forecast using Data Mining Techniques Dr.K.Senthamarai Kannan
Finite Element Analysis of Cemented Hip Arthroplasty: Influence of Stem Tapers Dr. Abdul Halim Abdullah
Formal Development of Trustworthy Electronic Payment Systems using Event-B Dr. Divakar Yadav
FPGA-Based Multi Protocol Data Acquisition System with High Speed USB Interface Dr. Suripon Somkuarnpanit
Framework for Analysis and Improvement of Data-fusion Algorithms Dr. mohammed nassar
Framework for PSS from Service' Perspective Dr. Lujing Yang 
Frameworks for SQL Retrieval on Web Application Security Dr. Haeng-Kon Kim
Frameworks for u Health Care System Using Fuzzy Functions Dr. Haeng-Kon Kim
Frequency Divider Design Using Λ-Type Negative Differential Resistance Circuit Kwang-Jow Gan, Kuan-Yu Chun and Dong-Shong Liang
Frictional Fuel Cell Dr. vinoth balaji 
Fundamental Characteristics of the Individual Photon and their Interaction with Brain Photons Dr. Nenad Delic
Future assessment of municipal solid waste management strategy for Taichung Special Municipality in Taiwan Mr. Yao-Jen, Chang
Future Human Performance Model for Malaysian Train Driver Mr. Mohd Azlis Sani Md Jalil
Fuzzy economic production quantity model: A fuzzy differential equations approach Dr. Abozar Kordi 
Fuzzy Self-Tuning Fuzzy Precompensation Inverse Dynamics Controller of 3 DOF Planar Robot Manipulators Dr. W. M. Elawady
Fuzzy Self-Tuning Fuzzy Precompensation PD control with gravity compensation of 3 DOF Planar Robot Manipulators Dr. W. M. Elawady
Fuzzy Self-Tuning Inverse Dynamics Control of 3 DOF Planar Robot Manipulators Dr. W. M. Elawady
Fuzzy Threshold Values in the Robust Design of Controllers for Probabilistic Uncertain Systems Dr. Nader Nariman-zadeh
Gaining Insights to the importation of food to Sri Lanka using Data Mining Dr. H. C. Fernando 
Genetically Improved PSO Algorithm for Efficient Data Clustering Dr. Rehab Abdelkader
Geofencing Components and Existing Models Mr. Anthony Ijeh
Geofencing Engineering Design and Methodology Mr. Anthony Ijeh
Geofencing Security Engineering Mr. Anthony Ijeh
GPTIPS:An Open Source Genetic Programming Toolbox For Multigene Symbolic Regression Dr. Mark Willis
Group-Based ICI Canceller Combined with Complex Sphere Decoding for Fast-Fading OFDM System Dr. Rih-Lung Chung
Handmade Glasses-free 3D Viewer Using Commecial DIY Goods Dr. Kunio Sakamoto
Harmonic Reduction Technique in PWM AC Voltage Controller using Particle Swarm Optimization and Artificial Neural Network Dr. Pairoj Piyarungsan
HDM: A Hybrid Data Mining Technique for Stock Exchange Prediction Dr. Ahmad Patooghy
High Density Impulse Noise Removal in Color Images Using Region of Interest Median Controlled Adaptive Recursive Weighted Median Filter Dr. Senthil rajan
High-Conversion-Ratio Switched-Capacitor Boost DC-AC Inverter Using Sinusoidal PWM Control Dr. Yuen-Haw Chang
High-Conversion-Ratio Switched-Capacitor Step-Up DC-DC Converter Dr. Yuen-Haw Chang
Human-centric Mechanism Design for Ubiquitous Systems and Applications Dr. Simon G. M. Koo
HUP: An Unstructured Hierarchical Peer-to-Peer Protocol Mr. Guruprasad Khataniar
Hybrid DPWM with Analog Delay Locked Loop Dr. Qiao Yang
Hybridisations of Variable Neighbourhood and Modified Simplex Methods to Harmony Search Algorithm for Process Optimisations Dr. pasura aungkulanon
Identification of Fault Locations in Underground Distribution System using Discrete Wavelet Transform Dr. C. Apisit
Identification of Fault Types for Underground Cable using Discrete Wavelet Transform Dr. C. Apisit
Identifying Crucial Website Quality Factors of Virtual Communities Dr. L.-S. Chen
Identifying Leader or Follower using a Binary Approach Dr. D. M. Akbar Hussain
Identity Verification by combining Face and Fingerprint biometrics: A multimodal biometric approach Dr. Shaikh Naeem Hamid
Image Based Monitoring for Combustion Systems Dr Junghui (Jason) Chen 
Image Retrieval Techniques based on Image Features: A State of Art approach for CBIR Dr. Vijaykumar Kolkure
Image Similarity with Time Series Analysis Dr. V.Balamurugan
Impact of Work-Rest Period on Mental Fatigue in Inspection Task with Microscope: Case Study of Hard Disk Drive Component Manufacturing Company Dr. Rungchat Chompu-inwai
Implementation and Analysis of Quasi-Adiabatic Inverters Prasad Khandekar, Shaila Subbaraman and Abhijit Chitre
Implementation of Hierarchical and Distributed Control for Discrete Event Robotic Manufacturing Systems Dr. Genichi Yasuda
Implementation of Multi-Protocol, Data Acquisition With High Speed USB Interface, Using FPGA Dr. Sirisak Max
Improved Outsourcing process model Dr. mohammed nassar
Improved stability criterion for discrete-time systems Dr. kreangkri ratchagit
Improving AODV Protocol against Blackhole Attacks Mr Devesh C Jinwala
Improving Ship Stability in Automated Stowage Planning for Large Containerships Dr. Zeng Min
In silico analysis of micro array data for prostate cancer Dr. SATENDRA SINGH
In-Cylinder Heat Transfer Characteristics of Hydrogen Fueled Engine: Steady State Approach Dr. Md. Mustafizur Rahman
Integrated Soft Computing for Computer Network Dr. surat srinoy 
Integrating Context-Aware Computing in Decision Support System Dr. Chen Ning
Integration of Discrete Event Simulation with an Automated Problem Identification Dr. Parminder Singh Kang 
Intelligent Control of a SPM System Design with Parameter Variations Dr. Prof. Jium-Ming Lin
Intelligent Co-operative PIM Architecture for Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition Dr. D. M. Akbar Hussain
Intelligent Discovery for the Data Mining Process: An Ontology-based Approach Prof Santosh Kumar Soni
Interactive Random Fuzzy Two-Level Programming through Possibility-based Fractile Criterion Optimality Dr. Hideki Katagiri
Inter-Organizational Relationships and Supply Chain Performance: Case Study of the Subsidiary Company of a Car Parts Manufacturer Dr. P. Gautier 
Interpolative Frequency Characteristics Generators for the Vestibular Nucleus Activity Dr. Alexandru Codrean 
Inter-Vehicle Communication Protocols for Multimedia Transmission kayhan zrar koyee 
Intracavity Dynamics For Power And Energy Enhancement In Mode-Locked Lasers Dr. Nathan Kutz
Intra-Organizational Model of Communicaton on Serious Risks Dr. Mira Kajko-Mattsson
Investigating the Possibility of Compensating for Multipath and Doppler Shift Simultaneously for Analog QAM Signals at Radio Frequency Mr. Lusungu Ndovi
Investigation of Relationship on Prolonged Computer User with Neck Pain and Neck Muscle Strength Dr. Hilma Raimona Zadry
Investigation of Three Channel Oversampled FIR Filter Bank Mrs.S.R.Chougule
Investigation on Time to Fatigue for Upper Limb Muscle during a Repetitive Light Assembly Task Dr. santy
Investigation on Upperlimb Muscle Activity and Grip Strength During Drilling Task Dr. Mirta Widia
Iris Recognition System Using PCA Algorithm and Wavelet for Biometric Verification Dr. Farbod Setoudeh
IRIS RECOGNITION USING NEURAL NETWORK Dr. Leilaand Farbod falah-setoudeh
ITIL-Based Service Management Empirical Case Study Dr. Mihyar Hesson
Knowledge Based System in Molecular Structure Prediction with Reference to Chemical Compounds Dr. binod kumar 
Knowledge Discovery in Virtual Reality Databases Dr. jacob vetharaj
Krylov Subspace Spectral Methods for the Time-Dependent Schrodinger Equation with Non-Smooth Potentials Dr. James Lambers
Latent Semantic Analysis for Classifying Scene Images Dr. Kelly, C.H. Lee
Learning Characteristic Structured Patterns in Rooted Planar Maps Dr. Takayoshi Shoudai
Learning of Soccer Player Agents Using a Policy Gradient Method: Pass Selection Dr. Harukazu Igarashi
Lexical Pattern Generalization for Ontology Learning and Population: A Survey Dr. Yousef Rastegari
Light Bullet Mode-Locking In Waveguide Arrays Dr. Nathan Kutz
Logistic Maturity and Performance: Which Link? Dr. Mohamed Mahjoub DHIAF
Losses Reduction In Distribution Transformers Dr. Abdullah Al-Badi
Low Back Pain and Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Among workers in Steel Industry Dr. Sarbjeet Singh
Low Cost System on Chip Design for Audio Processing Ayas Swain and Kamalakanta Mahapatra
Low Latency Clustering & Mapping Algorithm with Task Duplication Technique on Cluster-Based NoC Fangfa Fu, Yuxin Bai, Xin'an Hu, Jinxiang Wang and Mingyan Yu
Low Noise Color Error Diffusion using the 8-Color Planes Dr. Koji Nakano
Low Power Op-Amp Based on Weak Inversion with Miller-Cascoded Frequency Compensation submission information Maryam Borhani and Farhad Razaghian. 
Luminance Detection of LED Panel Display by Otsu Dr. Van-Tsai Liu 
Makespan Minimization of Machines and Automated Guided Vehicles Schedule Using Binary Particle Swarm Optimization Dr. Hafidz Fazli Fauadi
Managing Sales Return in Dual Sales Channel: Common Return versus Cross-Channel Return Analysis Dr. Erwin Widodo
Matchings Extend to Perfect Matchings on Hypercube Networks Dr. Y-Chuang Chen
Memory Convergence Analysis for Different Iterative Procedures in RNN Dr. subhash pandey
Metric driven Framework for Processor Verification Dr. asheesh shah
Microcontroller Based Variable Frequency Power Inverter Dr. Mohammed E. Salem
Microwave Imaging of Buried 2D Homogeneous Dielectric Cylinder Using Dynamic Differential Evolution Dr. Chien-Ching Chiu
Minimization of Common-Mode Conducted Noise in PWM Inverter-fed AC Motor Drive Systems using Optimized Passive EMI Filter Dr. Chaiyan Jettanasen
Minimizing Variable-Weighted X3SAT Dr. Stefan Porschen
Mobile Phone Services in Makkah, Saudi Arabia Dr. Mohammed Simsim
Modeling a Decision Support System for a Development Organization Ms. Sudipa Sarker
Modeling and Analysis of End-To-End Delay for Ad Hoc Pervasive Multimedia Network Dr. Hemant Sharma
Modeling and Control of 5DOF Robot Arm Using Supervisory Control Dr. Ahmed Zakari Al-assar
Modeling and Optimization of Generic Pull Supply Chain Dr. sajjad shokoohyar 
Modeling of Bead Geometry in Submerged Arc Welding using Developed Fluxes Dr. Vinod Kumar
Modeling the Volumetric Errors in Calibration of Five-axis CNC Machine Dr. TAN SENG KHIM 
Modern Manufacturing Paradigms - A Comparison Dr. Arun N. Nambiar
Momentum Analysis based Stock Market Prediction using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) Dr. G. N. Pillai
Monocular 3D Vision with Correct Depth Using Polypyrrole Film Actuator for Light-weight Display Unit Dr. Kunio Sakamoto
Monte Carlo Simulation Method Used in Reliability Evaluation of a Laboratory-based Micro Grid Ms. Su Youli
Moral Hazard Can Be Resolved in Communication for S4n-Logic - Acyclic Communication Network Case - Dr. Takashi Matsuhisa
Motif and Anomaly Discovery of Time Series Based on Subseries Join Dr. Yi (Jessy) Lin
Multi-Echelon System for deteriorating items with Inflation induced demand Dr. S R Singh
Multi-Objective Optimization for Software Development Projects Dr. Tad Gonsalves
Multiple Particle Swarm Optimizers with Diversive Curiosity Dr. Hong Zhang
Multiple Periodic Preventive Maintenance for Used Equipment under Lease Dr. PATTARASAYA BOONYATHAP
Multiple-Valued Computing Using Field Emission - Based Carbon Nanotube Controlled Switching Dr. Anas N. Al-Rabadi
Named Entity Recognition for Tibetan Texts Using Case-auxiliary Grammars Dr. Jiang Tao
Navigation in Tilings of the Hyperbolic Plane and Possible Applications Dr. Margenstern Maurice
Negotiation Based Collaborative Planning In Two-tier Supply Chain Ms. Yuan Chao
Nested vs. Joint Optimization of Vehicle Routing Problems with Three-dimensional Loading Constraints Dr. Greg Koloch
Neural Network-based Decoupled Sliding Mode Controller Design for Discrete-time Nonlinear MIMO Systems by SPSA Algorithm Dr. Ching-Hung Lee
Neuro-Fuzzy Systems: An Hybrid Approach Dr. Anuj Kumar Rana
New Blind Equalization Technique for Constant Modulus Algorithm (CMA) Dr. Waleed El Nahal
New Construction of Single- and Multi-output Boolean Functions with High Algebraic Immunity Yefeng He and Wenping Ma
Noise Analysis of Ultra High Speed SiGe BiCMOS Track and Hold Amplifier for Fiber Optic Equalizer Hailang Liang, Stan Skafidas and Rob Evans
Nonlinear Systems Design by a Novel Fuzzy Neural System via Hybridization of EM and PSO Algorithms Dr. Ching-Hung Lee
Novel Robust Adaptive Control for High Performance Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor Drives Using Space Vector Modulation Dr. belkacem sebti 
Numerical Modeling for Seismic Racking of a Dual-wall Subway Station Box in Soft Ground Dr. Ching-Jong Wang
Numerical Study of the Heat Transfer Phenomena on ZnO Pyroelectric Film Sensor Dr. M.S.Suen