The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCE 2010 are listed here:

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Titles (E_N)

Contact Authors
EEG Eye Blink Classification Using Neural Network Dr. Rajesh Singla
Effecient and Secure Micro-Moblity Mechanism based on Host Identity Protocol (HIP) Dr. M. M. Muslam
Effect of Activated Sludge on Limestone Reactivity Dr. Makame Mbarawa
Effect of Boost Temperature on the Performance and Emissions of a Common Rail Diesel Engine Operating with Rapeseed Methyl Ester (RME) Dr. Rizalman Mamat
Effect Of Calcination Temperature On The Morphology Of Plating Sludge DR. NURCAN TUGRUL
Effect of Core Material Stiffness on Sandwich Panel Behavior Beyond the Yield Limit Dr. Salih N Akour
Effect of Cup Deflection on Friction of Hip Resurfacing Prosthesis with Various Clearances Using Blood and Clotted Blood as Lubricants Dr. SAEED AFSHINJAVID
Effect of Depth Implantation of Lanthanum on The Oxidation of Fe80Cr20 based Alloys Dr. Darwin Sebayang
Effect of Different Design Parameters On Lift, Thrust and Drag of an Ornithopter Dr. Farooq Ahmad
Effect of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) on Cylinder Residual Gas in an IDI Diesel Engine Dr. M.E. Feyz
Effect of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) with Multiple Injections on Combustion Pattern in a Common Rail Diesel Engine Dr. Rizalman Mamat
Effect of Mechanical Properties of Adhesives on Stress Distributions in Structural Bonded Joints Dr.  Xiaocong He
Effect of Particle Size and Sand Inventory on Wall-to-Bed Heat transfer Characteristics of Circulating Fluidized Bed Riser Prof. P Mahanta
Effect of Thermal-Barrier Coating plus Fuel Additive for Reducing Emission from Di Diesel Engine Dr. A.P. Sathiyagnanam
Effect of Throughput in MANET for Static & Dynamic Network For IEEE 802.11 Dr. Kumar Manoj
Effect of Vertical vibrations on Natural Heat Transfer from an Isothermal Array of Cylinders Dr. ali noori 
Effect of Y-Component Electroosmotic Body Force in Mix Electroosmotic/Pressure Driven Microflow Dr. Reza Nosrati 
Effective Information Delivery at Construction Phase with Integrated Application of RFID, GPS and GSM Technology Dr. J.Majrouhi
Effective Scheduling of Semiconductor Manufacturing using Simulation Dr. Ingy A. El-Khouly
Effects of an Enzyme, Depolymerization and Polymerization Drugs to Cells Adhesion and Contraction on Lyotropic Liquid Crystals Mr. Chin Fhong Soon
Effects Of Entrance Region Transport Processes On Slip Flow Regime In A Wavy Wall Microchannel With Isothermally Heated Walls Dr. H. Shokouhmand
Effects of Lightning Rod on a Substation after a Lightning Stroke Dr. M. Reza Derakhshanfar
Effects of the Cutting Fluid Types and Cutting Parameters on Surface Roughness and Thrust Force Dr. Babur Ozcelik 
Efficient Chaotic Permutations for Image Encryption Algorithms Dr. Abir Awad
Efficient Self-Organizing Map Learning Scheme Using Data Reduction Preprocessing Dr. Xu Yang
Eigenvalue Approach to Thermoelastic Interactions in an Unbounded Body with a Spherical Cavity Dr. abhijit lahiri
Electro-Mechanical Friction Clutch (EMFC) Controller Development for Automotive Application Dr. Mohamed Hussein
Email Grouping Method Dr. Taiwo Ayodele
Emission Reduction on Ethanol - Gasoline Blends using 1, 4 Dioxan Dr. C.ANANDA SRINIVASAN
Engineering at Large Scale: Experience from Diamond Light Source Prof. Alexander Korsunsky
Enhanced Data Topology Preservation with Multilevel Interior Growing Self-Organizing Maps Dr. Thouraya Ayadi
Enhanced Design of a Rule Based Engine Implemented using Structured Query Language Dr M Jamil Sawar
Erosion modeling by using GIS Dr. Alireza Taravat
Estimation of Optical Properties of Normal and Diseased Tissue based on Diffuse Reflectance Spectral Model Dr. Shanthi Prince
Estimation of Service Life for a Solar Chimney-Collector System Dr. A A Adedeji
Eutectic Microbonding of Copper Lamellar Elements of MEMS Dr. Gabriela Demian
Evaluating the Compatibility of a Tool to Support E-Businesses' Security Negotiations Dr. Jason R.C. Nurse
Evaluating Unobtrusiveness of User-centered Privacy Model (UPM) in Pervasive Computing Systems Dr. Ali Dehghantanha
Exact Solutions for the Torsional Vibrations of Variable Cross-Section Isotropic Rods Dr. Mohammad Rafiee
Existence and Uniqueness Results for Three-point Boundary Value Problems Dr. Lingling Zhang
Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Incidence Effects on Surface Pressure Distributions of Axial Compressor Blade Cascades Dr. Farzin Ghanadi
Experimental Evaluation of the Concentration Zone Widths in Cane Sugar Crystallization using Data and Image Acquisition Dr. Eusebio Bolanos Reynoso
Experimental Flow Results in a Non-circular Duct with Heat Transfer Augmenting Obstacles Dr. Azize Akcayoglu
Experimental Investigation and Modeling of Two-Stroke Scavenged S.I. Engin Dr. Govind S. Joshi
Experimental Investigation of Sagging and Ballooning in LOCA for Indian PHWR Dr. Pradeep Sahoo
Experimental Linear Quadratic Gaussian Control of Smart Structures Using Piezoelectric Materials Using Virtual Instrumentation Software Lab-VIEW Dr  Rajiv Kumar
Experimental Research Concerning Mechanical Properties of Materials for Biomedical Use Dr. Diana Cotoros
Experimental Simulation of Tribolgical Study for the Mechanism in a High Speed-Heavy Load Ball Screw Dr. Chin-Chung Wei 
Experimental Studies on a DI Diesel Engine Using Tyre Pyrolysis Oil Diethyl Ether Blends Dr. S.Murugan
Experimental Study of Steady State Natural Convection Heat Transfer from Cylindrical Heater in a Vented Enclosure Dr. ziyad jamil talabany
Experimental Study on Manufacture and Analysis of Rubber Nanoclay MWCNT Composite Dr. vinoth balaji 
Explicit Group Iterative Methods for the Solution of Telegraph Equations Dr. Kew Lee Ming
Explicit Group Methods in the Solution of the 2-D Convection-Diffusion Equations Dr. Tan Kah Bee
Exploiting Simulation for Call Centre Optimization Dr. Muhammad Latif
Exploiting Simulation for Product Returns in SMEs Dr. Muhammad Latif
Extended Progress Variable and Mixture Fraction Model for Turbulent Premixed Combustion Dr. Wu Yingyan
Fair Determination of Mandatory Capacity of Reactive power Using Generalized Tracing Method Dr. Mojtaba Roustaei
Fast Search for MPEG Video Clips from Large Video Database Using Combined Histogram Features Dr.  Feifei Lee
Feature Selection by Efficient Learning of Markov Blanket Mr. Shunkai Fu
Field Performance Measurements of a Gbps FSO Link at Covilha City, Portugal Dr. Jose A. R. Pacheco de Carvalho
Fifth-order iterative method free from second derivative for nonlinear equations based on Modified homotopy analysis method Dr. Waseem Asghar Khan
Finite Element Analysis of Mixed Convection Heat Transfer through a Vertical Wavy Isothermal Channel Dr. S.M.A.Noori Rahim Abadi
Finite Element Analysis of Mixed Convection Heat Transfer within a Square Double driven Cavity with Uniform and Non-uniform Heating of Right Wall Dr. S.M.A.Noori Rahim Abadi
Finite Element Analysis of Themalelastic Instability of Disc Brakes Mr. Sung Pil Jung 
Finite Element Modeling for the Design of a Single-Screw Extruder for Starch-Based Snack Products Dr. Ram Yamsaengsung
Finite Element Modeling of Residual Thermal Stresses in Fiber-Reinforced Composites Using Different Representative Volume Elements Dr. A. R. Ghanei Mohammadi
FIP over Ethernet/IP for Real Time Distributed Systems Implementation Dr. Abdenour LABED  
Fixed Points Results via Iterates of Four Maps in TVS-valued Cone Metric Spaces Dr. Muhammad Arshad
Flexible Searching for Graph Aggregation Hierarchy Dr. Pichayotai Mahatthanapiwat
Flow and Heat Transfer In a Power-law Fluid with Variable Conductivity over a Stretching Sheet Dr. Jing zhu
Force Characteristics of an Engaged Involute Gear Tooth Ms. Nesrin Akman
Formulation of Response Reduction Factor for RCC Framed Staging of Elevated Water Tank using Static Pushover Analysis Dr. Dhara Shah
Forward Error Correction Concealment Method for CELP-Based Coders in Packet Networks Dr Fatiha Merazka
FPGA Design and Implementation of Dense Matrix-Vector Multiplication for Image Processing Application Dr, Syed Manzoor Qasim
Fractional Integral Inequalities and Applications Dr. Zoubir DAHMANI
Fractograph Examination of Superalloy GH4169 at Low Cycle Fatigue Mr. WANG Guodong
Free vibration analysis of the helical spring by the Rayleigh-Ritz method Dr. A. Yousefi
Friction Surfacing of Austenitic Stainless Steel on Low Carbon Steel: Studies on the Effects of Traverse Speed Dr. Khalid Rafi.H
Funding Structurization Based on Level of Importance in Formulating Indonesia National Standard Dr. Arfan Bakhtiar
Fuzzy-controlled Rebroadcasting in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Dr. Anuradha Banerjee
GA-Driven ANN Model for Worker Assignment into Virtual Manufacturing Cells Dr. Murali R.V. 
Game-Theoretic Coordination of Marketing and Inventory Policies in a Multi-level Supply Chain Dr. Yun Huang
Game-theoretic Price Coordination in a Three-level Supply Chain with Different Channel Structures Dr. Yun Huang
Generalized Measure for Two Utility Distributions Dr.Manish Gupta
Genetic Algorithm based Optimal PID Control of Magnetic Levitation System Mr. Ishtiaq Ahmad
Genetic Algorithms -Variable Optimization of Citric Acid Fermentation Dr. ANAND KISHORE KOLA
Geometrical and Loading Influence on Compression Strength of Macadamia Nut Dr. Ruth Renata Loprang
Geometrically Nonlinear Deflection and Vibration Analysis of Functionally Graded Annular Plates in Thermal Environment by Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin Method Dr. SAEED RAISI 
Global and local maximal regularity estimates of some nonlinear degenerate elliptic equation Dr. Ming Xu
Grindability Improvement of Composite Ceramic with Cryogenic Coolant Dr. Vijayender Singh
Heat Transfer from a Micro Fin Array Heat Sink by Natural Convection and Radiation under Slip Dr. Ali Ahmadpour  
Hexanol-Ethanol Diesel Blends on DI-Diesel Engine to Study the Combustion and Emission Dr A.P.SATHIYAGNANAM
Hierarchically Adaptive Distributed Fault Diagnosis in Mobile Ad hoc Networks Using Clustering Dr. Pabitra Mohan Khilar
High Accuracy Numerical Method for Solving Nonlinear Mixed Integral Equations Dr. K. Maleknejad 
High Frequency Trading using Fuzzy Momentum Analysis Dr. Abdalla Kablan
High Pressure Structural Properties of Cerium Monopnictide Dr. Purvee Bhardwaj
High Selective Dual-band Bandpass Filter Design with Novel Feed Scheme Dr. Yong-Xiang Xu
High-Precision Solar Tracking System Dr. Ing. Alejandro Garcia
HIV Infection in T-lymphocytes and Drug Induced CTL Response of a Time Delayed Model Dr. Priti Kumar Roy
Homotopy Perturbation Method for Solving van der Pol-Duffing Equation Dr. Pouria Oliazadeh
Host Pathogen Interactions with Recovery Rate: A Mathematical Study Dr. Priti Kumar Roy
How to find The Boundaries of Spins Rate which will made the projectile remain stable Dr. Aiyed Maree
Human Resources as an Important Factor in the Management of Medical Equipment: Institutions Involved and their Expertise in Peru Dr. Daniel O. Garcia Romero
Hybrid Phase Unwrapping for Three-Dimensional Surface Reconstruction Based on Pixel Quality Classification using a Laplacian Filter Dr. Jose Ferreira 
Hybrid wavelet-based Video tracking using Adaptive Contrast Change Detection in night-time Visual Surveillance Systems Prof. Dr. Sherin Youssef
Identification of Animal Fibers with Wavelet Texture Analysis Dr Stuart Palmer
Identification of Candidate Services for Optimization of Web Service Composition Dr. Gopinath Ganapathy
Identifying Dyslexic Students by Using Artificial Neural Networks Ms Maitrei Kohli
IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Networks in Beaconless mode through Simulation and Analysis Dr. Djamila Bendouda
IKM; Node Base Key Management Framework Dr. Saman Shojae Chaeikar
Image Based Finite Element Analysis of 3D-Orthogonal Carbon-Carbon (C/C) Composite Dr. Rajnish Sharma
Image Compression Preprocessing for ANN Ensemble Motion Detection System Dr. Kevin Moorgas 
Impact of Fluid Streams on Horizontal Walls Dr. Paul Christodoulides
Implementation of Ansys Parametric Design Language for the Determination of Critical Speeds of a Fluid Film Bearing-Supported Multi-Sectioned Rotor with Residual Unbalance Through Modal and Out-Of-Balance Response Analysis Dr. B.Gurudatt
Implementation of High Performance Hybrid Search Using Cell Broadband Engine Processor Dr. G.Umarani srikanth
Implementation Of Quantum Cryptography To Enhance The Cellular Communication Security Dr, kuldeep kumar
Improved Modified Nodal Analysis of Nonlinear Analog Circuits in the Time Domain Prof. Lucian MANDACHE
Improvement of Microstructure and Fractured Property of Poly(L-lactic acid) and Poly(butylene succinate-co-e-caprolactone) Blend Compatibilized with Lysine Triisocyanate Mr. Vilay Vannaladsaysy
Improvement of Scrap Request Process with Six Sigma Methodology Dr. Isabel Lopes
Improvement of Standard Prosthetic Arm as Assumed by Performance Study of Control System Dr. Achintya Das
Improvement of the Throughput-SNR Tradeoff using a 4G Adaptive MCM system Dr. Insik Cho
Improvements of Rainfall Rate Measured by Radar for Tripoli City - Libya Prof,Dr.Kamil S. Ali
Improving the Performance of Cascade Correlation Neural Networks on Multimodal Functions Dr. Mike Riley
Improving the Performance of Two Stroke Spark Ignition Engine by Port Fuel Injection Mr. Sushil J. Dhamade
Incorporating QoS Awareness in Routing Metrics for Wireless Mesh Networks Dr. Debarshi Kumar Sanyal
In-Cylinder Heat Transfer Characteristics of Hydrogen Fueled Engine: Steady State Approach Dr. Md. Mustafizur Rahman
Influence of Microfibril Angle on Thermal and Dynamic-Mechanical Properties of Acacia mangium Wood Using X-Ray Diffraction and Dynamics-Mechanical Test Dr. Tamer A. Tabet 
Influence of Process Parameters in the Direct Metal Deposition of H13 Tool Steel on Copper Alloy Substrate Dr. M. Khalid Imran
Information Modeling Of Urban Traffic System Using Fuzzy Stochastic Approach Dr. Manuj Darbari
Institution-Governed and Contract-Ensured Hierarchical Self-Organization of Service Cooperation and VOs Dr. Ji Gao
Integrating Incomplete Information into the Relational Data Model Dr. Jorge Ribeiro
Integration of Quality Cost to Economic Service Life Dr. Jirarat Teeravaraprug
Intelligent Decision Making Using Hybrid Intelligent System Solution Dr. Sushanta Panigrahi
Intelligent Scenario Selection in Dynamic Hoist Scheduling Problem: The Real-Life Electroplating Production Line Case Analysis Dr. Kujawski Krzysztof
Intelligent System to Recognize Human Brain Signals for finding Brain Diseases based on Neural Networks Dr. SasiKumar Gurumurthy
Intensity Constrained Flat Kernel Image Filtering Scheme - Definition and Applications Dr. Alex Gutenev
Interest Point Detection to Capture Two Dimensional Intensity Changes in Images Dr. Neeta Nain
Interestingness Measures for Mining Association Rules: Lattice and Hash Tables Approach Dr. Bay Vo
Inventory Control for Stochastic Reverse Logistics with Product's Life Cycle Dr. Che-Fu Hsueh
Investigate of Process Parameters on Xylanase Enzyme Activity in Melanocarpus Albomyces Batch Culture Dr. Vipan Kumar Sohpal
Investigating the Natural Heat Transfer from an Isothermal Array of Cylinders in Presence of horizontal Oscillations Dr. S.M.A.Noori Rahim Abadi
Investigation of Compacting and Adhesion of Plastic Materials on a Vertical Plane by Means of Vibration Dr. Merab Chelidze 
Investigation of Effective Parameters on the Traverse of Root of the Gas Turbine Blade by Design of Experiments Dr. A. R.Fazeli Nahrekhalaji 
Investigation of Mixed Convection in a Vertical Microchannel Affected by EDL Dr. Arian Jafari
Investigation of Package Vibration During the Repetitive Shock Test Professor Enayat Mahajerin
Joint Accelerated Failure Mode Modeling of Degradation and Traumatic Failure Times Dr. Zhengqiang Pan 
Journal of Demerits Method to Determine the Reliability for Thermoelectric Power Station Elements Dr. Gabriela Demian
Kalman Particle Swarm Optimized Polynomials for Data Classification Prof Suresh Chandra Satapathy
Kinematic Analysis Of Complex Gear Mechanisms Dr. Julie Penaud
Kinematic and Stress Analysis for Active Flapping and Pitching Mechanism of an Ornithopter Dr. Fahim Barlas
Knowledge Management in Competitive Control of the Machining Systems Dr. Daniela Ghelase
Laboratory Performance of Wi-Fi WEP Point-to-Point Links: a Case Study Dr. Jose A. R. Pacheco de Carvalho
Lead Time Estimation of A Production System using Fuzzy Logic Approach for Various Batch Sizes Dr. Andi Sudiarso
Lean Revolution and the Human Resource Aspects Dr. Ifechukwude Kingsley Dibia
Length Biased Weighted Residual Inaccuracy Measure Dr. Harish Taneja
Level of Repair Analysis based on Genetic Algorithm with Tabu Search Dr. Taoufik Bouachera
Lie-group Analysis for non-Isothermal Boundary Layer in Power Law Fluid Dr. Liancun Zheng
Line Segment Convolution Dr. Jeffrey A. Dunne
Link-based Approach to Web Service Discovery Dr. Gopinath Ganapathy
Logic Relation Refinement Using Unlabeled Data Dr. Ki Chan
Lower Asymptotics for the Finite Time Ruin Probability in the Renewal Model with Subexponential Claims Dr. Bin Laiy
Machining Optimization of Sleeve and Valves of Hydraulic Steering System Prof. Lincoln C. Brandao
Magnetohydrodynamic Flow of a Viscous Electrically conducting Incompressible Fluid between Two Vertical Parallel Plates in Presence of Uniform Inclined Magnetic Field Dr. Krishna Gopal Singha 
Markov Blanket based Feature Selection: A Review of Past Decade Mr. Shunkai Fu
Markov Chain Simulation of HIV/AIDS Movement Pattern Dr. Ezugwu El-Shamir Absalom
Matching Teams to Process Oriented Roles Dr. Usman Ghani
Material Selection Method in Design of Automotive Brake Disc Dr M A Maleque
Mathematical Modeling on Immunopathogenesis in Chronic Plaque of Psoriasis: A Theoretical Study Dr. Priti Kumar Roy
MDEA: A Multi-level Dynamic Evolution Algorithm for Multi-objective Optimization Dr.  Gaoguibing
Metacognition Approaches to Enhance Student Learning in Mechanical Engineering Classroom Dr. Quamrul H. Mazumder
Metal Cutting Optimization Using Graphical Method Prof. Dolatrai B. Naik
Methodology for Texture Analysis Approach on a Wavelet Transform to Retrieve Image Using Knowledge Base Classifier Dr. ramesh kagalkar
Micro Level Attacks In Real-Time Image Processing For An On-Line CBIR Systems Dr. Wichian Premchaiswadi
Microcontroller Based Myo Trainer System for Displaying EMG Signal on Graphical Liquid Crystal Display Mr. A.M Gaur
Mine Valuation in the Presence of a Stochastic Ore-Grade Uncertainty Dr. Geoff Evatt
Minimization of Exergy Destruction Costs for the Production of Hydrogen from Methane Cracking Professor Federico Mendez
Minimizing Makespan for Machine Scheduling and Worker Assignment Problem in Identical Parallel Machine Models Using GA Dr Imran Ali Chaudhry
Mitigation of Magnetic Field under Egyptian 500kV Overhead Transmission Line Dr. Adel Z. El Dein
Mobile Image Search for Tourist Information Using ACCC Algorithm Dr. Wichian
Modeling and Simulation of Heat Exchanger Used in Soda Recovery Dr. Kumar Manoj
Modeling and Simulation of Kinematics for an Active Flapping and Pitching Mechanism Dr. Muhammad Saif Ullah Khalid
Modeling and Simulation of Second-order Phase-locked Loop for Studying the Transient Behavior during Frequency Acquisition and Tracking Dr. N.Haque
Modeling of double gate MOSFET using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for nano scale circuits simulation Er Subham Gandhi
Modeling of Explosive cutting process of plates by shaped charges Dr. M. Alitavoli
Modeling of Piston Top Ring Lubrication by considering Cylinder Out-of-Roundness in Initial Engine Start up Dr, Syed Adnan Qasim
Modeling of Residual Stresses Induced in Machining Aluminum Magnesium Alloy (Al-3Mg) Dr. O. M. Othman
Modeling of the Market-Manufacturing System Relationship Aiming the Product Time and Cost Estimation Dr. Luiza Daschievici
Modelling and Control of a Worm-Like Micro Robot with Active Force Control Capability Dr. Mohamed Hussein
Modelling Demand and Supply of Cocoa Produce in Nigeria using Regression Method Dr. B. Kareem
Modelling Study Of Supercritical Power Plant And Parameter Identification Using Genetic Algorithms Dr Jihong Wang
Monitoring and Control of a Cooling System in a Commercial Store Dr. Filomena Soares
Motion Estimation along The Myocardial Boundary using Boundary Extraction and Optical Flow Dr. Adhi Harmoko Saputro
Motorcycle Steering Torque Decomposition Dr. Matteo Massaro
Multi Objective Particle Swarm Optimization for A Dynamic Cell Formation Problem Dr. Fatemeh Sarayloo
Multi-Agent System Approach for an Integrated Urban Wastewater Management Dr. M. Verdaguer
Multi-Classifier for WLAN Fingerprint-Based Positioning System Dr. Jikang Shin and Dr. Dongsoo Han
Multidimensional Matrix Mathematics: Algebraic Laws, Part 5 of 6 Dr. Ashu M. G. Solo
Multidimensional Matrix Mathematics: Multidimensional Matrix Equality, Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication, Part 2 of 6 Dr. Ashu M. G. Solo
Multidimensional Matrix Mathematics: Multidimensional Matrix Transpose, Symmetry, Antisymmetry, Determinant, and Inverse, Part 4 of 6 Dr. Ashu M. G. Solo
Multidimensional Matrix Mathematics: Multidimensional Null and Identity Matrices and Multidimensional Matrix Outer and Inner Products, Part 3 of 6 Dr. Ashu M. G. Solo
Multidimensional Matrix Mathematics: Notation, Representation, and Simplification, Part 1 of 6 Dr. Ashu M. G. Solo
Multidimensional Matrix Mathematics: Solving Systems of Linear Equations and Multidimensional Matrix Calculus, Part 6 of 6 Dr. Ashu M. G. Solo
Multilevel Inverters for Hybrid Electric Vehicles Dr. M. Reza Derakhshanfar
Multiple Cluster Tools System Modelling Using Coloured Petri Net Dr. Tauseef Aized
Multiple Signal Detection using the ESPRIT Algorithm Dr. Z. Aliyazicioglu
Multivariate Functional Regression for Classification With an Application to Geology Dr. Vera Hofer
Musculoskeletal Problems in Iranian Poultry slaughters Sectors Dr. Ghorbanali Mohammadi
Natural Convection Heat Transfer from Two Elliptic Cylinders in a Closed Cavity at Different Cylinder Spacing Dr. ali noori
Natural Frequencies Behavior of Pipeline System during LOCA in Nuclear Power Plants Dr. R. Mahmoodi
NearBuy: A Geo-location Based Classifieds Search on Smartphones Dr. Yi Shang
Need for Women Empowerment and Income Generation through DWCRA Scheme Dr.D.Baby Moses
Network Design for Reverse Logistics and Remanufacturing Under Uncertainty Dr. Yasser Riaz Awan
Network Security Dr. SasiKumar Gurumurthy
Neural Network Based Approach for Sound Patterns Analysis, Classification and Recoganization Produced by Two-wheelers Vehicle Dr. Ramesh.M.Kagalkar
Neural Network Modeling and Simulation of Sorption of Cd (II) Ions from Waste Water using Agricultural Waste Dr. JK Arora
New Solutions for the Three-Dimensional Electrical Impedance Equation and its Application to the Electrical Impedance Tomography Theory Dr. Dr. Marco Pedro Ramirez Tachiquin
Nonlinear Oscillation of FGM plates under Aerodynamic Load Dr. M. K. Singha
Nonlinear Post-buckling of Piezoelectric Laminated Moderately Thick Circular Functionally Graded Plate Dr. M.soleimani
Nonlinear Vibrations of Thin Shallow Spherical  Elastic Shells of Variable Thickness Dr. Dr.P.Biswas
Non-Newtonian Effects on Lubricant Hydrodynamic Thin Film Flows in the Initial Engine Start Up Dr. Usman Farooq
Novel Heuristics for Coalition Structure Generation in Multi-agent Systems Dr. Mustansar Ali Ghazanfar
Novel Mechanical Occlusion Device for Transcervical Sterilization Dr. Rehan Muhammad
Numerical Computing of Reduction of SAR Values in a Homogenous Head Model Using Copper Shield Dr. Levent Seyfi
Numerical Investigation of Swirl's Effects in the Outer Annulus of a Reverse-flow Gas Turbine Combustor Dr. Kavous Ariafar 
Numerical Investigation on Heat Transfer of Power Law Fluids in a Pipe with Constant Wall Temperature Dr. Botong Li
Numerical Modelling of Subsea Multiphase Plumes: An Eularian Integral Approach Dr Ebenezer Adom
Numerical Simulations of a Typical Hydrogen Fueled Scramjet Combustor with a Cavity Flameholder Dr. Wei Huang
Numerical Study of E ects of Geometric Parameters of Intake Port of an Internal Combustion Engine on Its In-Cylinder Flow Field Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Salahi
Numerical Study of Stretch-blow Molding of PET Bottles Dr. F. R. Biglari