The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCE 2010 are listed here:

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Titles (O_Others)

Contact Authors
Object with Symmetrical Pattern Recognition with Dynamic Size Filter Dr. Syed Mohamad Shazali Bin Syed Abdul Hamid
On An Interpretation Of Spectral Clustering Via Heat Equation And Finite Elements Theory Dr. Sandrine Mouysset
On an inverse oroblem of some abstract parabolic equations Dr,  Dr. Mahmoud Mohammed El-Borai
On Generalized Stochastic Differential Equation and Black-Scholes Dynamic Process Dr. Y.Zheng
On quasi-Einstein almost hyperbolic Hermitian manifold with quasi-constant curvature Dr. Sushil Shukla
On Sensitivity of EWMA Control Chart for Monitoring Process Dispersion Dr. Saddam Akber Abbasi
On Solving Unsymmetric Tridiagonal Systems Without Interchanges Dr. Jennifer B. Erway, and Mr. Roummel Marcia
On the Pagerank Algorithm for the Articles Ranking Dr. Hakim HARIK
On the Reliability of Consecutive Systems Dr. S. D.  Dafnis
On the Skewness Parameter Estimation of Stable Distributions Dr. Mahdi Teimouri
On the Spatial Dynamical Model of Vibratory Displacement Dr. Victor Zviadauri
On The Temperature and Residual Stress Field During Grinding Dr. Hossein Farrahi
On the use of Triangle Equation and Snakes for Automatic Segmentation and Boundary Detection of Cardiac Cavity Images  Dr. Riyanto Sigit
On Waiting Time Distributions for the Occurrence of Patterns Dr. Andreas N. Philippou
Ontology Approach to Construction of Response and Management Console Subsystems for Intrusion Handling Systems in Wireless LANs Dr. Shahram Salek Zamankhani
Optimal Fuzzy Control with Application to Discounted Cost Production Inventory Planning Problem Dr. Anton Abdulbasah Kamil
Optimal Inventory Policy using Genetic Algorithm in a Multi-Stage Deteriorating Supply Chain Dr. Puneet Bhardwaj
Optimal Parameter Design by Regression Technique and Grey Relational Analysis Dr. Abbas Al-Refaie
Optimal Replenishment Policy for Special Display Goods with Ramp-type Demand Rate Dr. Hidefumi Kawakatsu
Optimization for Efficient Supply Chain Using Swarm Intelligence: an Outsourcing Perspective Dr. N C Hiremath
Optimization Measures for Assessing Compromise Solutions in Multiresponse Problems Dr. Nuno Costa
Optimization of a Dynamic Supply Chain Model with Budget Constraint Dr. Hossein Badri
Optimization of Ensemble based Decision using PSO Ms. M. Arfan Jaffar
Optimization of Forming parameters in T-shape Tube hydroforming Simulation Dr.S.John Alexis
Optimization of Parameters for Phenol Degradation by Rhodococcus UKM-P in Shake Flask Culture Dr. Nor Suhaila Yaacob
Optimization of Statistical Decisions via an Invariant Embedding Technique Dr. Nicholas Nechval
Optimization of Surface Roughness in Internal Turning Operation by Use of Taguchi Parameter Design Method Dr. Muhammad Munawar
Optimization of the Cutting Fluids and Parameters Using Taguchi and ANOVA in Milling Dr. Erhan Demirbas
Optimized Channel Assignment in Distributed Environment Dr. Sunita Choudhary 
Optimizing Adaptive Traffic Signal Control Using a Q-learning Agent Mr. Malik Al Jarad
Optimizing Physical and Chemical Properties of Hard Segment Reinforced Polyurethane Elastomers Via Control of Hydrogen Bonding Dr. Cristina Prisacariu
OTEC Technology- A World of Clean Energy and Water Dr. R. Magesh
Palm Print Verification System Dr. David Bong
Parameters Identification of Nonlinear DC Motor Model Using Compound Evolution Algorithms Dr. Cong Shuang
Particle Hemodynamics Analysis after Coronary Angioplasty Dr. Sandor Bernad
Partitioning the Intrinsic Order Graph for Complex Stochastic Boolean Systems Dr. Luis Gonzalez
Path Planning for Robot Navigation using View Sequences Dr. mateus mendes
Performance Analysis of a Two Stage Supply Chain Network Using Simulation - A Case Study Ms. Ramaa.A
Performance Analysis of an Adaptive-MCM System with Combining AMC and MIMO Schemes Dr. Changwoo Seo
Performance Comparison between Modified Prime Sequence Codes and Superimposed Optical Cyclic Orthogonal Codes for OCDMA System at 5Gbps Bit Rate Dr. Gurjit Kaur
Performance Enhancement of AP-DCDM over WDM with Dual Drive Mach-Zehnder-Modulator in 1.28 Tbit/s Optical Fiber Communication Systems Dr. Amin Malekmohammadi
Performance of MPLS network Dr. Navneet Malhotra
Performance of RFID with AWGN and Rayleigh Fading Channels for SDR Application Dr. M A Hannan
Planning Inspections of Fatigued Aircraft Structures via Damage Tolerance Approach Dr. Nicholas Nechval
PLS Path Modeling with Mode C Computational Experiments Dr. Alba Martinez-Ruiz
Polynomial Penalty Method for Solving Linear Programming Problems Dr. Dr. Parwadi Moengin
Preliminary Analysis of AASHO Road Test Flexible Pavement Data Using Linear Mix Effects Models Dr. Ying-Haur Lee
Presentation of an Efficient Parallelepiped Finite Element Based on the Strain Approach SBP8C Dr. D. HAMADI 
Preserving Security Principal in MANET using PKI Dr. Devendra Kumar Misra
Probabilistic Analysis of a Desalination Unit with Nine Failure Categories Professor S. M. Rizwan
Properties of Leakage Current on 20 kV Ceramic Insulators and Computer Simulation Based on Electrical Equivalent Circuit Dr. Suwarno
Properties of Modified p-Cyclic Self-Maps in Metric Spaces Dr. M. De la Sen 
Punctual State Computation Using Discrete Modeling Prof. Lucian MANDACHE
Quadratic order optimality conditions for extremals completely singular in part of controls Dr. Andrei Dmitruk
Quantifying Porosity Influence on Metallic Particle Reinforced Composite Properties Assoc. prof. D. Luca Motoc
Quantitative Results for a Qualitative Investor Model - A Hybrid Multi-Agent Model with Social Investors Dr. Stephen Chen
Rainfall-Runoff Modeling of Citarum Hulu River Basin by Using GR4J Dr. Dr. Dhemi Harlan
Reactive Operating Schedule in Case of a Disaster: Arrival of Unexpected Victims Dr. Issam Nouaouri
Recursive set-membership state estimation for linear non-causal time-variant di erential-algebraic equation with continuous time Dr. Sergiy Zhuk
Relationship between Flank wear and Cutting Force on the Machining of Hard Martensitic Stainless Steel by Super Hard Tools Dr. S.Thamizhmanii
Research of Hybrid Extraction Method Based on Multiple Image Features of Materials for Stereo Warehouse Dr. Wei Yang
Research on Coal Face Ventilation Reliability with Data Fusion Approach Dr. Wang Mingzhe
Research on the Influence of Microstructure on the Initiation and Propagation of Micro-cracks of Superalloy GH4169 Mr. WANG Guodong
Residual Modes on Non-linear Resonant Decay Method Dr. Mehdi Sarmast
Resolution Sequences for Geometric Beautification Dr. Peter Varley
Resource Efficient Implementation of S-Box Based on Reduced Residue of Prime Numbers using Virtex-5 FPGA Dr. Muhammad H. Rais 
Review and Future Trend of Energy Harvesting Methods for Portable Medical Devices Dr. Pedro Dinis Gaspar
Review Article: Various Methods of Analysis on ABRs Dr. Sandhya Dass
Review of Various Losses Occurring in Single Glazed Flat Plate Collector - An Experimental Study Prof. M. K. Bhatt
RFID and Integrated Technologies for Solid Waste Bin Monitoring System Dr. M A Hannan
Rigorous Design of Trustworthy Electronic Payment Systems Dr. D S Yadav
Robustness-based Comparison of Reorder Point and Kanban Replenishment Strategies Dr. Chandandeep Grewal
Scaling To Full Size Dipper Design Via Geometric and Performance Field Data Prof. Tim Joseph
Segmental Boundary Profile of Myocardial Motion to Localize Cardiac Abnormalities Dr. Slamet Riyadi
Seizure Abatement in an In-Silico Model of Epilepsy Applying BELBIC Dr. Naghmeh Mostofi
Selection of Multiphase Governmental Projects, Related Contractors and Master Planning under Fuzzy Environment Dr. Hossein Badri
Selection of Time-after-injection in Bone Scanning using Compartmental Observers Prof. Fernando Tadeo
Semantic Annotation of Stock Photography for CBIR using MPEG-7 standards Dr. Balasubramani R
Semantic Structure and Gap Analysis in SQL Vulnerability Detection Dr. Raymond Wu
Semiparametric Structural Equation Models with Bayesian P-splines Dr. Xin-Yuan Song
Sensitivity Analysis of Transfer Mechanism Considering Dynamic Characteristic of a Bushing Mr. JinHee Lee
Shear-Heating Effects on Piston Skirts Lubrication in the Initial Engine Start Up Dr. S. Adnan Qasim
Short-run Process Control Based on Non-conformity Degree Dr. Elnaz Asghari Torkamani
Simulation of a Libyan Cement Factory Dr M. Latif
Simulation of Fluid Sloshing in a Tank Dr. Gajanan Koli
Simulation Study of Optimal Pricing on Daily Perishable Products with Reference Price Effect Dr. Takeshi Koide
Simultaneous Optimization of Efficiency and Emissions of Impinging Premixed Slot Jets Dr. T.T. Wong
Single Seven State Discrete Time Extended Kalman Filter for Micro Air Vehicle Ms.Sadia Riaz
Singularity Analysis of the New Parallel Manipulator with 6 Degree-of-Freedom Prof. Zhumadil Baigunchekov
SMASim: A Cycle-accurate Scalable Multi-core Architecture Simulator Dr. Jari-Matti Makela
Snatch Theft Detection using Low Level Features Dr. Norazlin Ibrahim
Software Architecture of a Learning Apprentice System in Medical Billing Dr. Aftab Ahmed
Software Engineering Practices in Embedded System Design Using Discrete Modeling Techniques Dr. Manuj Darbari
Solutions for Improving of the Mechanical Behaviour of the Composite Materials Filled with Wood Flour Dr. Camelia CERBU
Some Oscillation Flows of a Generalized Oldroyd-B Fluid in Uniform Magnetic Field Dr. Yaqing Liu
Some Simple Algorithms for Some Odd Graceful Labeling Graphs Dr. M.Moussa
Sparse Classifier Design Based on the Shapley Value Dr. Dinesh Govindaraj
Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Induced in Human Heads of Various Sizes When Using a Mobile Phone Dr. Adel Z. El Dein
Spectral Methods for Time-dependent Variable-coefficient PDE Based on Block Gaussian Quadrature Dr. James Lambers
Speech/ Music Classification Based on Sinusoidal Modeling Dr. Jalil Shirazi
Stability of a Numerical Discretisation Scheme for the SIS Epidemic Model with a Delay Dr. Ekkachai Kunnawuttipreechachan
STAKCERT Worm Relational Model for Worm Detection Dr. Madihah Mohd Saudi
Standards and Frameworks for Information System Security Auditing and Assurance Dr. MARIO SPREMIC
Statistical Analysis in Evaluating STAKCERT Infection, Activation and Payload Methods Dr. Madihah Mohd Saudi
Statistical Analysis Of Speech Signals By Weighted ASMDF Dr. SAGNIK SINHA
Statistical Modeling and Investigation of Lobe of Root of the Gas Turbine Blade by Design of Experiments Dr. A. R.Fazeli Nahrekhalaji 
Statistical Modeling of Valley of Root of the Gas Turbine Blade by Design of Experiments Dr. A. R.Fazeli Nahrekhalaji 
Statistical Process Control Application in Quality of Bio-Organic Fertilizer Product Dr Abdul Talib Bon
Statistically Evaluation of Mechanical Heart Valve Thrombosis Using Heart Sounds Dr. Sabri Altunkaya
Steganography in Text files by using Sudoku Puzzle and Conversion Table Dr. Farnaz Behrang
Steganography Using More Surrounding Pixels Dr. Masoud.Afrakhteh
Stimulus Reconstruction from a Hodgkin-Huxley Neural Response: A Numerical Solution Mr. Mayur Sarangdhar
Stress Analysis During Crack-Microcrack Interaction Using Complex Variables Method and Photoelasticity Dr. Dr Hadda HADJAB
Structural Integrity Analysis of Offshore Mooring Chain Dr. Milind S. Kharat
Structural Performance of Square Concrete Columns Wrapped with CFRP Sheets Prof. Nasr-Eddine Chikh
Structuring R&D Pipeline for Product Innovation under Uncertainty Dr. Juite Wang
Study and Design for Monitoring the Frequency and Pressure of Mastication Dr. Orlando Koya Nakamura
Study for the Detection of Lead in Food of Vegetable Origin for Infrared Analysis Dr. Daniel O. Garcia Romero
Study for the Development of an Opto-Electronic System for Detection of Flat Foot using Estimation Techniques Dr. Luis Alejandro Navarro Dominguez
Study of a Pressurized Metered-dose Inhaler Spray Parameters in FluentTM Dr. Ricardo F. Oliveira
Study of Exponential Thermal Effect on Vibration of Non-Homogeneous Orthotropic Rectangular Plate Having Bi-Directional Linear Variation in Thickness Dr. Tripti Johri and Dr. Indu Johri
Study of Human Urine Protein Biomarker in Diabetes Mellitus type 2 using a 2-D Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Methods Prof. Samreen Riaz
Study on Dry Electrical Discharge Machining Dr. Grzegorz Skrabalak
Study on Energy Storage Hybrid Wind Power Generation Systems Dr. Jihong Wang
Subdivision Algorithm For The Triangular  Spline Surface Prof.  Mohd Nain Hj. Awang
Suppression Dynamics of a Laminar Oscillating Diffusion Flame with Co-flow Air Mr. Hamidreza Gohari Darabkhani
Surface Roughness Prediction for CNC Milling Process using Artificial Neural Network Dr. M.F.F. Ab. Rashid 
Surveillance Issues for Security over Computer Communications and Legal Implications Dr. Shilpa Mehta
Synthesis of a Seven-Bar Slider Mechanism with Variable Topology for Motion between Two Dead-center Positions Dr. Umesh M Daivagna
System Design and Cost Analysis Simulation of Small Scale Dual-Tariff Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System in UiTM Pulau Pinang Malaysia Dr. Nor Salwa 
Tailoring Material Properties in Layered Manufacturing Dr. Pulak M Pandey
T-cell Proliferation in a Mathematical Model of CTL Activity Through HIV-1 Infection Dr. Priti Kumar Roy
t-Closeness Privacy Preserving Data Mining Dr. Rani Srivastava, Dr. Vivek Jain, Dr. Bharti Nagpal
Techniques Of Detection Of The Hidden Node In Wireless Ad Hoc Network Dr. MOSTEFA fatima zohra
Tensile and Relaxation Properties of PA6/Nanoclay Nanocomposites Dr. Mohammad Golzar
The 8D Methodology: An Effective Way to Reduce Recurrence of Customer Complaints? Dr. Sergio Sousa
The Accuracy of Characteristic Length Method on Failure Load Prediction of Composite Pinned Joints Dr. Olanrewaju Aluko
The Analysis and Complementarity of Abbe Principle Application Limited in Coordinate Measurement Dr. Shang Ping
The Analysis of Friction Effect in Automotive Wiper System Using Input Shaping Technique Dr. MOHD AZLI BIN SALIM 
The Assessment on Differences of Vertical and Horizontal Motion in 3-axis Machine Tool: Weight and Counterweight Dr. Duy Le
The Case For Non-preemptive, Deadline-driven Scheduling In Real-time Embedded Systems Dr. Michael Short
The Comparison of Domestic and Import Rice Abrasive Material Using Design of Experiment for the Small Rice Milling Machine Mr. Surapong Bangphan
The Cost Forecasting Application in an Enterprise with Artificial Neural Networks Dr. Seher ARSLANKAYA
The Derivation and Impact of an Optimal Cut-Off Grade Regime Upon Mine Valuations Dr Paul Johnson
The Determination of the Boron Amounts of Teas That Are Sold In Turkey by Using the ICP-OES Technique DR. DERUN
The Development of Quality Management Model for Implementation in Thai Organisations Dr. Prawate Kluaypa
The Effect of Different HCl Concentrations on Wound Healing of Bone Cell Monolayer Dr. FARSHID SEFAT
The Effect Of Ligament Stiffness On The Stability Of The Human Spine Miss Corne Botha
The Effect of Temperature Nonuniformities on Transient Behaviour of Three-Fluid Crossflow Heat Exchanger Dr Manish Mishra
The Effect of Testing a Copper Wire and a Copper Wire Coated with SnPb Solder using a Wetting Balance Machine Dr. Bobby Woods
The Effect of Transforming Growth Factor Beta (TGF-Beta3) and Sanicle on Wound Healing Dr. FARSHID SEFAT
The Effect of Turbulence on the Aerodynamics of Low Reynolds Number Wings Dr. Simon Watkins
The Estimation of Forging Load for the Closed Die Forging Process by Computer Simulation Prof. D. B. GOHIL
The Impact of the Magnetic Field on the Transmission of Longitudinal Waves in a Rod Dr. Alexey M.
The Machining Efficiency Comparison Between the UG Programming and the 2nd Order Local Contact Method in 5-axis NC Mill of Sculptured  Dr. LIU  huran
The Mathematic Basis For The 5-Axis NC Machining Of The Sculptured Surfaces Dr. LIU  huran
The Optimization of ComeldTM Joints: a Novel Technique for Bonding Composites and Metal Dr. Wei Tu
The Problem of Scheduling in Parallel Machines: A Case Study Dr. Fernando Charrua Santos
The regularity estimates for the solutions of general elliptic equations in Orlicz spaces Dr.  Xiangxing Tao
The Regularity Estimates For The Solutions Of General Elliptic Equations In Orlicz Spaces Dr. Xiangxing Tao
The Relationship of Head Rotation Angle and SCM EMG Value for the Development of AnS2 Dr. CheeFai Tan
The Research of Hydromechanics Methods with Changing Connectivity of the Mesh in Problems with Large Deformations Dr. Zhai Chuan-lei
The Simplest Automatic Transfer Box Prof. Konstantin Ivanov
The Simultaneous Influence of the Skin Effect, Environmental Conditions and Variable Resistivity on Current and Temperature Distribution in Overhead Conductors Professor Federico Mendez
The Stochastic Boundary-Layer in the Non-Newtonian Problem Dr. Lei Hou
Theoretical Model of Stock Trading Behavior with Biases Dr. Ke Liu
Theoretical Prediction of the Springback of Sheet Metal Laminates after U-Bending Mr. Hamed Adibi
Thermal Analysis Of Cooling Process Of A High-Temperature Vertical Hollow Cylinder Using A Water-Air Spray Dr. S.Ghaffari
Thermal Analysis Of Moving Induction Heat Treatment In A Vertical Hollow Circular Cylinder Dr. S.Ghaffari
Thermal Modelling in Product Design using FloEFDTMPro: From Concept to Reality Dr Wong Seck Jiong
Thermal Stability Analysis of Functionally Graded Sandwich Circular Plates of Variable Thickness Dr. S. Kamal Jalali
Thermomechanical Response of a Thin Sandwich Composite Structure Dr. Horatiu Teodorescu
Three Phase Inverter Control Using TMS320F2812 DSP Controller Application for Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) Application Dr. Rosli Omar
To Study the Characteristics of Jute Polyester Composite for Randomly Distributed Fiber Reinforcement Dr A A Shaikh
Total Electron Content (TEC) and Estimation of Positioning Error Using Malaysia Data Dr. Y. Norsuzila
Toward Understanding Costs and Benefits of Virtual Teams in Virtual Worlds Dr. David A. Wyrick
Towards All-Electric FSAE Race Cars Dr. Simon Watkins
Towards Building an Artificial Ventricle: Conceptual Considerations in the Design and Construction of a Novel, Totally Implantable Mechanical Circulatory Support System Mr. hisham sherif
Towards Building an Artificial Ventricle: Conceptual Considerations in the Design and Construction of a Novel, Totally Implantable Mechanical Circulatory Support System Mr. Hisham M.F. Sherif
Towards Securing Biometric Templates using Self Generated Dynamic Helper Data Dr. Aditya Abhyankar
Training of Radial Basis Function Networks for Control Chart Pattern Recognition using the Bees Algorithm Dr. A.Ghanbarzadeh
Trusted Wireless Sensor Node Platform Dr. Yusnani Mohd Yussoff
Turbulence Modelling of Deep Dynamic Stall at Low Reynolds Number Dr. Shengyi Wang
Two-dimensional Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Porous Burners Dr. Negin Moallemi Khiavi
Understanding Grip Choice and Comfort Whilst Hoovering Mrs Seri Kamat
Universal Technique For The Fastest Communication With The Minimum Uncertainty In Losing The Information Dr. Mukesh Monga
Upper Subgradients of Marginal Functions in Constrained Problems of Mathematical Programming Dr. Khalid ALLALI
Using Homotopy Perturbation Method to Analyze the Tuned Liquid Column Damper Dr. Pouria Oliazadeh
Using Interval Graphs in an Order Processing Optimization Problem Dr. Isabel Cristina da Silva Lopes
Using new data structure to implement documents vectors in vector space model in information retrieval system Dr Mohamad Al-Laham
Using Risk Assessment Tool to Evaluate the Fire-Induced Core Damage Frequency Dr. Shahab Kamyab
Using the Probabilistic Weighted Average in Decision Making with Distance Measures Dr. Jose M. Merigo
Utilization of Similarity Metric in the Implementation of an Object Recognition Algorithm using Java Dr. Fadzliana Saad
Validation of an EEG-Based Algorithm for Automatic Detection of Sleep Onset in the Multiple Sleep Latency Test Dr. Ramon Farre
Validation of an Ontology-based Approach for Enhancing Human Simulation in General Assembly Environments Dr. Seonhwa Jeong
Variable Volume Engine with Combined Advantage of Supercharging and Variable Compression Mr. Hari Narayanan Soundararajan
Vector Quantization of Microarray Gene Expression Data Ms Maitrei Kohli
Vegetation Growth Detection Using Wireless Sensor Networks Dr. Pedro Mestre 
Vibration Analysis of Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle Using Finite Element Methods Dr. Munzer Shahir Ahmed Qureshi
Vibration Suppression of a Handheld Tool Using Intelligent Active Force Control (AFC) Dr. M.F. Hassan
Visualization of High Dimensional Data using Similarity-Dissimilarity Plot Dr. Muhammad Arif
Vulnerability of Selfish Routing to Attacks: Game-theoretic Models and Initial Results Dr. Vladimir Marbukh
Weak Convergence of Ishikawa Iterates for Nonexpansive Maps Dr. Abdul Rahim Khan
Web Server on a SIM Card Mr. Lazaros Kyrillidis
Web Services - Based Control Devices for Future Generation Distributed Automation Systems Dr. Navjot Kaur
Web-based Application Programming Interface to Solve Nonlinear Optimization Problems Dr. Joao Matias
Wind Tunnel Experiments of Blended Wing Body (BWB) Baseline-II Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) at Low Subsonic Speed Dr. Wirachman Wisnoe
Workflow Analysis as Tool for Development of Medical Devices, a white Paper Dr. Axel Boese
World Currency Options Market Efficiency: An Econometric Analysis Dr. Ariful Hoque
YBa2Cu3O7-x /Nb Josephson Junctions for Superconducting Electronics Dr. Dr. Boris Chesca
2D LARED-H Simulation of Ignition Hohlraum Dr. Zhai Chuan-lei
3D Surface Roughness Measurement Using a Light Sectioning Vision System Dr. Ossama Badie Abouelatta