The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with revisions) for IMECS 2009 are listed here:

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Titles (A_C)

Contact Authors
A 0-1 Random Fuzzy Programming Problem Based on the Degree of Necessity and the Efficient Solution Method Dr. Takashi Hasuike
A Channel Allocation based WiMax Topology Dr. S.C. Wang
A Class of Nonlinear (A, n )-Monotone Operator Inclusion Problems with iterative algorithm and fixed point theory Dr. Mohsen Alimohammadi
A Comparative Study of Different Kalman Filtering Methods in Multi Sensor Data Fusion Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Mohebbi Nazar
A Comparative Study of Outlier Detection Procedures in Multiple Linear Regression Dr. pimpan ampanthong
A Design for a Document Evaluation System Allowing Critical Evaluation with Ordered Discussion Dr. Atsushi Iwai
A Dynamic Platform for Workflow Management using Web Services: a Hospital Scenario Dr. Nantika Prinyapol
A Fuzzy TOPSIS Decision Making Model with Entropy Weight under Intuitionistic Fuzzy Environment Dr. Chia-Chang Hung
A Genetic Algorithm for Total Assessment of Telecommunication Sectors H Izadbakhsh
A Hierarchical Routing Protocol for Survivability in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Dr. Mohammad ALFARES
A Hybrid Algorithm of Electromagnetism-like and Genetic for Recurrent Neural Fuzzy Controller Design Dr. Ching-Hung Lee
A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm Approach To Find Chromatic Number Of a Graph Dr. Ujjwala Aher
A Hybrid Intrusion Detection System of Cluster-based Wireless Sensor Networks Dr. K.Q. Yan
A Hybrid of Modified Simplex and Steepest Ascent Methods with Signal to Noise Ratio for Optimal Parameter Settings of ACO Dr. Jate Ratanaphanyarat
A Knowledge Based GA Approach for FMS Scheduling Dr. Anuj Prakash
A Knowledge Framework for Histogram-based Image Retrieval Dr. R.C.F. Wong
A Modified Average Reward Reinforcement Learning Based on Fuzzy Reward Function Dr. Zhenkun Zhai
A Modified Grey Prediction Method to Early Manufacturing Data Sets Dr. Chun-Wu Yeh
A Modified PCA Based on Ranking by Like-Image Value Using Shape and Texture Components Mr.Deshmukh Sudarshan Suresh
A Modified Statistical Design Model of Double Sampling x Control Chart P.H. Lee
A Multilevel Of Security Model On Back-End Server Using Authentication Server and Ticket Generating Server Dr. C.Suresh Gnana Dhas
A Multiobjective Programming for Transportation Problem with the Consideration of both Depot to Customer and Customer to Customer Relationships Dr. Wuttinan Nunkaew
A multivariate ANN-wavelet approach for rainfall-runoff modeling Dr. Vahid Nourani
A Near-Optimal Semi-Online Algorithm for Maximizing Throughput Scheduling Problem Dr. Ye Tao
A Neural Network Model Based on Quadratic Programming to the Single-period and Multi-product Newsvendor Problem Dr. Cheng Liu
A New Approach for Value Function Approximation Based on Automatic State Partition Dr. JIaan Zeng
A New Configuration of Adaptive Arithmetic Model for Video Coding with 3D SPIHT Dr. CHIA WAI CHONG
A New Double Bagging via the Support Vector Machine with Application to the Condition Diagnosis for the Electric Power Apparatus Dr. Hideo Hirose
A New Finite Difference Approximation for Numerical Solution of Simplified 2-D Quasilinear Unsteady Biharmonic Equation Dr. Ayatollah Esfahani Tabatabaei
A New Method for Attribute Classification in Kano’s Model - Discriminant Analysis Dr. Hsiao-Lin Teng
A New Method for Cell Counting in Medical Images Using Fuzzy C-means Clustering Dr. M.R. Dashtnavard 
A New Method in Detection of Ceramic Tiles Color Defects Using Genetic C-Means Algorithm Dr AlModarresi
A New Process of Solar Desalination Based on Humidification-Dehumidification Cycle Mr. Lixi Zhang
A New Process-Based Approach for Implementing an Integrated Management System: Quality, Security, Environment Dr. Ahmed Badreddine
A New Routing Algorithm for Energy Reduction in Wireless Sensor Networks Dr. Keyhan Khamfroosh
A New Smith Predictor and Fuzzy Immune Control for Hybrid Networked Control Systems Du Feng
A New Smith Predictor and Fuzzy RBF Neural Network Control for Wireless Networked Control Systems Du Feng
A New Two-dimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition Based on Classical Empirical Mode Decomposition and Radon Transform Dr. Yang Zh
A Nonlinear C-UPFC Control Design for Power Transmission Line Applications Dr. Hamed Ghane
A Novel Approach for Edge Detection using HBT Filter and Logarithmic Transform Dr. Madhu S. Nair
A novel approach for task allocation and scheduling in sensor networks Dr. shamsollah ghanbari
A Novel Recurrent Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Neural Network for Nonlinear Channel Equalization Dr. Ching-Hung Lee
A Novel Ultra-Low-Energy Bulk Dynamic Threshold Inverter Scheme Dr. Samaneh Soleimani Amiri 
A Novel Way to Analyze Competitive Performance of Online Algorithms Dr. Jiping Tao
A Pattern Matching Approach for Redundancy Detection in Bi-lingual and Mono-lingual Corpora Dr. Muneer Ahmad Malik
A Proposed Grinding And Mixing System Using Fuzzy Time Control Discrete Event Model For Industrial Applications Dr. M.Saleem Khan
A Q-learning System for Container Marshalling with Group-Based Learning Model at Container Yard Terminals Dr. Yoichi Hirashima
A Real-Time Note Transcription Technique Using Static and Dynamic Window Sizes Dr. Farshad Arvin
A Refinement: Integration of Algebraic Automata and Z Conforming Some Important Structures Dr. N. A. Zafar
A Remark on Restart Phase of GMRES(k) Method with Iterative Refinement for Gaining Robustness of Convergence Dr. Yuzo Kusakabe
A Review of Evolutionary Algorithms for Multi Objective Multi Product Multi Modal Distribution Problem with a Possible New Approach Dr. Anirban Ghatak
A Robust Steganography Algorithm based on Pattern Matching with External Hardware Dr. chetan bawankar
A Semantic Faceted Search with Rule-based Inference Dr. Yung-Hsin Wang
A Simple Control Scheme for Single-Phase Shunt Active Power Filter with Fuzzy Logic Based DC Bus Voltage Controller Dr. huseyindogan selcuk
A Spectral Time-Domain Method for Computational Electrodynamics Dr. James Lambers
A Study of Monitoring Non-normal Multivariate Process Using Support Vector Machine Dr. Chih-Hsin Tsai and Dr. YuJing-Er Chiu
A Study on the Shrink Fits and Internal Clearance Variation for Ball Bearing of Machine Tool using FEM Dr. Woong Kim 
A Survey of Wheelchair Control Methods Using Eye, Head and Oral Movements Dr. Poonam Gajwani
A Syllable-based Associational Scheme for Online Handwriting Tibetan Character Recognition Dr. Wang Weilan
A Tabu Search Approach based on Strategic Vibration for Competitive Facility Location Problems with Random Demands Dr. Takeshi Uno
A Tabu Search Based Approximate Solution Algorithm for k-minimum Spanning Tree Problems Dr. Hideki Katagiri
A Theory of Ball-screw Thermal Compensation Mr. Ching-Feng Chang
A Unified Framework of Data Exchange Mechanism in an Intelligent Transportation System Dr. S.C. Wang
A Web Application Framework for Reservation Systems and its Reusability Evaluation Dr. ZHOU FENG
Accuracy of Location Identification with Antenna Polarization on RSSI Dr Xu Huang
Achieving Technological Excellence in Engineering Industries of Pakistan Dr. Sarina Zainab Shirazi
Activity Replay System of Life Review Therapy Using Mixed Reality Technology Dr. Kunio SAKAMOTO
Adaptive Ant Colony Optimization Considering Intensification and Diversification Dr. Masaya Yoshikawa
Adaptive Control of a DC Motor Using Neural Network Sliding Mode Control Dr. mohsen fallahi
Adaptive Iterative Learning Control for Systems with Nonlinearities Dr. iman khademi
Adaptive Trilateral Filter for Image Restoration Ms. Neha Jain
Adaptive Tuning Wavelet Neural Controller Design with a Smooth Compensator Dr. Chun-Fei Hsu
Ada's Vital Role in New US Air Traffic Control Systems Dr. Alok Srivastava
Adding Relations in Multi-levels to an Organization Structure of a Complete Binary Tree Maximizing Total Shortening Path Length Dr. Kiyoshi Sawada
Adopting Lean Principles: A Case Study Dr. N.S.M. Shalahim
Advanced Planning for Multi-Product Across a Supply Chain Dr. Ruedee Masuchun and Wiboon Masuchun
Alternative Fuzzy Switching Regression Dr. Kuo-Lung Wu
An Adaptive Fitness Function Based on Scaling Transformations Dr. wm peng
An Advanced Iterative Method Based on Intelligent Determination of Recurrences Dr. Moe Thuthu
An Analysis of Supply Chain Solution Techniques for IC Production Dr. Hsi-Kuang Wang and Dr. Chueng-Chiu Huang
An Announcement: Detecting and Isolating Malicious Node in Wireless Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks Khalid Hussain
An Approach to Ensure Information Security through 252-Bit Integrated Encryption System (IES)) Dr. Saurabh Dutta
An Approach to Test Case Design for Cost Effective Software Testing Dr. Kiran Kumar J
An Approach towards Automation of Requirements Analysis  Dr. Vinay S
An Architecture for the Development of Context-aware Services based on MDA and Ontologies Dr. Samyr Vale
An Autonomous Forest Fire Detection System Based On Spatial Data Mining and Fuzzy Logic Dr. Kalli Srinivasa Nageswara Prasad 
An Efficient Limited Memory Interval Algorithm for Global Optimization Dr. Sun, Min 
An Empirical Distributed Matrix Multiplication Algorithm to Reduce Time Complexity Dr. Md. Shohidul Islam
An Enhanced Holistic Information Retrieval System Professor Ben Kwang-Mong SIM
An FPT Variant Of The Shadow Problem With Kernelization Dr. Stefan Porschen
An Implementation Image Edge and Feature Detection Using Neural Network Leila Fallah Araghi 
An Improved Fuzzy Feature Clustering and Selection based on Chi-Squared-Test Dr. Elham Chitsaz
An Improved Recurrent Motion Image Framework for Outdoor Objects Recognition Dr. Wong Chuan Ern and Dr. Teong Joo Ong
An Investigation on Tool Wear Prediction in Automotive Sheet Metal Stamping Die Using Numerical Simulation Dr. Xuan Zhi Wang
An Overview of A Family of New Iterative Methods Based on IDR Theorem And Its Estimation Yusuke Onoue
Analog Circuit Feasibility Modeling using Support Vector Machine with Efficient Kernel Functions Mr. Dharmendar Boolchandani
Analogy and Originality in the Context of Scientific Enquiry Prof A.M. Korsunsky
Analysis Modelling of Seismic Behaviour of Lightweight Concrete Shear Walls Dr. Werasak Raongjant and Dr. Meng JING
Analysis of Activity-Based Costing in the After Press Services Industry Sivarak Intawong 
Analysis of Human Arm Joints and Extension of the Study to Robot Manipulator Dr. Valentin Grecu
Analysis of Low Complexity Motion Estimation Algorithms for H.264 Video Compression Standard Dr. Amit R Ukalkar
Analysis of Reference Point Group Mobility Model in Mobile Ad hoc Networks with an Ant Based Colony Protocol Dr. M. SIVAJOTHI
Analysis of Robotic Arms with Integrated Structural and Joint Flexibility Based on Pontryagin's Minimum Principle Dr. Hamed Rahimi Nohooji
Analysis of the Influence of EDM Parameters on Surface Quality, Material Removal Rate and Electrode Wear of Tungsten Carbide Dr. S.H.Tomadi, Dr. M.A.Hassan, Dr. Z. Hamedon, Dr. R.Daud, and A.G.Khalid
Appending Mining Data of Spatial Object for Query Dr. Wen-Ting Chien
Application of Fuzzy Self-Adapting PID Controller and Fuzzy Non-Uniform Grid Scheduling to WFGD Dr. Li Xiao-feng 
Application of Higher Order Derivatives of Lyapunov Functions in Stability Analysis of Nonlinear Homogeneous Systems Dr. Vahid Meigoli
Application of Nonlinear Pricing Scheme to the Power Scheduling Problem Dr. Somboon Nuchprayoon
Application of SDEA-PCA for future efficiency analysis In railroad transportation H Izadbakhsh
Appraising the effect of the stakeholders upon the constructional projects and presentation of a methodology to analyze and manage the stakeholders Dr. Ezzatollah Asgharizadeh
Artificial Erythrocytes - Models and Design Dr. jitesh dundas
Artificial Intelligence Expert System for Minimizing Solid Waste during Highway Construction Activities Ibrahiem Alani
Artificial Intelligence Techniques In Software Engineering (AITSE) Dr. Engr.Farah Naaz Raza
Artificial Neural Network Approach to Classify Transformer Faults Based on DGA Diagnosis Dr. S.SARAVANAN
Association Rules for a Swarming Behavior of Multiple Agents Dr. Dong Hun Kim
ASTHRA An Automated Robotic Vehicle for Effective Locomotion and Effective Patient Monitoring using Embedded systems Dr. Natarajan R
Audio Video Synchronization Enhancements For Digital Set-Top Box Dr. Monika Jain
Audio-Visual Authentication System over the Internet Protocol Dr. Yee Wan Wong
Automated Mapping and Localization for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle’s Navigation Using Imaging Sonar Dr.
Automated Services for Market-Based E-Commerce Transactions Dr. Freimut Bodendorf
Automatic Construction of a FSA Language Model and Speech Recognition on it with Dynamic Alternative Path Search Prof. Tsuyoshi MORIMOTO
Automatic Differentiation Applied to Economics Dr. E. M. Tadjouddine
Automatic Fuzzy Control Design for Parallel DC-DC Converters Prof. Rong-Jong Wai
Automotive Product Realization; A Process-Based Management Dr. Komsan Sanongpong
Backward Simulation with Multiple Objectives Control Dr. Hsi-Kuang Wang and Dr. Chueng-Chiu Huang
Bandwidth Enhancement for Transimpedance Amplifier in CMOS Process Dr. Han Liang
Bandwidth Performance testing of IEEE 802.11 Wireless Local Area Networks Dr. Atul Gosai
Bank Branch Operating Efficiency: A DEA Approach Dr. Zijiang Yang
Behaviors of MIMO UWB-IR Transceiver with Statistical Models Dr Xu Huang
BEM with Linear Boundary Elements for Solving the Problem of the 3D Compressible Fluid Flow around Obstacles Dr. LUMINITA GRECU
Benefits of Quadrature Baseband Versus Radio Frequency Demodulation Algorithm Mr. Lusungu Ndovi
Capability Based Clustering Mechanism in WiMAX Dr. S.C. Wang
Cardio-Spatial Profile Extraction using Optical Flow of Echocardiographic Images Dr Noorazrin Zakaria
Centralized and Distributed Clustering Methods for Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks Dr. Noritaka SHIGEI
Clocked Semi-Floating-Gate Pseudo Differential Pair for Low-Voltage Analog Design Dr. Yngvar Berg
Colour-based Object Tracking in Surveillance Application Ms. Tang Sze Ling
Combining Multiple Criteria and Multidimension for Movie Recommender System Keittima Chapphannarungsri
Combining Offline and Online Preprocessing for Online Urdu Character Recognition Dr. Muhammad Imran Razzak
Comparative Mortality Models in Kuwait Dr Reem A. Al-Jarallah
Comparative study of Sequential Feature Selection Algorithms for Liver Tumor Characterization /classification (wavelet based texture classification of tissues for computed tomography images) Dr. bhaskar gupta
Comparison and Process Variation Analysis of 3T1D Based CAM Cells Dr. Wilson Mazo Tan
Comparison between Direct-On-Line, Star-Delta and Auto-transformer Induction Motor Starting Method in terms of Power Quality Dr. Goh Hui Hwang
Component Fatigue Behaviors And Life Predictions Of A Steering Knuckle Using Finite Element Analysis Prof. Kartik D. Kothari 
Computational Analysis of Nucleosome Positioning Signals in the Simian Virus 40 Chromatin Dr. Hong Yan
Computer Modeling of the Pelvis Bone and Tibia Dr. anshul choudhary
Computer Networks-Cluster Computing Dr. vennira selvi
Computer Simulation of Aluminum Strip Rolling Technology Dr. Ali Akbar Mottahedi
Computing worst case execution time (WCET) by Symbolically Executing a time-accurate HardwareModel Mr. benhamamouch bilel
Construction and Application of a Virtual Press Shop Dr. Seungho Kuk
Contact Friction Analysis of Silicon Material Dr. Yang-Yuan Chen
Continuous Measurements of ECG and SpO2 for Cardiology Information System Dr. Amphawan Julsereewong
Continuous-time based Multiple Model System Control with Reliability Constraint Dr. Xiaopin ZHONG
Control of Integrating processes with longer dead time using auto-tuning approach Dr.G.SARAVANAKUMAR
Control of Venturini Method Based Matrix Converter in Input Voltage Variations Dr. Hulusi KARACA 
Convolutional Encoding of Some Binary Quadratic Residue Codes Dr. Chong-Dao Lee
Coordination and Concurrent Negotiation for Multiple Web Services Procurement Professor Ben Kwang Mong Sim
Correction of Logical Errors in C programs using Genetic Algorithm Techniques Dr. Atul Sandur
Cost Effective GPS-GPRS Based Object Tracking System Dr. Abul L. Haque
Critical Success Factors for Implementing Quality Engineering Tools and Techniques in Malaysian’s and Indonesian’s Automotive Industries: An Exploratory Study Nilda Tri Putri
Current Harmonics Analysis of Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Drive System under Fault Conditions Dr. Prithwiraj Purkait
Current Limiters with Single Current Follower Dr. Worapong TANGSRIRAT
Currently Committed Crypt Analysis Hash Function Dr. A.Arul Lawrence selvakumar
Cut-Through Rebroadcasting using Multiple Channels for Alarm Message in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Dr. Pakornsiri Akkhara
Cutting Temperature and Laser Beam Temperature Effects on Cutting Tool Deformation in Laser-assisted Machining Dr. JaeWon Jung