The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for IMECS 2009 are listed here:

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Titles (O_Others)

Contact Authors
On Limitations of the Prioritization Methods in Analytic Hierarchy Process: A Study of Transportation Selection Problems Dr. Kevin K.F. Yuen
On mg - Continuous Function in Minimal Structure Dr. R.Parimelazhagan
On Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapes of Microbeams Amir M. Lajimi
On Performance of MIMO-OFDM Based LTE Systems  Dr. Rangaraj G V
On Realistic Line Simplification under Area Measure Mr. Shervin Daneshpajouh
On Study of Vehicular Movement Data Analysis for Generating Driving Behavior and Road Situation Information Dr. Hsiu-Hsen Yao
On the Analysis of an Innovative Mechanism for Wire Electrical Discharge Machine Dr. Jen-Yu Liu 
On The Development of Low-power MAC Protocol for WBANs Dr. Sana Ullah
One-to-Many Multicast Restoration Based on Dynamic Core-Based Selection Algorithm in WDM Mesh Networks Dr. San-Nan Lee
Ontology Driven IPC Based Classification of a Research Abstract Md. Hanif Seddiqui
Optical Fiber and Silicon Photonics Mr. Sohrab Hossain
Optimal Cascade Linguistic Attribute Hierarchies for Decision Making Dr. He, Hongmei
Optimal Design of a Beam under Uncertain Loads Dr. Ismail Kucuk
Optimal Design of CNFET based Inverting Amplifier for Best Performance at 32nm Technology Node Dr. Fahad ali usmani
Optimal Design of Fuzzy Image Noise Reduction Technique for Visual Inspection of Pre-Amplifier Dr. anakkapon santhon
Optimal Scheduling Algorithm Using Hopfield Neural Network Dr. Sun-Ho Jee, Dr. Yong-Chul Cho, Dr.  Liang Zhang, Dr. Hyun-Chan Cho and Dr. Hee-Sun Kang
Optimization Analysis of the Experimental Parameters on the Extraction Process of Propolis Dr. Kun-Huei Sung
Optimization and Temperature Control of a Degreasing Tank Dr. Phiyanan Kanghae 
Optimization Based Approach for Constrained Optimal Servo Control of Integrating Process Using Industrial PI Controller Dr. Nguyen Viet Ha
Optimization of Cell-based VLSI Circuit Design using a Genetic Algorithm: Design Approach Manisha Khorgade 
Optimization of Machining Characteristics in Die Cutting for Sintered Carbide Tool Insert with Wire EDM DR. AJAI JAIN
Optimization of the Application of Principal Component Analysis (PCA) in Digital Processing of Satellite Images Dr. Ramzanali Khorrami
Optimizing Harvest Dates in Philippine Commercial Poultry Farming Dr. Adonis R. Cagape
Optimizing Service Selection by User's QoS Expectation Dr. Dongmei Liu
Optimum Compaction Parameters for 2124Al Sicp Composites Dr Osama Erfan
Organization of Batch Process using XML Schema Dr. Nguyen Van Huy
OTAs-based Positive/Negative Floating Inductance Simulator Miss Wandee Petchmaneelumka
Pairwise Classifier Approach to Automated Diagnosis of Disorder Degree of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome: Combining of AIRS and One versus One (OVO-AIRS) Dr. Kemal POLAT
Parallel and Distributed Mining of Association Rule on Knowledge Grid Dr. Ulaganathan Sakthi
Particle Filtering for 2-D Object Tracking Applications Dr. Iman Khademi
Passenger Classification for an Airport Movement Forecast System Mr. Stefan Richter
Pattern based Improvements on Designing a Sequential Fisher Classifier Dr. M. Taheri
PC-Based Access Control System Ms.Yin Yin Soe
People Following Automated Guided Vehicles - Research and Application Dr. Lothar Schulze
Performance Analysis and Design Consideration of Cassegrain for Satellite Communication Myint Myint Soe
Performance Analysis of Support Vector Machine (SVM) for Optimization of Fuzzy Based Epilepsy Risk Level Classifications Using Different Types of Kernel Functions from EEG Signal Parameters Dr. harikumar rajaguru
Performance Assessment and Optimization of the After-Sale Networks H Izadbakhsh
Performance Comparison of Multi-layer Perceptron (Back Propagation, Delta Rule and Perceptron) algorithms in Neural Networks Dr. Mutasem k. Smadi
Performance Evaluation of a Tukey’s Control Chart in Monitoring Gamma Distribution and Short Run Processes P.H. Lee
Performance Evaluation of SOM based Hiperlan/2 Mrs.S.V.Rathkanthiwar
Performance Evaluation on FFT Software Implementation Mr. Xiangyang Liu
Performance Improvement Modelling (Case Study: Micro and Small Enterprise) Dr. Hotniar Siringoringo
Performance Measurement of Various Routing Protocols in Ad-hoc Network Dr. Md. Shohidul Islam
Photogrammetric 3D Digitization of Human Faces Based on Landmarks Dr. Luigi Galantucci
Piecewise Regression: A Tool for Understanding The Relationship between the Attribute-Level Performance and Customer Satisfaction Dr. Hsiao-Lin Teng
Plant Layout Design with Simulation Dr. Uttapol Smutkupt
Platform Independent 8-bit Soft-core for SoPC Dr. Farhad Merchant
Pneumatic Muscle Actuated Isokinetic Equipment for the Rehabilitation of Patients with Disabilities of the Bearing Joints Dr. Tudor Deaconescu
Pneumatic Muscle Actuated Robotized Arm for Rehabilitation Systems Dr. Tudor Deaconescu
Position-Based Impedance Control of a Pneumatic Actuator Using On/Off solenoid valves for Physiotherapy Use Dr. Babak Hejrati
Power analysis of hardware based motion estimation in a heterogeneous reconfigurable environment Dr. Moazzam Hussain
Power and Delay Analysis of a 2-to-1 Multiplexer Implemented in Multiple Logic Styles for Mux-Based Decoder in Flash ADC Dr. G.L.Madhumati
Power Disturbance Recognition Using Probabilistic Neural Networks Dr. Chau-Shing Wang
PPCI Algorithm for Mining Temporal Association Rules in Large Databases Dr. anjana shukla
Predicting Hierarchical Structure in Small World Social Networks Dr. Dr. D. M. Akbar Hussain
Prediction of Chatter in CNC Machining based on Dynamic Cutting Force for Ball End Milling Dr. R. Daud, Dr. N.K.Hasfa, Dr. S.H.Tomadi, Dr. M.A.Hassan, Dr. M.R.M.Rejab, and Dr. M.M.Noor
Preserving High Payload Steganography Mechanism Using Hybrid Edge Detector Dr. T. Hoang Ngan Le
Pressure Limits of Thick-Walled Cylinders Dr. Mohd Kabashi
Price Convergence and Monetary Policy in United States Cities: A Cointegration Approach with Two Structural Breaks Dr. Poomthan Rangkakulnuwat
Priority based Matchmaking Method of Buyers and Suppliers in B2B e-marketplace Using Multi-objective Optimization Dr. Xiaohui Li
Privacy Preserving Clustering by Cluster Bulging Dr. mohommad ali kadampur
Proportional QoS Degradation in the Network in Case of Overload Dr. ayaz hussain
Proposed Model for Optimization of Constrained Multipass Turning Operation Dr Osama Erfan
Proposing an Agent-based Architecture for Distance Collaborative Learning Dr. Naser Ayat
Pseudo Dynamic Model Reference Nonlinear Control of a Continuous Bioreactor with Input Multiplicities Dr. G.Prabhaker Reddy
Quiet Zone Design in Broadband Diffuse Fields Dr. Wen-Kung Tseng
Rapid Thermodynamic Simulation Model of an Internal Combustion Engine on Alternate Fuels Dr. Sundeep Ramachandran
Rayleigh Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Channels: Eigenmodes and Capacity Evaluation Dr. Abdulgodoos Saad
Real Time Study of a n-out-of-n System: n Identical Repairable Elements with Constant Failure and Repair Rates Dr. mani sharifi
Realization of Manufacturing Execution System for a Batched Process Manufacturing Industry Dr. Muhammad Younus
Recognition of Shapes for Object Retrieval in Image Databases by Discrete Curve Evolution and Two Consecutive Primitive Edges Dr. Tian-Luu Wu
Reconfigurable Instruction Set Processor Design Using Tightly Coupled Reconfigurable Cores Dr. M. Aqeel Iqbal
Regression Analysis of Ambient Air Pollution in Al - Hashimeya City, Central Jordan Dr. Ahmad
Reliability and Fault Tolerance of Ultra Low Voltage High Speed Differential CMOS Dr. Omid Mirmotahari
Reliable One-dimensional Approximate Solutions for Insulated Oblate Spheroid Containers Dr. Tom, King-Leung Wong
Replicating Cytokines in Modelling Signal Exchange between Nodes in Wireless Mesh Networks Ms. MAHIRA ATHAMLEBBE
Representing of User Interest in Adaptive Website by Ontological User Profile Dr. nazanin fardroo
Research of Finishing Machining for Cylindrical Surface of Large-Scale Work Piece Dr. MU Xiqing
Research of Tool Wear Based on Radical Basic Function Network Dr. XU Chuangwen
Research on Core competitiveness of Regional Logistics Industry Based on Factor Analysis Dr. LONG Yan
Research on Gear Plunge Shaving for Gears with Tooth Modifications Prof. Shinn-Liang Chang
Research on modeling and inverse dynamics of flexible arms of concrete pump truck Dr. GUO Dameng
Retrieval Of Information In Document Image Databases Using Partial Word Image Matching Technique Dr. Seema Yadav
Revisit Consensus with Dual Fallible Communication in Cloud Computing Dr. K.Q. Yan
Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes Flow Computation of RAE2822 Airfoil Using Gas-kinetic BGK Scheme Prof. Dr. Ashraf A. Omar
Roadmap Research On Process In Design For Base Of The Pyramid (DfBoP) Jiang Jiehui
Robust Control of DC Motor Using Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control with PID Compensator Dr. mohsen fallahi
Robust Digital Watermarking of Images using Wavelets Dr. PATIL RAMANA REDDY
Robust Diversity Technique and New MCFH-SS System Dr. Abid Yahya
Robust Fuzzy Control of Inverter Pendulum Robot via Time-Delay Affine T-S Fuzzy Models Dr. Wen-Jer Chang
Scheduling of Worker Allocation in the Manual Labor Environment with Genetic Algorithm Dr. SiCong Tan
Searching All Seeds of Strings with Hamming Distance using Finite Automata Dr. Ondrej Guth and Dr. Borivoj Melichar
Secure Personal Information Management between Desktops and Handheld Devices Dr. Kavi Mahesh
Secured Authentication using Multi-Modal Biometric Key Dr. Mary Amirtha Sagayee
Secured routing protocol design for mobile ad-hoc network Dr. Madhan Kumar
Securing BGP Networks using Consistent Check Algorithm Dr. C. K. Man 
Security Features of smart cards In Wireless Networks Dr. Deepak Vishwakarma
Security Testing and Compliance for Online Banking in Real-World Dr. Hao Chen
Segmentation using Six Sigma Threshold on Spectral Bands of Malignant Melanoma Dr. S.Gopalakrishnan
Separating Impurities of Acid Gas from Hydrogen Sulfide by Using Adaptive Filter for Estimating of Claus Reaction Temperature by Neuron Networks Dr. Gholam Ali Abdali
Service-oriented Architecture Design Aspects of OPC UA for Industrial Applications Dr. Markus STOPPER
Ship Identification Using Probabilistic Neural Networks (PNN) Leila Fallah Araghi
Simulation of Clutter Mitigation in MTI Radar Using Delay Line Cancelers Dr. Sajid Iqbal
Single-machine Scheduling with Position-based and Sum-of-processing-time-based Learning Effects Dr. Wen-Chiung Lee
Software Quality Psychology Dr. Radoslaw Hofman
Solutions to Swamp Poisoning Attacks in BitTorrent Networks Dr. Angus K.Y. Wong
Some Single-Machine Scheduling Problems with a Mixed Learning Function Dr. Chin-Chia Wu
Space Robot Path Planning for Collision Avoidance Dr. Shinichi Tsuda
Space-Precise Computation of a Singular Nonlinear Evolution Equation for the Risk Preference Dr. Naoyuki Ishimura
Spatial Stimulus-response (S-R) Compatibility Effect for Hand Controls with Visual Signals on Horizontal Plane Dr. Alan Chan
Speaker Verification Using MFCC and Support Vector Machine Dr. Shi-Huang Chen
Speckled Computing: Evolution and Challenges Dr. Shah, Sayed Chhattan
Speech For The Disabled Dr. Venkat raman
Speech Recognition from PSD using Neural Network Dr. Amin Ashouri Saheli
SpeedyDes3 - Speedy Des3 Encryption for Video Poker Game Machines Licensed in Italy Dr. K.L. Man
Stability Analysis of Homogeneous Nonlinear Systems Using Homogeneous Eigenvalues Dr. Vahid Meigoli
Stability of Fuzzy Elman Neural Network Using Joint Spectral Radius Spectral Radius of Matrix Dynamic Systems Leila Fallah Araghi 
Stackelberg Solution to Two-Level Linear Programming Models of Food Retailers and Brokerages Problems Dr. Takeshi Matsui
Standardization of Jib Crane Design by “F.E.M. Rules” And Parametric Modeling Dr. Sandip D.Shinde
Status of Requirements Management in Six Chinese Software Companies Dr. Mira Kajko-Mattsson
Steady State Modeling and Performance Analysis of Static Slip Energy Recovery Controlled Slip Ring Induction Motor Drive Dr. B. K. Singh and Dr. K. E. C. Dwarahat
Steady-State Modeling of SVC and TCSC for Power Flow Analysis Dr. Zakaria Anwar Zakaria
Stereoscopic 3D Display System Using Commercial DIY Goods Dr. Kunio SAKAMOTO
Stochastic Stability of Linear Gyroscopic Dynamic Systems Leila Fallah Araghi 
Stochastic Stability of TSK Fuzzy Model Leila Fallah Araghi
Stock Price Forecasting by Hybrid Machine Learning Techniques Dr. Chih-Fong Tsai
Structured Learning from Data for Novelty Detection by Linear Programming Dr. amfeng
Structure-strength of Hook with Ultimate Load by Finite Element Method Dr. Yu Huali
Studies About The Influence Of The Attitude Towards Change Work In A Modern Organizations Dr.Mihail Titu
Study of Dynamic Behavior of Heat Exchanger System in Hard Chrome Electroplating Dr. Pannee Boriboonsri
Study of System Model of Image Inpainting Combining Subjective Estimation and Impersonal Estimation Dr. Weilan Wang 
Study of the Surface Integrity of AISI 4140 Steel in Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Dr. Mas Ayu Hassan
Study of Thermal Growth Measurement for Intergraded Spindles Mr. Ching-Feng Chang
Study Regarding The Influence Of Organizational Climate On The Management Of Modern Organizations Dr.Mihail Titu
Supplier Evaluation Framework Based on Balanced Scorecard with Integrated Corporate Social Responsibility Perspective Dr. Voraphol Thanarakssagul
Survey of Classification Techniques in Data Mining Dr. Thair Nu Phyu
Swarm Intelligence in the Optimization of Concurrent Service Systems Dr. Tad Gonsalves
Synchronization and Time Resolution Improvement for 802.11 WLAN OWPT Measurement Dr. Xinrui Wang
Table-top Display System Which Enables to View from Four Directions for Group Work on Round Table Dr. Kunio SAKAMOTO
TCP Variants and Network Parameters: A Comprehensive Performance Analysis Dr. Md. Shohidul Islam
Temperature Estimation of Liquid Steel in Induction Furnace Dr. Anuwat Pansuwan, and Dr. Prapart Ukakimaparn
Temporal Modeling of Head Movement during Facial Expression via Dual Pivot Tracking System - A Case of Disgust Dr. Fakhrul Hazman Yusoff
Tennis Winner Prediction based on Time-Series History with Neural Modeling Dr. Amornchai Somboonphokkaphan
Tense and Mood Decision with Similarity Search in Japanese to Spanish Machine Translation Dr. Manuel Medina
Text Categorization for English Language - A Comprehensive Approach of Analysis and Design Dr. Shantanu A. Lohi
Text Mining for Meeting Transcript Analysis to Extract Key Decision Elements Dr. Caroline Chibelushi
The Application of Neural Network in the Technology of Image Processing Dr. Wei Bin Hong
The Contract Expert System: A Proposal for Long-Term Supplier Evaluation, Selection and Performance Monitoring Dr. EUGENE REX LAZARO JALAO
The Design for Real-Time Paper Perforation Quality Control Dr. Hairulliza M. Judi 
The Extent of Software Process Improvement Models in Malaysia: A Focus on CMMI Models Dr. Shukor Sanim Mohd Fauzi
The Factors affecting the performance of data fusion algorithms Dr. mohammed nassar
The Hamiltonian Cycle Problem on Circular-Arc Graphs Dr. Ruo-Wei Hung
The Heat Transfer Characteristics of an Insulated Circular Duct Considering and Neglecting the Influence of Heat Radiation Dr. Tom, King-Leung Wong
The Impact of Stochastic Lead Time: the Mean or the Variance Dr. Xin James He
The Multi-commodity Capacitated Multi-facility Weber Problem: Heuristics and Confidence Intervals Dr. M.Hakan AKYUZ
The Process Researches for The Desalination Using Residual Heat of Flue Gas Mr. Lixi Zhang
The Reliable Integrated Decision for Stock Price by Multilayer Integration Time-series of Coverage Reasonability Dr. Chun-Wu Yeh
The Research of Intelligent Negotiation Agent - Application for B2C E-commerce Dr. Wen-Yau Liang
The study of heat transfer efficiency between hot water and milk in pasteurization process Dr. Sarinyarak Wangnoi
The Study on Use of E-Commerce Trust Marks Using Taiwan and Hong Kong as Research Sites Dr Bruce Chien-Ta Ho
The Time Evaluation of Thermomechanical Tube Spinning Process by Design of Experiments Dr. A. R. Fazeli Nahrkhalaji
The Two-Stage Multi-Variable Technology Breakdown Model: A Proposal for Technology Breakdown for More Effective and Efficient Technology Transfer Dr. Iris Ann G. Martinez
Thermal Spreading Resistance of Isoflux Hyperellipse on a Half-space Dr. S.K. Bhullar
Three-player Col played on trees is NP-complete Dr. Alessandro Cincotti
Time-Optimal Algorithm for Computing the Diameter of a Point Set on a Completely Overlapping Network Dr. Saowaluk Rattanaudomsawat
Towards a RESTful Process of Conference Management System Dr. Yachai Limpiyakorn
Towards Security and Enrichment of the IP Multimedia Subsystem Based Multiparty Conference Dr. Zeeshan Shafi Khan
Transformation Using Neural-Based Identification for Controlling Singularly-Perturbed Eigenvalue-Preserved Reduced Order Systems Dr. Anas N. Al-Rabadi 
Transient and Asymptotic Analysis of Synchronization Processes in Assembly-Like Queues Dr. I Premachandra
Transmission Network Congestion in Deregulated Wholesale Electricity Market Dr. N S Modi and Dr. B R Parekh
Triangulated Views Selection for Image-based Walkthrough Dr. Chang Ok Yun
Two-Level 0-1 Programming through Parallel Genetic Algorithms Dr. Keiichi Niwa
Two-User Turbo-Hadamard Code for Synchronized Gaussian Multiple-Access Channel Dr. Li Xiong
Two-wheeled Robot Control Based on Self-tuning Output Recurrent CMAC Dr. W.R.Tsai
Ultra Low Voltage Semi-Floating-Gate Transconductance Amplifier Dr. Yngvar Berg
Unknown Input High Gain Observer for Parametric Fault Detection and Isolation of Dynamical Systems Dr. Sharifuddin Mondal,
Use of Domain Knowledge for Fast Mining of Association Rules Dr Mahesh Motwani 
User Profiling in Intelligent Tutoring Systems Based on Myers-Briggs Personality Types Dr. Andrzej Niesler
Using Expert Systems Technology to Increase Agriculture Production and Water Conservation Dr. Mostafa Mahmoud
Value and Non-value Added Analysis of Incoming Order Process Dr. J.Teeravaraprug
Value Chain Coordination Using Multiple Period Newsboy Model Dr. Chun-Chin  Wei
Variable Remote Download Control Function for iTV Services Dr. S.C. Wang
Variational Iteration Methods for Nonlinear Dispersive K(m,p) Equations Dr. Hessam Naemi 
Vibration Controlling Characteristics of a New Improved Mega-Sub Controlled Structure Subjected to Random Wind Loads Dr. Xiangjun Qin
Visualization of Gas Jet in Water: A New Approach for Gaseous Fuel Injection Measurement Dr. Taib Iskandar Mohamad
Wall y+ Strategy for Dealing with Wall-bounded Turbulent Flows SALIM MOHAMED SALIM
Water Supply Network System Control based on Model Predictive Control Dr. nagib mohamed
Wavelet Based Investigation of an Impulse Power Supply Prof R B Jadeja
Weak Coupling Regime of MOCVD Dots Coupled to Photonic Crystal Nanocavity Dr. Maryam Boozarjmehr
Web-Based Caregiver Monitoring System for Assisting Visually Impaired People Dr. Tee Zhi Heng
What Decision Factors Will Affect Design For Base Of The Pyramid (DfBoP)? --- An Experience Research Based On Case Study From IDE/TU Jiang Jiehui
What is Hampering the Performance of Software Reliability Models? A literature review Dr. Khaled Faqih
Wheel Slip Detection & Correction in Locomotive Dr. farzad takbiri
Wireless TCP in Unfair Situation: Performance Degradation and Improvement Dr. Md. Shohidul Islam
Workshop-Based Work Systems Design Dr. Felix Zoleko
2D One-Bit-Transform Motion Estimation Algorithm with Smoothing and Preprocessing Dr. CHIA WAI CHONG
3D Automatic Building Footprints Generation Hany Mohamed
3D Face Recognition System with Compression Dr. CHEW WEI JEN