The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with revisions) for IMECS 2009 are listed here:

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Titles (D_N)

Contact Authors
Decoupling Control of Electro-Pneumatic Pressure Tank System Assoc. Prof. Sakreya Chitwong
Deformation Characteristics of Fine-grained Magnesium Alloy AZ31B Thin Sheet during Fast Gas Blow Forming Dr. Horng-yu Wu
Design and Implementation of 8K-bits Low Power SRAM in 180nm Technology Dr. sreerama reddy G M
Design and Implementation of Active Band-Pass Filter for Low Frequency RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) System zin myo
Design and Implementation of Active Filter for Data Acquisition System Ms. Mya Thandar Kyu
Design and Performance Analysis of Solar Water Heating System for 435 Litre Water Tank Dr. Phyu Phyu Htun
Design Approach for Anti-collision Mechanism between Vehicle to Vehicle for Improving Safety Operation In Intelligent Transportation System Pravin P Ashtankar
Design General Fuzzy Controller Implemented in VHDL and Synthesized using FPGA Dr. rasha elham
Design Model of Multi-Agents Based Autonomous Railway Vehicles Control System M.Saleem Khan
Design of A 1.9GHz CMOS Downmixer Based on TSMC 0.18um Technology Dr. Wang Yutong
Design of A 2GHz Low Phase Noise LC VCO Dr. Huang Shi-zheng
Design of a Floating Point Fast Multiplier with Mode Enabled Umer Nisar Misgar 
Design of a Flow-Induced Vibrating Tube Heat Exchanger for a Hard Chrome Plating Process Dr. Anut Kongthep
Design of a Human-Computer Interface System: A Text-To-Speech Approach Ms. Ekta R. Pashine
Design of a Numerical Adaptive Relay Based on Memory Mapped Techniques Dr. Prithwiraj Purkait
Design Of A Voltage-controlled Ring Oscillator Based On MOS Capacitance Dr. Wang Yutong
Design of Air Conditioning System (City-multi) for Seminar Rooms of Technological University (Kyaukse) Dr. Dhtwe tin
Design of an Economizer for Flue Gas Heat Recovery in Pasteurized Milk Process Dr. Songpol Prommoon
Design of an Indoor Climate Monitoring and Control Unit Using the PIC Microcontroller Dr.
Design of an Omni-directional Spherical Robot: Using Fuzzy Control Dr. W.R.Tsai
Design of Codebook for Digital Speech Compression Dr. Nazish Nawaz Hussaini
Design of Total Sliding-Mode Control for Chua’s Chaotic Circuit Prof. Rong-Jong Wai
Design, Analysis and Manufacture a Prototype of the External Elbow Hinge Fixator a Bio-Mechanic Product Dr. Zamzuri hamedon
Detailed Router for 3D FPGA using Sequential and Simultaneous Approach Dr. ashok kumar
Determining Optimal Production Program with Fuzzy Multiple Criteria Programming Method Dr. Tunjo Peric
Determining the Number of Kanbans in EKCS: A Simulation Modeling Approach Dr.N.Selvaraj 
Developing a Neural Network based Index for Sentiment Classification Dr. L.-S. Chen
Development Models of ICT-Based Learning Design to Foster High Quality Learning Environments in Vocational Education Dr. Jumintono
Development Of An Intelligent Speed Adaption System Based On Segmentation Incorporating A Central Surveillance Unit Mr. Emran Md. Amin
Development of Compositions of Aluminium Welding Fluxes Using Statistical Method Dr. J. I. Achebo
Development of Menu Planning Support System with Nutritional Database Using Genetic Algorithm Dr. Tomoko kashima
Development of New Algorithm for Voltage Sag Source Location Dr. Noraliza Hamzah
Dictionary-Based Compression Algorithms for Tree Structured Data Dr. Yuko ITOKAWA
Different Methods of Multiple-Choice Test: Implications and Design for Further Research  Annie W.Y. Ng 
Differential Voltage-to-Frequency Converter for Telemetry Dr. Amphawan Julsereewong
Digital Ultra Low Voltage High Speed Logic Dr. Omid Mirmotahari
Digitally Programmable AC Current Source Mr. Apinai Rerkratn
Digitally Programmable Current Follower and Its Application Dr. Worapong TANGSRIRAT
Digitations and automatic processing of Cheque Dr. rachna somkunwar
Dimension Estimation of Rectangular Cracks Using Impedance Changes of Eddy Current Probe with Neural Network Dr. ghasem babaei
Dipper: A Data Integration with Privacy Protection Environment Dr. Rangsipan Marukatat
Direct Adaptive Backstepping Control for a Class of MIMO Non-affine Systems Using Recurrent Neural Networks Dr. Ching-Hung Lee
Direct Inverse Neural Network Control of A Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) Dr. GINUGA PRABHAKER REDDY
Disassembling Planning of Electronic Product for Waste Recycling with China's Case  Yu Sisi
Docking Studies on Anticancer Drugs for Breast Cancer Using Hex Dr. Alex Mathew. J and Dr. Nixon Raj . N 
Dual-Purpose Wheelchair Mechanism Designs Dr. Meng-Hui Hsu
Dynamic Approach for Web Services Selection Dr. abhishek pandey
Dynamic Autonomous Agent Positioning Based on Computational Intelligence Mohammad Mehdi Korjani
Dynamic Brake Regulator And Protection System in Locomotive Dr. farzad takbiri
Dynamic Matrix Control for HDS Reactor Dr V. RAMESH KUMAR
Dynamic Model for Portfolio Optimization Dr. Cristinca Fulga
Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration in a Prototype Imaging Platform Dr. Moazzam Hussain
Dynamic Performances of Tubular Linear Induction Motor for Pneumatic Capsule Pipeline System Dr. Wisuwat Plodpradista
Effect of Air Fuel Ratio on Engine Performance of Single Cylinder Port Injection Hydrogen Fueled Engine: A Numerical Study Dr. Md. Mustafizur Rahman
Effect of Pesticides on Human Life through Visual Data Mining Dr.M.Sikandar Hayat Khiyal,Aihab Khan,Sidra Khalid
Effective Logistics and Transportation through multi-commodity, multi location Integrated Model Dr. lokesh vijayvargy
Efficient Low Cost Clock Recovery Module For Terrestrial Set-Top Boxes Dr. Monika Jain
Efficient Method for Identifying Location and Removal of Data Redundancy for RFID Data Streams Prof K Srinivas Rao
Electronic Invisible Code Display Unit for Group Work on Reminiscence Therapy Dr. Kunio SAKAMOTO
Embedded Descendent-Only Zerotree Wavelet Coding for Image Compression Dr. Chia Wai Chong
Empirical Modeling of Pneumatic Artificial Muscle Mr. Kanchana Crishan Wickramatunge
End-user Initiative Requirement Definitions Based on Web Service Dr. Takeshi Chusho
Energy Efficient Data Processing in Sensor Networks Dr. prakash gl
Engineering Management and Leadership for a Small Scale Enterprise Dr. Sarbjeet Singh and Dr. Sunand Kumar 
Enhance the Web Personalization using Web Mining Process Dr. suresh kallam
Enhanced Approach to E-Commerce Security Dr. Khalid Haseeb 
Enhanced Tickets-Based Probing Algorithm in Ad Hoc Network using Neural Network Dr. V.Ekhlas
Enrichment Of Customer Satisfaction Through Total Quality Management Techniques Dr. H.Nagprasad
Epileptic Seizure Detection on EEG Signal Using Statistical Signal Processing and Neural Networks Dr. N.Sivasankari
Estimate the Trajectory of Maneuvering Targets by Sensor Scheduling and Energy Efficient in Dynamic Sensor Networks Dr. Joy Iong-Zong Chen
Estimation for the Parameters in the Step-up Voltage Test under the Weibull Power Law Model Dr. Hideo HIROSE
Evaluating the Significance of Global and Local Features in Expressed Sequence Tag: A Clustering Quality Perspective Dr. KH Ng
Evaluation and Metrication of Object Oriented System Dr. Amandeep Kaur
Evaluation for Prediction Accuracies of Parallel-type Neuron Network Dr. Shunsuke Kobayakawa
Evaluation of Stable Cluster Head Election (SCHE) Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Dr. Wan Norsyafizan W.Muhamad
Expectation Maximization Clustering Algorithm for User Modeling in Web Usage Mining Systems Dr. Mehrdad Jalal
Exploring an Approach Enhancing the Area Experts’ Involvement in Layout Design and Improvement: an Empirical Experience Dr Chengbo Wang
Exploring the Online Shopping-The Role of Prior Experience Dr. Joanne Wang
Exponential Stability and Stabilization of Linear Time-Varying Singular System Dr. Seyyed Shaho Alaviani
Extrinsic Information Allocation Via Coloring Graph Problem for Parallel Turbo Decoder Application Dr. Kai-Hsin Tseng
Face Recognition Using Genetic Algorithm and Back Propagation Neural Network Dr. Md. Shohidul Islam
FAIR: A Fuzzy ART Network Based Scheme for Retrieving Useful Information from Blogs Dr. L.-S. Chen
FART Neural Network based Probabilistic Motif Discovery in Unaligned Biological Sequences Dr. hemalatha sekar
Faults Classification of a Scooter Engine Platform Using Wavelet Transform and Artificial Neural Network Dr. Jian-Da Wu
fCompMNZ: an Improved Data Fusion Algorithm Dr. Mohammad Nassar
Feature Ranking and Feature Redundancy Reduction for Prognostic Microarray Study of Tumor Clinical Outcomes Dr. Qihua Tan
Finger Detection for Sign Language Recognition Dr. Kavi Mahesh
Finite Element Analysis of Ionic-Conducting Polymer Metal Composite Actuators Using Flemion Dr. Woosang JUNG
Finite Element Analysis of Three-Dimensional Superelastic Behaviors of Shape Memory Alloy Devices Dr. Choi Daegon
Finite Element Simulation of flow-forming of tubes Dr. M.Joseph Davidson
Fixed-Structure Robust DC Motor Speed Control Dr. Ukrit chaiya
Flood and Draught Automated Local Evaluation in Real Time System for Mahasarakham Province Dr. Wanida Kanarkard
Four-vector Algebra and Rotations Prof. Diego Saá
FPGA Implementation of Radix-4 Log-MAP Algorithm for CCSDS Turbo Decoder Dr. Hsiang-Tsung Chuang
Fractional Order Modeling and GA Based Tuning for Analog Realization with Lossy Capacitors of a PID Controller Dr. Bijoy K.Mukherjee
Fuzzy based Color Image Segmentation using Comprehensive Learning Particle Swarm Optimization (CLPSO) - A Design Approach Mr. Parag Puranik
Fuzzy Controller for Automatic Drug Infusion in Cardiac Patients Dr. harikumar rajaguru
Fuzzy Inference based Optimization Mechanism for Construction Computer Simulation System Dr. Nai-Hsin Pan 
FWM in One-dimensional Nonlinear Photonic Crystal and Theoretical Investigation of Parametric Down Conversion Efficiency (Steady State Analysis) Dr. Maryam Boozarjmehr
Genetic Algorithm Based Node Placement Methodology For Wireless Sensor Networks Dr. Amol P Bhondekar
Green House Monitoring & Controlling in Irrigation Mr. Harshad M. Kubade
Handling Emergency Goals in HTN Planning Dr. Hisashi Hayashi
Hardware Implementation of a Phase-Locked Loop for Communication Systems Dr. Tulshi Bezboruah
Hiding Data in a QImage File Dr. Mogos Gabriela
High Precision Calculations of One Dimension Singularly Perturbed Boundary Value Problems Using Multi Region FDM Dr. David Edwards
High-Performance and Low-Power of Double Edge Triggered Flip-Flops with Feedback Based on Nano-Scale FinFET Technologies Dr. Farzan Jazayeri
Hybrid Routing Protocol For Subtree-Based Tree Clustered MANET Dr. Sai Swaroop
Identification of Fault Types for Single Circuit Transmission Line using Discrete Wavelet transform and Artificial Neural Networks Dr. Atthapol Ngaopitakkul
Image Quality Scale (IQS) for Compressed Images Quality Measurement Dr. S. Udomhunsakul
Implementation of Differential Optical Flow Algorithms in Natural Rigid Video Motion Dr Noorazrin Zakaria
Implementation of Femtosecond Laser on the Valve Fabrication of CD-ELISA Process Dr. Samuel E En Lin
Implementation of Inter-area Angle Stability Prediction in Wide Area Control Dr. Ahmed Daoud
Implementation of two-tier link extractor in optimized search engine filtering system Dr. Madhan Kumar
Implicit measures of user interests through Geographical region and   predicting users’ future requests in WWW Dr. arjun rajput
Improved Tabu Search Algorithm Application in RCPSP Dr. Nai-Hsin Pan 
Improved tabu search based approach to solve facility layout problem Dr. Surya Prakash Singh
Improvement of Scheduling Efficiency Using Heuristic Methods and Simulation Technique in Electronic Assemblies Industry Production Sivarak Intawong 
In Exploration of Unsteady Dynamics of Powered-Vacuum Fluidic Conveyance Dr. SUN Gang
Incorrect or Defective Pill Detection Using a Dynamic Data-Driven Application System Paradigm Prof. Craig C. Douglas
Indexing the Trajectories of Moving Objects Dr. Hung-Yi Lin
Indoor Air Quality Estimation by Using Smart Sensing System Dr. anuj kumar
Influence of Extraction Manufacturing Process on Caffeine Concentration Dr. Sheng-Yu Chang
Influence of Highlighting Validity on Dynamic Text Comprehension Performance Dr. Alan Chan
Information security using Cryptography Dr. Manish Kumar Singh
Information System Modelling to Control Transport Operations Process Dr. Lyazat Naizabayeva
Innovative Design and Making of Bionic Robot Rabbit Dr. Hsin-Sheng Lee
Innovative Design of an Automatic Car-Door Opening System Dr. Hsin-Sheng Lee
Input-Output Hidden Markov Model-Based On-Line Monitoring for Batch Operation Dr. Junghui (Jason) Chen
Integrated Inventory Model With Fuzzy Order Quantity And Fuzzy Shortage Quantity Dr. mona ahmadi rad
Integrating ART and Rough Set Approach for Computer Security Dr. Surat Srinoy
Integration of Simulation and Principal Component Analysis for Scheduling of Cargo Trains H Izadbakhsh
Intelligent Charge and Discharge Control for Secondary Battery Cells Dr. Bu-Il Jeon, Dr. Geun-Wook Lim, Dr. Hyun-Chan Cho, Dr. Igor Gaponov, Dr. Sang-Gil Yoo, Dr. Kyeong-Duck Choi
Investigating Constraint-Based Reasoning for University Timetabling Problem Dr. Ho Sheau Fen
Investigation and Analysis of Inception Voltage and Field Distribution in Power Cables with Internal Cavities in Dielectric Dr. Ramadan Abdel Aal
Investigation of Chaotic Behavior in DC-DC Buck Converter Dr. Sajid Iqbal
Issuance of Proxy Certificate Residing In Web Portal By Browser Based Digital Certificate Through HyperText Transfer Protocol Dr. Sea Chong Seak
Joint Detection and Hop Parameters Estimation of Slow FHSS/MFSK Signals Using DHWT-AC Technique in Rayleigh Block Fading Channels Dr. M.H. Karamiata
Joint Transform Correlator Based on Color Human Vision Model for Polychromatic Pattern Recognition Dr. Chen Tengwen
Kriging Analysis In The Spatial Domain For Dispersion Models Dr. Debashis Dutta
Lane-Vehicle Detection and Tracking Dr. King Hann
LDPC Codes by Circulant Decomposition Based on Difference Family Dr. Zhihua Du
Lightweight Clustering Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks Used in Disaster Relief Dr. Zheng Yi
Limiting Disclosure of Sensitive Attribute Values: An Active Approach Dr. Junping Sun
Linguistic CMAC for Multi-Attribute Decision Making Dr. He, Hongmei
Location-Allocation Model for Logistics Networks with Implementing Commonality and Postponement Strategies Dr. Lothar Schulze
Lossless Image Compression using Tuned Degree-K Zerotree Wavelet Coding Dr. Li Wern Chew
Lower Bound of Crossing and Some Properties of Sub-graph of Complete Graph Related to VLSI Design Dr. Bichitra Kalita
Magnetothermoelastic Problem of a Half-Space Subjected to Moving Heat Source and Moving Load Dr. S. K. Bhullar
Malay syllabus word speech recognition using artificial neural network by combination model self-organizing map (SOM) & multilayer perceptron (MLP) Dr. Cheang Soo Yee
Marine Diesel Engine Condition Monitoring by Use of BP Neural Network Dr. ZHU Jianyuan
Material Flow Analysis Using Flow Path Calculator Dr. shashank Alandikar
mCAR: Software Framework Architecture for In-vehicle Pervasive Multimedia Services Dr. Hemant Sharma
Measuring the Stakeholders’ Agreement Level in Negotiation through Experiment Mr. Sabrina Ahmad
Method for Fast Locating the Transition between Elements of PDF417 Bar Code by CMOS camera Li He
Methods Providing Good Conditioning of Model Identification Task in Immune Inspired, Steady-State Controller of an Industrial Process Dr. Konrad Wojdan
Metric Based Architecture to Enhance Software Usability Dr. AL.Murugappan
Microcontroller Based Programmable Cursive Test Pattern Generator Dr. Surender Singh Saini
Minimizing Make Span Subject to Budget Limitation in Hybrid Flow Shop Dr. Hossein Hojjati 
Mining Fuzzy Association Rules Using Mutual Information Dr. somayeh lotfi
Mitigation of CPI Degradation and Idle Power Consumption in Clustered Microarchitectures via Selective-Dynamic F.U.S.S.(Functional Unit Shutdown and Sharing) Dr. Wilson Mazo Tan
Mobile System Using Natural Language Annotations for Question Answering Dr. Sikandar hayat khiyal 
Mobility Prediction of Mobile Users in Mobile Environment Using Knowledge Grid Dr. Ulaganathan Sakthi
Model and Solution Method for Railroad Crew and Vehicle Rescheduling Dr. Tatsuhiro Sato
Model Reduction-Based Control of the Buck Converter Using Linear Matrix Inequality and Neural Networks Dr. Anas N. Al-Rabadi 
Model-Driven Software Evolution: The Multiple Views Madhavi Karanam
Modeling and Studying the Impacts of Effective Parameters on the Parts Hardness During the Tube Spinning Process by Design of Experiments Dr. A. R. Fazeli Nahrkhalaji
Modeling Drying Time during Veneer Drying and Comparison with Experimental Study Ms. Aye Aye Thant
Modeling of Environment Influences in Morphogenic Processes of Celullar Bodies: Symmetry Breaking Dr. M. Margarida Costa
Modified Fuzzy Possibilistic C-means Dr. Mohamed Fadhel SAAD
Modular Multipliers Using a Modified Residue Addition Algorithm with Signed-Digit Number Representation Dr. Wei Shu Gang
Multi-Dimensional Supervisory Fuzzy Logic Time Control DEV Processing System for Industrial Applications Dr. Saleem Khan
Multilevel Minimum Cross Entropy Threshold Selection based on Honey Bee Mating Optimization Dr. Horng, Ming-Huwi
Multiplication Photocurrent Gain in Silicon Planar Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Structures Dr. narin atiwongsangthong
Multi-Point Special Boundary-Value Problems and Applications to Fluid Flow Through Porous Media Dr. Med Ali Hajji
Natural Language Processing and Scoring Student Writing in Web-Based Intelligent Tutoring Systems Dr. Kay Wijekumar
Neural Network Based Transmission Line Fault Analysis using Wavelet Features Dr. Prithwiraj Purkait
Neural Network Classification and Diagnosis of Broken Rotor Bar Faults by Means of Short Time Fourier Transform Dr. Hayri ARABACI 
Neural Network Controller for Two links- Robotic Manipulator Control with Different Load Leila Fallah Araghi 
New and Efficient Data Ware Housing Algorithm for Multiple RFID Readers Dr. Srinivas Rao K
New Lips Detection and Tracking System Dr. Siew Wen Chin
New Smith Predictor and Generalized Predictive Control for Wireless Networked Control Systems Du Feng
New Smith Predictor and Nonlinear Control for Networked Control Systems Du Feng
New Vistas in Inventory Optimization under Uncertainty Dr. G. N. Srinivasa Prasanna
Newly Designed Quasi-Cyclic Low Density Parity Check Codes Dr. Abid Yahya
Nose Tip Detection on a Three-Dimensional Face Range Image Invariant to Head Pose Dr. Wei Jen Chew
Numerical and Experimental Vibration Analysis for Fatigue Failure Investigation in a Vertical Axis Pump Station Shahram Shahrooi
Numerical Simulation of Sintered Perforated Hollow Sphere Structures (PHSS) to Investigate Thermal Conductivity Dr. Seyed Mohammad Hossein Hosseini