The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCE 2009 are listed here:

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Titles (A_D)

Contact Authors
A Bayesian Review of the Meta-Analysis on the Efficacy of Bone Marrow-Derived Cells Transplantation in Adult Patients with Heart Diseases Dr. Chan Siew Pang 
A Bluetooth Solution For Manipulating An Object Manipulator Within An X-Ray Tomograph Dr. M. Mansour
A Business Process Modelling Driven Approach for Legacy Systems Evolution Dr. Faisal Abu Rub
A Competent Algorithm for Bluetooth Power Modeling While Achieving Maximum Throughput Dr. Marium jalal Chaudhry 
A Complex Variable Boundary Element Method for the Flow around Obstacles Dr. LUMINITA GRECU 
A Computational Test of the Information-Theory Based Entropy Theory of Perception: Does It Actually Generate the Stevens and Weber-Fechner Laws of Sensation? Dr. I.R. Nizami
A Contribution to Laboratory Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.11 a, b, g Point-to-Point Links: a Case Study Dr. Jose A. R. Pacheco de Carvalho
A Correlation Filter Based Biometric Speaker Authentication Systems Dr. Dzati Athiar Ramli
A Critical Review on Microtools Fabrication by Focused Ion Beam (FIB) Technology Sanket Bhavsar
A Denotational Semantics of Concepts in ODP Information Language Dr. Mohamed Bouhdadi
A Dynamic Measure of Inaccuracy Between Two Past Lifetime Distributions Dr. HC Taneja
A Follow-up of Low Complexity EDAC Devices for Application in Random Access Memories On-Board the Algerian Satellite Dr. Youcef Bentoutou
A Force Directed Macro Cell Placement Tool Mrs Meththa Samaranayake
A Framework for the Merger and Practical Exploitation of Formal Logic and Artificial Neural Networks Dr Gareth Howells
A Fuzzified Approach for the Prediction of Fault Proneness and Defect Density Dr. Sunint Saini
A Fuzzy Cognitive Map Approach for Modeling CPFR Supporting Factors Dr. Gulcin Buyukozkan
A Generalized Linear Transformation Method for Simulating Meixner Levy Processes Dr. Ken Seng Tan
A Handover Scheme for Subnet Mobility in Heterogeneous Networks Dr. Xuefeng Yan
A Homogenization Method for Pre-Impregnated Composite Materials Dr. Horatiu Teodorescu
A Hybrid Finite Difference Method for Valuing American Puts Zhang Jin
A Knowledge-Based System for Visualization of Learning of Learners Dr. R. Dhanapal
A Multi-objective Approach to Implement an Integrated Management System: Quality, Security, Environment Dr. Ahmed Badreddine
A Neural Network Approach to Time Series Forecasting Dr. Iffat A Gheyas
A New and Practical Approach for Calculating the Static Eccentricity of Doubly Asymmetric, Non-proportional, Multi-storey Buildings Dr. Paul Howson
A New Approach for Establishing the Energy Momentum Tensor in the Theory of Relativity Dr. Andrei Nicolaide
A New Elastic-wave-based NDT System for Imaging Defects inside Concrete Structures Dr. Jian-Hua Tong
A New Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Tabu Search Method for Yard Cranes Scheduling with Inter-crane Interference Miss Di Sun
A New Infinite Boundary Element Formulation Applied to Three-Dimensional Domains Dr. Dimas Betioli Ribeiro
A New Model Updating Method for Quadratic Eigenvalue Problems Dr. Yueh-Cheng Kuo
A New n log n Algorithm for Single Machine Scheduling Problem Which Minimize Maximum Completion Cost Dr. Javad Mehri 
A New Rule-weight Learning Method based on Gradient Descent Dr. S.M. Fakhrahmad
A Note on the Dynamics of Target Leverage Ratios Dr. Edward Chi-Fai LO
A Novel Cascaded Nonlinear Equalizer Configuration on Recurrent Neural Network Framework for Communication Channel Dr. Srabani Mohapatra
A Novel Nonparametric Multiple Imputation Algorithm for Estimating Missing Data Dr. Iffat A Gheyas
A Numerical Approach for Modeling the Human Upper Limb Dr. Valentin Grecu 
A One-step Analytical Approach for Springback Compensation in Channel Forming Process Arash Behrouzi
A Pade-Chebyshev Reconstruction of Functions with Jump Discontinuities Dr. Arnel L. Tampos
A Performance Evaluation Study of WiMAX Using Qualnet Dr. Khaled Shuaib
A Simple Digital VHDL QPSK Modulator Designed Using CPLD/FPGAs for Biomedical Devices Applications Gihad Elamary
A Specialized Cache of Automata Matching for Content Filtering Dr. kk Tseng
A Subclass of Uniformly Convex Functions Associated with Certain Fractional Calculus Operator Dr. Meena More
A Symbolic State-Transition Graph for a Class of Dynamic Petri Nets Dr. lorenzo capra
A Virtual System for Simulation of Human Upper Limb Dr. Valentin Grecu 
A Weighted Ostrowski-Gruss Type Inequality and Applications Dr. ATHER QAYYUM 
Achieving QoS Through Network Coding Dr. Marium jalal Chaudhry 
Acoustic Emissions from Polymeric Gears Dr. Karl D Dearn 
Active Vibration Suppression Using Neural Networks Dr. Ahmad Ghasempoor
Adaptive Strategies for Numerical IVPs Solvers Dr. Riccardo Fazio
Adding Edges for a Simple Path to a Level of a Complete Binary Tree Maximizing Total Shortening Path Length Dr. Kiyoshi Sawada
ADFE Simulation for Anisotropic Convection Diffusion Problems with Moving Boundaries Dr. Cui Xia
Advance Investigation on Critical Areas and Weak Points of a Selected Natural Gas Engine Cylinder Head Using Thermo mechanical Stress Analysis Dr. M.Fadaei
Advantages of Matched Filter Detection at Quadrature Baseband Than at Radio Frequency Mr. Lusungu Ndovi
AGEI Method For Diffusion Equations Dr. Bin Zheng
A-MISC: The Arabic Medium Instruction Set Computer Architecture Design Dr. asbahiya abusamra
An Adaptive Fusion using SVM based Audio Reliability Estimation for Biometric Systems Dr. Dzati Athiar Ramli
An Adaptive Multimedia System for Teaching Fundamentals of Finite Element Method Using the Case-based Content Sequencing Dr. Haris Supic
An AHP-based Study of WCM Implementation Factors in ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturing Organizations in Trinidad and Tobago Dr. Chanan Syan
An Algorithm for Convex Quadratic Programming Dr. Radjef Sonia
An Algorithm For Minimization Of A Nondifferentiable Convex Function Dr. Nada Djuranovic-Milicic
An Algorithmic Approach to Generate After-disaster Test Fields for Search and Rescue Agents Dr. P.Saeedi
An application of a Linear Brushless DC Motor Using PSO based Design of PID Controller Dr. neda navidi
An Approach of Neuro-Fuzzy Classifiers Using the Example Dependent Costs Dr. Alina Constantinescu
An Approximate To Solution Of A Subclass Of Wiener-Hopf Integral Equation Dr. Amir t Payandeh
An Efficient Recursive Transition Network Parser for Arabic Language Dr. Emad Bataineh and Bilal Bataineh
An Efficient Technique to Treat Singularities when Applying BEM with Quadratic Boundary Elements to the Problem of Compressible Fluid Flow Dr. Luminita Grecu
An Empirical Framework for Automatically Selecting the Best Bayesian Classifier Dr. Yulan He
An Engineering Philosophy for the Next Wave of Infrastructure Renewal Mr. Steve Pudney
An Experimental Study for Selection of Optimal Parameters Influencing Super finishing Process Dr. rajesh mate
An Expert System for HIV and AIDS Information Dr. Dimane Mpoeleng
An Investigation into Effect of Canned Cycles on Drilled Hole Quality Dr. M. N. Islam
An Optimal Stopping Rule for Approaching a Border that Should not be Crossed Dr. Andrzej Grzybowski
An Optimization Scheme for Energy Efficient Ad-hoc Wireless Networks Operating in Error-prone Channel Conditions Dr. Peter Tsung-Han Lee
An Overview of Fuzzy Research in the ISI Web of Knowledge Dr. Jose M. Merigo
Analysis and Pattern Recognition of Woodwind Musical Tones Applied to Query-by-Playing Melody Retrieval Professor  Majid A. Al-Taee
Ant Colony System for Structure Optimization Problem of Multi State Power System Dr. O. Bendjeghaba
Application of Eigenfunction Orthogonalities to Vibration Problems Dr. I. Fedotov
Application of Homotopy Perturbation Method (HPM) and Variational Iteration Method (VIM) to Handle Some Engineering Problems Pooria Akbarzadeh
Application of XML in Real-Time Data Warehouse Dr. Liu Lizhao
Applying Machine Learning Techniques for Email Reply Prediction Dr. Taiwo Ayodele
Approximation Results For q-Parametric BBH Operators Dr. Pembe Sabancigil
Aspect Oriented Software Fault Tolerance Kashif Hameed
Aspects Concerning Impact Tests on Composites for Rigid Implants Dr. Diana Cotoros
Assessing a Sparse Distributed Memory Using Different Encoding Methods Dr. mateus mendes
Assessment of an Interface Conservative Algorithm MFBI in a Chimera Grid Flow Solver for Multi-Element Airfoils Dr. SUN Gang
Assessment on Reusability of Space Shuttle External Tank Vyshak SureshKumar
Asymmetric Taxation in a Competition Between Nonprofit and For-Profit Firms Dr. Fernanda A. Ferreira
Attitude Control of Spider-type Multiple-rotor Rigid Bodies Systems Dr. Anton Doroshin
Automatic Cardiac Motion Quantification by Extracting Landmarks from an Echocardiography Sequence Dr. Meysam Siyah Mansoory
Automatic Multiobjective Fuzzy Clustering for Segmentation of MRI Brain Imagery Dr. Anirban Mukhopadhyay
Automotive Process-based New Product Development: A Review of Key Performance Metrics Dr. Komsan Sanongpong
Average Pressure Gradient of Swirling Flow Motion of a Viscoelastic Fluid in a Circular Straight Tube with Constant Radius Dr. Fernando Carapau
Ball & Beam Control System Dr. ZEESHAN SHAREEF
Bending Behaviour of the Composite Materials Made by Recycling of the CDs and DVDs Dr.eng. Camelia 
Block Krylov Subspace Spectral Methods for Variable-Coefficient Elliptic PDE Dr. James Lambers
Categorical Grading Based Personalized Privacy Preservation Against Attacks Dr. E. Poovammal
Cell Growth Prediction for Bacillus licheniformis Through Artificial Neural Network at Simultaneous Multiple Variation in Concentration of Nutrients in Media Dr. jatinder kumar
CFD Simulation Of The Flow Field In A Uniflow Cyclone Separator Dr. Ines Mokni
Changes in Laser Weld Bead Geometry with the Application of Ultrasonic Vibrations Dr. S. Venkannah
Chaotic Generator in Digital Secure Communication Dr. Shu-Ming Chang
Characterization and Biocompatibility Study of Nematic and Cholesteryl Liquid Crystals Chin Fhong, Soon
Characterization of Material Parameters Dr. dalim uou
Classification of Road Traffic Congestion Levels from GPS Data using a Decision Tree Algorithm and Sliding Windows Dr. Thammasak Thianniwet 
Collaborative Learning in Condition Based Maintenance Dr. Javid Koochaki
Combining Extended Dependency Tree - HMM based Recognition and Unsupervised Segmentation for Land Cover Mapping in Aerial Images Dr. Mohamed El Yazid Boudaren
Common Fixed Point Iterations of a Finite Family of Quasi-nonexpansive Maps Prof. Abdul Rahim Khan
Comparative Evaluation of Header vs. Payload based Network Anomaly Detectors Dr. Faisal Munawar Cheema
Comparative Strength of Common Structural Shapes Using Genetic Algorithms Dr. Federico M. Nadela
Comparative Verification of Fatigue in Steel Using Bending Tension Tests Carried Through Different Environments Dr. Carlos A. C. Castro
Complementarity between Private and Public Investment in R&D: A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis Mr. Tarek Sadraoui
Composite Dielectric Heating and Drying: The Computation Process Dr. Abdallah Hasna
Computational Analysis of Erosion Wear Rate in a Pipeline Using the Drift Flux Models based on Eulerian Continuum Equations Dr. Joseph I. Achebo
Computer Aided Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of a Horizontal Slider Crank Mechanism Used For Single-Cylinder Four Stroke Internal Combustion Engine Prof. H. D. Desai
Computer Simulation-based Optimization: Hybrid Branch & Bound and Orthogonal Array based Enumeration Algorithm Dr. Mohamed Gadallah
Conceptual Neighborhood Graphs for Topological Spatial Relations Dr. Maribel Y. Santos
Condensation Heat Recycle in Solar Stills Dr. Mohamed Aboabboud
Condition Based Maintenance of Periodically Inspected Systems Dr. Allen Hoi-Lun TAI
Consistent Induction Motor Parameters for the Calculation of Partial Load Efficiencies Dr. Christian Kral
Contactless Power Transfer For Microcontroller Based Led Sign Board Dr. neda navidi
Content Classification Based on Objective Video Quality Evaluation for MPEG4 Video Streaming over Wireless Networks Dr. Asiya Khan
Contourlet versus Wavelet Transform for a Robust Image Watermark Dr. ENG SHERY
Corporate Financial Strategy in SMEs Mr. Jaroslav Pavlicek
Correlation Study between Second/Fourth Digit Ratio, Number of Older Brothers and Mathematics Inclination in Female Pre-service Teachers Dr. Maureen Steen
Correlations in Financial Time Series during Extreme Events - Spectral Clustering and Partition Decoupling Method Dr. Rossitsa Yalamova
Correspondence between Multiple Views in a SOA Trans-National Business System Prof. Anca Daniela IONITA
CSM Feature Extraction For Degraded Machine Printed Character Recognition Dr. Abderrahmane namane 
Cubic B-Spline Galerkin Method for Numerical Solutions of the Burgers' Equation Dr. mahmood lashani
Damage Behavior of Glass/Epoxy Composite Plates with Circular Cut-Outs Subjected To Compressive Load Dr. Hakim Aljibori
Damping Analysis of a New Sandwich Structure Dr. Horatiu Teodorescu
Data Communication and Parallel Computing on Crossed Cubes Dr. Emad Abuelrub
Data Mining and Collusion Resistance Prof. Ray Kresman
DC Suppressed Fourier Power Spectrum Sum: A Means to Determine Periodicity ( Repeat Unit ) and Thread Count of Fabric Patterns Mrs V. Jayashree
Defects Clustering using Kohonen Networks during Ultrasonic Inspection Dr. Thouraya MERAZI MEKSEN
Description of Components with Graded Properties Dr. Dominic Dettmer
Design and Analysis of A Low-Power Highly Linear Mixer using Differential Derivative Superposition Dr. J. Jiang
Design and Development of an OCDMA using Fuzzy Logic Dr. H. K. S. Randhawa
Design and Development of Fuzzy Logic based Duty Cycle Control for Baby Incubator Dr. Yudhvir Saini
Design and Implementation of New Data Validation Service (NDVS) Using Semantic Web Technologies in Web Applications Dr. Shadi Aljawarneh
Design and Optimisation of Crane Jibs for Forklift Trucks Dr. Ramon Miralbes Buil
Design and Optimization of Mechanisms made of Micro-molded Components Ing. Pablo Leslabay
Design Methodology for a Maximum Sequence Length MASH Digital Delta-Sigma Modulator Dr. Tao Xu
Design of a Large Measurement Range Piezoelectric Accelerometer Dr. Zhang Zhongcai
Designing of Rescue Multi agent system Based on Soft computing techniques Shahab-A. Shamshirband
Designing Optimal Flow Networks Dr. Doreen Thomas
Detecting non-random patterns in multivariate control charts Dr. J. Pan
Determination of Radar Z-R Relationship For Libya - Tripoli City Dr. Kamil S. Ali
Deterministic Deployment of Wireless Sensor Networks Dr. Charl J. Ras
Developing a Novel Framework for Quality System and Systems Thinking to Integrate: A Paradigm Shift in Maintenance Hari Agung Yuniarto
Development of 5S Practice Checklist for Manufacturing Industry Dr. Mohd Nizam Ab Rahman
Development Of Cost Effective Agglomerated Fluxes From Waste Flux Dust For Submerged Arc Welding Dr. Vinod Kumar
Development of Neural Network Architectures for a Multi-Compressor System Dr. Yaduvir Singh
Development of Polymer Nanocomposites for Rapid Prototyping Process DR MD SAIDIN WAHAB
Development of Prioritized Handoff Scheme for Congestion Control in Multimedia Wireless Network Dr. olusegun deji
Diameter Constrained Network Dr. Alcinda Barreiras
Discriminant Analysis for Classification of Stressed Syllables in Arabic Dr. Amina CHENTIR 
Dynamic Answer Modeling of a Mechanism from the Mowers Machine Structure Dr. Ionut Danel Geonea
Dynamic Behavior of Bandwidth Control Management in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Kumar Manoj 
Dynamic Buffer Management for Multimedia Services in 3.5G Wireless Networks Dr. Suleiman Yerima
Dynamic Modeling of a Mobile Mechanical System with Deformable Elements Dr. N. Dumitru
Dynamical Analysis of a Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valve Licsko Gabor
Dynamical Energy-Based Speech/Silence Detector for Speech Enhancement Applications Dr. Kirill Sakhnov