The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCE 2009 are listed here:

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Titles (E_N)

Contact Authors
EATSAL: An Energy Aware Task Scheduling Algorithm for Hybrid Networks Dr. Engr. Fawad Hussain 
ECOSENSE- An Energy Consumption Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Dr. Amutha nanmaran
Educational Software for Simulation of Interacting Population Models Dr. kamyar movagharnejad
Effect Of Benzene Hexa Chloride (Hexa Chloro Cyclo Hexane) In Testis, Liver, Kidney And Muscular Tissue Of Gerbil Dr. Santhosh
Effect of Cavity in a Pentroof Piston on the Engine In-cylinder Tumble Flows - An Investigation by Particle Image Velocimetry Dr. B.Murali Krishna
Effect of Dyslipidemia on Photoplethysmography Flow Mediated Dilation Ms. Mojgan Zaheditochai
Effect of Fins on Heat Transfer of Horizontal Immersed Tube in Bubbling Fluidized Beds Dr. saeid rasouli
Effect of High Speed Cutting Parameters on the Surface Characteristics of Superalloy Inconel 718 Dr. DINESH THAKUR
Effect of Hole Shape on Blade Cooling Effectiveness Dr Yufeng Yao   
Effect of Material Models on Formability of Sheet Metals in Explosive Forming Dr. B. M. Dariani
Effect of Reduced Web Beam Section on the Stiffness of Moment Frames Dr. Paul Howson
Effect of Suturing of a Tendon Graft in ACL Reconstruction Dr. Mahmoud Chizari
Effect of Two Inline Jet' Temperature on The Turbulence They Generate Within a Crossflow Ms. Amina RADHOUANE
Effect Of Voltage Variation On MRR For Stainless Steel EN Series 58A (AISI 302B) In Electrochemical Machining: A Practical Approach Dr. S. S. Uttarwar
Effective Estimation of Modules' Metrics in Software Defect Prediction Dr. S.M. Fakhrahmad
Elasto-Plastic EFGM Analysis of an Edge Crack B. Aswani Kumar
Electromagnetic Scattering of Plane Wave from a Finite Array of Partially-Shielded Dielectric Cylinders Mr. Kaiser Lock
Elevated Temperature Mechanical Properties of Al Alloy AA6063/SiCp MMCs Prof Tarek Ahmed Khalifa
Elliptic Numerical Ranges of 4x4  Matrices Dr. Hongkui Li
Embeddings into Crossed Cubes Dr. Emad Abuelrub
Employ the Ad-hoc Admission Control on WIMAX Relay Station to Give the Coverage for the Mobile Stations Out of Coverage Dr. Aws Alaa 
Energy-aware AODV routing protocol For Ad Hoc Wireless Networks M.Karthik Ramnath
Engineering Mathematical Study for the Visco-Elastic Impact Problem Professor Hou Lei
Enhanced Genetic Algorithm for Optimal Electric Power Flow using TCSC and TCPS Dr.V.Suresh Kumar
Ensemble Approach to Distributed Fuzzy Clustering Dr. karthikeyani chitrambalam
Entrapped Gas Action for One-Dimensional Models of Capillary Dynamics Dr. Salvatore IACONO
ETHOM, an Ethernet over SCI and DX Driver for Linux Dr. Rainer Finocchiaro
Evaluation of drag force effect on hold-up in a gas-liquid stirred tank reactor Dr. Ramin Zadghaffari
Evaluation of the Performance of Reduced Beam Section (RBS) Connections in Steel Moment Frames Subjected to Cyclic Loading Dr. Paul Howson
Event B for ODP Enterprise Behavioral Concepts Specification  Dr. M. BOUHDADI 
Evidence of Dot-size Variation in Nanowire Silicon Transistor Prof. Yue-Min Wan
Experimental and numerical investigation of restitution coefficient in low velocity impact Kamyar Hashemnia and Ashkan Aryaei
Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Workpiece Hardness and Cutting Speed on Surface Roughness in Hard Turning With CBN Tools Dr. Ehsan Dezhparvar Derakhshan
Experimental Study and Analysis Of Temperature Variation in Multicylinder Motorized Engine Test - Rig Under Different Lubricants - A Case Study Dr. Atul Shah and Mr. Bharat.M.Sutaria 
Explicit Finite Difference Method For Convection-Diffusion Equations Dr. Qinghua Feng
Fabrication Process of 3D Micro Components from Stainless Steel Aqueous Slurry Dr. Mohamed Imbaby
False-alarm and Non-detection Probabilities for On-line Quality Control via HMM Prof. Chang C.Y. Dorea
FE Magnetic Field Analysis Simulation Models based Design, Development, Control and Testing of An Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Linear Oscillating Motor Dr. GOVINDARAJ T
Feasibility of Using GMM Based Actuators in Active Control of Journal Bearing System HY Lau
Feature Selection for Interactive Clustering: A Filter Approach Dr. karthikeyani chitrambalam
Financial Modelling with Ornstein - Uhlenbeck Processes Driven by Levy Process Prof.Dr. Omer Onalan
Finite Element Method on Mass Loading Effect for Gallium Phosphate Surface Acoustic Wave Resonators Dr. Mohd Nizar Hamidon
Finite-time Ruin Probability of Renewal Model with Risky Investment and Subexponential Claims Dr. Tao Jiang
Free Vibration Characteristics of Clinched Joints Dr.  Xiaocong He
From Medical Images to Simulations: 4D MRI Flow Analysis Dr. Eduardo Soudah
FTS-SQL: A Query Language for Fuzzy Multidatabases Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Sharma 
Fuzzy Rule Based Traffic Signal Control System for Oversaturated Intersections Dr. Syed Muhammad Sheraz
General Formulae for Frequency Shifts Using a Parallel Transport of Wave 4-Vector in Flat Minkowski Space Dr. Emilija G. Celakoska
Genetic Algorithm as a Tool of Fuzzy Parameters and Cutting Forces Optimization Dr. Stefania Gallova
Geochemistry of Different Aquatic Systems in Thiruvananthapuram, Southern Kerala Dr. Santhosh
Geometrically Non-Linear Dynamic Analysis of Thin-Walled Beams Prof. Kuo Mo Hsiao
Hardware Co-simulation For Video Processing Using Xilinx System Generator Dr. Mohamed ATRI 
Hardware Implementation of High Throughput ½ code rate LDPC Decoder for IEEE WIMAX 802.16e Dr. satya rajesh
Harmonic Distortion in the Grid Connected Wind Electric Generators: A Case Study Dr.V.Suresh Kumar
High Order Conservative ENO/WENO Lagrangian Schemes for Euler Equations Dr. Juan Cheng
How a Circular Spatially Extended Point is Topological Related with a Line? Dr. Maribel Y. Santos
How to Analyse Specifications with Self Organizing Map Arun Nagarajah
How to Release Orders with Sequence-dependent Setup Times? Dr. Nuno Fernandes
Human Error Management Optimization in CAREM NPP Dr. Eng. Jorge E. Nunez Mc Leod
Hydrostatic Fluid-structure Characteristic Analysis of Hydraulically Damped Rubber Mount Dr. Lirong Wang
Image Enhancement Techniques Using Local, Global, Bright, Dark and Partial Contrast Stretching For Acute Leukemia Images Dr. N.R.Mokhtar
Image Segmentation Using Active Contour Model and Level Set Method Applied to Detect Oil Spills Dr. mohamed airou
Impact of Sea-Sand Filling in the Paravur-Kappil Backwaters, Southern Kerala with Special Reference to Phytoplankton Productivity Dr. Santhosh
Implementation of a Purely Hardware-assisted VMM for x86 Architecture Dr. Ezudheen P 
Implementation of a Visible Watermarking in a Secure Still Digital Camera Using VLSI Design Dr. S.C.Ramesh
Implementation of Boundary Equations in the Finite Transfer Method Dr. Lazaro Gimena
Implementation of inverse finite element method with respect to energetic strain gradient plasticity in micro deep drawing Reza Azizi
Implementing Human-Acceptable Navigational Behavior for an Autonomous Robot Dr. Laureano Casanova Oscar
Improving Decisions of Situated Agents in Competitive Scenarios Dr. Ibarra Martinez Salvador
Improving efficiency of ANN-based clustering algorithms for large scale dataset Dr. SYED MUHAMMAD FARAZ
Improving Sharpe Ratios and Stability of Portfolios by Using a Clustering Technique Jin Zhang
Improving the Accuracy and Efficiency of the k-means Clustering Algorithm Dr. K A Abdul Nazeer
Induced Aggregation Operators in the Generalized Adequacy Coefficient Dr. Jose M. Merigo
Inequalities for Eigenvalues of a General Clamped Plate Poblem Dr. Kazem Ghanbari
Influence Of Operating Conditions On Nox Emission In A Ceramic Furnace Burner Dr. Anouar SOUID
Influence of Preventive Maintenance Policy on Manufacturing Systems Performances Dr. Antonio C. Caputo
Influence of Quality, Innovation and New Product/Services Design on Small and Medium Enterprises Dr. Aamer Hanif 
Instability Analysis of Non-linear Unmanned Helicopter Model Control Dr. lizhao liu
Integration Of Fcm, Pca And Neural Networks For Classification Of Ecg Arrhythmias Dr. Dipti Patra
Intelligent Daylight Panel Control System based on Fuzzy Control for Green Buildings Prof. Tzu-Chun Kuo
Intelligent Water Drops A new optimization algorithm for solving The Vehicle Routing Problem Dr. Iman Kamkar
Intensity Dynamics in a Waveguide Array Laser Dr. Matthew Williams
Interlayer Dielectric Capping Effect on Thermal Stability of Ni Germanide on Doped Ge-on-Si Substrate for Nano-scale Ge MOSFETs Ying-Ying Zhang
Interval Oscillation Criteria for Second-Order Delay Differential Equations Dr. Bin Zheng
Investigation of Cutting Parameters in Manufacturing of Femoral Heads Dr. Nikolaos Galanis
Investigation of Surface Roughness and Flank Wear by CBN and PCBN Tools on Hard Cr-Mo Steel Dr. Sthamizhmanii
Investigation of the Operational Behavior of a Large Chipper Drive Dr. Christian Kral
IP over Optical CDMA Network Dr. M. M. Karbassian
Kippenhahn Curves of Some Kronecker Products Dr. Hongkui Li
Laboratory Performance Studies of IEEE 802.11 b, g Point-to-Point Links through TCP, UDP and FTP Experiments Dr. Jose A. R. Pacheco de Carvalho
Lean Manufacturing using Axiomatic Design Mr. Sachpreet Singh Aulakh
Liquidity Adjusted Intraday Value at Risk Dr. Jun Qi
Local Bootstrap Approach for the Estimation of the Memory Parameter Dr. J. Orbe 
Low-dimensional Boundary-layer Model of Turbulent Dispersion in a Channel Dr. Dmitry Strunin
LQR-Based Trajectory Control Of Full Envelope, Autonomous Helicopter Dr. Semuel Franko
LSF Quantization to Enhance the Frame Erasure Robustness of CELP Type Coders in Packet Networks Dr. Fatiha Merazka
Machinability Studies of Al/SiC/ (20p) MMC by Using PCD Insert (1300 grade) Dr. Venkatesh .R
Machine Learning in FX Carry Basket Prediction Dr. Tristan Fletcher and Dr. Nick Straw
Magnetic State of Components of Fe-Mn Alloys and Mixing energy: First-Principles Calculation Prof. Alexander Mirzoev
Markov Models and Extensions for Land Cover Mapping in Aerial Imagery Dr. Mohamed El Yazid Boudaren
Mass Customization: Where do we go from here? Dr. Arun N. Nambiar
Materials Structure and Strain Analysis Using Time-of-flight Neutron Diffraction Prof. A.M. Korsunsky and Dr Shu Yan Zhang 
Mathematical Modeling and Computational Analysis of Nitric Oxide induced Hypoxemia in Methemoglobinemia Dr. Saikat Chakraborty
Mathematical Modeling of Fire Dynamics Dr. Leo Razdolsky
Maximization of Power Yield in Thermal and Chemical Systems Prof. Stanislaw Sieniutycz
Mean-revering discrete time market models: speculative and arbitrage opportunities Dr. Nikolai Dokuchaev 
Measuring impacts of web finanical news on financial markets with artificial neural networks Dr. Xun Liang
MEGA: A Bio Computational Software for Sequence and Phylogenetic Analysis Dr. Vipan Kumar
Methodology for CFD analysis of a glass manufacturing furnace Dr. Chandrashekhar M. Sewatkar
Micro-Architectural Power Estimation and Optimization Dr. basaza anhiali
Microstructural Investigation of Direct Metal Deposition of H13 Steel on High Strength Copper Substrate Professor S.H. Masood
Mining Online Diaries for Blogger Identification Dr. Haytham Mohtasseb
Mobility Management for Mobile Agents Mrs Rama Sushil
Modeling & Simulation of Supersonic Flow Using McCormack's Technique Dr. Muhammad Saif Ullah Khalid
Modeling and Analysis of Creep in Functionally Graded Thick Cylinder Subjected to Internal Pressure Dr. tejeet  singh
Modeling and Simulation of Broken Rotor Bars in Squirrel Cage Induction Machines Dr. Christian Kral
Modeling and Studying The Impact of Solution Treatment Time on Internal Diametral Growth in Tube Spinning Process by The Design of Experiments Dr. Ahmad Reza Fazeli Nahrkhalagi
Modeling Parabolic Pulse Formation in Mode-Locked Laser Cavities Dr. Nathan Kutz
Modelling and Prediction for Functional Relationships between Time-series Dr. Xiaoshu Lu
Modelling Collaborative Software Development Using Axiomatic Design Principles Dr. Gulcin Buyukozkan
Modelling Traffic Flow with Constant Speed using the Galerkin Finite Element Method Prof. Magd Abdel Wahab
Modified K-modes Algorithms for Clustering Categorical Data Sets With Missing Values Using Bhattacharyya Distance Function Dr. Lyna Mie Cerilo Daisog
Monte Carlo Method for Physically-Based Drop Size Distribution Evolution Dr. TEMBELY Moussa 
Motion Estimation Analysis for Unsupervised Training for Lip Reading User Authentication Systems Dr. Hanan A. Mahmoud
Moulding Parameter Optimisation for the Best Sintered Density Dr. Khairur Rijal Bin Jamaludin
MSTBBN: M-way Search Tree Based Base station to Node Communication Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Dr. Pankaj Gupta 
MULEP-A Multi Level E-Procurement System with Distributed Agents Dr. Ozgur Koray SAHINGOZ
Multi Sensor Data Fusion using Kalman Filter Techniques Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Mohebbi Nazar
Multi-level Discrete Wavelet Transform Architecture Design Dr. Dia Dhaha
Multi-Sensor SAR Image Fusion by Using Different Integration Techniques Dr. kala praveen
Network Numerical Analysis of Magneto-Tribological Squeeze Film Flow Between Rotating Disks With Magnetic Induction Dr. Anwar Beg
Neuro-Fuzzy Learning and Genetic Algorithm Approach with Chaos Theory Principles Applying for Diagnostic Problem Solving Dr. Stefania Gallova
New Cooling Channel Design for Injection Moulding Dr. saifullah saifullah
New Design for Intelligent Parking System Using the Principles of Management Information System and Image Detection System AYAD AHMED YASS
New metrics for semiconductor machine performance measurement Wang Qiang
Non - Isothermal Depolarization Current Studies in Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone (PVP) Foil Electrets Dr. Vikram S Yadav
Nonlinear Analysis of Concrete Gravity Dams by Neural Networks Dr. A. Joghataie
Nonlinear Resonances of a Semi-Infinite Cable on a Unilateral Elastic Substrate Dr. Lucio Demeio
Note on an <s, S> Inventory System with Decay Dr. Percy Brill
Novel Dual-Pulse Actuation Voltage for Longer MEMS Switch Lifetime Dr. W. S. H. Wong
Numerical and Analytical Approach of Thermo-Mechanical Stresses in FGM Beams Dr. Fatemeh Farhatnia
Numerical and Experimental Investigation of an Elliptical Paraboloid Shell Model Dr. D. HAMADI 
Numerical Determination of Crack Opening and Closure Stress Intensity Factors Dr. Luiz Carlos H. Ricardo
Numerical Simulation of an Induction-Conduction Model Arising in Steel Hardening Dr. Francisco Ortegon Gallego
Numerical Simulation of Low-Reynolds-Number and High-Lift Airfoil S1223 Dr. Rong Ma
Numerical Simulations of Reactive Flow Displacements in Porous Media Dr. J. Azaiez
Numerical Study of Flow around Twin Cubic Obstacles Issued from a Bent Chimney Mrs. Ines BHOURI BAOUEB
Numerical Study of Sand Ingestion Through a Ventilating System Dr. ADEL GHENAIET