The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCE 2009 are listed here:

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Titles (O_Others) Contact Authors
Obesity as a Risk Factor and Study of Obesity Related Proteins in Diabetes Mellitus Dr Riaz
On a Generic Differentiation Rule for all Mathematical Operators Dr. Ibrahim Alabdulmohsin
On a Nonlinear Nonlocal Cauchy Problem Prof. Sergiu Aizicovici
On a Subclass of Multivalent  Beta -Uniformly Starlike and Convex Functions defined by a Linear Operator Dr. Meena More
On the Design of Cosine Modulated Filter Bank Transmultiplexer With Multiplier-less Lowpass Filters Dr. Manoj V J
On the Determinants of Interest Rate Swap Usage by Indian Banks Dr. B. Charumathi
On The Existence Of Locally Attractive Solutions Of A Nonlinear Quadratic Volterra Integral Equation Of Fractional Order Dr. Mohamed I. Abbas
On the General Solution of the Two-Dimensional Electrical Impedance Equation for a Separable-Variables Conductivity Function Dr. Marco Pedro Ramirez Tachiquin
On The H Control Techniques for Stabilizing Twin Rotor MIMO System Dr. Parthish Kumar Paul
On the Misapplication of Cybernetics to Sensory Neurons: Norwich's Informational Entropy Theory of Perception Has Not Derived Stevens' Law for Taste Dr. I.R. Nizami
On the Real Time Implementation of a Controller for an Electromechanical System Dr. Ruben Salas-Cabrera
On The Security of FCSR based Stream Ciphers Dr. Arshad Ali
On the Use of the OWA Operator in the Weighted Average and its Application in Decision Making Dr. Jose M. Merigo
Ontology-based adaptation of vector space model for e-commerce product information retrieval Dr. Mingzhu Zhu
Optimal Placement of Shunt Connected Facts Device in a Series Compensated Long Transmission Line Dr. ousman Oumarou
Optimal Resource Allocation for Task Graph Based Grid Services Using Genetic Algorithm Dr. Priyanka shree
Optimising Performance of Polyurethane Elastomeric Products Via Control of Chemical Structure Dr.C. Prisacariu
Optimization Formulation Based on Limited Data and RSM: An Approximation Dr. Mohamed Gadallah
Optimization of Process Parameters in Roller Burnishing using Genetic Algorithm Dr. Anuj Sharma
Optimization of Space Structures with Fuzzy Constraints Via Real Coded Genetic Algorithm (RCGA) Dr. mohammadmehdi ebadi
Optimizations and Interpretations of Signal from Liquid Distribution Setup in Shake Flask Amizon Azizan
Optimum Forging Preform Shape Design by Interpolation of Boundary Nodes Dr. Masoud. Mirsaeidi
Optimum Sample Number for Central and Autonomous Wireless Sensor Network in Process Automation Applications Jeffrey Amir
Oscillations of a Spacecraft with a Vertical Tether Prof. Vladimir Aslanov
Outer Bounds for the Symmetric Gaussian Cognitive Radio Channel with DPC Encoded Cognitive Transmitter Dr. Fahim Gohar
Parallel Alternating Group Explicit Iterative Method For Hyperbolic Equations Dr. Qinghua Feng
Parametric Study of Gasketed Flange Joints of Different Sizes and Classes for Improved Design and Performance Dr. M Abid
Particularity Concerning Evaluation of Unguided Rocket Trajectories Deviation under the Disturbance Factors Action Dr. Cristian MOLDOVEANU
Perception-based Road Traffic Congestion Classification using Neural Networks Dr. Satidchoke Phosaard
Performance Analysis of an Irreversible Otto Cycle using Finite Time Thermodynamics Mr. Hemantkumar B. Mehta
Performance Characteristics of SALiM Isolator Dr. Qian CHEN
Performance Enhancement of OFDM System with ICI Reduction Technique Dr. Srabani Mohapatra
Performance Evaluation of Control Schemes Under Drift in Simple Linear Profiles Dr. M. Mehrjoo
Performance of a Pneumatic Muscle Actuated Rotation Module Prof. Tudor Deaconescu
Performance of QoS Parameter in Wireless Ad hoc Network (IEEE 802.11b) Kumar Manoj 
Picard-Newton Iterative Method for Multimaterial Nonequilibrium Radiation Diffusion Problem on Distorted Quadrilateral Meshes Dr. Jingyan Yue
Piecewise Lifting Scheme Based DWT to Model Human Vision Interpolation Phenomenon Dr. Rohini s. Asamwar
PNR: New Position based Routing Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Dr. Hossein Ashtiani
Position Control of DC Motor Using Genetic Algorithm Based PID Controller Dr. neenu jasmin
Predict Thermal Radiative Properties of Nano scale Multilayer with Incoherent Formulation Dr. seid Amir Abass Oloomi
Predictability on finite horizon for processes with exponential decrease of energy on higher frequencies Dr. Nikolai Dokuchaev 
Prediction and Measurement of Through Thickness Residual stresses in Large Quenched Components Dr. Foroogh Hosseinzadh Torknezhad
Prediction of Oil Film Thickness in Piston Ring - Cylinder Assembly in an I C Engine: A Review Dr. Mukesh Bulsara
Price Reversal and Firm Size in the U.S. Stock Markets, New Evidence Dr. Leung Wai Kin
Pricing Variance Swaps with Stochastic Volatility Dr. Song-Ping Zhu and Guanghua Lian
Primary Study on Correlation Dimension of 24h HRV in Different Frequency Domains Dr. Xia Li
Production Planning in the Inventory Limited Capacity Setting Assuming Permissible Storage Shortage Using Dynamic Programming Model Dr. firoozeh attarian
Professional Ethics in Construction Industry of Pakistan Dr. sohail malik
PROMESPAR: A Parallel Implementation Of The Regional Atmospheric Model PROMES Dr. Enrique Arias
Propagation Models And Fitting Them For The Boolean Random Sets Dr. Mojtaba Khazaei
Proposed method to decide the appropriate feature set for fish classification tasks using Artificial Neural Network and Decision Tree Dr. Mutasem khalil Alsmadi
Protocol Design Issues in WLAN Dr. akber farooqui
Quantity-Setting Competition Under Uncertain Demand Dr. Flavio Ferreira
Rank-sum Test Based on Order Restricted Randomized Design Dr. Omer Ozturk
Rapid Manufacturing Technique used in the Development of a Regenerative Pump Impeller Dr. EurIng Francis Quail
Real-Time Adaptive Phase-Lead Controller for Maglev Systems Using Digital Signal Processors Dr. Jianxin Tang
Real-Time Intelligent Gripping System for Dexterous Manipulation of Industrial Robots Mr. Abhinav V
Receiver Algorithms for Spatial Multiplexing MIMO Systems Dr. Abdulgodoos Saad
Recent Developments in Wire Electrodes for High Performance WEDM Dr. Jatinder Kapoor
Recommendations Generated about a Discontinuous Distillation Plant of Biofuel Dr. Selva S. Rivera
Reduction of NOX Gases Using Copper Zeolite Catalyst Dr Abdallah Hasna
Reliability Analysis of k-out-of-n: G Repairable Shared Load Systems with Multiple Failures And Preventive Maintenance Dr. G.Arulmozhi 
Reliability Function Estimator with Exponential Failure Model for Engineering Data Dr. Z. A. Al-Hemyari
Research Concerning the Interaction between the Ground and the Turbulent Aircraft Wake Vortex Dr. Cristian MOLDOVEANU
Reverse Engineering with Shape Optimization using Workflow-Based Computation and Distributed Computing Prof. Damir Vucina
Robust Regression Methods for the Analysis of Unreplicated Factorials Dr. Victor Aguirre Torres 
Rolling Element Bearing Faults Detection and Diagnosis Using Adaptive Wavelet Analysis of Vibration Signals Dr. Hebe El-Mongy
Ruin Probability for Non-standard Poisson Risk Model with Stochastic Returns Dr. Tao Jiang
Ruin Probability with Constant Interest Force and Negatively Dependent Insurance Risks Dr. Tao Jiang
Safety Reliability Method Applied to Evaluate Smoke Control System of Fire Accident in the Tunnel of Mass Rapid Transit System Ying-Che Weng
Scattering at MOS Interfaces Dr. Raheel
Secure Transmission of MPEG Video Bit-streams Dr. Appala Naidu R
Securing Cover-File Without Limitation of Hidden Data Size Using Computation Between Cryptography and Steganography Dr. Aws Alaa
SEMG FOR HCI USING ICA AND ANN Dr. shafivullah Mohd.
Semi-Empirical Phonon Scattering Model Dr. Raheel
Sensorless Permanent Magnet Drive Design Dr. C. Grabner
Service Robot for Inspecting Exterior Gas Pipes of High Rise Buildings Dr. LIU, King Pui and Dr.B.L.Luk.
Short Note on Correlation in a Hull-White Tree Dr. Martin Auer
Significance of the Ratio of Exhaust Temperature to Coolant Temperature and Its Effect on Various Engine Working Parameters Mr. Pawan Kumar 
Simulation and Modeling of Friction Force and Oil Film Thickness in Piston Ring - Cylinder Liner Assembly of an I. C. Engine Mr. Bharat.M.Sutaria 
Simulation in Bus Manufacture Dr. Muhammad Latif
Simulation, Analyze and Program Support for Pneumatic Cylinder System Dr. Djordje N. Dihovicni
Simultaneous Scheduling of Import and Export Containers Handling in Container Terminals Miss Lu Zhang
Sleeping Posture Analysis of Economy Class Aircraft Seat CheeFai Tan
Software Fault Prediction of Unlabeled Program Modules Dr. Cagatay CATAL
Software Fault Proneness Prediction Using Support Vector Machines Dr. ruchi malhotra 
Software Reliability Estimation Based on Cubic Splines Dr. Manohari lakmali 
Solar Tracking Fuzzy Control System Design using FPGA Dr. Professor Ying-Jeh Huang
Solving Fuzzy Linear Programming Problem as Multi Objective Linear Programming Problem Dr. Pravin thakre 
Solving Nonlinear Hammerstein Integral Equations by Using B-spline Scaling Functions Prof. Dr. K. Maleknejad
Solving Second Order Linear Differential Equations via Algebraic Invariant Curves Dr. Yiu-Kwong Man
Some Generalisations of Fixed Point Theorems in Cone Metric Spaces Dr. J. O. Olaleru
Spatial Disorder Of Coupled Discrete Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations Dr. Shih-Feng Shieh
Spatial Variation of Phytoplanktons of Vembanadu Lake - A Case Study, Kerala Dr. Santhosh
Specification and Modeling of HW/SW CO-Design for Heterogeneous Embedded Systems Dr Ali El-Mousa
Spectral Filtering Highly Chirped Pulses in All Normal Dispersion Fiber Lasers Dr. Brandon Bale
Speech Reconstruction in Post-Laryngectomised Patients by Formant Manipulation and Pitch Profile Generation Dr. Ian McLoughlin
Speeding Up Two-Level Simulation for Tail Conditional Expectations by Means of Prefix Sum Based Algorithms Dr. Yi-Cheng Tsai
Stability Analysis of the Mode-Locking Dynamics in a Laser Cavity with a Passive Polarizer Dr. Edwin Ding
Stability Lobes Prediction in Thin Wall Machining Mr. Mayo Adetoro
Stability of imperfect Composite Plates subjected to In-plane Mechanical loading bashir samsam
Stagnation-Point Pressure Distribution and Wall Shear Stress: Numerical Simulation and Similarity Solution Dr. V. K. Sin
Stochastic Learning of the Optimum Bid in Auction Markets Dr. Shahram Tabandeh, and Dr. Hannah Michalska
Stochastic Nonlinear Gompertz Model of Tumour Growth Dr. Edward Chi-Fai Lo
Strange Attractors in Nonlinear Time-delay Neural Systems Dr. Shyan Shiou Chen
Stress Relief Cracking in Advanced Steel Material - Overview Dr. Sandip Ghiya
Structure Design and Fabrication of Silicon Resonant Micro-accelerometer Based on Electrostatic Rigidity Dr. Zhang Fengtian
Studies on Removal of As(Ⅲ) by Several Types of Ferrated Salt in Aqueous Medium Dr. Guiqiu Liu 
Studies On The Effect Of Some Biopesticides On The First And Third Instar Larvae Of Oryctes Rhinoceros.L Dr. Santhosh
Study of Air Fuel Ratio and Instantaneous Behaviour on Crank Angle of Four Cylinder Direct Injection Hydrogen Fueled Engine Dr. Md. Mustafizur Rahman
Study Of Protein Biomarkers For Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 Using 2D Liquid Chromatography And Mass Spectromtery Mapping Methods Dr. Samreen Riaz
Study On The Influence Of Benzene Hexa Chloride (Hexa Chloro Cyclo Hexane) In Certain Endocrine Glands Of Gerbil Dr. Santhosh
Study Regarding the Knowledge and Use of Costs Analysis to the Setting-up of Prices Policy in Firms Dr. ciuhureanu alina
Study the Event Horizon of Non-Sphere Symmetric And Non-Stationary Black Hole Base on the Trigonometric Function Solutions of Fourth Order Equations Dr. CHENG Xiefeng 
Studying The Effect of Initial Thickness on Changes of Thickness of Wall in Tube Spinning Process by The Design of Experiments Dr. Ahmad Reza Fazeli Nahrkhalagi
Sulphur Dioxide Abetment Using Synthesized South African Limestone/Siliceous Sorbents Dr. Makame Mbarawa
Supplier Based Hiding Sensitive Association Rules Mr. A. Veeraiah
SVM-boosted Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm based Multi-class Clustering of Cancer Subtypes Dr. Anirban Mukhopadhyay
Switchings Conditions Study for a Particular Class of Hybrid Dynamical Systems Dr. Celine Quemard
Synchronization of Switching Multi-Rate Hierarchical Master-Slave Networks Dr. Reza Danesfahani
Tailoring Material Properties in Layered Manufacturing Dr. Pulak M Pandey
Testing Stand for Antifriction Bearings with Applications in Biomechanics Dr. Diana Cotoros
t-Generalized Closed Sets in Topological Spaces Prof. A. Pushpalatha
The Anti-Scarring (Wound Closure) Properties of TGF-Beta3, BSA/HCl and HCl in Cultured Human Bone Cell Monolayer Dr. Farshid Sefat
The Characterization of Micro-Channel Structure Poly Silicon Solar Cell Shaped by Laser Carving Technology Dr. HSINCHIEH CHEN
The Comparison Artificial Neural Networks and Multi Decimal Analysis Models for Forecasting Bankruptcy and Financial Distress Dr. Hamid javanmard
The Effect of Pipette Tip Roughness on Giga-seal Formation Dr. Majid Malboubi 
The Effect of Transforming Growth Factor Beta (TGF-Beta3), HCl and BSA/HCl on Trypsinisation of Bone Cells Monolayer Dr. Farshid Sefat
The Effect of Ultrasound on the Microhardness and Nanohardness of Laser Welds in Mild Steel Dr. S. Venkannah
The Effect of Von Karman Vortex Street on Building Ventilation P.Praveen Kumar
The ERP Project Risk Assessment - A case study Dr Paivi Iskanius
The Feasibility Study of Household Units PV Cells for Carbon Emission Reduction in Developing Countries: A Case Study of North Cyprus Dr. Agboola Olaleye Phillips
The Impact of Manufacturing Execution Systems on Labor Overheads Dr. Ardeshir Nasarwanji
The Influence of Ultrasonic-Vibration on Double Backward-Extrusion of Aluminum Alloy Dr. Jung-Chung Hung
The Knowledge Cube and Knowledge Conversions Dr. Eckhard Ammann
The Necessary and Sufficient Condition for a Set of Matrices to Commute and Related Results Dr. M. de la Sen
The Optimal Milling Condition of the Quartz Rice Polishing Cylinder Using Response Surface Methodology Mr. surapong bangphan
The Robust Distance for Similarity Measure Of Content Based Image Retrieval Dr Dyah Erny Herwindiati
The Robust Principal Component Using Minimum Vector Variance Dr Dyah Erny Herwindiati
The Role of Mathematical Model In Managerial Decisions- With Special Reference To Supplier Selection Dr Dhanapal Durai Dominic P
The Study of Risk Caused by Personnel Change of Organs and Institutions Dr. Liu Lizhao
The Uncertainty Reduction for the Refined Sample Mean of Combined Quantities Dr. W.H.Lo 
The Use of Neighbourhood Matching in Constructing Hidden Object Topology Dr. Peter Varley
Theorems and Methods on Partial Functional Iteration Dr. Ibrahim M. Al Abdulmohsin 
Thermal Radiative Properties of Nano scale Multilayer With Coherent Formulation Dr. Seyed Amir Abbas Oloomi
Throughput Optimization of Unplanned Wireless Mesh Networks Deployment Using Partitioning Hierarchical Cluster (PHC) Dr. Aws Alaa
Towards Data Warehouse Quality Management Dr. Namit Gupta
TransCrypt: an Enterprise Encrypting File System over NFS Dr. SALIH K A
Transmit and Receive Power Optimization for Source-Initiated Broadcast in Wireless-Relay Sensor Networks Dr. Chen-Yi Chang 
Truss Topology Optimization Using Genetic Algorithm with Individual Identification Technique Dr. Su Ruiyi
Turbulent Boundary Layer Manipulation using Synthetic Jet Actuation Dr. Adnan Qayoum
Two-Dimensional PCBFs : Application to Nonlinear Volterra Integral Equations Prof. Dr. K. Maleknejad
Unsteady Free Convective Flow of a Temperature Varying Electrically Conducting Fluid Dr. Krishna Gopal Singha
Using BPEL for Behavioral Concepts in ODP Computational Language Dr. Mohamed Bouhdadi
Using Dynamic Modes in Personalization systems Dr. Saeed Reza Aghabozorgi
Using Optimal Time Step Selection to Boost the Accuracy of FD Schemes for Variable-Coefficient PDEs Dr. James Lambers and Dr. Kevin Chu
Using Query-Sensitive Similarity Measure to Improve the effectiveness of Information Retrieval Systems Dr. Shirin Hasanzadeh
Using Virtual I/O for CAN Bit Timing Conformance Tests Imran sheikh
Utilizing the Discrete Orthogonality of Zernike Functions in Corneal Measurements Dr. Z. Fazekas
Valuation of Fixed Rate Mortgages by Moving Boundary Approach Dr. C.F. Lo
Variable Countercurrent Distribution Control (VCDC) System in IC Diesel Engine Md. Iqbal Mahmud
VLSI Design for High-Speed Image Computing Using Fast Convolution-Based Discrete Wavelet Transform Dr. Mountassar MAAMOUN
Voronoi Tessellations Description of Cast Composite Solidification Processes Dr. Zbigniew Domanski
Wavelet-based Algorithm for Attenuation of Spatially Correlated Noise Dr. Alex C. Gonzaga
Web-based Axial Fan Simulator using Supercomputer Dr. Myungil Kim
WiMAX Security Issues and Enhancement Dr. Hamida Ali