The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCECS 2009 are listed here:

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Titles (A_D)

Contact Authors
A Buck Converter Model Requiring Low Computational Effort Dr. JOHANNES V. GRAGGER
A Case Study of The Intelligent Process Decentralization Method Dr. Faramarz Safi
A Cluster-based QoS Support To Bandwidth Preservation With Concept Of Survivability In Multi-hop Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Dr. B. K. Pattanayak  
A color edge detection algorithm in RGB color space Mr. Soumya Dutta 
A Comparative Analysis of Network Benchmarking Tools Dr. Eric Gamess
A Comprehensive Review and Analysis of Maturity Assessment Approaches for Improved Decision Support to Achieve Efficient Defense Acquisition Dr. Nazanin Azizian 
A Decomposition-Based Algorithm for Flexible Flow Shop Scheduling with Stochastic Processing Times Mr. Kai Wang
A Decomposition-based Heuristic Approach to Solve General Delivery Problem Miss LIAN lian
A Flexible Heuristic Algorithm for Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Dr. Milos Seda
A Fouling Index Reflecting Statistical Aspects of Fouling Process with Reverse Osmosis Desalination Dr. Tsuyoshi Nakamura
A Geometric Postprocessing Method Using Joint Positions of a 5-Axis Machine Dr. Jae-Deuk Yun
A Goal Driven Approach to Data Warehouse Design Dr. namit gupta
A high-performance CMOS charge pump for PLLs Dr. Jianbin Pan
A Judgment Approach for Forward Link Load Based on Virtual Channels Dr. Fen Ge
A Method for Calculating Future Behaviors of Vehicles toward Effective Collision Prediction Dr. Noritaka Sekiyama
A Model for an Adaptive e-Learning Environment Dr. Luisa dall Acqua
A Modulo-based Labeling Scheme for Dynamically Ordered XML Trees Dr. Raed AlShaikh
A Multi-Objective Formulation for Facility Layout Problem Dr. Amir Ardestani Jaafari
A New Approach to Generate Rules in Genetic Algorithm Solution to a Job Shop Schedule by Fuzzy Clustering Alireza Boloori 
A Packet Scheduling To Enhance Quality of Service in IEEE 802.16 Dr. Mahasweta Sarkar
A Planning Methodology and Cost Models for Designing A Wide Area Network Dr. Sami S. Al-Wakeel
A Power Efficient MAC Protocol for Wireless Ad hoc Networks that uses Directional Antennas Dr. Mahasweta Sarkar
A QoS aware Packet Scheduling Scheme for WiMAX Dr. Mahasweta Sarkar
A Rapid and Ecofriendly Treatment Technique for Rice Bran Oil Stabilization and Extraction under Sub-critical Water Condition Dr. Omid Pourali
A Recommender System for Online Personalization in the WUM Applications Mehrdad Jalali
A Solution to the Air Traffic Control(ATC) Problem based on ClearSpeed CSX620 Dr. Mike Yuan
A Strategic Business Management of Liner Business in Thailand: Case Study of Evergreen Liner Group, Thailand Dr.Nanthi Suthikarnnarunai
A Study of a Sense of Crisis from Auditory Warning Signals Dr. Mie Nakatani
A Study of Noise in LC Resonators Dr. Abbas Haddadi 
A Study of the Representation of Female Image in the Textbooks of English and Urdu at Secondary School Level Prof.Khalid Khurshid
A Sudoku Solver Dr. Sergey Gubin
A Tourist Navigation System That Does NOT Provide Route Maps Dr. Yoshio Nakatani
AC and DC Approaches with Combined FACTS Controllers for Loadability Enhancement in Hybrid Markets Dr. Dr. Ashwani Kumar 
Add-On Security Model for Public-Key Cryptosystem Based on Magic Square Implementation Dr. Gopi Ganapathy 
Advantages of using SysML Compatible with ISO 10303-233 for Product Design and Development based on STEP Standard Dr. Omid Fatahi.V
Aggressive Code Elimination Dr. Hawking
ALAP: Alarm Prioritization System For Oil Refinery Dr. Foong Oi Mean
Algorithmic Simulation and Mathematical Modeling in Studying the Kinetics of Iron (II)-Ascorbate-Dependent Lipid Peroxidation Dr. Anton V. Bashilov
Ammonia Removal From Drinking Water Dr. mohamed aboabboud 
An Adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm Based Minimization of Power Loss and Voltage Instability Dr. Dr.K.Vaisakh
An Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for Multiprocessor Task Assignment Problem with Limited Memory Dr. Abbas Mehrabi 
An Adaptive Tutoring System for Calculus Learning Dr. Hisashi Yokota
An Announcement:Detecting and Isolating Malicious Node in Wireless Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks Dr. Khalid Hussain
An Approach for Analyzing and Evaluating Semiconductor Design Projects Ms. Neele Hinrichs 
An Approach to Formal Specification of Component-Based Software Dr. tarek zernadji
An Economic Allocation of Resources for Multiple Grid Applications Dr. G.Murugesan
An Efficient Model to Improve Customer Acceptance of Mobile Banking Dr. Samaneh Barati 
An Evolutionary Computing Model to Implement Decision Support Systems for Buying Electronics G. Santos
An Experimental Investigation for Proper Computation of Capacitive Power Required at High Frequency for Partial Discharge Measurement on Large Power Shunt Reactors Dr. RAJENDRA SINGH A.K.SINGH
An Instrumentation Sensor Network Design Approach Based on the Particle Filter Data Reconciliation and Combinatorial Particle Swarm Optimization Dr. Vahid Mohammadnia
An Investigation into the Particulate Processes Active during the Precipitation of Nickel Powder Dr F. Ntuli
An Online Land Information System (OLIS) For Nigeria: Ondo State Land Registry as a Case Study Dr. Adeola S. Oladele 
Analysis And Comparison Of Dispatching Rule-Based Scheduling In Dual-Resource Constrained Shop-Floor Scenarios Dr. Jens Heger 
Analysis of Curriculum Structure Based on LDA Dr. SEKIYA Takayuki 
Analysis of KDD' 99 Intrusion Detection Dataset for Selection of Relevance Features Dr. Adeola S. Oladele
Analysis of the Wireless Network for Vision Based Sensing & Monitoring Applications Dr. Navneet Tiwari
Analyzing Target Customer Behaviour By Mining The E-Commerce Data Dr. satya narayana
Ant Colony Direct Cover Technique for Multi-Level Synthesis of Multiple-Valued Logic Functions Dr. Mostafa Abd-El-Barr
Anycast in Besteffort Networks V/s DifferServ Networks- Merits & Demerits of each Dr. Neelam Kapoor
Application of ICA in Collision Resolution for Passive RFID Communication Dr. Yuan Sun
Application of Model Detection Techniques to Health Monitoring for the Electrical Network of More Electric Aircraft Dr. Yang Ji
Application of Optical Multi-Stability to Deflection Sensors Shadi Shehadeh
Application of Subcritical Water Treatment for Production of Phenolic Compounds from Rice Bran Biomass Dr. Feridoun Salak
Applying Evolving Email clustering Method for Email Classification Taiwo Ayodele
Applying Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Cross-Docking Scheduling Alireza Boloori 
Assessment of Smoking Cessation Intervention Dr. Elizabeth Stojanovski
Assimilation of Quality Culture and Its Effect - An Empirical Study of A Cross-Border M&A Dr. Satoshi Ito
Autonomous Soccer Robot Using Triple Infra-red Sensor for Ball Detection Md.Hazrat Ali
Avoiding Routing Holes in Homogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks Khaled Daabaj
Avoiding Unnecessary Calculations in Robot Navigation Dr. yue wei ya 
Axiomatic Modelling of Quality Management Systems Dr. Bizhan Jamshidnezhad
Batch Adsorption Studies for the Removal of Cu(II) Ions by ZeoliteNaX from Aqueous Stream Dr. Surinder Singh
Bayesian Lifetime Modeling for Power Semiconductor Devices Dr. Olivia Bluder
Bin Packing Model Implementation for Material Election in Read Switches Production Planning Rainier Romero 
Bounded Diameter Clustering Scheme For Protein Interaction Networks Dr. Nassim Sohaee
Calculating of Options PID Regulator on the Basis of a Stability Stock on the Module and on the Phase Dr. Mohammad MOHAMMADI
Challenges in Human-Computer Interaction Design for Mobile Devices Dr. Kuo-Ying Huang
Character Restoration of Jiagu Rubbings Algorithm Based on Apaptive Threshold and Fractal Geometry Dr. Shaotong Gu
Characterization of Effluent from Textile Wet Finishing Operations Dr F. Ntuli
Children Abnormal Gait Analysis Based on SVM Dr. Ming Jiang
Chitosan-Poly (vinyl alcohol) and Calcium oxide composite membrane for direct methanol fuel cell applications Dr. Norfamila Che Mat
Close Clustering Based Automated Color Image Annotation Dr. Rahul Dwivedi
Clustered Architecture for Adaptive Multimedia Streaming in WiMAX-based Cellular Networks Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman and Dr. Aarthy Krishnamurthy
Combined Cycle Power Plant Simulator for Operator' s Training Dr. Eric Zabre Borgaro 
Combining Neural Knowledge in Monte-Carlo Tree Search Dr. xie fan
Comparative Analysis of Security and Accessibility of Silverlight XAML with Other User Interface Languages Dr. Appasami.G
Comparative Assessments for Different WiMAX Scheduling Algorithms Dr. Ahmed Hashem
Comparative Evaluation of Production Efficiency: A DEA Approach Dr. Pamini Thangarajah
Comparative study of cubic equations of state for predicting phase behaviour of n-Heptane - Nitrogen systems Dr. Rajiv Arora 
Comparison  Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging With Functional Brain Imaging Modalities Dr. mohammad karimi
Comparison of Adaptive Kalman Filter Methods in State Estimation of a Nonlinear System Using Asynchronous Measurements Dr. vahid fathabadi
Comparison of Atherosclerotic Plaque Detection Methods Dr. mohammad karimi
Comparison of the Compositional Proclivities of the Complete Genomes of Plasmodium Falciparum and Human Dr. April Williams
Compensation for Multipath at Quadrature Baseband Versus Radio Frequency Dr. Lusungu Ndovi
Complex Stochastic Boolean Systems: Generating and Counting the Binary n-Tuples Intrinsically Less or Greater than u Dr. Luis Gonzalez
Computational Modeling of Damage and Self-Repair Processes of Engineering Materials Dr. Yutaka Toi
Computer Algebra and Mechanized Reasoning in Mathematical Epidemiology Dr. Davinson Castano Cano
Computer Simulation Study on the Reorientational Dynamics of HDO in H2O Dr. Guocai Tian
Constrained Problem Optimization Based on Self-adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization with Novel Penalty Mechanisms Dr. Jinyin Chen
Converting Declarative Rules into Decision Trees Dr. Amany Abdelhalim
Could Mind Maps Be Used To Improve Academic Search Engines? Dr. Joran Beel
Creating, Handling and Implementing E-learning Courses Using the Open Source Tools OLAT and eLML at the University of Zurich Dr. Joel Fisler
Croatian Students' Perception of e-Learning: Research Based on Factor and Discriminant Analysis Dr. Darko Dukic
Crude Candlenut Oil Ethanolysis to Produce Renewable Energy at Ambient Condition Dr Hary Sulistyo
Data Mining For Multi-Criteria Energy Predictions Dr. Kashif Gill
Data Preprocessing and Easy Access Retrieval of Data through Data Ware House Dr. Suneetha K R
Data Quality in Manufacturing Data Warehouse Dr. namit gupta
Decision Support System - Skin Cancer Dr. sadigheh taheri
Decision Tree Induction: An Approach for Data Classification using AVL Tree with Priority Dr. Mohd Ali 
Decomposition and Decoloration of Acid Orange 7 using Sub-critical Water Method Dr. Somayeh Daneshvar Hosseini
Delay and Throughput Performance of Optical WCDMA Network with Code Sharing Prof. Virander K. Jain 
Design and Analysis of a laser Eye Surgery Control System Mrinmoy Chakraborty 
Design and Analysis of Circular Microstrip Antennas using Artificial Neural Networks Dr. Jagtar Singh 
Design and Development of a Social Robot Framework for Providing an Intelligent Service Dr. Chong-woo Woo
Design and Development of Multi-Channel Data Logger for Built Environment Dr. Anuj Kumar
Design and Implementation of a CMOS Posicast Pre-Shaper For Vibration Reduction of Op-Amps Dr. Mansour Rasoulzadeh
Design and Implementation of a Parking Helper Dr. Tariq Jamil
Design of a Tank Electrolyser for In-situ Generation of NaClO Dr. K.Asokan
Design of Distributed Prefetching Protocol in Push-to-Peer Video-on-Demand System Dr. R.Thiruselvan
Designing a Decision Support System Model for Stock Investment Strategy Dr. Shakirah Mohd Taib
Designing a Fuzzy Expert System of Diagnosing the Hepatitis B Intensity Rate and Comparing it with Adaptive Neural Network Fuzzy System Dr. mehdi neshat
Detection ischemic episodes from electrocardiogram Signal Using wavelet transform Dr. mohammad karimi
Detector Generation Algorithm Based on Online GA for Anomaly Detection Dr. Jinyin Chen
Determination of Integrated Risk Degrees in Product Development Project Dr. Dea-Woon Choi
Determination of Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA) in Nuclear Power Plants Using Signal Processing Method Dr. roghaieh mahmoodi
Deterministic Malaria Transmission Model with Acquired Immunity Dr Jane Labadin
Developing Rule-Case-Based Shell Expert System Dr. Hussein Hadi Owaied
Development of Flora-oriented Plant Ontology Dr. Jing Shi
Development of the Adaptive Forecasting Model for Retail Commodities by Using Leading Indicator: Retailing Rule Based Forecasting Model (RRBF) Ms.Monrudee LERTUTHAI
Differential Evolution and Bacterial Foraging Optimization Based Dynamic Economic Dispatch with Non-smooth Fuel Cost Function Dr. Dr.K.Vaisakh
Direct Torque Control of Induction Motors with Fuzzy Minimization Torque Ripple Dr. Youb Lamia
DOA Estimation for Wideband Signals Based on Arbitrary Group Delay Dr. Yechao Bai
Dynamic Model of Generalized PV Module Taking Sunlight Intensity Effect on Cell Temperature Dr. Huan-Liang Tsai
Dynamic Modeling and Multivariable Model Predictive Control of the Air Separation Columns in an IGCC Power Plant Dr. Tongshu Guo
Dynamic Phasor Modeling and EMT Simulation of USSC Dr. M A Hannan