The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCECS 2009 are listed here:

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Titles (O_Others)

Contact Authors
Object Oriented Data Warehouse Development Dr. namit gupta
On The Existence of Conditions of a Classical Solution of BGK-Poisson' s Equation in Finite Time Dr. BEN REJEB SLIM  
On Transportability of Parameters and Estimation of Risks associated with Metabolic Syndrome Dr. Noriko Ishida
On-line Learning in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces Dr. Sumitra S. Nair
Ontology-Based Knowledge Integration for Distributed Product Knowledge Service Dr. Chiung-Cheng Wen
Open Source Software Use in Municipal Government: Is full immersion possible? David J. Ward
Optimal Distillation Sequence for the Separation of a Mixture of Hydrocarbons Dr. Fahad Almubaddel
Optimal Operation of Energy Storage Using Linear Programming Technique Prof. Luis Youn
Optimization of the Throughput of Computer Network Based on Parallel EA Dr. Ing. Pavel Osmera
Optimum Controlled Full Bridge LC Resonant Converter for Electrolyser Application Mr. P. Chandrasekhar
Optimum Mix of Ground Electrodes and Conductive Backfills to Achieve a Low Ground Resistance Dr. George Eduful
OPUS One - OLAT (An Artificial Intelligence - Multi Agent based Adaptive Learning Environment) Dr. A. Pedrazzoli
Parallel Grammatical Evolution for Circuit Optimization Dr. Ing. Pavel Osmera
Performance Analysis and QoS Assessment of Queues over Multi-Hop Networks Dr. Navneet Tiwari
Performance Analysis of Ad Hoc Multimedia Services in Automotive Environment Dr. Hemant Sharma
Performance Analysis of Call Admission Control For A Wireless Networks Dr. K Gautam
Performance analysis on coding gain and diversity in Super orthogonal space time trellis codes for different fading channels in Wireless Communication Dr. ashutosh sharma
Performance Comparison of Multi-layer Perceptron (Back Propagation, Delta Rule and Perceptron) algorithms in Neural Networks Dr. Mutasem Khalil Sari Alsmadi
Performance Comparison of Variable Step-Size NLMS Algorithms Dr. Junghsi Lee
Performance Improvement of an Asynchronous Sigma-Delta Modulator by Programmable Hysteresis Pingyun Wei
Performance Monitoring of Nonlinear CSTR Using Novel Adaptive Unscented Kalman Filter Dr. Lotfollah Jargani
Performance Optimization of Markov Models in Simulating Computer Networks Dr. Nisrine Sinno  
Pharmacophore Modeling and Its Implications on Human Cannabinoid Receptor 2 Agonist and Antagonist Dr. Rituparna Sarma
Physical Activity Recognition Using a Single Tri-Axis Accelerometer Dr. Mi Hee Lee
Pitfalls of Inductive Reasoning in Quality Management Research Dr. Bizhan Jamshidnezhad
Pleasant Life Online and Offline: Implications for Understanding College Students' Virtual Lives Dr. Sen-Chi Yu
Portable Cystometry System based on Personal Digital Assistance Device Dr. Chul Gyu Song
Power Spectra Estimation Using the Combination of Goodman and Belsher Method with a Constant on Gamma Camera Images Dr. M Iqbal Saripan
Precipitation of Nano Barium Sulfate Particles Dr. aydin berenjian
Predicting Implantation Outcome from Imbalanced IVF Dataset Dr. Asli UYAR
Prediction Calculation of Matching Threshold for Detector Maturation Based on GA Dr. Jinyin Chen
Problem Solving and Creativity in Engineering: Perceptions of Novices and Professionals Dr. Adams Jonathan 
Progressive Feedback Adjustments in Monte-Carlo Go Simulations Dr. xie fan
Project Control System to Track and Optimize Chip Design Projects Dipl.-Inform. Stefan Hausler
Proposal for Educational and Engineering Contrivances to Expedite the Achievement of Millennium Development Goals 2015 Dr. DEVINDER KANSAL
Proposed method to decide the appropriate feature set for fish classification tasks using Artificial Neural Network and Decision Tree Dr. Mutasem khalil Alsmadi
Prototype Greenhouse Environment Monitoring System Dr. Anuj Kumar
PVC Arrhythmia Decreases the Scaling Exponent: DFA As a Beneficial Biomedical Tool for Presymtomatic Diagnosis Dr. Toru Yazawa 
Qualitative Measurement Model for Data Warehouse Dr. namit gupta
Quality-controlled Prioritized Adaptive Multimedia Streaming for WiMAX-based Cellular Networks Dr. Hrishikesh V
Radio Frequency Optimization & QoS Evaluation in Operational GSM Network Dr. Bilal Haider
Ratio Rules Mining in Concept Drifting Data Streams Dr. fan wei 
Real time voltage collapse prediction using Artificial Neural Network Dr. Mahmoud  Abaza
Reconstructed Color Image Segmentation Prof. Akram Mustafa
Reduction of Power Losses Using Phase Load Balancing Method in Power Networks Dr. dickson chembe 
Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for the Minimal Consistent Subset Identification Dr. Ekaphol Anantapornkit 
Requirement Development for Electrical Vehicles Using Simulation Tools Dr. Wei Zhan
Research on Task Planning Based on Activity Period in Manufacturing Grid Dr. He yu an
Resource Allocation for Air Traffic Controllers using Dynamic Airspace Configuration Dr. Alla Webb 
RFID Technology: A Review of its Applications Arun N Nambiar 
Robot Motion Planning in Eight Directions Dr. Milos Seda
ROBOTICS Dr. dushyanth ravikumar
Secure and Efficient User Authentication for Multiserver Architecture by Pattern Classification Using Neural Networks Dr. Harshavardhan Battina
Secure Routing in AODV Dr. Suman Deswal
Security Enhancement for Internet Communications over Satellite DVB using Chaos Dr Safwan EL ASSAD
Security Strategies Using Multimodal Biometrics System for Effective Human Recognition Dr. vikram yadav 
Segmentation of Microscopic Bone Images Dr. Anand Jatti
Separation of compensation logic from the coordination logic in business process development Dr. Mohammed Lamine Kerdoudi
Setvectors for Memory Phase Classification Dr. Michael Zwick
Shannon and Non-Shannon Measures of Entropy for Statistical Texture Feature Extraction in Digitized Mammograms Dr. baljit singh
Simple Methods for Stability Analysis of Nonlinear Control Systems Dr. Radek Matousek
Simple Protocol for Adaptation of Ralstonia eutropha toward P-nitrophenol Degradation Dr. Z.Salehi
Simulation Study on DOA Estimation using ESPRIT Algorithm Dr Z. Aliyazicioglu
SIMULINK Model of Transmission Line Using Fuzzy Logic Controlled SVC for Reactive Power Compensation Dr. Ashwani Kumar 
Smooth Path Generation Based on Bezier Curves for Autonomous Vehicles Dr. Karl Ji-wung Choi
Software Defined Radio for RFID Application Dr. M A Hannan
Soil Stiffness Profile Characterization Using Artificial Neural Networks and Waves of the Rayleigh Type Dr. touhid akhlaghi
Solution of Chemical Engineering Numerical Problems Using Polymath and Excel Dr. Chitra. B
Solving Distribution System Overload Contingency Using Fuzzy Multi-Objective Approach Considering Customer Load Pattern Dr. amit sharma
Some Results on the Minimal Covering of Precomplete Sets in Partial Four-Valued Logic Dr. Xiaoqiang Zhou
Space Allocation for Vessel Services with Irregular Calling Pattern Mr. Li Mingkun
Spatial Speaker: 3D Java Text-to-Speech Converter Dr. Jaka Sodnik
State Feedback Controller Design via T-S Fuzzy Model  Dr. Bhasker Sharma
Strategic Planning and Vehicle Routing Algorithm for Newspaper Delivery Problem: Case study of Morning Newspaper, Bangkok, Thailand Arunya BOOKLEAW 
Strong Coupling Regime of MOCVD Dots Inside Photonic Crystal Nanocavity Ms. Maryam Boozarjmehr
Study of Fold Bifurcation in a Discrete Recurrent Neural Network Dr. Roberto Marichal
Study of Knee and Hip Joints' Moment Estimation by Biomechanical Simulation During Various Motion Changes Dr. S. Y. LEE
Study of Raman Spectra of Nano-crystalline Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) films Composition (sp2:sp3) with Substrate Temperature Dr. Vikram Singh Yadav
Study on Application and Operation Optimization of Hydrocyclone for Solid-liquid Separation in Power Plant Dr. Jun Huang
Survival of Communications in Ad hoc and M2M Networks: Study of the Applications of Hybrid Intelligent Nodes that Process Simultaneous Signals IEEE802.11h/Bluetooth in Comparison with IEEE 802.11h/802.15.3 Dr. Juan Jose Martinez
System Identification and Design of Nonlinear control System for UAV Dr. logu inthiran
Teaching Oral Communication at MIT: The Previous Project Module Dr. Tony Eng
Telemetric Control of Traffic Lights Intersections in Ghana Mr. Erwin Normanyo
Terrestrial Free Space LDPC Coded MIMO Optical Link Dr. Devi Chadha
Texturing by Instant Controlled Pressure Drop DIC in the Production of Cassava Flour: Impact on Dehydration Kinetics, Product Physical Properties and Microbial Decontamination Dr. Puguh Setyopratomo
The Automatic Meccano Method to Mesh Complex Solids Dr. Rafael Montenegro Armas
The Effects of a Technology-Enhanced Inquiry Instructional Model on Students' Understanding of Science in Thailand Dr. lertwanasiriwan chaiwuti
The Effects of Heat Treatment Parameters on Mechanical Properties Specially Fatigue Strength of AISI 5155 Leaf Spring M. Reza Moghaddam
The Entity Refactoring Set Selection Problem - Practical Experiments for an Evolutionary Approach Camelia Chisalita-Cretu
The Impact of Priority Rules on Logistic Objectives: Modeling with the Logistic Operating Curves Dr. Wiebke Hartmann
The Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation of Rotating Electrical Discharge Machining Dr. Zbigniew Gulbinowicz
The Protection of Modular Exponentiation Operands from Their Reconstruction by Simple Power Analysis Prof. Akram Mustafa
The Research of Protein Secondary Structure Prediction System Based on KDTICM Dr. Hou Wei
The Short Sampling Period in Adaptive Control Prof. Petr Pivonka
The Survey of Thailand' s Military Logistics Key Performance Indicators Dr.Nanthi Suthikarnnarunai
Three-dimensional Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis for Bridge Aeroelasticity Gergely Szabo
Tone Classification for Isolated Thai Words using Multi-Layer Perceptron Dr. MALEERAT SODANIL
Towards a best information on the Web Dr. Boubker boubker
Towards Creating a Well-Behaving Artificial Agent Dr. Ali Reza Honarvar
Towards Data Warehouse Quality Management Dr. namit gupta
Towards Knowledge Based Society Dr. Farooqui N.K.
Transient Behavior of Unbalanced Lines Dr. Tom McNamara
Treating dichloromethane vapors using biofilter Dr. Dr.R.Ravi
Turbulence in Production Systems - Fluid Dynamics and its Contributions to Production Theory Dr. Henrich Schleifenbaum
Two-phase Approach for Solving Cell-formation Problem in Cell Manufacturing Dr. hosein hashemi
Unreliable Flow Lines with Jointly Unequal Operation Time Means, Variabilities and Buffer Sizes Dr. Tom McNamara
Use of Soft Computing Technique for Landslide susceptibility mapping Dr. Prabu Sevugan 
Using a Modified Simulated Annealing Algorithm to Minimize Makespan in a Permutation Flow-shop Scheduling Problem with Job Deterioration Dr. hosein hashemi
Using CBR for Eliciting Applied Ethics of a Domain Dr. Ali Reza Honarvar
Using Virtual Reality for Human-Assisted In-Space Robotic Assembly Dr. Enrico Stoll
Utilizing Visual Information for Path Planning of Autonomous Mobile Robot Dr. Doogyu Kim
Vehicle and Pedestrian Detection in eSafety Applications Dr. Sergio Alvarez Pardo
Video Analytic for Fall Detection from Shape Features and Motion Gradients Dr. Engr. Muhammad Jamil Khan
Virtual Design Process- Design Validation Tool Schematic Approach in Car Carrier Dr. Ambarish Kulkarni
Virtual Reality Laboratories: An Ideal Solution to the Problems Facing Laboratory Setup and Management Dr. Onyesolu, Moses Okechukwu
Virtual Reality System for Power System Training Dr. Gustavo Arroyo-Figueroa
Voice Calls Over Wi-Fi Dr. Venkat raman
Vortex-ring-fractal Structure of Hydrogen Atom Dr. Ing. Pavel Osmera
Wave File Compression Using Adaptive Linear Predictive Coding Dr. dhananjay dewangan
Web based Expert System for Diagnosis of Micro Nutrients' Deficiencies in Crops Mr.  S.S.PATIL
Web-Based Intelligent Traffic Management System Dr. Raida Al-Alawi
Writer-Independent Off-Line Hand Drawn Arabic Numerals Recognition Dr. Dinesh V. Rojatjar 
2,9-di(2-methylamino-ethylenamine)-1,10-phenanthroline Dr. rodrigo gonzalez jimenez
3DBlogosphere: A Multi-synchronous Approach of Virtual Worlds to Sustain Companywide Communication Dr. Francois-Xavier Aeberhard