The titles and contact authors of submitted papers that have been reviewed and accepted (or accepted with minor revisions) for WCECS 2009 are listed here:

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Titles (E_N)

Contact Authors
Easy-SEND: A Didactic Implementation of the Secure Neighbor Discovery Protocol for IPv6 Dr. Eric Gamess
ECG Imaging to Ischemic Episode Detection Dr. mohammad karimi
Economics Factors Influencing Logistics Cost of Thai Steel Industry Dr. Nanthi Suthikannarunai
EER: Energy Efficient Routing for Qos Guarantee of Reliability in Wireless Sensor Networks Through Dr. roselin jones 
Effect of Stray Capacitance on Surge Arrester Performance Dr. P.valsalal
Effect of Temperature Fluctuations on MOSFET Characteristics Dr. Nitin Sachdeva 
Effects of Turbulence Modeling and Parcel Approach on Dispersed Two-Phase Swirling Flow Dr. Osama Marzouk
Efficient Scheme for Classifying Grass Genomes Mr.  S.S.PATIL
Electric Load Forecasting by Neuro-Fuzzy Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH) Dr. Yaser Raisee
Electrolyte Mean Ionic Activity Coefficients Prediction by ANN and Comparison with MSA Model Dr. M.R.Dehghani
Electromagnetic Sequence and Vector Behavior of the Prime Number Growth Double-Helix Dr. Mr. Ernest Hibbs
Electro-Mechanical Safety Test of Portable ECG Devices for e-healthcare Application Dr. JuHyun Kim
Engaging Students with Game Programming in Python Dr. Hong Wang
Enhanced Balanced Scorecard: A Proposed Sustainability Planning Platform Ms MILI-ANN M. TAMAYAO
Enhanced Differential Split Vector Quantization of Line Spectrum Pairs for CELP-Type Coders in Packet Networks Dr Fatiha Merazka
Enterprise Information Technology Security: Risk Management Perspective Dr. Artur Rot
Error Compensation for CSS-based Localization System Dr. Hangoo Kang
Estimation of Folding Operations Using Silhouette Model Dr. Yasuhiro Kinoshita
Estimation of Impedance Parameters and Evaluation of Synchronous Machine using Electrical Design and Simulation Analysis (EDSA) U. S. Patil 
Evaluation of the Antioxidant Power of Saffron Petal Dr. faezeh tajalli 
Extension of Earley Parser for Matrix Grammars Dr. Ashwin Ajit
Factors That Affect Under-Five Mortality among South African Children: Analysis of the South African Demographic and Health Survey Data Set Dr. Zeleke Worku
Fault Detection in Hydraulic System Using Fuzzy Logic Dr. Seraphin Chally Abou
Fault Tolerant Fail Safe System for Railway Signalling Dr. Alapan Chakraborty
Fault Tolerant Framework in MPI-based Distributed DEVS Simulation Dr. Bin Chen
FERNA: a Performance/Cost Aware Spare Switch Selection Algorithm for Fault Tolerant NoC Architecture Dr. Melika Tinati
Fingerprint Image Enhancement Comparison Differential Hysteresis Processing and STFT Analysis Dr. mohammad karimi
Flight simulation in 3D Web Map Services using SilverlightTM 3 to Reduce Simulation Costs in Pilot Training Institutes Dr. Anindya Maiti
Flow Simulation for Vector Field Visualization on Unstructured Meshes Dr. Hua Xu
Fluidization Behavior of Silica Nanoparticles under Horizontal Vibration Dr. Zhangwei
Formal Verification of a Subset of UML Diagrams: An Approach Using Maude Dr. Okba Tibermacine
Fuzzy Logic Approach to Predict the Outcome of Tuberculosis Treatment Course Destination Dr. sharareh niakan 
Fuzzy Logic Controller Based on Association Rules Mining: Application to Mineral Processing Dr. Seraphin Chally Abou
Fuzzy Observer Based Tracking Error Control of a Non-linear System Dr. Bhasker Sharma
Fuzzy Project Selection by Using a Modular Decision Support System Dr. Soheil Sadinejad 
Generation Maintenance Scheduling using Harmony Search Algorithm based 0-1 Integer Programming Dr. gr_ shafipour
Genetic System Generation Dr.  Nada  M. A. Al Salami
Genome-Scale Identification of Survival Significant Genes and Gene Pairs Dr. V.A. Kuznetsov
Geometric Path Planning for General Robot Manipulators Dr. Ziyad Aljarboua
Grammatical Evolution: STE criterion in Symbolic Regression Task Dr. Radek Matousek
Graph Folding of Link Graph and Knot Graph Dr. Ashraf Elrokh
Heuristic Technique Applied to Optimal Location of FACTS Devices in Distribution Systems Considering Congestion Relief Dr. hamid iranmanesh
Hierarchical Hybrid Ant Colony Optimization for High Speed Processing Dr. Masaya Yoshikawa
Homogenous Region based Color Image Segmentation Mr. Soumya Dutta 
How Citation Analysis Applied to Mind Maps Could Enhance Research Paper Recommender Systems Dr. Joran Beel
Human Movement Recognition Based on Bayesian Classifier Dr. Ming Jiang
Hyper Redundant Manipulator for Controlling Positions of a Four Links Robot Dr. Md.Hazrat Ali
Identification of Mechatronic Systems with Dynamic Neural Networks using Prior Knowledge Dr. Christian Endisch
Identifying related Documents for Research Paper Recommender by CPA and COA Dr. Bela Gipp
Identifying the Links Between ICT and Immigration on the Web Jasmina Maric 
Impact of CPOE on Physicians and Dentists' Work Performance at King Saud Medical Complex Hospital: A Case Study Dr. Sami S. Al-Wakeel and Deena M Barakah
Impact of Data Quality on Predictive Accuracy of ANFIS based Soft Sensor Models Dr. surinder jassar
Implementation of Pseudo-Random Route-Driven Public Key Management Scheme for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks Dr. S.Pradheep Kumar
Implementing Human-Acceptable Navigational Behavior for an Autonomous Robot Dr. Oscar Laureano Casanova
Improvement of a Production System with Generalized Stochastic Petri Nets (GSPN) Dr. Z Honarmand
Improving Engineering Education by addressing Local Needs Dr. Shoaib Zaidi
Incorporating Maturity Assessment into Quality Functional Deployment for Improved Decision Support Analysis, Risk Management, and Defense Acquisition Dr. Paul F
Influence and Simulation Model of Operational Parameters on Hydrogen Bio-production Through Anaerobic Microorganism Fermentation Using Two Kinds of Wastes Dr. Xiu-tao Zhao
Information & Communication Convergence for the Promotion of Electric Power Enterprise Informationization Dr. Liu Siyuan
Information Scrutinizer: A Framework for Automating Authentication of User Input in Web Portals Dr. Siddharth Jain
In-situ Production of Hydrogen Peroxide in an Ion-exchange Membrane Cell Dr. K.Asokan
Intelligent Host-based Stepping Stone Detection Approach Dr. Mohd Nizam Omar
Introductory Programming Course: From Classics to Formal Methods Dr. Juan Gutierrez Cardenas
Intrusion Detection System Platform Based on Light-weighted Hybrid Artificial Immune Algorithms Dr. chen jinyin
Intrusion Detection Using Rough Sets based Parallel Genetic Algorithm Hybrid Model Dr. Wael Mohesn
Inventory and Production Planning in A Supply Chain System with Fixed-Interval Deliveries of Manufactured Products to Multiple Customers with Scenario Based Probabilistic Demand Dr. mohammad abolhassanpor
Inventory Risk Mitigation by Financial Hedging Mr. Jian Ni
Investigation of Gelled JP-8 and RP-1 Fuels Dr. Richard Arnold
Investigations on Modeling Behavior and Organization of Gene Therapy for Regenerative Medicine Dr. Aya Sedky
IP Transmission Over OCDMA-LAN Dr. M. M. Karbassian
Isolation of Cellulose Producing Bacteria from Wastes of Vinegar Fermentation Andelib Aydin
Lab Station for Remote Measurement and Control in Teaching Real-Time Embedded Systems and Software Engineering Dr. Janusz Zalewski
Learning and Teaching Engineering Courses with Visualizations Prof. Tang-Hung Nguyen
Learning as Knowledge Networking: Conceptual Foundations for Revised Uses of the Internet in Higher Education Dr Matthew Allen
Likelihood Function Modeling of Particle Filter in Presence of Non-Stationary Non-Gaussian Measurement Noise Dr. Arpita Mukherjee
Linking Innovations - An Enhanced Information System of Excogitations Mr. Raman Ramalingam
Location based network surveillance system for shops and malls Dr. Jagat gaydhane
Low Power Dual Word Line 6-Transistor SRAMs Mr. Michael Wang
Low Power, Area Efficient FinFET Circuit Design Dr. Michael Wang
Managing Asthma in Children And Analyzing Best Possible Treatment With Data Mining Approach of Classification Suvarna pawar
Managing Unstructured Data Using Agent Technology Dr. Amit Goel & Dr. Ritu Sindhu
Mathematical modelling and ANN applied to a Milk Industry through DSM Dr. V.P.Sree Divya
Maximization of Speed in Elliptic Curve Cryptography Using Fuzzy Modular Arithmetic over a Microcontroller based Environment Dr. Gopinath Ganapathy
Measurement and Modeling of Surface Tension of Systems Containing n-Pentane, n-Heptane and Triton x-114 at Different Temperatures Dr. M. Mohsen-Nia
Measurement Of Quality Parameters For Data Warehouse Dr. Md.Ilyas Khan
Measurement of Software Reliability Using Sequential Bayesian Technique Dr. lalji prasad kedar 
Meshfree Simulation of Lung Deformation during Inspiration Dr. Subas Chhatkuli
Methanolysis of Coconut Oil: The Kinetic of Heterogeneous Reaction Mrs Suprihastuti Sri Rahayu
Mobile Radio-frequency Platform for a Thermally Enhanced Soil Vapour Extraction Dr. D. Lippik
Model Driven Management for DSS Prof. Haeng Kon Kim
Model Of Safe Management (Bases Of The Protection Theory) Dr. Vladimir Mednikov
Model Reference Adaptive Control for Actuators of a Biped Robot Locomotion Dr. Pavankumar Vempaty
Modeling and Simulation of Heat Transfer In Fixed Bed Reactor Prof. Mohamed Al-Meshragi
Modeling for Design Phase Verification on Embedded System Prof. Haeng Kon Kim
Modeling Knowledge of Mathematics Teaching for Students with Mathematical Learning Difficulties: A Knowledge Management Perspective Dr. Hui-Chuan Chu
Modelling of Instantaneous Reserve Sharing via HVDC link in the New Zealand Power System Dr. Nikki Newham
Modified Feistel Cipher Involving Interlacing and Decomposition Dr. Koppula Anup Kumar
Motif Prediction in Amino Acid Interaction Networks Dr. Omar GACI
MRAGPC Control of MIMO Processes with Input Constraints and Disturbance Dr. Ajiboye S. Osunleke
Multigrid Accelerated Computation of Ligand-Receptor Interactions under Flow Condition Dr. Wensheng Shen
New Series Active Power Filter for Computers Loads and Small Non-Linear Loads Dr. Mohamed Tarnini
Non Invasive Brain Computer Interface for Movement Control Dr. Venkatasubramanian V
Non-invasive Monitoring of Knee Pathology based on Automatic Knee Sound Classification Dr. Chul Gyu Song
Novel Recuperation Capability for Variable Speed Drives Dr. CHRISTIAN GRABNER
Novel TV Commercial Detection in Cookery Program Videos Dr. Venkatesh N